Raida, Yemen – Police: Jew Was Killed By Muslim Because He Was Jewish


    Moshe was a 'melamed' for Kids in Yemen Raida, Yemen – Thirty Two old Mousa Yaish al-Nahari, a father of eight, who was reportedly shot was for no reason, said Yahya Mousa, a rabbi for Yemeni Jews in the capital Sanaa.

    Arab media said the gunman was identified as Abdul-Aziz Yahya al-Abdi, a former air force pilot. He was arrested in Raydah in the Amran governorate.

    Police are still investigating the motive of the crime, but witnesses say the gunman approached al-Nahari and told him “Jew, accept Islam’s message” and then shot him five times with an AK-47 assault rifle.

    Al-Abdi is alleged to have murdered his wife two years ago but was not jailed because he agreed to pay compensation to the wife’s family, said Pan-Arab daily al-Sharq al-Awsat.

    Ahmed al-Sarihi, a security official, told the daily that al-Abdi was a religious extremist that suffered from mental problems and that during interrogation he admitted killing al-Nahari and telling police that “these Jews must convert to Islam.”

    Although Yemen is overwhelmingly Muslim, a small community of 300-400 Jews still live there.

    Since 1949 about 50,000 members of the once-thriving Yemeni Jewish community are reported to have been secretly airlifted to Israel.

    Mosha seen in Talis and Tefilin praying in Shul with his Talmidim

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