Passaic, NJ – Police Will Ticket Day Laborers


    Day laborers trying to get work Passaic, NJ – Police in Passaic are cracking down on day laborers who solicit work anywhere but at a city-sanctioned hiring center.

    The police held a meeting on Monday to warn the day laborers that anyone found approaching cars to solicit work outside the center’s jurisdiction will be ticketed.

    They say local residences have been complaining that the large groups of workers who gather daily near Passaic’s Home Depot are blocking streets, littering, and bothering residents.

    Several day laborers told The Herald News of West Paterson that they need to wait on sidewalks because contractors don’t pick them up at the center.

    The center was built with city support, although the laborers pay for its operation. It was touted as the first of its kind in New Jersey when it opened in Jan. 2007.

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    1. whats the sense of ticketing them? you think they are going to pay anything? ticket the people stopping for them instead. just another waste of taxpayer dollars having the cops giving out these tickets for something that you will see no benefit from

        • Because if we removed all the undocumented workers from the labor pool the cost of everything from groceries to construction and housing would sky-rocket and many businesses would close down entirely.

          You think taking your family out for supper once in a while is expensive now? Wait until your local pizza shop has to pay union rates and depend on local talent to run the place. Monday the potwasher will show up late with a hang over, Tuesday the short-order guy won’t show up, Wednesday the counter guy will need to leave early, Thursday you’ll have a walk-put because you refuse to pay any of them for the time they missed and by Friday there will be a picket line in front of your store.

    2. They need to crack down on these illegals. I am happy to see they want a job but nuch ala ma’ses they are mostly illegal and really should be deported back to their country (most of them use squigly writing if you know what i mean).

    3. The benefits of cracking down on Illegal’s as a method of cracking down on crime and helping the economy has been discussed at length elsewhere and there is no need to discus it here . There is also an issue of terrorist sneaking over the border and while pretending to be illegals actually prepare to carry out attacks. The idea of giving ticket to the illegal’s remind me of the time when Rudy Giuliani used to lock up those that jumped the turnstiles in the subway. The reason being that if you stop them at first sign of a problem it will avoid an escalation of future crime. (The same applies to dealing with discipline in a classroom). So to here by giving them tickets just for standing around it will cause them to avoid trying to do anything worse

    4. ticketing a day laborer is a waste of taxpayers money..Dave #1 is right..Do like the sanitation..If you are caught dumping illegal garbage your car gets confiscated and the dumper gets a $10,000. fine…Anyone caught picking up a illegal laborer should have his car confiscated and license suspended for 60 days…

    5. What are people complaining about? Illegal immigration is a victimless crime. Don’t you understand these people need free access to our services paid for by us legal folks?

      Good points # 7 & 8

      Number 9 & 10, if you think having cheaper labor is better you need to learn economics. These illegals will be covered under a national health care scheme. There is not enough money to pay for the legal people. Illegal immigration drives down wages and increases costs for those who follow the law.

      You want to hire illegals? You’ll pay a fine. This will send them back home – natural deportation.

      I’m sick of they’re taking jobs Americans don’t want argument. Of course they are. An American is not going to work for the money an illegal will. It’s also unfair to the contractors to hire legal workers and pay for worker’s compensation. I hope an illegal doing work at your home doesn’t sue you if he get hurt. He’s probably not covered by his employer’s worker’s comp plan.


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