Lawrence, NY – Fatal Fall from Flight of Stairs


    Lawrence, NY – Hatzolah responded to Rolling Hill Lane corner of Martin Lane for a man in his 50’s that fell down a flight of stairs and was heavily bleeding from his mouth.

    At first a chopper was requests for the victim who sustained serious injuries and was in traumatic arrest, but was later canceled and patient was transported by Hatzolah to St Johns Hospital where R’ Levi Zahn O”H succumb to his injuries and passed away, leaving behind a wife and five children.

    Chesed Shel Emes together with Rabbi Elchonon Zohns’s Chevra Kadisha are responding to the scene.

    R’ Levi O’H was a member of Shaaray Tefila shul in Lawrence, and was the owner of Zahn Interiors Inc

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