Brockton, MA – Murder Suspect Who Wanted to Kill as Many Jews as Possible Held Without Bail [video]


    Keith LukeBrockton, MA – A Brockton man accused in a rape and double murder reportedly told police that he intended to kill as many Jews as possible, then kill himself, in what he called a fight “for a dying race.”

    Keith Luke, 22, pleaded not guilty Thursday in Brockton District Court, where he was ordered held without bail and sent to Bridgewater State Hospital for evaluation.

    According to a police report, Luke told police he was “fighting extinction” of the white race and had stockpiled 200 rounds of ammunition to kill blacks, Hispanics and Jews. He told police he planned to eventually go to a synagogue or school near his home and “kill as many Jews as possible during bingo night,” the report said.
    “Luke told us that he intended to shoot himself in the head when he was through.”

    After a shooting spree in which Luke killed two people and raped another, Luke was arrested after a brief chase during which he allegedly also fired on police officers.

    The 18-page report by Brockton and state police described Luke as an obese, white man who lived with his mother and frequently surfed through racial propaganda on the Internet.

    Luke’s attorney, Joseph Krowski Jr., would not comment on the allegations, saying only that he plans a vigorous defense.

    No officers were injured.

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    1. i love how the anchor ended the story with the (irrelevant) topic of the weapon… do any of you care?

      to the mainstream media the crux of the case isn’t that a whole bunch of people are dead, raped, etc. rather it is gravitas for the liberal agenda (in this case gun control). look out for these things when you waste your time watching tv.

      • “he should be put away”? What exactly do you mean……….the expression is “he needs to be put down”, thats what they do with sick animals that can’t be cured, they are Not “Put Away”, they are “Put to sleep”, or simply “Put Down”.

    2. He is not a Jew. He won’t run to Israel. He is therefore not a flight risk. Why deprive him of his “Right” to bail?

      This is proof of anti-semitism. He is being held without being a Jew. How unfair to Jewish Inmates.

    3. “obese, white man who lived with his mother and frequently surfed through racial propaganda on the Internet”

      Sounds like that Jewish blogger who hates the Rubashkins so much.

    4. He is being sent to Bridgewater. aka Bridgewater state hospital / maximum security prison for the criminally insane.
      He will be evaluated to determine his mental state – expecting that he is mentally ill. would this not be likely?
      I worked there, starting up a program, a long time ago.

    5. In all likelihood is attorney is not jewish. name ends in an “i” probably polish. if it ended in a “y” you might be right. But even if he were, everyone is entitled to a defense and the lawyer does not deserve anyone’s “utmost condemnation.”

      • also Jews don’t normally have “Jr”s or the “III”s or “IV”s. It is either bad luck or disrespectful to name someone after a living person.


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