Jerusalem – Rabbi Tendler Ascends Har HaBayit (video)


    Jerusalem – A new 17-minute video has been released an ascent to the Temple Mount led by Rabbi Moshe Dovid Tendler, son-in-law of the famed late Torah sage, Rabbi Moshe Feinstein.

    Rabbi Tendler, who leads the Community Synagogue of Monsey and is a professor of Jewish Medical Ethics and biology at New York’s Yeshiva College, led a small group of Jews up to the Temple Mount together with Temple Institute Director Yehudah Glick on January 19, 2009.

    The small gathering, which ascended the Mount after first making the appropriate preparations as prescribed in Jewish law, recited special prayers during their visit to the site. The video shows Rabbi Tendler walking around the mount and speaking words of Torah throughout.

    Rabbi Tendler also explained that some of the stones used by Arabs in paving the plaza that today also serves the Al Aksa Mosque were taken from Jewish homes.

    Bending down, he gently brushed away the dirt from one of the blocks, revealing the cavity wherein once nestled the holy scroll of a mezuzah — the Jewish prayers that are written on special parchment and posted on the entryway to each room in every Jewish home in accordance with the Torah commandment to “post them on the doorposts of your house and upon your gates, that ye shall remember and do all My commandments and be holy unto your G-d.”

    Gesturing toward the bare, elongated hole, Rabbi Tendler told the group, “You see? There once was a mezuzah here. This was taken from a Jewish home. And they used it to pave the road.”

    Rabbi Tendler contends that his father-in-law, the famous Halachic-decisor Rabbi Moshe Feinstein, was well aware of his custom to go up on the mount and never dissuaded Tendler from doing so. A copy of a responsa issued by Rabbi Feinstein affirming the halachic right of Jews to go up the the Mount can be found on the Temple Institute site. More video teachings about the Temple Mount can be found here.

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    1. THIS is the same Tendler who have problems with all other halacha’s as well with Bris Milah, he is not a ‘rabbi’ he is a apikorous gumer and when he was in earlier times the tzatikim would put him in ‘chaerem’.

      • ely Says:Says:
        “ THIS is the same Tendler who have problems with all other halacha’s as well with Bris Milah, he is not a ‘rabbi’ he is a apikorous gumer and when he was in earlier times the tzatikim would put him in ‘chaerem’
        Shame on you for calling Rav Tendler and Rav Feinstein “an apikorous gumer” and saying they should be put in charem. These two rabbonim are gadolim and it is shameful to call them such names. Most yidden have great respect for Rav Feinstein and Rav Tendler.

        • rav fienstein was a gadol but his son in law is not and i KNOW that reb moshe feinstien ztl would have never ever gone up to the har habais !!!! and also YES ALL YIDDEN HAD RESPECT FOR REB MOSHE ZTL BUT HIS SUN INLAW MOST DEFINITLEY IS NOT TO BE PUT IN THE SAME CATIGORY!!!! and may be ely shouldnt have wrote so bluntly because its true and the truth hurts !!!!

          • שו”ת אגרות משה אורח חיים ח”ב סימן קיג ד”ה ומה שתירצת

            ומה שתירצת מה שהקשה בספר אומר השכחה מה שבטור וש”ע לא הוזכר הדין דאסור לרקוק בזה”ז בהר הבית, משום שלא יצוייר למעשה דאסור ליכנס טמאי מתים לשם וכולנו טמאי מתים, הנה הא יש מקום בהר הבית שמותרין טמאי מתים ליכנס לשם אף מדרבנן שהוא עד החיל שהיה לפנים מהסורג. ולמה דאיתא ברמב”ם פ”ה מביה”ב ה”ג שהסורג היה מקיף סביב אפשר גם החיל היה סביב ובתי”ט מדות פ”ב מ”ג מפורש כן בשם הראבי”ה, הרי מותר מכל צד אף במערבי ליכנס טמאי מתים עד הסורג שהיה רוחב איזה אמות, ולא מצאתי השיעור, ולפי’ הרא”ש במדות שם שהסורג היה רק לצד המזרח מצפון לדרום אפשר גם החיל היה רק שם, וא”כ אפשר שבצדדים האחרים אחר העשר אמות של החיל אחורי העזרת נשים וכן מצד מערב היה מותר לטמאי מתים. ומשאר טומאות הא אפשר לטבול, ואם יחוש לזיבה יספור שבעה נקיים ויטבול במים חיים ויעריב שמשו, ואף שהוא מחו”כ =מחוסר כפרה= הא מותר מחו”כ אף בעזרת נשים וכ”ש בשאר הר הבית כדאיתא ברמב”ם פ”ג מביה”מ ה”ה. ונמצא שנוגע הדין שאסור לרקוק באותו המקום מהר הבית שמותרין טמאי מתים ליכנס ומקשה שפיר. ואולי אינו ברור כ”כ איזה כותל היא אם היה קבלה ברורה שהוא כותל מערבי של הר הבית או כותל העזרה שאחורי בית הכפורת שלכן אסור לשם טמאי מתים כתירוצך וגם אפשר שהוא כותל התא שאף להרא”ש אסור. וכמדומני שבס’ שאילת דוד להגאון ר”ד מקרלין מסתפק בהכותל איזה הוא. ואולי זהו טעם הגאון רי”ז מבריסק זצ”ל שאמרו עליו שלא הלך אל כותל המערבי מחשש טומאה. אבל אני תמה כי מקום שמתפללין שם הוא ודאי קבלה מדורות רבותינו הראשונים שמותר לילך לשם ואיך שייך לחלוק עליהם
            ,ידידו מוקירו
            משה פיינשטיין

          • To many yiddin, Rav Tendler will ultimately be acknowledged as a much great scholar and talumd chacham than Rav Moshe, Z’l; he will emerge as one of the great gadolim of the past few generations given his incredible scope and ability to adopt daas torah to the conditions of the modern world. He is not anchored in the eastern eruopean tradition of Rav Moshe’s generation.

            • Your answer is the epitome of Tendler, to modernize halacha in any shape or form. Rav Moshe should get a ZTL after his name, not plain ZL!

            • Rabbi Tendler is surely a Talmid Chochom and knowledgeable person but he is much too controversial and too full of himself. Just because he is R. M. Feinstein’s son-in-law does not make him an authority to give Psak. He might be good for the naïve American modern orthodox Jew who does not know better but for any true Jew with a solid Yeshiva background and Torah knowledge he is just not acceptable.
              We just don’t know the extent where a ‘Tumas Mess’ (any person of today; considered defiled thru a corpse) can venture to & not beyond.
              There were Torah Giants in the past centuries who dwarf R. Tendler and some of them lived in Yerusl’m but did not enter there. To name a few; R. Y.L. Diskin, R. C. Sonnenfeld, R. Z.P. Frank, ……
              Do you think that this R. Tendler is a bigger genius? (He thinks he is!). Let him stay in America and preach his idioticies to his ‘Harrys’ who worship him.

            • i dont envy your chelek of gehnom for publicly insulting a rav and talmid chochom . you dont agree with his shitta thats fine but to insult him? did bais hillel shame bais shamai ? absoutely not! not even behind closed doors .

        • How dare you put Harav Moshe Feinstein and. R Tendler in the same context one was the greates posek in modern times to live and the other isn’t even a qualified posek he has turned the torah and halachos upside down

      • Who made you the gadol hador to deliver such rebuke ? What Smicha do you have? Whathaskanah from what other Godol do you have to publish your opinions in public?

        ch rebuke?

      • You’re a”phustak”. If I could confront you, I would wash your mouth out with a bar of soap and wash down your throat with castor oil.

      • Which is the REAL Halacha and which is the FAKE Halacha? I’m not saying that it is Ossur De’oreise to go where they went, but no Godol BeYisroel has ever done such a thing. If Reb Shlome Zalman Aurbach would have gone there then you could claim REAL Halacha. Being Reb Moshe Feinsteins Eideim doesn’t make him a Godol BeYisroel. If Reb Moshe’s other Eidim Reb Moshe Shusgal ZT”L would have gone then your’e talking, otherwise it is one Oiber Chocom Vos Ken Epes Lernen.

        • reb elyashi. reb shach . reb kaniefsky never went to college. does that mean that whoever went including rabbonim today who were on the moetzes are apeekursim? . Learn to understand that there are other shitttas besides the ones in your dalet amos

          • This is a disgraceful comment, insulting to the memory of Reb Moshe, z’l, and the memory of Rav Shisgal, z’l, and to Reb Moshe Dovid. There is a way to speak and a way not to, and this is over the line. Shameful.

          • Are you the all-knowing G-d, who can sum up the entire life of a Ehrliche Yid who suffered and persevered through decades of Galus – in oppressive Russia before coming to America? How do you know what his tzarus were? His brothers (maybe even greater talmidei chachamim then himself) and sisters died at the hands of the Nazis, his shtetl’s Yiddishkeit was destroyed by the Communists. A fifth child of his died in childhood. His children’s Jewish education was stunted by the Communists.

            Since you know little of his life’s challenges, you are out of place to add to them after his petira by saying hurtful things about another yid – his son-in-law. Would any of the commentors have the gaul to say these insults in the presence of Rav Moshe? Next time in Yerushalayim, go up a different mountain – Har Menuchos – and ask his mechila at his kever.

      • Sure, Hashem used that language to create the world and write the Torah. But go on, spit on it a bit more, it sounds very frum. Only maskilim and apikorsim would be makpid on dikduk. Or maybe you claim he is the famous greek opera singer Chiav Kuros.

      • The sad part is that if VIN was around when Reb Moshe, z’l, was alive and paskening shailos that were cutting edge at the time, this same poster would be writing the exact same post, and typing ‘Feinstein’ instead of Tendler.

      • I dont know what school you went to or how you were brought up, but just because you do not agree with a Rabbi does not mean that you should belittle or disgrace a great Rabbi. AS you know there are many ways to interpret things, Just because you do not agree does not make him wrong. I wish you all the best. Gut Shabbos!

    2. Yay! If someone disagrees with me, either because they follow differently, or because I have no clue, then they are Apikorsim. Boo! Chayav Kares! Boo!

      (BTW, you will not see any psak from a reputable posek assuring going up to the har habayis. After all, until 150-200 years ago, it was very common to go up.)

      • Was the Rambam an apikorus as well (chas veshalom)? He ascended the Har HaBayis. If someone knows according to all opinions where the forbidden areas are, they are halachikally permitted on the Har HaBayis conditionally (mikva first, no money, no walking stick, no leather shoes, etc.). The issue of modern day authorities (certainly less authoritative than the Rambam, who was a Rishon), assuring ascent to the Har HaBayis is another issue.

        Using the kind of harsh and wrong labels that some of you have used above is absolutely assur itself, and you will have your your own din vecheshbon to deal with on that. Hashem knows what goes on the internet. It is not totally anonymous.

      • The Temple Mount is where EVERYONE would come during the Shalosh Rigalim. Only a Kohen can enter the Azarah of the Kodesh Kidashim. THe Kotel still has Kedusha and is Kadosh.

        • What a chochom. Before people went to the BHMK they made themselves tohor with the efer poroh. That’s why we read parshas poroh last week, to give the temei’im time to go to Y’m a week early, so they’d be tohor before yomtov. Now we’re all temei’ei meis; how do we become tohor?

    3. Prayers? I’m not sitting through the whole video, but I can’t believe that he was allowed to pray. So long as he was being “tour guide” and just showing people what they were looking at he’d be OK, but the police and the Arabs don’t allow any Jew to pray, or even to move his lips in what might be prayer. “Har habayit beyadenu” indeed!

      • What are you accomplishing sitting in New York? Are you waiting for Moshiach? Are you holier than R’ M. D. Tendler? I believe that you too should go up to the “Mount” and offer prayers! — I am tired of your many responces on VIN. As you are of the Prayers that R’ Tendler is offering.

    4. I can’t help, but be inspired by this video. I know many poskim hold much different views, but the idea of going there fascinates me. It should be today that Moshiach comes and we will have the place with us forever!

    5. Put aside what the real Halucha is. Why is he the only one doing such things?
      There is tons of Holly Rabunim in Isreal, who never went up there. Why? i guess its not so simple.

    6. listen, according to serious poskim going up there is “Yehoreg Val Yavor”, if I see one of our Gedolim go I would consider going too, why didn’t any Godol who lived or lives in Israel go there? if I see Rav Kanievsky, Eliyashuv, Steinman, Wosner etc. go up there It would mean something to me, if a Dr. Tendler goes there it means nothing to me.

      • Dr.??? Yah, he also has a phd. I guess that makes him…worse???!!! So a talmid chacham with an education is BAD???!!!

        It seems like you are applauding ignorance!

        I am not saying rabbonim NEED to have a formalized secular education, but its a positive thing if they do! Why would you refer to that in a pejorative way???

        Rabbi DR. Tendler is a talmid chochom.

        • For your Info there is a story about when rav shmeul birnbaum went to Rav MOSHE when he left rav dovid walked in rav moshe asked him a question who would ask your shaila to a person who has only daas torah or a person with daas torah and secular studies or a person with secular studies only. Rav moshe told him only a person with daas torah because the secular knowledge blinds the the daas torah unfortunately if your name is also DR. Then you go way off like him

      • 1) Can you cite the Rov who gave a psak din that this is “Yehoreg Val Yavor”?
        2) The Gedolim mentioned are tremondous Talmidei Chachomim and role models however they don’t seem to have the breite pleitzos to make piskei dinim in the more grey areas like Reb Moshe Zt”l had. Nebech, we are a dor yisomim.

        • Don’t act like an idiot, do the minimal research on this issue & you will learn that most gedolim begining from Rav Kook & ending by the Minchas Yitzchok all held that there is absolutly a “Issur Koreis” to go there, and you can add to this list begining from Reb Hirsh Pesach Frank & ending by the Tzitz Eliezer etc. etc.

          • Sorry for being an idiot, rabbeinu. Not everybody is such a genius to understand that there is no difference between Kores and Yeharer Veal Yavor, and that when the poskim say “makom hamikdash” they really mean anything in a 5 miles radius.

            But seriously, stop insulting fellow jews and go back to cheder.

            • “But seriously, stop insulting fellow jews and go back to cheder.”

              I guess this rule does not apply to you, only to everyone else.

          • Really? an Issur Kares? Or a Safek of a Safek? Are you really so sure about that–and do you mind backing it up with facts please?
            And if it in fact is a safek of a safek–or perhaps just a Safek–are you really that incapable of understanding that it is possible that someone can hold differently?

            • I understand that someone can hold differently, however on this issue its a Moshe Tendler Vs. all Gedolei Hador current & past, so in a case like this I don’t care what Tendler has to say, all I know is that he loves controversies and this is what makes him happy Nebach!

            • He loves controversies? Do you know Rabbi Tendler? What do you base that on?
              A message to all posters btw–Being mivayesh a talmid chachom b’rabim does not only apply to the talmidei chachamim that you happen to like. You can disagree with him, but not to refer to him as a Rov like is proper does not help your arguments and is playing with fire. So please, disagree on issue of substance, not with personal insults, anything otherwise just makes you look infantile,

    7. Reb Moshe was an ehrlicha talmid chacham who made a psak eventhough it wouldnt make him popular.

      Examples: Shaving with an electric shaver, eating chalav stam (when nec.), a shorter mechitza in a shul etc etc.

      Rabbi Tendler and many of Reb Moshe’s TZL talmidim walk in his father in law’s footsteps by doing the same thing and paskening eventhough its not a popular psak.

      HOWEVER as important as it is to pasken the truth and not what the “frum” world wants to hear this psak of Rabbi Tendler is both WRONG and unnecesary. Reb Moshe wouldnt have made a psak just to stur up alot of attention. What comse out of him going up there?????? But nobody is allowed to say disrespectful things about Rabbi Dr. Tendler.

    8. Rabbi Kanievsky wrote that “entrance to the Temple Mount, and the defilement of the Holy of Holies, is more severe than any of the violations in the Torah.”

      • What a discovery! its known that the Rambam was there, and its also known that there is an area where its allowed to go, however the problem is that its not certain where exactly that area is, and where exactly the Rambam went, do some research on this issue before posting like an idiot, there is so much written on this issue by all known poskim who say that due to the fact that we don’t know exactly the permitted area, one should not go since he can Oiver on a Issur Kores!

    9. I don’t know why I’m bothering with this on Erev Shabbos, but Kiryat Shmona Chief Rabbi Tzephania Drori, Ma’aleh Adumim rosh yeshiva Rabbi Nachum Rabinovich, and Rabbi Dov Kook, who is married to Rav Elyashiv’s granddaughter have all gone up to Har Habayis (obviously not to the places that one cannot go to). The entire Yesha Rabbinical Council, headed by Rav Dov Lior of Kiryat Arba has also called on Jews to ascend so as to affirm that the site of the Bais Hamikdash belongs to the Jewish People as opposed to the Arabs currently defiling the site.

    10. There is such a thing as “eleu v’eleu devrei elyakim”,, there are shitahs that permit ascending to the mount under specific preparations, when we learn to respect (NOT agree) other points of view we will be on the way to the geulah shelema.

    11. Sinas chinam destroys and brings with it more destruction. Haven’t we gone through so many levels of despair that how can you even thing of shaming another yid? Where in your skewed programming do you find a p’sak for this. For G-d’s sake, wasn’t the Beis HaMikdosh destroyed over such strife and disharmony? What a way to say, “gut voch” to each other. Embarassing

    12. I am proud to say that I am part of a chabura of Torah Jews who have been going up to the halachically permissible parts of Har HaBayit for nearly 9 years. Some of you nay-sayers are truly pathetic. There is no comparable experience for tefilah and communicating with HaShem. Continue to bow to your idols of gulus… you are really no different than the Jews who preferred the leaks and fish of Mitzrayim–or those who did not return with Ezra from Bavel. HaShem will certainly remember who had the deveikut to come to His House and shed tears for its restoration. May we soon merit more Torah leaders who will help us rebuild His House speedily in our days.

    13. I fail to see where anyone denounced the Godol Hador Rav Moshe Zt”l, all I see is an outrage on Dr. Tendler who the only reason he went there is to show how much Chutzpah he has, and B.t.w. I doubt that Rav Moshe Zt”l permitted to go there, did anyone see what Rav Moshe writes on this subject?

      • To the ignoramus who posted on #74. While it is clear that you are quite the illiterate one, perhaps even you would find it interesting that Rabbi Tendler (yes he is a rabbi, and he has earned it, unlike the am haaratzim that post here) has had this shita on Har Habayis long before you ever figured out how to use a keyboard. And what relevance is it whether or not Rav Moshe has a printed teshuva on it? Do you think that he only communicated with his family in writing? Does the possibility that he may have said something in coversation to a man who was one of his nearest and dearest not fit the tiny image of the world as you like it? And by the way, you seem to be so fixated on being mivayesh a talmud chacham birabim, but do you even know anything about the man aside from what you read on some blogs?

      • Wonderful, truly wonderful. Does anyone think fshrshmutzing R’ Moshe Dovid Tendler is the ratzon haborai???
        You don’t have to like him, respect him, or follow him.

        Did all the years we (yes we, as I include myself in the yshivasheh velt) treated R’ YD Soloveitchek do anything to improve us?

      • very cute yankel. But just out of curiosity–would you happen to know why Rabbi Tendler has a “Dr.” title? Its not a medical doctor genius.
        And assuming that you will say that you knew that, correct me if I am wrong, but did not Rav Yechiel Yaakov Weinberg also have a doctorate? How about Rav Breur? or Rav Soloveitchik? How about Rabbi Bleich?
        Are you willing to say that aboout all of them just because they have a Dr. after their name and you don’t?

    14. A talmud chuchem we are not allowed to be maveish, but Dr. Tendler is not a talmud chuchem, the gemura says talmud chuchem shaeien boy daas navaila seruchea tov memeni ( a talmud chacham who doesn’t have daas, a daas torah a farshtinkana neuvaila is better from him). He is against all recogniest gedoeli torah about brit milah and going to the har habayit

      • Genius. Its a nice quote but how does that prove that he’s not a talmud chachum exactly? And that Gemarah doesnt prove anything that you’re using it not only are you ignorant, but you have proven yourself to also be intellectually dishonest. Btw, what would a Daas Yochid be according to your misunderstanding of that Gemorah?Additionally, what exactly are you referring to when you spew that he is against all “recognized gedolei torah about brit milah?” Do you really even think youve got any clue what you’re talking about or are you just regurgetating what you read once in the Yated? I guess according to you Gemorrahs have no substance. Id also be curious to see what you would post about the Chasam Sofer–but you probably dont even know what I’m referring to. (Oh and one more thing, I really enjoyed how you teiched that Gemorrah–dint you have any self respect?)

    15. I don’t know why so many of you feel free to condemn others about whom so little is known, over an issue you admit to know nothing about. It seems to me this is a situation in which nothing can be said with certainty. There are too many questions you leave unasked, and unanswered.
      1) Who knows for sure exactly where the Most Holy Place was?
      2) If stepping there is so evil, where was the Tabernacle before the First Temple? How do you know you weren’t standing right where that was, once upon a time?
      3) There is no Temple. Therefore, there is no Holy Place, and no Most Holy Place to violate.
      4) The Mount is currently being trampled underfoot by the Gentiles. How is it that Israel allows this, and The Holy One is supposed to wink at that?
      5) Who is going to build this Third Temple if no observant Jew is going to set foot there? Do you really expect Gentiles to do it?
      There is so much sillyness here, I hardly know where to begin. You people need to beg the Holy One’s forgiveness. Hatred, Jew against Jew, is most shameful and ugly. You are brothers, together the apple of His eye. Calling each other names is infantile and sinful.
      May the One True Living Creator of all things show you His Moshiach.

    16. ‘ im hurav dme lemalach hashem tzevuous yevakshu torah mipihu..” thats what one goes by not how big talmud chochem one is…cnnbe ‘hikdiach tavshulo berabim

    17. Anyone who investigates the issue thoroughly (sorry fellas, it means you need to know how to read Hebrew) will clearly understand that it is permissible to go up to Har Habayit. Unfortunately, this non-news article publicized the actions of a Rabbi who has much Torah knowledge but has no menschlichkeit. Keep his name out of the news, he is not worthy.

    18. when will you all see that Yashua has fulfilled all messianic prophecy, Eziekiel 38 and 39 is about to be fulfilled and Israel will win this great battle and the 3rd temple will be rebuilt and all this will occurr during the next 7 years, wow and you are arguing about someone visiting the temple mount.

    19. Anyone who criticizes the thing Rabbi Tendler says and does on this video
      a. clearly did not watch the video and jumped to conclusions based on the headline of the article
      b. is unaware of halachik authorities besides Rabbi Tendler who have written very much on this subject.

      Become aware, become informed. Know what you are talking about.
      Then express a sensical opinion.
      Until then, and until you can put your real names to your filthy vitriol, keep your comments to yourselves.

      And as for #89 – you are correctly on target that this is “non-news” which really has no place in VIN.
      But how dare you say Rabbi Tendler has no menschlichkeit? Spend ten minutes with him – one-on-one – and you will find him to be one of the most caring and sensitive rabbis in the world today.
      Lashon hora is unbecoming – in whatever form. And your rechilus is disgraceful.

      • A known fact? Again, all you blogsters (bibi, shlomo zalmen, ely, etc) seem to be very bold with your judgments of someone–a person who I am quite certain you’ve never spoken to in your life, have never met, nor know anything substantial about the him–but how about being even slightly intellectually honest and backing up your accusations with hard cold FACTS? Bibi, you refer to some unnamed “known facts” (im not sure if that is opposed to an unknown fact…but anyway..)Well instead if all the hoopla–back up your claims—Do you want everyone to just take your word for it? Or is it, tyhat you just dont have a clue what you are even talking about?

        The same goes for all those other posts. It’s time to grow up: Cut out all the vagueness and either back up your claims, insults, and hoopla, with actual substantive facts, or just acknowledge that you are a bunch of ignorant people who have no knowledge of either the issue of Har Habayis nor do you know anything about Rabbi Tendler.

    20. #93..sod hashem lireyov uvriso lehodiam’ ‘avol lechaven shmate lehilchese tzeruchin siate deshmayah’ and for the latter we need the former. so subject is fine man, intelligent , caring etc ober es sheint nit arois de kedishe ve fun ikros moshe, divrei yoel munchas yitschok un l’yiblch tovim rav kineivsky etc etc…thats the peiros of MO and down

      • Not sure what you meant at the very end but otherwise, i am not sure how that answers your claims about some supposed “facts” about a person. It also doesnt answer why there cannot be other daiyos on this inyan. Nobody said you need to ask your shailos to Rabbi Tendler, but that doesnt mean that he cant have a legitimate opinion. Why must we destroy the other side of a machloikes? Why cant a chilukei deiyos just be that?

        • When someone does something which is not permitted by Gedolei Hador from all generations, I can assure you that “Tzorich Bedika Achruv”, even when it might be debatable when it comes to argue the Halacha, the fact that its not accepted by Klal Yisroel & its Manhigim, and to just ignore all this by showing you’re smarter etc. this smells Apikores, and if you research what Gedolei Yisroel wrote on the subject you will see that they also knew about the Rambam etc. the problem is that no one knows where exactly the Rambam went etc. in any case. Check jewish history, whoever questioned an accepted Minhag by Klal Yisroel was no good.

        • “Why must we destroy the other side”? what? am I reading correctly? who again is destroying? the way I see it, the sole destroyer is Moshe Tendler by going to Har Habayis when he knows that all the years its a NO NO by Klal Yisroel, so why did he do it? why cause a controversy? why?? don’t you know that he knew very well that this will cause an outcry? and don’t you know the real truth that this the only reason he did it..?? I therefore ask again who is the destroyer here????

    21. First I want to moicheh against Reb Moshe Dovid Tendler for translating Igros Moshe against the will of Reb Moshe zt”l. Reb Moshe specifically said he forbid the translation of Igros Moshe and protested vigorously against anyone who would do so in at least two different tshuvos. Next I want to be moicheh against those fools that stand up righteous with indignation for Moshe Dovid Tendler and condemn those that disagree with him, but they have no problem with him disagreeing with a MISHNAH, that says metzitzah is part of milah. He comes along 2000 years later and says everybody else in history read the mishnah wrong and there’s a comma and the second half of the mishnah is optional. The man says you can discount the gemorah. That chazal made mistakes, that Tosfos is wrong. These people have no problem with Dr. Tendler arguing on the Rambam and Shulchan Oruch. Quote: “The Chasidim are makpid and davkah to do priah bitziporen and that’s the most painful part to the baby because there you’e ripping the skin, and that’s not a nice thing to do to a fellow human being.” FOLLOWING SHULCHAN ORUCH IS NOT A NICE THING TO DO TO A FELLOW HUMAN BEING! The Rambam was not as compassionate as Dr. Tendler, The Ba’al haTurim and Mechaber were not as compassionate as Dr. Tendler. Only he knows better! In justifying his statement he says that priah with the fingernail is “a kabbalah ma’aseh”. He fails to explain what this “kabbalah ma’aseh is doing in halacha seferim since the time of the mishnah. In his medical article in Pediatrics (Aug 2004) He implies that Chasam Sofer who died in 1839, having been influenced by Dr Ignacz Semmelweis’ discovery of disease transmission in 1847, after a child got tuberculosis from a mohel (First report in the literature J. Lindemann, Deut Med Wchnshrft #30, p442 July 25, 1883 ) (semmelweis died in 1865) was matir the tube which was invented in 1887 by German hygienist Professor Max von Pettenkofer. The article builds a theoretical case for infection by mohel by concientiously avoiding any test that might indicate the mother was the source or that the mohel was not the source, a tactic adopted by the NYC Dept of Health and by basing the risk of infection in Israeli and canadian cases on United States HSV statistics from 1980, ignoring Israeli and Canadian stats that tell a completely different story. (Samra Z, STD 10/2003)(Kropp R, Pediatrics 6/2006) He mosered Rav Fischer Shlita to the health dept. He slandered him in a public shiur accusing him of killing two babies, when only one baby had died, and long before any investigation was complete. He organized an emergency meeting the Israeli ministry of health on March 13, 2003 in order to get the MoH to assur metzitzah in Eretz Yisroel! That’s a gadol? He can contradict a mishnah but I dare not contradict him? You call it “chilukei dayos” where he can try to force the whole Jewish world to abanodon metzitzah because he says “kiblu da’ati she’ani rishoi vilo atem”against almost all gedolai oilom? Look up the zohar shmos va’ayrah 32B. And see how this big “Zionistic Lover of Israel” has endangered Eretz Yisroel” Look up his Hebrew article on metzitzah in Harafueh and see how he misquotes Gedoilai Yisroel. Read the poster on page 129 and see the caption underneath.
      here’s six pages of Tendler lies in his words and voice, on metzitzah alone:

      • I dont know who the author of this silly child-like ranting is, but what is clear is that he at best an am haaretz who never learned through the relevant sugyas of milah. No one ever argued whether metzitah is necessary or not- only if it must be done “bpeh” or even “bkli.” Many poskim beginning with the Rishonim learned that even lchatchila milah can be done bkli- meaning with a tube or other suction device.

        From reading the statements and quotes by R’ Tendler on this subject- that is easily searchable on the internet,l I only see that he sides with the gedolei haposkim of previous generations who held metzitazh bkli is lchatchila, and in this case required- due to a potential sakanas nefashos to the babies from the mohelim who have may have the herpes virus (and refuse to test themselves to confirm or deny whether they are infected).

        How this all is relevant to the above discussion- i’m really not sure……

        One thing is clear though….whoever this “commentor” is- he has proven himself to be a ranting am haaretz who is not even worth responding to.


        • I agree. It seems to me that according to #93 that since in earlier generations they couldnt sterilize a knife with anything but boiling in water, nowadyas it should be Ossur to sterilize in any other way. He lacks the basic understanding that throughout Hilchos Milah we are concerned with the health and safety of the baby (that is why nobody advocates not to have any kind of m’tzitza at all as it promotes healing. That is also why if it is found to be a potential health risk–even a safek when its a risk of death–to do it b’peh, it is preferable to do it b’kli) and if it is true that we are concerned about the health and safety of the baby–if we come up with improvements by which the baby will undergo less pain, we should act accordingly. I believe that is what Rabbi Tendler was saying concerning the Priah. True, it used to have been done with the nail, but if we have the ability to do priah in a less painful way, how could we not? Basically, using the logic #103 seems so passionate about, doctors today should perform surgery with sharpened rocks (the first knife-like object) instead of a knife/scalpel etc.
          Obviously that is moronic. Which leaves me with two possiblilities: Either #103 is a am haaretz of the highest magnitude, rarely seen nowadays, or he is just a hate-filled, angry, and frustrated person who is exceptionally intellectually dishonest and morally bankrupt–using the guise of some self proclaimed milchemes Hashem to further is baseless hatred for another person who doesnt conform to his tiny worldview.
          My best guess–it is somewhat a combination of the two.

          • Patently dishonest and ignoring the references in my post #97. Milah has been done with an Ismal at least since the time of Dovid hamelech (see tzenah urena – that is the only source we have for this medresh) That was before the mishnah. Your pathetic logic says as follows: even though they used an ismel (a knife) in the times of chazal through the times of the mishnah, Rambam, and Shulchan Oruch, since they weren’t as smart as Dr. Tendler, it never occurred to them to use the same knife that used for milah for the priah also. therefore, since they were not as kind, thoughtful and compasionate as Dr. Tendler, they used their fingernails and recorded the need to do such in the Gemara, Rambam and Shulchan Oruch. However, since Dr Tendler is so much smarter than the mishnah, the Rambam, and the ba’al haShulchan Oruch, he realized that the same knife that’s used for milah can also be used for priah sparing that baby unnecessary pain, something that no one in previous generation ever realized because they are not as smart as he is. We’ll it actually shouldn’t be a problem according to Dr. Tendler. Since Dr. Tendler advocates the use of analgesic cream before circumcision (NYT 1/3/1998) against the opinions of rav Wosner, the Tzitz Eliezer and the Imrei Yosha, whom I’m sure Tendler feels don’t know as much as he does. The baby is feeling less pain anyway, so why not do priah like it says in the Gemarah, Rambam and SA? So far Tendler has cut two of the three steps of Milah and altered the third. The compassion defense does not hold out. You are as dishonest as Dr. Tendler. Try issues and substance instead of name calling.

          • Gei Leren mit a goy bartenura… Farshtay? halt zach mit dem shaigetz Tendler, in my view Tendler has a din Maysis Umadiach! he’s an embarrasment to the Feinsten family.

            • Who cares what your view is? I dont think his family feels that way. Should it matter to your family if I felt you were in embarassment to your family?

        • Although your post does not really deserve the dignity of a reply I will address your hypocrisy. There are tshuva regarding metzitzah with a kali. By and large they were all bishas hadchak. I am not addressing them nor do I go around to every bris to check and protest if metzitzah is done with a kali. This, in contra distinction to Dr. Tendler’s chevra who met with the Israeli Ministry of health on March 13, 2003 in an effort to get the Moh to ban metzitzah without a kali on all of klal Yisroel. This is a man who mosered Rav Fischer for doing NOTHING! In my post I gave several examples of how Dr. Tendler has no problem lting to push his agenda. He displays a poster that appeared in Jerusalem signed by all the chief rabbis prohibiting any change with the caption beneath it: “Excommunication of Jerusalem rabbis AGAINST oral suction.” The exact opposite of what it says. There is a letter from the head of the ER in Good Samaritan Hospital for the last 16 years that says to his knowledge they have never treated a male infant with an MBP related infection, this, despite Dr. Tendlers claim that there is a baby in the hospital in Monsey every week or every month due to MBP. There are 6 pages of his lies. Read them and address the issues.

    22. From a halachic aspect: the Har habayis is not a tourist site. The Rambam says you may only enter “litzorech gadol”. Making a political statement is not litzorech gadol. You must toivel in a mikveh before going up. Going up with a girl that doesn’t cover her hair, and assuming she’s not married, and that she went to mikveh before, is pritzus on at least two counts. It is assur to go up with your shoes or your moneypouch (wallet). If you know that your going up on har habayis will require non-religious Israeli security forces who did not go to mikvah, do not take off their shoes, do not leave their wallets, video cams, cameras, outside, you are oiver lifnai eever because you have caused them to transgress on yiras hamikdash because you wanted to go sightseeing. I’m hard pressed to coinsider the video cameras, and cell phones (you hear it ring during filming)as litzorech gadol for yiras hamikdash. The wailing wall is not the wailing wall??? We are just as much in golus in Eretz Yisroel as in America. The purpose of the mokom hamikdash is to bring sacrifices to HKBH. Not to take pictures like a vacation to Niagra Falls. That is not Yiras hamikdash. That is bizoyen hamikdash, and the taruvos doesn’t help either.

    23. If you know this Doctor… you also know that this is exactly what he wanted by going up there, he loves to cause an outrage and this is what gives him Sipuk Hanefesh… and you wonder why he’s considered a Looser even in his own circles..? even in the Modern Orthodox world he is a nobody to say the least, mark my words, once this story is forgotten he will do something else to satisfy his ego.. just you wait & see.. Shame on Dr. Tendler!!!

    24. Rav Moshe Zt”l never said that lemaisa you can go up there, and what Moshe Tendler says that he discussed in person with his Shver is not credible, check with the Feinstein family as well as anyone close to Rav Moshe Zt”l.

      • OK no problem. You obviously wan t to give the impression that you have but without saying as much. Put your money where your mouth is. Or you just full of hot air?

    25. People, there are two issues to everyones argument. One is what the actual metzius of what is Har Habayis and what is not Har Habayis. If one would do the research they will most certainly find different shitos about where Har Habayis actually is situated. They will also find that many or most hold that most of what today is considered Har Habayis is not a place that has the Kedusha that causes a Chiyuv Kares. (Rabbi Tendler tries to make that clear when mentioning that there are two kedushos that the RBS”O kept for himself and one of them is the kedusha of aacertain place on har Habayis.) So everyone agrees, even Rabbi tendler, that there is a place on Har Habayis that it is asur to walk on, again even Rabbi Tendler. That being said lets get to the second issue at hand. Since the return to Eretz Yisroel in by the talmiday Hagra and talmeday Baal Shem Tov although there may have been individuals who might have gone up to place on the Har Habayis according to those shitos that held that those parts were not a chiys kares, However, the Rabanim of Eretz Yisroel even in those times have allways discouraged going up to Har Habayis because since we are not experts on where to go and it is a safek chiys kares one should not go up. Tis seems to be the general takanah that was held for hundreds off years at least for the general polulace. In fact for those of you who are not too young there used to be a very big sign at trhe bottom of the ramp with the message from the Israeli Rabinate that “it is forbiden for all Jews to enter the Temple Mount”. So now you have the other issue. is Rabbi tendler being “Poretz Geder” or at the very least snubing an understood asur that even the Rabinate of Israel upheld for a very good reason. Should Rabbi Tendler do sonething like that even if the letter of the law does not call for a chuyuv karrais? Why take a chance with a chiyuv kaarais mesafek? Even if your not b’safek maybe the takana was for am haratzim who might not be a lerned as Rabbi Tendler? having known Rabbi Tendler almost all my life he once again puts himself into this position, why?


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