Brooklyn, NY – Driver Lay for 5 Weeks Shot in His Car, While Traffic Agents Piled it with Parking Tickets


    NYPD inspects the vehicle [photo credit Chesed Shel Emes]Brooklyn, NY – He died as he lived — sadly.

    Yosef ben Mirayum (Jeffrey) Schneider never married or had children. Always in debt, he was forced to sell his house. Bookies followed him trying to collect. For years he had threatened to commit suicide.

    When he finally did after being evicted from a Bensonhurst apartment — shooting himself in the head in the back seat of a car parked on East 17th Street — no one noticed.

    Exactly how long his body remained there is unclear — but parking tickets piled up for five weeks, the earliest from Feb. 17.

    On Thursday night, cops finally discovered his decomposing corpse beneath a blanket in the back seat of a maroon Lincoln Mercury across from the Midwood HS football field. He was 53 years old.

    “He kept saying he was going to kill himself and we tried everything we could,” said a friend who asked not to be identified. “Between his back pain and not having any money, he just decided he didn’t want to live that way anymore.”

    The friend said the last anyone heard from Schneider was Feb. 9 — days after he was evicted — when he called to say he was driving upstate.
    A relative filed a missing-person report on March 3.

    Born in New York, Schneider knocked around much of his life. He once started a company called Doc’s Solutions — although friends couldn’t remember what the business did.

    His father, who ran a successful business in the Garment District, died in 2000 at 84. His mother passed away six months later.
    The small inheritance wasn’t enough.

    In 2004, he was forced to sell his home in Spring Valley to stave off creditors. At the closing, he said, “I’m going to jump off the George Washington Bridge.”

    The buyer, Frank Terry, said after Schneider moved out, bookies showed up looking to collect. Apparently he had a penchant for the ponies.

    The close friend said despite his dwindling finances, Schneider had expensive tastes — often buying $125 bottles of wine.
    “He was quite intellectual. He is the smartest person I know. And he was also the most giving person,” the friend said.

    At the time of his death, Schneider owed $3803.33 in parking tickets dating back to 2005.

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      • It is unbelievable to me that after reading such a sad story the only thing you could think to post was this idiotic comment. You should be ashamed of yourself.

        • I’m not ashamed. I’m ashamed what the city we live in became. I don’t understand why there isn’t a law that if a traffic cop sees a car with more than one ticket he or she should take a look into the car before writing another ticket. Most of the time if a car has more than one ticket something is wrong. Maybe car is stolen? Owner is in hospital? Owner had an heart attack and is in the car? This is not the first time this happened. If I remember their was the same story a few months ago with a car neat prospect park. The problem is the City is so focust on money. I saw once an agent hooking up a van to her tow truck when the owner was sleeping in the car. Why are they not trained to look first in the car. Maybe the owner had an heart attack and is laying in the car not able to call for help. The answer is they are trained to write as many tickets they can and not looking into the car because it might take too long and making less money. I think that after this tragedy a law should be passed requiring an agent writing a second ticket on a car, or towing a veicle they need to look in to the auto first.

      • This is not true. The traffic enforcement division has said it will only seek collection for the first ticket issues but not for any subsequent tickets. Don’t make this a Bloomberg issue. Also, the traffic agents are not trained to search for or recognize dead bodies in vehicles.

        • this comment is pretty stupid mr. smart guy!!! If the traffic agents are not trained to recognize dead bodies in the back of a car THEY SHOULD BE!!! We pay enough taxes for them to run a tight ship and be able to recognize odd situations!

          • How about if we train the old ladies walking their dogs as well.
            This story is very unfortunate and tragic indeed…but don’t make it everyone’s problem. Traffic agent’s jobs are to hand out summonses for illegal parking and they (unfortunately) do a good job at it.
            We have to stop blaming every one else….Let’s looks at ourselves that we allowed another Yid come to a matzav like this one.

    1. This shows what these traffic agents are all about, Giving tickets.
      For 5 weeks a car is parked in the same spot and being issued tickets and no stops to think that something is wrong?
      Maybe a terrorist was trying to see how long it will take for someone to see that something is wrong with a car parked for 5 weeks with tickets and figure out how to C”V do something?
      Where did this City go? What did these ticket agents think?

      • Agents’ fault????
        How about the stupid neighbors??
        Ever heard of ‘SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING’?
        This should’ve been called in 4 weeks earlier by alert neighbors.
        It wouldn’t have saved his life, but he would’ve been zoche to a K’vuras Yisroel that much earlier!!

    2. They didn’t even notice the person is nebach dead. But its a natural instinct hashem gave to those “VULTORS” they just show up & start picking on the guy…

    3. Tragedy.

      Don’t blame the meter maids. I know they get a bad rap, but the fact is if you park your car in a no-parking area or you forget to move it, it is their job to ticket. Thats the law. It stinks… but thats the law.

      Instead of making this about meter maids, why not look around at your friends and neighbors and think about whether any of them could be in the kind of trouble that might push them to this point and help them. Stories like this make me wonder how many people knew that he was in this kind of trouble and didn’t help him.

      • stupid. the point isn’t that they gave the tickets, the point is that they didn’t do anything.
        they are golems all they do is give tickets. the car could be on fire, they would just write a ticket

      • The law is the law, however, someone makes these laws. It’s not from heaven, it comes from people like Bloomberg.

        While it may be there job to enforce the law. There is something about having compassion for peoples hard earned money. Why should there Children have to beg for bread just because the meter maid saw you coming but decided to write that ticket anyway.

        I have seen it many times before, parents picking up there kids from school being blocked in by these traffick police and given $120 tickets because they puuled up to the curve of a city bus stop. Come on!

    4. Obviously the brownies hired in NYC dont know what else to do with parked cars. I find it disgusting among other words that they didnt see SOMETHING wrong here. Whether it be a mays in the back seat or as other posted that the car hadnt moved in FIVE weeks! I think everyone who ticket that car should be FIRED!

      • Its a known fact that when these agents(vultures) find a car thats been abandoned on the street they ticket it every day to pump up their quotas, plus they tell their comrades to so they come every day to issue the phantom ticket. its not worth checking out why the car is there for so long, it will get towed away, hence they lost the quota pumper.

        • You obviously don’t know today’s halacha practice rabbonim are matir to do a lavaya even for suicide victims. (reason is they must have done teshuva a moment before they dies, hopefully no one should ever need a psak like this)

        • Internet Poisek, who knows if he died from the gunshot straight away, he may have done tshuva & charoto while wollowing in pain. Such a depressed person, was out of his mind, see the poskim, I am pretty sure it was a regular levayah & kevurah, but there again who came, there was no will & nothing to gain.
          Another heartless poster.

        • Here we go again blame the rabbis. Blame the universe, What on earth has LIPA got to do with this issues? When ever you don’t like somethin or someone gets hurt it is the rabbis fault for banning LIpa. Come on how long will this be your mantra? I AM SURE PEOPLE HAVE TRIED TO HELP. Unfortunately they aren’t always successful. It isn’t the rabbis fault that he felt this way either? Hashem should let you see the difference and please get over LIPA unless you are actually LIPA himself. Are you I sometimes wonder about that. Change your focus and change your life. The rabbis have good reason to do what they are doing. Lipa isn’t a bad person it is the way he is working his music that upsets the RABBIs. This situation is sad on it’s own it really hurts when this happens. It is so sad. Lets rather focus on simcha instead of condemnations of the rabbis. HAve a kosher Pessach and a chag sommach

    5. Was first noticed by East midwood volunteer ambulance when they where called for an unconcious paitent in a car he’s father’s name is wolf. Yosef Ben Wolf please say misnies leila nishmas

    6. Similar thing happened in Gainsville, FL a few months ago. When the guy in charge of meter maids was asked why his employees didn’t notice, he replied, “They are not trained in law enforcement.”

    7. STOP all those comments! where were our brothers rachmonim bnei rachmonim?? Why couldnt his freinds alert some askonim and help this poor jew out of his small trouble? he only owed little money, we all could have stoped this tradgedy, if only people would be more involved with chessed instead of gashmiyos and tavos olam hazeh, he could have been saved.

      • OK FOLKS……….Stop feeling sorry for yourself, stop laying blame on the city, the mayor and its employees, and the Jewish community. NONE of you knew Jeffrey Schneider………unfortunately I DID. It makes my flesh crawl to see anyone try to make this death anything more then what it was…….some sort of justice for the crimes he committed. The criminal acts he committed against other peole that were never brought forward , that were buried because of the victims fears………these are the things that tormented him so much …….hence he couldnt live with himself.

    8. The tragedy of this story hardly lies with the meter maids. The body was found when it was meant to be found. The real tragedy here is of a life that never found menucha among the community.

    9. This is so terrible Why didn’t the Jewish community know about it? How can we prevent this in the future? People are often ashamed to come forward for help or to admit they are homeless. How come nobody could offer him a job? What should we do to give people a place to turn to when they are in desperate need? How can we make a person feel like a mensch when they feel so inadequate. Anybody can slip into this situation with a single stroke of bad mazal. We need to put up a series of gates so that if something goes wrong, we correct it before the person gets into worse trouble and slips into worse despair and falls to the next level. Each level needs a gate. Our community needs to insure that every single yid has a place to go and someone to turn to in case of need.

    10. Boruch Dayan Emes.
      Has anyone noticed how many tickets it takes before they tow your car away in Manhattan? The answer is ONE TICKET.
      In the nothing boros (where most of the populace really lives), they just go on ticketing even for months. Why? Because Bloomberg gets to collect more and can show off how he keeps the budget sound. Would he dare have a rule to investigate why a car is getting tickets for five weeks in a row? No, because then they would not collect so much from all the parking tickets. It’s all about money, not life.
      Mr. Bloomberg, you are getting all the homeowners aggravated and upset by having your former welfare high school dropouts, give out tickets for garbage reasons and for traffic excuses. Keep it up, and see how much we will take before the next election. Payback is coming.

    11. I can identify with single life in the chareidi community, and it isn’t easy. Everyone looks at a single, that they don’t need business or a job, they are just one person, no body has any time for them. Yet when they need a hangout or outlet they take advantage,there is always that excuse I have a family, to add insult to injury.
      Then if they need an expensive be it a bottle of wine to drown their sorrows, nobody fagins them even that.
      They are forced to make the biggest donations in shul,& tzedokos but never get even the slightest kibud, maybe gelila at Shabboss mincha.They will help support & buy presents for family & freinds & their kids, and never even recieve a token of a thank you or appreciation. They exerscize their love , but are not showen any in return.
      They could be in debt, everyone will say they are only one person, they may have a house unfortunatly empty void of children, if they are losing it, who cares? only one person.
      Who knows if he was/wasn’t a victim of vicious child abuse too?
      The results you see now are sad, but stop and think how lucky you are this is isolated.
      How many members of society , have nothing to wake up in the morning for?
      How many of them may have been there for you over & over again, and when they were unable to control there emotions of all hell braking lose, instead of being there to repay them, yoou ran away. They could no longer enjoy your children or Shabboss table, or even a snapshot of learning with you, in a time when they most needed that comfort.
      Then how can you say Yodeinu Lo Shofchu Hadom Hazeh.
      This story should make you aware of the singles in your midst, those you sent away, and those who were ever so good & giving their love to you and your offspring in lack of their own, who you repaid with bad, and were Merachek.
      Stand up & put yourselves out to repay & help them , show them hakoras hatov, help them get marrieed, and if Chas Vesholem they won’t be able to get married, help them live a life , without other Tzoros, give them Kovod, & spend a little of your precoious toime with them, give them a job or businessalways make them feel appreciated.
      If not don’t be shocked by these stories, be shocked at how many are sufferring and havn’t done this.

      • Well said… I didn’t get married until I was 30, and the community I was in cared more about the young families struggling (even though they were recipients of the First National Bank of Mom and Dad). B’H I have a great wife and a son who will have his Pidyon Haben soon. We are still struggling (many are these days), but we deal with it. #36 is so right, let’s prevent this from happening again.

        I don’t expect much from the ticket agents, but what about the community? I know I would call 311 or my local polcie department if a guy was sitting too long with a lot of tickets on it.

      • Very heartfelt and moving post. The solution to this lies with every one of us. Never married people or widows or divorced people without children can be very lonely and devalued in the frum community. I am divorced with married children, so I have both the love and status as a mother and a bubbe. But I have single friends, who sometimes had not been invited to sedorim or Yom Tov meals. They may be called upon to volunteer to make phone calls for shul functions, etc, but are just not given respect or friendship. They are always looked at as ‘something wrong with them’. And maybe there is something that makes them unable to get married. But they can still be a friend, and a part of the community. We all need to think about who are the lonely people in our communities and reach out in friendship.

    12. and how about the people that live on the block ( yes alot of heimishe families live there)? did they not realize that something is wrong wih a strange car just piling up parking tickets for five weeks?? what happened to “if you see something say something”? if c”v something would have happened they would be the only ones to blame. actually them and the brownies. except the brownies are dumb robots. you would think that the residents would have some brains. i guess not
      live and learn

    13. #36 you took the words out of my mouth!

      This tragedy is tragic enough. How will any of us feel if we chullilah wake up in the near future to a simmilar story but this time its not some stranger on E35th St. But its a member of YOUR family, YOUR kehilah, a neighboor of YOUR block & then suddenly all his tzures will start spilling all over…
      Will we be able to forgive ourselvs for not picking up on the signs in advance that there’s something terribaly wrong with him? This story should be a wake up call to ALL of us that the true deffinition of “rachmunim bnei rachmunim” means looking OUT of the own immidiate family and feel for another yid.
      And may this wake up be leillu nishmas this nifter that were ALL guilty of letting him down!!!
      May he be a meilitz yoisher for all of kllal yisroel.

    14. Come on, and give us SOME credit. Maybe the reason this is such an isolated event is because we usually DO check on our neighbors and friends, and we DO help them with anything that we can! Unfortunately we are not angels, we are human, and we DO make mistakes. Because this happened once, you come and ridicule the whole community??? We are not perfect, there are a lot of areas in our lives that we should improve on, does that make us careless??? Please don’t blame anyone for this. It’s a tragedy that shouldn’t have happened. But to take this opportunity to blame everyone, that’s not right either!

    15. Nebach, nebach. How sad. There are so many questions. Where was the family? If they knew about this why werent THEY THERE FOR HIM?? Charity begins at home and so many people must put their family First! Where were the neighbors? freinds? reboisi, open your EYES, YOUR HEARTS, KNOCK ON YOUR NEIGHBORS DOORS, If you see something is wrong do something. Let us all learn from this unfortunate situation. We owe it to the meis. Let us all now undertake to be a little more involved with our neighbors, and friends. Let us LISTEN and really HEAR what they are telling us and let us HELP THEM BEFORE ITS TO LATE!!!

    16. Except for a few of these posts, most you are really sick. ALL of you can do something…..Guess what I’m a single jew and NOT ONE person has invited me to a seder, nothing. Jews do not have kindness and awareness. They are so busy with every little din. That commmon decency passes right by them. So sad what happend to this man. So sad. THere are too many commnets on here that miss the point and are looking only at tickets and money and bloomberg. Discusting. Everyone should do a real MITZVAH today, call someone, say hello and really listen to their answer. SHow concern. All you idioys care about is if you can eat this or that on Pesach but never about a deep concern for another, without being a yenta, just a tru friend. STUPID JEWS—-and I am one in bad company……except for a few of you kind, intelligent who see the light.

      • First of all, I want to say that I’m so sorry that those are the people you have come into contact with. That is not the derech haTorah or the way Hashem wants us to live. They have a lot to learn about being a Jew.
        Many Jews are kind and try to tune into people but sometimes they truly don’t realize what another person is going through. True, they should ask. But on the other hand, not everyone would appreciate being asked and maybe they think they’re being kinder by not asking.
        I’m not trying to justify. I’m sure you’ve been hurt over and over again and I’m sorry.
        Thank G-d that the Jews I’ve been in contact with throughout my life have been for the most part kind, loving, caring individuals.
        So, please, would you tell us where you are located (general area if you’d rather) so that one of us could have the privilege of having you join us for the Seder.

    17. I wish I knew who you are, as you would always be invited to our seder. In addition, I have seen emails from many shuls asking if anybody needs a place, and that there are families wishing to host guests. It could be that not everybody is aware of these. Of course, it is much better to be invited by friends and family rather than by strangers, yet there are many warm families who treat all guests exactly as family.

      The problem in this case is that the fellow probably didn’t want to let anybody know he was evicted and put on the street. The embarrassment is too great. In addition, an unemployed person feels worthless, like he can’t contribute anything positive to the world, and this compounded things.

      We need to spread the word that there are people who will take in anybody in this situation so nobody needs to be literally on the street. In addition, we need to make parnasa skills the number one priority in yeshivos. It is mamash pikuach nefesh. Believe it or not, one can be yotzei talmud torah by reading shema twice a day according to one opinion. Staying alive and not becoming mentally ill with financial worry is the primary chiyuv of every Jew. In this matzav, parnasa takes precedence over all other mitzvos, so we don’t have another tragedy like this.

    18. A real pity a tortured mensh, there are people around us (who can’t pay their bills) and have depression and even suicidal we should learn and practice giving people time to talk about their issues, you don’t always have to give advice, but you can converse without being judgmental

      A real shame, how many of us give charity where there is something in return (even a little) for us.The idea of charity begins at home seems to take a back seat to the shules , kollal, yeshiva ect: there are many families that can assists their family members finances but they don’t get the same kebudim for their money. (of course the recipient must be thankful to the giver) so I hope this give strength to all of us to help our families first.

    19. The licence plate looks like handicapped to me, why was he given tickets then? but fortunatly he did get those tickets, if not who knows how long he would be there…

    20. I relocated with a large family expecting to make it. It never happened I hooked on to an older bochur, who opened his door heart & pocket to me, I had a key to his dwelling & it was like mine, I hid from reality in his home. I used all his Resources, and he was so giving to me and my kids. I always felt guilty; he was so generous that on occasion he would pay my bills. He was there when ever I needed. His house, his car, and whatever he owned was there when he wasn’t. He was available on the phone whenever I needed.
      I felt I was able to make a difference in his life that he was needed, but I needed him so much, that it got scary; I began feeling possibly imagining that my wife was jealous, and the time had come to cut this relationship, and move on.
      I owed him so much that I was too embarrassed to explain the situation to him, instead I got cold & nasty, found alternate hangouts, and hoped he would drop me. I felt my family came first, and to h..l with him. The timing was terrible he was so depressed then like I had never seen before, I felt more justified, because it was like a broken love match. Little did I know that on top of the misery of loneliness [which he seemed to cope with very well] his nearest & dearest was preparing to depart from this world, he was helpless & hopeless, at the time he was suffering at work, with that extended all limits. I was gone, we mingled in the same society, the places where he was before me, where he had friends, and found comfort, not only did I betray him, I evicted him from what he had before. No matter how much I got the message, my decision was final, and he was out my life.
      I started a new, and even got some business working, with help of others, and in my mind I blamed his kindness for my earlier woes.
      As time went on one scare after another came my way, illnesses which cast fear of life threatening illnesses came my way. Mice & worse replaced him at Yom Tov meals, miscarriages, and to top it up no more business, but also help that had been coming my way from various sources dried up. Meanwhile his nearest parted to the other world, & he pulled his pieces together without me, now I became obsolete, and embarrassed. I tried to find a way to fix it, but how could I ask forgiveness for the unforgivable. He is so good hearted that I know he feels bad for me, about how ashamed I am of him. He is the first to help me in any venture, be it with my knowledge or without, and every little bit, I break in with him, I see some benefit coming back.
      Help me how could I show appreciation, anything I have or could do would not pay back what he has & will do for me, let alone all the pain I caused him in his worst times. [It almost reminds me of the Midrashim on how we can repay Hashem see Mo Oshiv Lashem Kol Tagmulohi oloy.] I can’t apologize or ask Mechila I feel so bad and ashamed, what I did is so unforgivable to someone so innocent & good. I am also scared of making it up, and doing it again, I should call him, but I am scared to, I am also scared of answering his calls. He is so good, that I know I could repeat it again. I never even say thank you, for the biggest favors because I know I need to do a lot more than that. Please post advice.

    21. In answer to #62. Thank you for noticing me and inviting me. Can you tell me what this seder would be like? In other words, are there other guests too, singles or family, a mix crowd/friendly? I’m not saying for sure yet that I will attend, as it may be ackward. but would there be other people there, is it all seperate? With jews there are so many conditions and laws, and It should be made comfortable. I’ve been around lots of bad yidden, thanks for understanding the hurt. Flatbush area.

    22. i is about time some one to do something about this trafic tickets guys, they are giving tickets even it is not right, no one is doing something about it


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