Beit Shemesh, Israel – Residents Clash after 3 Girls Were Beaten


    Beit Shemesh, Israel – Growing tensions between ultra-Orthodox and religious residents in the town of Beit Shemesh, near Jerusalem, have escalated into violence as three teen girls were beaten up by haredim who claimed they were “immodestly” dressed.

    The incident was the last in a series of reported attacks by members of the Haredi Community faction on their religious neighbors, prompted by the latter’s’ alleged “promiscuity” and negative influence on haredi children.

    According to reports, the three 15-year-old girls went for a walk on Shabbat passing through the haredi neighborhood. At some point they noticed that they were being followed by several men. A Few minutes later the men entered one of the buildings and then came back outside accompanied by dozens of people who then stormed the girls.

    They kicked them until they fell on the ground, and started hitting them and throwing eggs at them while shouting, “Nazis, get out of here.”

    Two of the girls managed to escape, while the third got away only after a passerby protested the attack and drew the attention of the crowd. A haredi woman from one of the nearby buildings hid the girl at her apartment and later helped her sneak outside covered in a long haredi-style robe.

    The police were called to the place only after the incident had already been over and the attackers long gone.

    “My daughter was completely hysterical,” said the girl’s father. “She came home all beaten up and filthy.” He added that he was shocked to discover that the attack was not perpetuated by “bored deprived youth but by adults over 40.

    “They kept shouting that girls and boys walking together is promiscuity that spoils their children, but the girls were no way near any boys and the three of them were modestly dressed,” he claimed.

    Meanwhile the members of the Haredi Community stream in Beit Shemesh present a different version for the state of affairs in town. Moshe, a haredi resident, said that young religious boys and girls often pass through the haredi neighborhood together, and that on occasion yeshiva students have to “drive them away by force.”

    “Boys and girls laughing together is forbidden. This shouldn’t happen in a secular neighborhood, let alone an ultra-Orthodox one,” Moshe stated.

    Following the recent weeks’ events, members of the Zionist religious community have approached the mayor and their local council representatives and have also filed a complaint with the police.
    Meanwhile, negotiations have also been ongoing between members of both publics in an effort to reach an understanding that would enable coexistence in the mixed town.

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    1. If I would’ve been a chiloni I would’ve believed this blown up report and I would’ve been scared of frum people and do not be suprised if you see the hate to frum people go UP UP UP

      • Once and for all these crazy members of the Haredi Community need to be held criminially liable for their assault or otherwise provided with the mental health assistance that is needed. They are entitled to their own beliefs, however repugnant to mainstream yidden, but this type of behavior cannot be tolerated in a secular state. This is the State of Israel not Iran where the revolutionary guards drive around beating and arresting women for not covering their heads or men for shaving their beards. Also, the parents and rabbonim of these “yeshiva students” should be held liable for their actions. Enough already with these lunatic fanatics.

    2. Welcome to the Talibanization of Judaism, so sad…
      First the disgusting comments on Mattisyahu (see earlier articles), Lipa ban, etc. etc. the list is endless. Whatever happened to Ahavas Yisroel? To the Taliban Muslims posing as Frum Jews, you can catch more bees with honey.
      On a side note, something I have always wondered of frum men who beat women that they are not related to; if these “Men” (more like cowards) were so “frum” how could they touch the girls that they were beating? What heter is there? Did they set aside their hands before Shabbos for the purpose of beating little girls, or does that only work with muktzeh not shomer negiah?
      Just wondering….

    3. I’m afraid this is just the beginning and it won’t be taken seriously until R”L these “Women-On-The-Mind” Chareidim are exposed to what they really are.

    4. If our leadership do not go out and publicly denounce such occurrences, then we are to blame!!!!!!!!!!!!

      From now on we should throw these Yiddisha Neshamas some potato kuggel and chulent. Perhaps throw them some love. Hurting people is not yidishkeit.

    5. At some point they noticed that they were being followed by several men. A Few minutes later the men entered one of the buildings and then came back outside accompanied by dozens of people who then stormed the girls.
      They kicked them until they fell on the ground, and started hitting them and throwing eggs at them while shouting, “Nazis, get out of here.”
      Folllowed by men, that is the biggest violation of tznius, in the Talmud it is stated Remove your feet from before Gehinom, refering to following ladies.
      Kicking/hitting ladies is also a violation of tznius, calling Nazis is a violation of Judism, besides it belittles the nazis.
      Rebuke must be given beloshon rako, nicely & quietly, it is totaly forbiden to hit someone for violating the Torah, maybe the person doesn’t know or understand, or has another interpretation than yours,to hit someone is baal toisif,unlessa shlliach Beis Din .
      The amount of violations the attacker violated, way out number anything these poor girls could have violated. On top of the chilul Hashem which only miso [ death is mechaper].
      Please get yourselves jobs, instead of claiming benifits & that you are learning all day, your actions are proof you are far from bnei torah, you are bored people who have almost no income causing poor Shalom Bayis, & you are fullfilling your arrousment on poor young girls in the name of Torah Bnei Torah, let me say Loi Zocho Naasis loi sam hamoves, you are masmeilim boh.
      You have to do tshuva, & let me question who’s actions are much more like the nazis?
      BTW, I am all fore Tznius, but you people are violators of tznius & all torah values as mentioned above. If there are problems your ways will only worsen them.

    6. Perhaps part of the reason for the violence is because the boys themselves may have the tayva to do these things and hold themselves back. This causes a tremendous surge of negitive energy when they see others getting away with this.

    7. The Charedim need to take a long hard look at their need to control women., and their fear of women.
      That is their issue.
      I just have another question .What happens if some of the friends and relatives of the fifteen year old girls decide that the Charedim need a taste of their own medicine and set up a “mishmeret neged alimut” . Physical violence can go both ways. Notice several men were following three girls but still needed more help to somp the three girls. The police don’t act against the charedim because they riot when one of their violent criminals are arrested. There will soon be no choice.

    8. The girl who was beaten up was a Frum girl who goes to a good Frum school that does not compromise on Tznius in any way, shape, or form. She and her friends were walking from one Frum neighborhood to another, via an Israeli Chareidi neighborhood, when they were attacked by the individuals in question. I know the family involved, and there is no excuse whatsoever for what happened.

      an RBS resident

    9. Can the girls families beat these cahreidimup for stealing from the government (not working and using social services), and for touching their girls?

      There is something mentally wrong with you if you have to beat up on children. Perhaps Israel should adopt a welfare to work program. They can channel their energy by serving in the army. Next time you feel the need to beat a religious Zionist girl, you can beat an arab who wants to kill all Jews – from the pork eating irreligious kibbutznik to the rosh hayeshiva. Or, maybe you can work in construction instead of having Arabs take jobs “Jews don’t want.” I hear a hammer beats a nail nicely into a board of wood.

      • First of all, my household personally wittnessed this incident. It took place after 11:oo pm on friday night. We wittnessed the girls- all of whom were wearing skin tight jeans and two boys walking together. They were gathering stones a kikar away from where the problem started. As they neared a small schteibel where a tiscsh was taking place one of the girls, on seeing a chassid walking alone, with his hands behind his back, took a stone and threw it at the side of his face. He continued walking and after receiving no reaction, she then threw another stone at him , knocking off his schreimel. Another chossid saw this happen and yelled at the kids to get away. When they did not disperse, a crowd started to gather. It was only after she started throwing rocks at another chossid and one of the boys pulled something out that looked to be a gun, did the chossidim take physical action. I must tell you, that wittnessing what we did, I am surprised that it did not start an all-out riot. These kids were drunk and looking for trouble. It only took the police over 20 minutes- maybe even more to respond. These kids do not live in this area and have no business coming here on a shabbos night, and at such a late hour, and drunk to boot, exept to look for trouble. If the parents were so concerned, why were these 15-16 yr. olds out drinking on friday night and walking home(at least a 25-30 minute walk) without an adult? Rarely, at this particular part of the chareidi neighborhood, is anything said to people who are not chareidi, that pass through. People should hear both sides to a story not just from these poor, drunk delinquints before passing judgement. If someone does not appreciate the way we, “the chareidim” live, don’t come here with nothing to do but start trouble. The chareidim don’t go into non chareidi areas and tell them what to do or not do.

        • That was loopiest story I have ever heard, how could you have even dreamed up such a story? As someone who lives near the area as well (if you really lived in the area you wouldn’t dare own a computer with internet on it,so please do tell where you are writing this from?) I can tell you that no one would be that stupid, especially girls dressed un-tznious and throwing stones late at night on Shabbos no less! That would be the equivalent to me going into downtown Gaza wearing a kippa and throwing a stone at the nearest Arab. No one is that stupid; no offense, but I don’t believe your story.

        • You’ve got some imagination. These were three girls from Ulpanat Gila, a very Frum Torani school, who were walking from Scheinfeld to RBS A to visit some friends. They were not walking with boys, were not wearing pants, and were not wearing skin-tight clothing (except perhaps in your sick fantasies). I don’t believe you live in the area, and definitely do not believe you saw this at all,

          an RBS resident

    10. I don’t see how a person could believe this. Do you really think Hareidi men would, because of a tznius issue, violate the most basic rules of tznius? Come on, I hope you’re smarter than that! You should listen to the real story before commenting here, I’m sure there’s something more behind it, or this article is simply blown up!

      • This is not an isolated case…it happens all the time, although perhaps not with the same level of violence as is the case here….it is no less acceptable to throw stones at a car driving on a public street on shabbat. Our message to the Hareidim who seek to bully others: If you don’t like what you see in other people’s dress or lifestyles… DON’T LOOK or buy an island in the middle of the ocean and have the rebbe and his chassidim move . Eretz yisroel and klal yisroel will all be better off once we no longer have to live with this type of behavior.

      • If the issue is tznius you are right it doesn’t make sense. If the issue is control over woman then it does make sense. I believe the issue is control. Charedim impose an extremely hard lifestyle on women. They are expected to be breadwinners, child raisers, homemakers etc. After a while some woman find it very hard to respect their husbands. Charedim are afraid to have women open their eyes to other possibilities.
        If the issue was tzinius why are the girls always attacked, why not the boys? Why are pedophiles protected?
        Why this obsession with what religious girls wear. Why are male offenders always forgiven?

      • “you don’t believe it”?? time to get ur blinders off. These are not religious jews, They are nothing more than animals that should have the crap kicked out of them. NOBODY has the right to touch another individual, especially under the guise of frumkeit. This is not frumkeit. These chayas are not frum. If it was my daughter, you could be sure each one of them that touched her would never be able to reproduce again. And whats worse, it’s brainwashed fools like #18 who deny EVERYTHING.

        • I posted before that I know the family of the girl and the school she goes to. This story is true, and saying “it couldn’t have happened like that” is just burying your head in the sand. This is not the first time there have been incidents like this in RBS B.

          an RBS resident

      • I believe it! I have personally witnessed the beating of girls in benai beraq on purim night outside Itzkowitz shull. It was the place to go for hangouts, mishmeres hatznius and onlookers alike.

        These GirlBeaters are not sent by any rabanim, they act on their own impulse.

        They should be charged with “Sexual Harassment”.

    11. The men who chase these women are illiterate fools who enjoy hitting women. They enjoy touching women and causing them pain, and watching them suffer. They are sick, sick, sick. Why do the rabbonim permit this sick behavior? Maybe some of them are sick too ?/????? Goodbye Hareidim; I have had enough.

    12. Moishe: Do you really believe what you say, and if so, are you suggesting that the proper punishment for such a chilul hashem is beating…perhaps if they laugh too loud, a communal “stoning” of the offendors would be more appropriate. I respect VIN for publishing this story, but at times, I worry about the implications of allowing postings such as yours to have visibility.

      Boys and girls laughing together is forbidden. This shouldn’t happen in a secular neighborhood, let alone an ultra-Orthodox one,

    13. There are so many Anglos there we were thinking of moving there when we make Aliyah next year. Now I’m not so sure I want to live in a place where people behave like that. My condolences to the victims. It’s disgusting!

    14. These charedis should be treated like the thugs they are. They should be arrested and put in jail with the other violent criminals. There is nothing that separates them from ordinary violent criminals. i dont care how frum or how much they daven etc. Nothing will changer until someone is actually killed. And it WILL happen. Once they get away with this and they will, they will become more brazen.

    15. You see? There should be seperate sidewalks in all the charaidi neighborhoods. At least then the girls would only have been beaten by other women and would have had a fighting chance.

    16. to #3
      are you serous? these pigs are hypocrits. they are bullies, cowards and have no worry about beating girls. shame on all of them. one sure way to turn the world against frummers.

    17. i called a contact ib beit shemesh this morning , it seems there was some provocation but this was done by a few nuts , the problem is that the leadership is apprehensive about condemming the attack for fear “that you’re sticking up for them ” & youre ok with the “matzav”
      overall no one agrees with these tactics ,& the kehilla would dump these guys in a second the problem is that they have normal families & wifes & they cant be put in the street

      • “they cant be put in the street”
        The guilty ones should be put in jail and the wives & children should continue without them. They would probably be happy not to be living with these violent men, they probably abuse their families as well. If the wives are not already working, the community should help them.

    18. entrapment…send some girls dressed in denim skirts — what they call “immodest” and have them followed by a team of guys ready to arrest the attackers…..but warn everyone a week before that they may be arrested. “we dont punish unless we warn”


      Did it ever occur to you that a woman who goes into a Hareidi neighborhood is viewed as an attacker?–A terrorist. Strange idea for most of you, isn’t it.

      So, I’ll make it easier to understand. Suppose, these scantily-dressed teens took a stroll in an Arab villiage. How long would they last? Would they come out alive?

      Taliban?–Sort of. If by Talban you mean that they take religious standards seriously and they don’t want their children exposed to the aggressively-promiscuous ways of Israeli secular society.

    20. to #39 – your story is complete rubbish. I know the families involved and in no way did that happen…………………………….on a different note – how can a rock knock off a shtreimel?

    21. Why don’d those charedim close them self in a getto so they will not see and hear any thing from the outside. It is a free country and people are allowed at least to walk around. If they don’t like it stay at home.Those girl did not cross your property it is thier too.

    22. Obviously these teens came to instigate. had they been ignored they would’ve never returned.

      If the story is true and they through stones, that could not just be ignored.

      I can only imagine the traffic of these instigators next shabbos. This time it will not only be 16 year olds.

    23. This obbsession with tsenius is not only about mens primeval fear of women,but also the shallowness of judging “books by their cover”not looking deeper into the person,those girls may have had great middos,for instance but these people are only looking for the negative in people not the good,and then they wonder why the charedim are scorned,a few bad ones give them all a bad name.So stop this insane conformism and superficiality otherwise your way of life will be completely doomed and stop being so afraid of feminine beauty ,its also a gift from God don’t need to cover it over all the time.

      • And in response to:

        zev the frier Says: The real conflict in the middle east is not over land or water but over gender politics,its about time Arab and Jewish men stopped treating their woman like children,telling them what to wear ect.They must realise that women are FREE!

        >>> The fact that using this as an excuse for violence is reprehensable does not mitigate the fact that the entire kedusha of klal yisroel starts and ends with tzni’us. Where to draw the line might remain someshat in debate but the essential of tzini’us do not vary much between the poskim.

    24. The real conflict in the middle east is not over land or water but over gender politics,its about time Arab and Jewish men stopped treating their woman like children,telling them what to wear ect.They must realise that women are FREE!


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