Lawrence, NY – Fatal Fall from Flight of Stairs


    Lawrence, NY – Hatzolah responded to Rolling Hill Lane corner of Martin Lane for a man in his 50’s that fell down a flight of stairs and was heavily bleeding from his mouth.

    At first a chopper was requests for the victim who sustained serious injuries and was in traumatic arrest, but was later canceled and patient was transported by Hatzolah to St Johns Hospital where R’ Levi Zahn O”H succumb to his injuries and passed away, leaving behind a wife and five children.

    Chesed Shel Emes together with Rabbi Elchonon Zohns’s Chevra Kadisha are responding to the scene.

    R’ Levi O’H was a member of Shaaray Tefila shul in Lawrence, and was the owner of Zahn Interiors Inc

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    1. Baruch Dayan HaEmet… #3 has a great point. # 2, many people can die this way. Either complications from a serious head injury or he fractured his neck. The heavy bleeding from the mouth tells you that.

      Regardless, may the family be comforted.

    2. Or sometimes the fall is secondary to something already happening that may have caused him to pass away, like a stroke, heart attack, etc. May the family only know of simchas…..

    3. burech dyan emas…Levy was a interior designer and was a customer of mine store..he was the the nicest erliche person u could deal with..always very humeros and he lost his brother in law last year Ira Feigenbaum from the five towns..besires toves and a freilichen pirim…

    4. Baruch Dayan Emes… so difficult to understand such terrible things have to happen to good people…
      two devastating tradegies within a week- hashem is trying to tell us something major
      we need to do teshuva as a community and as a nation
      we need mashiach

    5. Boruch Dayan Haemes. Levi was a special human being. He brought his clients into our showroom regularly, always with a smile, a joke and was a considerate person. I knew him for over 15 years and I will miss him. May he be a mailitz yosher for his family and Klall Yisroel.

    6. Levi was my cousin’s wife. One of God’s gifts to him was an outstanding and unusual voice. One of my daughter’s life’s dreams from when she was a little girl was to have him sing at her wedding; and she did get to live that dream. I loved him. Baruch Dayan Emes.

    7. Levi Zahn was a gentle Neshama – he had a heart of gold. He gave of his time to Yeshivos, he helped with kids who were off the derech – his family is fantastic – each of the kids are just wonderful, great kids. He was a remarkable designer with a flair for colors and beauty in design. A beautiful neshama now in shmayaim

    8. Boruch dayan haemes. This is a terrible shock. We are remodeling our house and Levi a”h was working with my wife on the interior decorating. She just spoke with him LAST NIGHT! My late mother a”h was good friends with his mother, may Hashem comfort her.

      So many tragedies are occurring to the Jewish people – Mumbai, the Chanukah car accident, Bernie Madoff causing a huge chilul Hashem and ripping off millions from tzedokos,the Wolowik boy and now this. Its almost too much to bear. Boruch Dayan Emes.

    9. BDE, what a Shock
      Does anyone have the levaya details?
      Levi was a real mench, devoted to his children and clients.
      He was honest in business and was Koveya Etim Latorah.
      He enjoyed davening for the amud and was always mispallel from the heart. He had a flair for design and always wanted to put the finishing touches to his work and especially when it was a Shul project.
      That’s what the M’lachim can report back to Hashem Yisborach. May he be a malitz yosher for his family, community and Klall Yisroel. May his mother be well, have a nechamo and see only Yiddishe Nachus from the Grandchildren

    10. Levi a”h was our cousin. Its hard to believe he is no longer with us. He was a very special person, always with a compliment and a smile.
      His ehrlichkeit and mentchlichkeit were two of his trademarks and anyone who knew him could attest to this truth. He lived it and breathed it at home, shul, work, etc..
      He will be sorely missed.
      Levi, may you be melitz yosher for us all.
      Please beg up there. We need moshiach now!

    11. Boruch Dayan Emes. Levi a”h was my first cousin’s husband. A really nice guy. A funny person. A true mench. I will miss him. We all will miss him. What a voice he had. He was a gift to all of those who knew him. I have not stopped shaking all day.
      My heart goes out to my cousin and her children.

    12. Levi was a great guy with an incredible eye for decor. He decorated my office beautifully. He was also a great baal tefila with a unique voice and great choice of tunes. I had the opportunity to work with him personally and will always remember his persoanlity, attention to detail and Flare for rich design. Everytime I walk into my office I will remember him. Baruch Dayan Haemes. How sad it is.

    13. lets have rachmonus on his family, Hashem yerachem, who is capable of talking about details now, Let’s do teshuva before our merciful Creator and open ourselves to feeling others’ tzaar

    14. Levi had a tremendous warmth and genuine kindness of heart. He was a most devoted family man and I would often meet him on an errand on behalf of one of his kids, or at their school dropping off some item that they inadvertently left at home. He seemed to enjoy the priviledge of caring for them.

    15. to all you people who are arguing about such stupidieties that led up to the fall stop i dont think this is wat his family wants to read at a terrible time like this

        • Families definitely DO read the comments. I was menachem avel recently, and the printout from vosizneias was being circulated. The wife of the niftar was very comforted by some of the heartfelt stories that people shared. The niftar was kind and influenced many people, and they shared specifics. So, everybody please THINK before you submit a comment, and make sure that it’s something that you want the family to read.
          המקום ינחם אתכם בתוך שאר אבלי ציון וירושלים

      • Thank you, I am family and prefer to read the beautiful things people are writing about Levi… Baruch Dayan Emet. He was a great guy, such a loss!
        Hashem should look after Lisa and the children, and all the his family.

        Diana, sister in law, London

    16. Levi a”h was a steady customer at our store. We are all so shocked by this terrible tragedy as we knew Levi for over 15 years. His erlichkeit and mentchlickeit for sure will take him all the way to Gan eiden .The humor and smile he always had when he walked into the store…May he be a meilitz yoisher for his wife and kids and klal yisroel……Simches Pirim for Klal yisroel
      p.s. if any one can pleae post his full name and fathers so we all can learn mishnayis and give charity for his Neshumeh….

    17. Levi Zahn was a very special person for all of us who have comes in contact with him, at this time of the family bereavement my heart felt sympathy goes out to them all.

    18. #2- i really think you are missing the point here. instead of feeling bad for the wife who is now a widow and for the children who now are without a father you decide to analyze what may have triggered this. baruch dayan emes

    19. I only spoke with Levi last week for the first time, and yet I feel such a loss. I always admired his ” “schar halicha” as he walked back and forth from his home to sharie six times every Shabbos. He could have been lazy and davened closer to home at a local baisment. But he had such covid beis hakenesses. Sharie was his makom and that’s where he davened. No friday night here, Shabbos mincha there. He new what makom kavuah meant. And he never dragged his feet. Always with a stride of pride. I pray that the family stay strong and be the holders carriers of a aristocratic legacy.

    20. He has 4 children, 3 girls and one son. Specila parents, special children. The levaya had thousands of people there. It was so moving and powerful. May we all learn to use our time well and may he be a mailitz yosher for each and for all.

    21. Boruch Dayan Emes. The family should have koach to deal with this tragedy.
      To those who have commented so beautifully -it is much appreciated by the family -who are indeed reading this.
      To those who cant hold back from comments as to the cause of death in a public forum which could instead be used to give real nechomo to the family -maybe working on this terrible mida would be a zechus for him and klal yisroel.
      Assuming it isnt just pure gossip -there seems to be a need to reassure oneself that this only happens to other people who may have had certain conditions etc. Sorry to inform you that death is pretty inevitable [at least at the moment] and it doesnt really matter how etc- Instead as mentioned we should work on feeling the pain of our fellow Jews.

      We should always share only simchos for all of Klal Yisroel from now on till Moshiahc arrives -very very soon.


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