Jerusalem – New Housing Project By Satmar On Hold


    Site of where new project was to be built stands empty with a gigantic hole
    Jerusalem – Rabbi Aharon Teitelbaum, shlita, one of the two present Satmarer Rebbes, visited Jerusalem in August 2007 to lay the cornerstone for a new community housing project.

    The project, named Kiryas Yoel, was being built on Jerusalem’s Raoul Wallenberg Street, on the plot where the city’s Edison Cinema once stood.

    The cornerstone-laying event was widely covered by the media at the time, and was hailed as a major victory for Satmarer Chasidim in their campaign to safeguard Jerusalem’s sanctity from secular institutions.

    One year later, however, the location remains an apparently abandoned construction site, with an enormous foundation pit laying bare with no workers or equipment in sight.

    It is widely thought that the project has been put on hold due to the global financial crisis.

    VIN News in New York tried to contact the Satmar community, but received no response.

    prototype of what is to be built on the site

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        • please. enough with the “tzionim” bashing. if it weren’t for them there would be no yiddin in eretz yisrael at all. furthermore, chassidim have PLENTY of places to live within and outside of yerushalayim – frumkeit obviously not the real issue

          • Before their were a medina they were plenty jews their and. there was times that they lived good with jews. the medina just bought 6 million jews death and antisemitic all around the world

            • please open a history textbook. the creation of the state of israel came only 3 years AFTER the holocaust (if that’s what you’re referring to). furthermore, while there were some jews living in eretz yisrael before the “medinah” came to be, there was always much hatred of jews and many massacres as well (ie, chevron).

    1. Whats new?
      This has happened hundreds of thousands of times in Israel. Things work differently there.
      You have the money for excavation – you excavate. You don’t yet have a building permit or funds to actually build – who cares – Hashem will provide when its time. Then they lay the foundations & stop for a few years while they fundraise a third time. Then build 1 floor & wait until they find some more sponsorship….
      Repeat step 3 until all floors in building are built!!!

    2. Is the Rebbe allowed to visit the Medina? The Rebbe is a tzadik and can do whatever he wishes and still be patoor.

      However, the Neturei Karta bums are using the Rebbe when they claim that he agrees with their sick ideas. The Neturei Karta need only one thing to help them. They should all try very hard to become Jewish. Then they won’t have to be michalel Shabbos just to show off how religious they are.

    3. No offense to Satmars – but I don’t understand why they want to live in Israel if they are against the government? OK – I guess we can be against the government in the US but still want to live in the US. I guess I answered my own question.

    4. All this talk of permits brings a question to mind. Our government in Israel is currently giving out building permits like candy–to the christians! they are building everywhere and seem to have no difficulty–Not Jewish, Not Citizens! What is going on! I say we truly need Satmar here or there will be no Jews left in Israel.


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