New York, NY – B&H Store Settles Job Bias Lawsuit for $4.3M


    New York, NY – B&H electronics retailer in New York City has settled a job discrimination lawsuit on behalf of 149 Latino warehouse workers for $4.3 million.

    The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission said today a federal judge in Manhattan approved the settlement.

    The federal agency had accused B&H of paying the Manhattan and Brooklyn workers less than other workers, and denying them promotions and health benefits because they were Latino.

    The EEOC plans to monitor B&H for five years.

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      • No one is saying its bad to work there.How would you feel if you did the same job as the guy who worked in the same company as you but you get paid less for doing the same exact thing………….

        • Its not how I would feel if somebody else makes more money than I do the quistion is am I comfertable with how much I’m getting paid. So don’t be silly if the latinos are happy with wat they are getting y should there b a problem. Nobody ever forst them to work for that amount of money. And if somebody dosent like it they can leave bh photo is not holding them back

        • …Again. Not commenting on this particular case, the details of which I don’t know. But a general comment. How would you feel when you as a Sabbath observing (incidentally, a Chassidic guy) Orthodox Jew amongst [mostly] Irish and otherwise non-Jewish workers on a construction site (in good old NYC)?! I’ll tell you. ‘Cause I’ve been there! The constant (“friendly”) teasing and luring into debates that offer a chance to spew derogatory cliches about Jews in general (as if I am the Jewish representative to the (goyishe) world!). One day a freshly landed (il-legal?) Irish immigrant nearly caused (by accident) a disaster to the electrical system on the 13th. floor of a major Park Avenue building. (details not relevant) The Jewish guy (who represented all the Jews through the ages) saved the day! Everyone applauded, of course. Hero status remained exactly a day and a half! After that, everything returned to “normal”. Jewish guy was blamed for everything! (this is not a sob story but a true story!) Where was the EEOC and other Federal agencies then?! Oh yes. Was discriminated in terms of pay because of Shomer Shabbos, left early Friday afternoon!!!

    1. Of couse, the Spanish could pay Jews whatever they want and nobody would bat an eyelash. Double-standard for sure. The Haspanic and Black are a guilded minority in this country. Let all jews move to E”Y where we belong.

      • I know a good heimeshe moving company for you…if you could post your contact information, they will call you in the morning to work out the arrangements for your move to EY..

        P.S. I work for a publicly traded, hispanic-owned media company and they don’t have a “special salary” schedule for yiddin

    2. Maybe propose to obama to tax these communists the same 90% that he’s taxing the aig bonouses. I don’t see the differance both are getting money they don’t deserve

    3. That is ridiculous. They could be closed on shabos. They could close their internet site on shabbos and they could still be discriminating against Latinos.

    4. To #1: I work there too. This lawsuit is a few years old and is first finishing now. B&H has long ago cleaned up their act and corrected their ways which brought about this lawsuit. Just a few weeks ago when they unfortunately laid off 14 people, they were very careful to be evenhanded in their dismissals. People make mistakes (this one quite expensive) but, learn from them so as not to repeat it again.

    5. I work there too and it is the best place for a heimishe yeed to work.
      May Hashem bless the owners and management with only gezint nachas and parnoosah berevach

      • Who cares whether they are closed on shabbos, yom tov, chol hamoed or rosh hodesh Sivan..this has NOTHING to do with the fact they were charged with violating the law and agreed to a settlement rather than litigating these charges. One of the most frustrating aspects of VIN postings are these knee jerk reactions to any allegation that yiddim have broken the law. Being frumme is not an excuse and is irrelevant, whether your name is Rubashkin, Madoff, B&H or whatever.

    6. We Continue to support you through every obstacle. On a professional outlook they have more pro equipment than anyone else, I will never shop elsewhere!

    7. i agree we all need to support B&H they are reasonable and reliable in every way…
      and yes the fact that they are closed shabbos and yom tov is a very big deal and we should all honor and respect that!!

    8. #26 YOu have a strong case if you feel you were discriminated because of your religion (especialy if you are chasidic). Just tape there remarks for acouple of days,then google for a good discrimination ( civil rights ) attorney, don’t sleep, nobody should live with discrimination. We Jews are constantly being discriminated against.

    9. this is a desecration of God’s name and it’s people like this that give Jews a bad name! And all you that commented in B&H’s favor are an embarrassment to yourselves and to Jews everywhere. Who cares if they’re closed on shabbos if they’re morally corrupt. “For I desire mercy, not sacrifice ” (Hoshea 6,6) maybe you should go learn some tanach!

    10. #25. I feel your PAIN …well start working hard and look on yourself and not on others you might have a chance of making it …who broke the law here ? What are you blobling away u don’t have a clue what u r talking somebody is got to put some scence in to your mind and I’m telling you again look at yourself and not on others

    11. Apalled …stuff your stupid mouth with garlic .why are you mocking B@H they give 100s of yiden parnoosah and they are a very honest company known in the business world they keep on making a Kidush Hashem with their fairness and not fooling their clients and yes the fact that they closed their website for shabbos and are closed chol hamoed in the time when other yidishe companies their competitions are open proves something more then the regular guy out there in yidish we call it Mesiros Nefesh

      • 38 & 42- it’s our job as good people and good Jews to condemn the morally corrupt, how can you possibly say that since they keep shabbos and hire Jews that they’re immune to doing wrong and being bad jews-what do you think the neve’im were doing in criticizing the people?! here’s one for you: Yeshaya 1, 13-15 says that keeping shabbos is detestable to God if your ‘hands are full of blood’
        “13. Stop bringing meaningless offerings! Your incense is detestable to me.
        New Moons, Sabbaths and convocations— I cannot bear your evil assemblies. 14 Your New Moon festivals and your appointed feasts
        my soul hates. They have become a burden to me;
        I am weary of bearing them. 15 When you spread out your hands in prayer,
        I will hide my eyes from you; even if you offer many prayers,
        I will not listen. Your hands are full of blood;”

        • What is morally corrupt about giving preference to ones fellow yidden? You think Hashem hates discrimination? What is your basis for such a bizarre claim? It’s clear in the Torah that Hashem COMMANDS discrimination. We MUST discriminate in favour of our own people.

      • # 38 – i agree with appalled, B&H can do lots of good for the Jews they hire and still be bigots for being racist, and keeping shabbos in mesiros nefesh doesn’t make them automatic good jews. I believe it was Rava who said to his talmidim who had no Yiras shamayim “why should you die in both worlds” meaning-they keep a lot of mitzvos but still bad, so why suffer now being jews and suffer in the next world for being bad! and, btw, I believe mesiros nefesh is hebrew

        • Even if they were racists, how would that make them not good Jews? Do you think Rava disapproved of racists? Why would he do so? Where in the gemara, or in any Torah source, is there a word against racism?

          Not that they are racists; they are simply pro-Jews. They don’t distinguish between races, but they do distinguish bein yisroel loamim, as Hashem does, and as EVERY JEW MUST.

    12. I can’t believe this. Suppose you have a business, and a yid applies for a job, for which he is qualified. Don’t you have an OBLIGATION to give him preference over other applicants who are not yidden? And suppose you have to reduce your staff; don’t you have an OBLIGATION to keep the yid and fire someone else instead? Suppose you see that the yid is struggling to make ends meet; isn’t it a mitzvah to give him a raise, even though you’re not giving one to your other workers?

      These are all TORAH OBLIGATIONS. Tzedokoh, gemilus chasodim, ahavas yisroel. And yet to the law these are all “discrimination” against those who are not yidden. That’s what this case was about. Unfortunately the owners were forced to stop discriminating in favour of their fellow-yidden. Commenter #7 tells us that “Just a few weeks ago when they unfortunately laid off 14 people, they were very careful to be evenhanded in their dismissals”. Do you hear what he’s saying? Yidden are now unemployed, who could still be working, because of this prosecution and this iniquitous law. Because the owners were FORCED to act against their consciences and against the Torah. I don’t blame them; they had no choice. Another such prosecution and they’d be in real trouble. But why are you people celebrating instead of mourning?

      • Millhouse: Do you write this drivel just to raise my blood pressure first thing in the morning? There is nothing iniquitous about anti-discrimination laws. If you can’t understand that, you are not much different than a Nazi or KKK member, except for the fact that you presumably don’t try to enforce your racist views with violence. If basic justice doesn’t appeal to you, then consider the fact that far more jews have been helped by U.S. discrimination laws. Under your logic, it would be fine for all the jews employed by gentiles to be the first to be laid off in hard times and to get lower wages for doing the same work as a gentile.

        • If this raises your blood pressure, then I’m glad, because you deserve it. It is iniquitous to dictate to a person whom he does business with, whom he hires and fires. Nobody has that right; not you, not I, and not the US government.

          There is nothing just about banning discrimination; there’s nothing immoral about discrimination; it’s simply a choice that people are entitled to make with their own lives.

          But when it comes to Jews, our first priority is to follow the Torah, which COMMANDS us to favour our own. That means we must do so, and if the law is against it then so much the worse for the law.

      • So now everyone who criticizes a Jew is self-hating?? that’s the most ridiculous thing i’ve ever heard! shame on you “Chusid”, i applaud Appalled, bravo!
        If the roles of the latinos and Jews had been reversed you’d be shouting ant-semitism, you hypocrite! -and if you want to criticize appalled, don’t just hurl names at him, try constructing an intelligent argument.

      • Copngratulations # 42. You are the first today to call someone who disagrees with you a self-hating jew instead or providing a rational, articulate analysis. What took you so long?

    13. I don’t understand — are people suggesting it’s okay to pay people less and not promote them because of their ethnicity? This is America, folks. Yidden were on the receiving end of this type of prejudice until recently, so we should takke know better. But as others have said, this is an old case & B&H has cleaned up their act big time since then and is a wonderful company.

      • Who says there was a moser? Probably one of the goyim complained that he wasn’t being paid as much as the yidden, or that a yid got a promotion and he didn’t.

    14. Milhouse, you are a fool and a bigot! (i’m not sure which is worse)i agree with #41, i think you’d feel much more at home with the KKK or some neo-nazis. if indiscriminate hate doesn’t bother you morally, then there’s not much convincing i can do., but i’ll try regardless.
      even if you say that you should give Jews preferential treatment, it does not give you license to treat non-jews badly and deny them health benefits. it is possible to treat BOTH Jews and non-jews well! (secondly, “and you shall love thy neighbor (rey’acha) as thineself” British Chief Rabbi J. H. Hertz and Professor Nechama Leibovitz claim that this refers to non-jews as well-thought this, agreeably, is subject to debate)
      think about it, if you condone racism, how can we find fault in anti-semitism. there is nothing more hypocritical than a jewish racist.
      and i do believe that God despises racism, though there may not be a definite pasuk i can point to now, “and you shall love the stranger (ger)” though it may refer specifically to a convert-the spirit of the law clearly does not condone wanton hate of non-jews because they are non-jewish.
      even if you think that the Aryan race of Jews is supreme, it does not give you permission to hate those who are not Jewish, it’s not in their control, and you cannot be wicked without wanting to, unless of course you believe in a fickle and whimsical God like Gloucester- “like flies to wanton boys we are to the gods, they kill us for sport”-King Lear.
      -when i hear people like you, i don’t blame those non-jews that hate us.


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