Caracas, Venezuela – Blast Damages Jewish Center; No Injuries


    Rabbi Abraham Garzon is president of the Jewish Community Center located in downtown CaracasCaracas, Venezuela – Representatives of Venezuela’s Jewish population say a community center has been attacked by unidentified assailants who threw an explosive at the building.

    Abraham Garzon is president of the Jewish Community Center located in downtown Caracas. He says a small explosive resembling a pipe bomb was lobbed at the building before dawn. The explosion damaged the doors to the center, but nobody was injured by the blast.

    It was the second attack against a Jewish institution this year.

    A Caracas synagogue was ransacked and vandalized last month. The assailants shattered religious objects, spray-painted “Jews, get out” on the temple’s walls and stole a computer database with names and addresses of Jews living in Venezuela.

    Caracas  police investigating explosion that damaged the doors to the center

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    1. Here we go again…..the same hysteria will erupt as before (when it was discovered that the synagogue’s own guards did it as part of a robbery) and this will lead the hysterics to demand that the US send in the Marines and take over the Presidential Palace, and have Chavez brought up on war crimes charges while they “victimized” Jews are flown away from Venezuela. I guess the hysterics can’t do this in Tehran, so they figure Caracas is the next best target.

    2. I do NOT think this is the government of Venezuala,. I feel that Hugo Chavez does not want to look liike a fool; one day he condemns it, the next day he does it. Sorry. I think he is going to stop this.

      Yet, who could possibly have done this? I think I know, it’s the Mormons. No, it’s the Quakers. No, it’s the Jewish people.
      It couldn’t possibly be those mature men who were whispered to by a god who told these very grown up adults that he needs them to murder people so he could reward them with kids. No, it couldn’t be them, they are so civilized and astute. Their minds are so advanced and they advanced intellectuals, right?

    3. Hey Avraham Abba. Have you been asleep at the wheel? It’s already been revealed that guards at the synagogue committed the crime involving robbery. And don’t you remember the Lavon Affair, or the Mossad bombing shuls in Baghdad? They do it all the time!


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