Washington – Jews Hail Decision By US Navy Not To Recognize Messianic Jew As Jewish Chaplin


    Michael Hiles a Messianic Jew Washington – Michael Hiles a Messianic Jew endorsed for service as Chaplain in the United States Navy by the Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations has been recently denied the ability to serve as Messianic Jewish Chaplain.

    Having applied to serve as a Messianic Jewish Chaplain Candidate almost three years ago Michael was approved by the Navy to begin training while attending Yeshiva.

    Upon arriving for his first stage of training Michael was told he would have to wear the Cross of Christianity instead of the Tablets signifying Judaism or he could not continue to train until the Naval Chaplaincy Board made a determination as to which lapel insignia should be worn by a Messianic Jewish Chaplain.

    Michael notified the Chaplain School command that as a Messianic Jew the proper symbol of his faith would be the tablets of Judaism and not the Christian Cross and requested the Navy reconsider. However, he was told that the decision came from the senior Chaplain Command and nothing at that time could be done. He must don the Christian Cross or go home and await a final decision from the Navy. And so, Michael went home.

    The decision requiring Messianic Jews to wear the Christian Cross was made officially on November 26, 2008 by the President of the Navy Uniform Board, Vice Admiral M. E. Ferguson U.S. Navy Deputy Chief of Naval Operations (Manpower, Personnel, Training and Education) (N1)

    This decision essentially bars Messianic Jews from serving as chaplains within the U.S. Navy because it would require them to wear an insignia inconsistent with their faith and belief system. As a result of this decision Michael Hiles has had to decline the opportunity to begin the supersession process to become an active duty chaplain within the Navy.

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    1. At least one part of our government still has brains left. These people are Christians. As post #1 accurately points out, this would cause too much confusion for our irreligious yidden serving our nation.

      At least a Conservative rabbi is most likely 100% Jewish, even if you don’t agree with his hashgafa. Speaking of which, I knew a Conservative rabbi who is a navy champlain. He and his family davened at the shul I was attending at the time. Years later I was proud when I learned of what he did in Iraq – he brought a lulav and etrog to marines on the battlefield and did what ever he could to be there for Jews on the battlefield. He wasn’t in the relative safety of a ship or a distant airfield. Very dangerous… he even came under heavy fire from the enemy. B”H he survived without injury.

    2. As the missionaries become more desperate to find ways to influence Jews away from their faith it is good to see a move against them. Lets hope that this move will help push for even greater recognition that only torah is what decides what Judaism is and not the feelings of private people .

      • They can allow these misfits as long as they count against their alotment of x-tian chaplins. Can not in any way shape or form be considered as providing a “Jewish” chaplin for the troops. However , if they allow them, they should not have contact with Jews, as this would be unwelcome missionary activity.
        Technically, they certainly aren’t a “branch” of judaism or christianity-but a cult like satanism or witchcraft- The troops deserve better.

    3. Thank BHKH that he still is showing us mercy even though we dont deserve it. I hope people now see why the public menorah lightings are NOT good? Over time as the goyim get used to seeing menorahs next to kretzmach trees they wont see any difference between jews/xtians. Havdalah is being lost! So naturally following the logic they will begin to see messianics as Jews. So for those who dont get what I am saying let me be more specific. WE NEED MORE HAVDALAH!

    4. Wow. This article is a great Chanukah gift. It pleases me to see that at least in the military, there is some semblance of non-PC policies.

      When is the lawsuit scheduled to be filed??? Actually, I don;t think it could be a lawsuit, but some sort of hearing at the “Military Court”.

    5. Having applied to serve as a Messianic Jewish Chaplain Candidate almost three years ago Michael was approved by the Navy to begin training while attending Yeshiva.

      Which yeshiva? How scary !

    6. I once thought about joining the US Air Force (decided not too) and had a long chat with a USAF chaplain. From what he told me the US Navy has no orthodox Rabbis in service, some reform or conservative but not orthodox. Its just too hard to be frum at sea. (And the navy expects chaplains will do sea duty)

      • Absolutely.

        I t would also be a nice gesture of Hakores HaTov to contact the Navy Department (they are part of the Defense Department) to thank them and congratualte them for doing the right thing here. I have no quarrel with Christians who are up front and honest about who they are and what they believe in (although I would never listen to their prosletyzing) but these so-called “Messianics” are sneaks who blur the line between the two religions and who take advantage of people’s ignorance. Bottom line — if someone believes in J—s, they are a CHRISTIAN and nothing else.

        • thank u for reminding me what constitutues a jew is not beileving in yoskke WE NEED TO INCREASE MORE PRESENCE in chaplaincy let this be a knowledge we need more ehrlicher yidden in the military chaplainscy

    7. In regard to the so called “messianic jews” issue and our Jewish identity, the problem is not their theology, which is entirely xstian in nature, the essential issue or argument with the so called “Messianic Jews”, is their abuse of Jewish identity. This abuse of our Jewish identity is historically without precedent. Only recognized Jewish authorities have the right to determine the parameters of Jewish identity, not the evangelical xstians. Though there is some debate amongst Jewish us regarding the question “Who is a Jew?” There is no debate concerning who a Jew is not. Definitely a Jew is not a convert to another specifically recognized theological belief-system. The often organized efforts of fundamentalist and evangelical xstian groups to support not only the targeting of Jews for proselytizing, but also the redefining of Jewish identity through such groups as “Messianic Jews” it is perceived as a desperate intent in blurring the lines between Judaism and xtianity. It is also perceived as blatant intent in targeting jews for conversion. The bottom line is that we as Jews have the sole authority to decide who is a Jew and most definitely WHO IS NOT A JEW. Obviously a believer in j.c. as the messiah is absolutely not a Jew and the xtian definition of “messianic jews” as believers in this man-god is indisputable a sole xtian tenet. Please, do not insult my intelligence!


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