Nazareth Township, PA – Wal-Mart Taking Heat for “Adolf Hitler” Cake


    file photoNazareth Township, PA – Some people aren’t so sweet on the icing policy that was in place at Wal-Mart after the bakery at a Lower Nazareth Township, Pa. store put the name Adolf Hitler on a birthday cake.

    Adolf Hitler Campbell’s parents went to the Lower Nazareth store hoping to get a specialized name cake for their three-year-old’s birthday after being turned away at another area store.

    The plight of little Adolf Hitler’s parents trying to get their son a cake has made worldwide headlines and caused controversy.

    Wal-Mart told NBC 10’s Stacey Weaver that they are reviewing their cake decorating policies that up until now only censored profanity.

    The company said that they realize that they may have offended some people by decorating the cake.

    One shopper said he wouldn’t have made the cake and that the store should have had better sense.

    Others thought the store just simply honored the family’s constitutional right.

    “I hate it! I hate it, but how can you say they aren’t allowed. If you are going to allow these freedoms that are in our constitution, sometimes it goes against what we believe,” said shopper Denise Ackley from Easton.

    Paul Lambert of Bangor, Pa had a more interesting analogy for the contraversery.

    “If his parents named him Jesus Christ, I’m sure they would put Jesus Christ on the cake,” Lambert said.

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    1. I hope that AH Campbell someday rebels against his parents brainwashing. It would serve them right if he converted to Judaism and married a wonderful Ethiopian Jewish girl. As for Walmart, they have no scruples anyway. One of their stores had no security for black Friday and a worker was killed by the rush of people.

    2. Go Shoprite!! They turned away these mamzerim! Out here in California, it made radio news,,,, so I got to hear all about it. The family says that they named him that, and his sister is named for hitlers mom, and his brother has another name,, whatever, I dont remember.

      • I agree… it was probably some dopey person at the bakery counter. Wal-Mart hires a lot of disabled people (a good thing), so I wouldn’t be surprised if the person knew whathe/she was writing on the cake.

        Granted this is no where near the level of severity of Hitler (yemach shemo), but a relative of mine once asked a kosher bakery concenssion within a supermarket to write something that was related to passing gas (use your imagination). They did it. I thought it was hysterical because it was for my birthday. But in hind sight, they should have refused it.

    3. There is a right to free speech – meaning the parents (as misguided as they are) have the right to decorate their OWN home made cake any way they want and a Store has the right to refuse a request and not participate in their exercise of their rights.
      Wal-mart should have refused to make the cake in honor of all the Americans (and allies) who fought for the free speech rights as well as all the Holocaust victims.

      • …Wait till he grows up and does his namesake’s salute!… And then goes on to write a book. (I would love to see the spelling in the original manuscript of Zein Kampf!) Yimach Shemom Vezichrom (both of them) venimach zecheerom mi’lehazkirom b’zichroin, Koodoish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Purim is still a long way off!!!

    4. Why should it even be legal to name your child after A. H. YMSH”V ? Can anyone realy name their chid what ever they want? Can i name my child “Terrorist” or “killer” ?

      • Ironically, it is Germany which prohibits what you are saying.

        German law dictates that a newborn receive only an “accepted usage name”, which means that a prospective name for a baby must be an actual person’s name which is in common accepted use. This includes all German first names, and actually excludes many foreign language names, unless it can be proven by the parents that such a name is in use by people in Germany or the EU.

        I know first hand of someone whose parents live in the very north of Germany (near scandinavia) and he and his brother are named “Hayo” and “Enno” which are Scandinavian folklore names. When they were born, the parents had to jump through hoops to provide documented evidence that those were actual folknames in current usage in Scandinavia.

        So, while in the USA you can call your kid “Mamzer” or “Hitler” or “Dumbass” – in Germany you cannot.

    5. So if I named my son NIGGER would wall mart make me such a cake. I would like to go to that wallmart and oreder a cake reading happy birthday little nigger, YOU THINK THEY WOULD MAKE THE CAKE OR WORRY THAT ALL THE WALLMARTS WOULD BE BURNTH DOWN. I wonder.

    6. I believe that naming some 1 after this monster who is responsible for the killings of millions around the world should be prohibited. Naming his child that name is basically agreeing out loudly with Hitlers views about the Jews, the Aryan race, and the rest of the world. I am sure if this guy had the chance he would not hesitate to kill some jews, blacks or other people he don’t like and the only thing that is preventing him from doing so is that it’s illegall. Oh and btw If swastikas are illegal so to should be naming some 1 this name.

    7. The key point is that Wal-mart has a no profanity policy….Clearly it is discrimination if they didn’t put “Osama” on a cake but AH clearly could be considered profanity

    8. The parents got the 15 minutes of fame they wanted with this sick stunt. Nobody would’ve objected if their cake had said Happy B’Day Adolf- -many people of German background go by that name, even Jews. I bet that Wal-Mart wouldn’t have written Happy B’Day Hussein Obama without getting it OK’d by top management.

    9. I hope someone takes this kid and in front of his parents, throws him up in the air and uses him for target practice, killing him like those who followed his namesake did to my baby uncle… or that, or his entire family should get long, painful, drawn-out cancer….

      in any case I agree.. they have a right to print and say what they want, and stamping it out only makes it stronger..

      also those Yidden so comfortable in America should realize that yes, we are in golus, and yes, people hate us here, and if you’re too shtupped in golus, Hashem will come and rip you out of it like a huge wind rips a tree out by its roots…

      • Child Protective Services should take these children and put them in a loving home and the parents should be prosecuted for child abuse. They would never be allowed to get away with this in Germany because of anti-nazi laws in that country.

    10. i can see the constitutional right angle. anyway you can write shoprite applauding their decision, walmart doesn’t even have a contact number to call to voice opposition. anyway to work in walmart you need to take a stupid test, so there you go.

    11. The parents are deniers of the holocaust. I heard that their other sons are also named after famous Nazis and they have swastikas in their house. The father also wears the boots of a previous Nazi. Really messed up.

    12. I made my weekly order yesterday in Shoprite to support those who support the human kind, and I will skip on my yearly chanukah shopping at Wal Mart, just to show a bit of protest to their ignorance to human feelings.


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