New York, NY – City Gets Wireless Water Meters


    New York, NY – The City is installing wireless water meter readers.
    Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced today that all 826,000 meters will be installed by 2011, ending the practice of estimated water bills.

    The meters will send readings every six hours to a network of rooftop receivers throughout the city.

    The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) will then be able to bill property owners every month with their exact water usage. Eventually the usage information will be available online.

    Currently, bills are based on estimates, and sent every three months.

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    1. here is a letter sent to Mayor Bloomberg:
      Dear Mayor,
      I hate NYC!!! I have been living here my whole life. I work very hard to provide for my family. I am not lazy I am not on Food Stamps I pay for my own health care . I hate this city! I get hounded with these astronomical tickets from these horrible ticket agents! I have to pay these damned tolls for almost every tunnel or bridge I need to take. Now I hear that you are raising the buses and trains and tolls! why would anyone in their right mind want to live here?? Alternate side parking?? thats a joke !! it is only a way to screw the hard working people of this city it takes exactly one minute to clean a block and we have to move the car for a hour and a half?? stupidity I say, with all the technology we can fly man to the moon but you cant figure out the time the cleaning truck comes down my block?? I hate NYC . thank you

    2. What is the cost of upgrading to these wireless water meters? At a time when the city claims it’s coffers are empty and taxes, tolls, and public transportation fares are being raised how can the city afford to make these ‘improvements’?

    3. There is absolutely nothing to love about New York. The weather is lousy all year except for a day here and a day there. The people are always in a hurry to go nowhere, but they’re still in a hurry. There is garbage overflowing everywhere, in the street on the sidewalks. The place just stinks! Most of the NY people are rude and nasty. New yorkers don’t know how to drive and they park like behaimos on a cattle farm, on top of each other, double park, triple park……mooooooooooooooo.


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