Valenton, Paris – Jewish Doctor In Brutal Attack Passed Away


    Dr. Amsellem at A bris in FranceValenton Paris – Doctor Désiré Amsellem, 70, who was shot in his office last Friday and left there until he was discovered 24 hours later in unconscious condition, has just passed away.

    As was reported here on VIN News, Mr Amsellem was a prominent Jewish doctor in Valenton, a suburb of Paris. He is Algerian Jew and his patients were primarily North African.

    The Jewish community is concerned that the Police has no suspects, and no attention has been given to this, as a possible hate crime.

    A family member that Spoke to VIN news from the Hospital Bicètre in Paris said, “there is a mandatory autopsy, as much as we have fought there is complicity by the Bet Din of Paris. He will be buried in Eretz Yisrael at the earliest possible time”

    Dr. Amsellem leaves behind a wife, 1 son that lives in Paris, and 2 daughters that live New York.

    The union of the Jewish students of France (UEJF) and the national office of vigilance against anti-semitism (BNVCA) said to fear a new wave of anti-semitism, caused by the conflict in the Middle East.

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