Baltimore, MD – Sudden Auto Fatality Shocks Frum Community



    Baltimore, MD – Baltimore’s Ner Yisroel community joined their brothers worldwide in shock and grief upon learning of the sudden death of one of their own, Zvi Dovid (Fifi) Zahler, who tragically died this morning in an auto accident.

    Mr. Zahler had departed Baltimore early this morning in his vehicle for Passaic, New Jersey. Family members in Baltimore called his hosts in Passaic some time later to determine whether he had arrived, and were informed that he had never showed.

    Baltimore’s volunteer community patrol was shortly mobilized and spent the next several hours searching for Mr. Zahler until the Maryland State Police were contacted to ask whether any current accidents involved a vehicle matching the description of Mr. Zahler’s automobile. Police replied affirmatively.

    According to police and other sources, Mr. Zahler’s vehicle went out of control around 10:30 a.m. while traveling on the Millard E. Tydings Memorial Bridge along I-95. The six-lane bridge spans the Susquehanna River about 25 miles northeast of Baltimore. Zahler was thrown from the vehicle and apparently died instantly.

    Due to the distance he was thrown from the car, Maryland State Police troopers on the scene didn’t locate his body until 1:00 p.m.

    Wind conditions are currently said to be the cause of the tragedy. Indeed, the bridge crosses between bluffs high above the river valley, and is posted with warning signs “Subject to Crosswinds.”

    Mr. Zahler who is originally from Toronto, was a member of the Ner Yisroel yeshivah’s kolel and had only married last year. Compounding the tragedy is that the young Mrs. Zahler, now suddenly widowed, is said to be expecting their first child. He was 25.

    Levaya Tuesday 3:00 pm Levanson Funeral Home, Reistertown Rd., Pikesville, MD

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    1. So sad. May Hashem comfort all of Fifi’s family, his wife and friends. A total shock not only to Baltimore but to Toronto too. His family are wonderful people and should not know of any more tzaros. Baruch Dayan Ha’emes.

    2. Baruch Dayan Hoemes.

      I was with him in the same shiur. Can’t believe it.

      What a wonderfull person he was.

      Also a gr8 tennis player.

      He learned last zman in Rabbi Yisocher Frands shiur. NIRC.

      We will greatly miss you… FIFI.

    3. My roommate,
      My friend ,
      My brother.
      I can’t even begin to understand this loss. Fifi was from the best.
      This is a big kapara.
      Let’s remember the better people we are the less kaparas are needed, so please let’s try to take on a hanhaga tova either ben adom lemakom or ben adom lechavero.

      May fifi be a mielitz yosher and may we all be comforted among the mourners of tzion and yerushalaim.

    4. there isnt one person that anything bad to say bout Fiif. Just a great go lucky, charming, wonderful individual. We should all strive to has middos like FIfi had. He will be missed not only in yeshiva, pickwick, and toronto but to anyone that ever met him. He should be a meilitz yoshur for all of us.

    5. fifi was such a special person someone who put everyone before himself. a big big loss for the entire klal yisroel.
      to the entire zahler family, known in every part of the world for there chesed;
      they shouldn’t know of any more tzar.

    6. He was a wonderful guy, who was truly loved by all. The ribono shel olem should be mekabel him as a melitz yosher for all of klal yisroel and only show us erach apaim and rochmunes. Boruch dain emes and hamokem yinachen eschem bitoch shar avlai tzion yerushulaim to the whole great zohlar family.

    7. I cant even believe that I’m writing this post. Fifi was the most loving guy and wasn’t able to harm a fly . Always had a funny word to keep you going. We were in Yeshiva Gedolah of Toronto. May Hashem be with all his friends, wife and family get through this very though time. (Mayer, we feel your Tzar and all your friends are all with you. Keep strong!!) May this be the last Kapara before Mashaich and we will rejoice together in Yerushalaim . Amen

    8. a special person who besides being one of the nicest people you would ever come across was a true masmid who in his usual self efacing manner learnt in a quiet unassuming way without any airs. truly an example of a true ben torah . perfectly rounded with sterling middos and hasmadoh batorah.
      i know i speak for anyone who ever crossed paths with fifi ,in saying he will be missed by those who knew him . hopefully we can all learn from him and his truly special demeanor and allow that to be a zchus for his heilige neshame.

    9. Truly a great all around guy who everyone loved….in Yeshiva & camp. Learned in Ner Yisroel during the day, and at TA-Chofetz Chaim with younger High School boys for nite Seder. May he be a meilitz yosher for all of us, and may his wonderful family know of no more Tzar… Bias G’oel Tzedek

    10. Everyone please take a moment and say to yourself “ribbono she’ll olam, we need the geula”say it a few times let it sink in and let yourself start to believe it.

      fifi was an example of a true ben torah on so many levels. An anav, somayach bechelko, masmid.
      Such a tzora for everyone and he will be missed.

    11. Im sitting here in absolute shock. What a loss for Klal Yisroel. Such a special person. He must have hundreds of “best friends.” He was a tremendous masmid who did whatever he could to draw attention away from himself. He was always there with a kind word and a smile and knew how to make everyone around him feel good. May he be a Mayletz Yosher for the entire Klal Yisroel.

    12. Tzvi dovid was the sweetest of the sweet. Fifi was such a special person, someone who put everyone before himself. A big big loss for all who knew him and all of klal yisrael.I was zoche to be in shiur with him in Ner Yisrael and in the Mir. He was a true masmid and I will miss him terribly. May Hashem comfort all of his family, his wife and friends.He should be a meilitz yoshur for all of us.BD”E.

    13. The levaya is actually at 2:45 at levinson’s according to an email sent out by his brother in law. Here is the exact email:
      The levaya will take place tomorrow, 12/30/08 at 2:45 at Levinson’s. The kevurah will be in Rosedale.
      Shiva will be at 3100 West Strathmore Avenue.

    14. Baltimore bus leaves from 14 & 53 @ 9:30 sharp. I think it goes to 7 mile market, which is not right near the levaya. But I’m sure someone will give you a ride. Oif Simchos.

    15. As one who travels to Baltimore from New York quite often, i must say i always had this awe feeling when passing this bridge, at some times you could feel the wind just pulling your vehicle off lane, and especialy after a similar bridge in Minesota collapsed a couple years ago. maybe i felt it for another jew, BDE

    16. Fiif was loved by everyone because he was the best. He was an excellent friend who you could tell anything to “The Vault.” I personally always counted on Fifi for advice or for help regarding anything. I can honestly say a big part of where I am today I attribute to him. We will never forget Fifi and the joyfulness he bestowed on all of us. May hashem give us the strength to fill the tremendous void that his death has left. He will never be forgotten. BD”E


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