New York, NY – Slow Walkers Top Annoying List


    New York, NY – Individuals who walk slowly on New York sidewalks have topped a survey of the most annoying New York resident types, two Web site surveys said. Slow and oblivious sidewalk travelers were worthy of being “punched in the face,” the report said.

    “You clog our sidewalks and subway platforms. You make us late and irritable,” the site operators said online. “You ruin the morning before the day even starts.”

    “You’re going to get punched in the face. And it’s nobody’s fault but your own.”

    Nearly 29 percent of the 2,300 people surveyed by the Web site picked slow walkers as the most annoying.

    Those who operate Bluetooth machines in any New York location came in second on the list with 24 percent of the total votes.

    Individuals who bring too many items to a New York grocery store’s express line took third on the annoying list with 11 percent, the report said. No margin of error was given for the survey results.

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    1. I can certainly understand someone getting annoyed by someones slow walking especially when UR in a real hurry, but if one deserves a punch in his face for it?? ….. Don’t think so. But I guess this is what the “city that never sleeps” is all about, keep movin or else you’ll get punched in your face.

    2. That is one of the many reasons I HATE NY and moved away years ago.
      They are really SICK to hate people who are normal, and can only tolerate those who are hyper and wish to rush around all up tight.

      I have a saying,
      “Your insanity, and compulsive need to hurry, does NOT obligate me to walk faster or drive faster. If you blow your horn at me, I will assume you are an old friend greeting me, and I will stop to chat with you. This is the way it is done if most places in the US. In most places nobody would think of blowing a horn to rush someone, so I assume you are normal and are greeing me.
      “Now, if you should take offense at my reluctance to drive after you blew your NY horn at me, and do not speak to me nicely when I come to your car to greet you politely,….. and you get nasty with me, you are trying to enforce YOUR sick insanity upon me, and are threatening me…
      “Not being a NYer, I never leave my home unarmed. So, if you decide to enforce your insanity on me, and it sounds the slightest bit threatening to me, by your getting nasty, … I invite you to ‘make my day.’ I will slowly and calmly put a bullet in each of your eye sockets.
      “This will stop all future horn blowing and nasty, in-your-face-nastiness on your part. Consider me your shrink. I have cured you with the only viable cure.”

      • I’m sorry, but the “punch in the face” is a metaphoric allusion while you, sir, are probably on the FBI’s Most Wanted List. You seem like a troubled individual and you should seek counseling immediately.

        PS. Don’t take your gun along.

        • No, my bullet in the eye is also metaphoric. I accomplish my goals of not having rushing, rude, overbearing, obnoxious New Yorkers around me by getting out of, and staying out of New York area.

          I did solve my problems, peacefully and quietly by leaving all 10 million of them in New York, and removing myself from the situation. I live a life where I need to be rude to no one. I live a life where I never rush, and don’t even have to daven with a minyan which rushes. I live a life where nobody blows their horns at me. I live a calm happy life. I accomplished all this by removing myself from the NY insanity.

          But, I guess that makes me a “troubled individual.” (smile)

          ———— other topic —-
          But, I will say, keeping the populace disarmed does add to the rudeness. People who believe the other people are unable to protect themselves, tend to feel more willing to be rude and nasty to them.

      • I’m an out of towner,and on several occasions while driving through a Boro Park street, I have been honked at loudly by a fellow member of the tribe.What I do is to refuse to move and attempt to further frustrate the yid which only increases the honking.He should have been in cheder the day they taught about how the makah of tzefardaya started off as just one frog,but as the egyptians struch the frog, nmore and more frogs emerged.
        A baal teshuva I know used to travel to Boro Park for his business.On his return from one such trip, he reported to me that he was shocked that in the course of a “road rage” encounter with a sheitl wearing woman, she gave him the finger.And mind you, she wasn’t giving him directions to Eichler’s.

        Heenay mah tov uma nayim sheves achim gam yochad greeting from the city of Brotherly Love.

      • I agree completely. I hate coming to New York.

        I have to come to buy clothing for myself and my wife because there is no real Chassidish clothing available anywhere else. Plus I have family in Willy, BP, Flatbush, and KJ.

        But, whenever I do visit, I try my best to “get back out of town” as quickly as possible.

        You are right. The attitude in NY is purely insane.
        Unimportant fools running around as if they were somehow more important than someone else.
        It reminds me of that foolish song, “If you can make it in NY you can make it anywhere” which all those from other part of the country KNOW from experience is foolish. All over the USA are former NYers who brought their life savings with them, opened businesses thinking they were somehow smarter than the people from that other town, and promptly over the next 36 months they almost all lost all they had.

        NYers travel around, always telling others, “Oh, we do that differently in NY. In NY we …..” thinking someone cares. They are totally unaware that the listeners are laughing at them inside. But are polite enough to listen calmly, putting on interested faces.

        It does not seem to make any difference, Jew or Gentile. Both seem to have suffered from this sick insanity. What is really strange, is that the Chassidim who move away from NY tend to find the cure faster than the rest. They quickly realize the realities of life away from NY, while the Mod Orths, and the other NYers keep believing they are somehow superior for years.

        What is really hillarious, is that those who loose every dime they had, seldom realize they lost their money due to their ignorance and/or attitude. They blame others. Either they blame the local rules, government, the customers, or, well, you name it, anything other than their lack of acumen.

        The rudeness itselfs does seem to leave first. That the typical NYer kind of realizes rather quickly, usually within the first 24 months, is uncalled for and unwelcome. Their first visit back to NY helps them see this difference.

        The same with their dirty habits of tossing trash anywhere. At first, people state at them and stop them politely, asking them to pick up their trash. Eventually they learn to live a cleaner life.

        So, the rudeness and filthy way of living is first to get cured. But, the NY attitude of false superiority, that takes another 2 or 3 years…. eventually all figure it out: The people from Florida, Tenn, Arkansas, Alabama, Iowa, VA, NC, etc, ARE JUST AS SMART AS NYers.

        The NYer visiting other areas, only survives on the patience and courtesy of the people of the other areas, who really would love to shoot them. That is where the bumper sticker comes from, “If it is Tourist Season, Why Can’t We Shoot Them?”

        For you NY “City People” …. this comes from hunting. During “Deer Season” we shoot deer, …….

    3. There should be an express lane for fast walkers. I do not at all enjoy walking in downtown Manhattan. The pedestrian traffic is as bad as the vehicular traffic if not worse.

    4. What’s interesting is, that Bloomberg is not making a business of this, I guess if he would know about this survey, it would be part of the Budget, ticketing all the people that don’t walk fast enough!

    5. A couple from my list –

      – People who think the world is their phone booth. We don’t care what you are having for dinner or what a jerk your boss is.

      – Drivers who think honking or flashing brights somehow obligates me to drive faster. I’m already going 15 over the limit, your need to go faster is not my problem.

      – The guy who always parks in two spots. Pull up another 4 feet so those of us who don’t drive a Smart Car can also fit in the space behind you.

      – Drivers who blast their music as loud as it will go. Why do you think anybody else wants to hear the trash that you call music? Can you even hear that rubbish when it’s so loud I can’t hear myself think 150 feet away from you?

    6. Do the mothers in NY bring up their children or drag up their children? Are New Yorkerks taught manners or are they just plain RUDE? Did you all forget one of the 10 commandments?? Or did it just slip your mind? If you cannot walk around somebody who is walking slowly, then something is wrong with you!! What will it take you, another 2 steps, THAT PERSON COULD BE YOUR MOTHER!!


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