Columbus OH – King of Basketball Picks Schottensteins For Time Magazine 100


    Jay SchottensteinColumbus OH – I’m not sure if LeBron James, like Dwight Howard, is a godly man, though it sure would explain his physical freakishness. Regardless, LeBron, who actually makes the NBA worth watching, is a man concerned with at least some godly pursuits.

    When asked to nominate someone for the Time 100, King James selected Jay Schottenstein, the Ohio businessman and philanthropist who “supported the translation and elucidation of the Talmud Bavli into English, Hebrew and French. The Schottenstein Edition of the Talmud is now utilized by more than 2 million people worldwide.“

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    1. No comments about Michael Bloomberg being on the list? He has given a huge amount of money to Magen David Adom. He has probably given plenty to many other Jewish charities as well as to general charities.

      I guess most people never heard of Jay Schottenstein, who is the chairman of Retail Ventures(NYSE RVI) the parent company of DSW(NYSE DSW)(and is also chairman of DSW) and Filene’s Basement, and who is a major shareholder in American Eagle Outfitters(NYSE AEO).

    2. Mr Schottenstein is my boss. This is a little bit of an error, as lebron never said that. He chose Jay because he admires work that he does, they have worked on several charities together. The times came up with the artscroll bit, it was not a qoute. Although I know lebron personally, and he has many jewish friends, Im pretty sure he doesnt know anything about artscroll.

    3. While I agree that the publication of the Enlish Artscroll Gemara was wonderful, we need to keep in mind that if Artscroll is looking to stay viable and continue making history, they need to publish actual translations of texts that will be cherished. With the Artscroll Gemara, you can;t really go iyun with your learning. That is why Artscroll should translate Meiri, Ritva, Ran, Ramban, Ritva, Rashba, Chiddushei HaRim, Bach, Akiva Eiger, Chasam Sofer, Avnei Nezer, Kovetz Shiurim, Bircas Shmuel, Otzar HaGeonim, Sridei Eish, Gra, Ketzos HaChoishen, Shev Shemateta, Rif, Rabbeinu Chananel, Maharsho, and all of the rishonim, achronim and poskim, in the same way that Moznaim translated Rambam.

      If they would prefer, than do translations of Kovetz Meforshim and Otzar Meforshei Ha Talmud, and maybe take over publication of the remaining masechtos of Master a Mesikhta, if which 9 masechtos were translated along with all of the rishonim and achronim by R’ Nachman Cohen, whom I spoke with recently.

      I have also contacted Artscroll with this suggestion, and if others join me, than maybe they will start doing this.

    4. true, Lebron plays and grew up in Ohio, but surely there are plenty of other people he could have chosen to honor rather than Schottenstein. And the reason he gave for Schottenstein was not his support for basketball, but for his sponsoship of the Talmud translation…
      I wonder why the Talmud translation made such an impression on Lebron

    5. This is fantastic. It doesn’t matter what anyone personally thinks of Artscroll. Maybe its not for you, but they have enabled a generation of baalei teshuva to jump in with both feet. Schottenstein is a tremendous baal tzedaka and the public recognition for it is such a Kiddush H”.

      The true reach of his kindness will never be known to all of us, but always felt in every aspect of Jewish life.


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