Tel Aviv, Israel – Erev Pesach Stripper Strikes Again To Protest The Sale of Chumetz At Local Supermarket


    The student striped in front of this storeTel Aviv, Israel – A man stripped down to nothing but a strategically placed sock at a Tel Aviv supermarket in protest at its decision to sell bread over Passover in violation of Jewish religious laws.

    The Haredi yeshiva student Aryeh Yerushalmi stripped nearly naked in a supermarket in Tel Aviv to protest the sale of hametz (bread and other leavened grain products) in the store during Passover.

    Yerushalmi, who did the same thing last year in a supermarket in Bat Yam, claims the law is on his side and dares the police to try and prosecute him.

    Yerushalmi, who is 28 and lives in Bat Yam, arrived at the Tiv Taam supermarket in the Nahalat Binyamin neighborhood of Tel Aviv. He proceeded to the bread section and began removing his clothing, leaving only a sock to cover his private parts.

    Several customers thought the scene was rather amusing, but the store manager and security guard asked the nudist to leave.

    Police, whom Yerushalmi claims he himself called, arrived on the scene and arrested Yerushalmi, after which he agreed to put his clothes back on.

    As Yerushalmi said after last year’s incident, if hametz can be legally sold in a store during Passover, than he can lawfully disrobe there as well.
    Arieh Yerushalmi [photo credit:ynet]
    As he explained, the 1986 Hametz Law forbids the sale of bread products in a “public” area on Passover. The law was never enforced until 2008, when then-Jerusalem mayor Uri Lupolianski directed police to bring a case against four Jerusalem stores caught selling hametz during the holiday.

    In the ensuing court case, judge Tamar Ben-Tzaban ruled that the inside of a store does not constitute a public place.  Only the sale of hametz outside the store would be considered a violation of the law against selling hametz publicly, the judge stated.

    Yerushalmi took on the mission of showing the fallacy of the judge’s argument, using the law banning a person from performing an indecent act in a public place. According to the judge’s reasoning, “public” places do not include the inside of the supermarket – and therefore he should be allowed to disrobe there as well.

    Last year, police released Yerushalmi without charging him. Yerushalmi claims that he wanted to go to court, but the police preferred not to give the case too much publicity.

    This year, Yerushalmi was brought before the Tel Aviv district court. The police prosecutor explained to the presiding judge that the suspect had disrobed in public after which a civilian called the police to arrest him. Yerushalmi interjected and said, “The civilian who called was me. I wanted to limit my demonstration to a short period of time.”

    The judge asked Yerushalmi if he plans on repeating his performance again, to which Yerushalmi replied that he would “think about it,” after which the judge chose to place Yerushalmi under house arrest for a week.

    Leaders of the ultra-orthodox community, meanwhile, have written to dozens of stores and restaurants in Jerusalem urging them to reverse a decision to sell leavened food during Passover.

    “At the last minute, refrain from doing this and declare that you will not burn your souls for a one-moment pleasure as well as financial profit,” the ultra-Orthodox rabbinical Court of Justice said.

    “The punishment for the blasphemy expected to hit the Holy City is extremely severe, and you will be the ones reponsible for this,” their letter said.

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    1. What’s wrong with what he did? He’s drawing publicity to the hypocrisy of the shops claiming that they are not public places, so they can sell chametz. If police won’t arrest the shopkeepers for selling chametz in a public place, then how can they arrest him for indecent exposure in a public place?

    2. I am sorry but israel should not have the right to enforce relgious rule upon private industry. We scron saudi arabia and other arab nations for enforcing strict islamic laws on its citizens, and this is no different.

      • Well Yossi, than it’s just for you that this fellow had to act! Both laws do not have to do with forcing religion, it has to do with disturbing the public. You cannot undress in public because it causes others to be uncomfortable, and so can’t you sell Chametz on Pesach in public.
        Noone has a problem with Iran A Saudia Arabia banning the public sale of wine or pig, the problem os when they force you to follow their religion.

      • We not only have a right to enforce Torah law in Israel, but we also have an obligation. On the same note, we have to be careful with what contitutes Torah law and not be come abusive to what might be a Minhag, Chumra, etc. Get ready for the days of Moshiach. Fact is that if a man mowes his lawn on Shabbos, he’ll be stoned to death. Yes, that’s Torah law. True we can’t enfoce it today but remember and don’t compare US to the arab nations aroind us.

        • Not like arab nations?? Then can you explain the difference between stoning a man for mowing his lawn on Shabbat because its “Torah law” and stoning a man for trimming his bead because its sharia law?

          • Um, how about the obvious difference? The Torah is true and Islam is a load of rubbish invented by That Madman. You do acknowledge that, don’t you? (If you don’t, what are you doing on this site?)

      • saudi arabia DOES have the right to enforce muslim laws as it is a Muslim country.

        If you are to call Israel a Jewish country, then they too should demand respect to their religion.

        • its not a matter of respect for religion, its about respecting citizens rights, so you dont condemn their beheading gay teenagers, stoning and beating women, and all tht because its a muslim country so let them impose whatever rules they’d like? wow, its called being a good person who stands up to governmental/religious abuses. i thank god i live in a country where a leaders religious views do not become totalitarian law. as should you, since otherwise we’d be christian by this point.

      • Dear Yossi,
        According to halocha every bies din in every city has the right to inforce Torah rules as long as it does not go against the laws of the country. But in a country like Israel their should be no reason why such a halocha should not be inforced. ( I think they should inforce shabos too.)

        • I agree…and we should also go back to stoning and flogging for adultery etc….EY is NOT a theocracy…it sounds like EL Al should consider special charters to Iran, Western Pakistan and Afghanistan for you and your followers so you can freely practice your brand of coercive yiddeshkeit.

          • Dear #37 and #38
            I suppose you guys are the same type of people who say that the reason for kashrus is because of health reasons and does not need to be kept these days. The Torah is eternal .

            • It should be kept by people who want to keep it. Those who choose not to, have every right to do so. Who the heck are you to tell someone of a different faith to something he does not want to?

            • Milhouse – A person does have the right to defy H”. A person is given the right to choose, and therefore, has the right to defy. That right, however, is not free. There are consequences to every choice we make… whether it be here or in olam haboh. We should do everything within reason to persuade people to make the right choices… but we can’t hold a gun to their heads.

      • You are absolutely right.
        ahron (#28) is wrong because, Jews are not the only inhabitants of Israel, and most of Israel do not hold of the traditions of passover (Almost 80% of Jews either Reform, Conservative, or Reconstructionist. And they have every right to be, so a orthodox bet din (which most are. All other sectors of Judaism don’t have a need for one.) would be unfair to the rest, and majority of Israel

        We need to respect everyone who lives in Israel. Not just orthodox Jews.

        Have a good Yom-Tov

        • Liar. These “reform” and other “movements” are minuscule in Israel. They only exist at all because of a few American olim. The vast majority of Israeli Jews do keep Pesach, and even those who don’t, recognise that Orthodoxy is the only kind of Judaism.

          And no, a Jew does NOT have the right to be reform or all these other minim miminim shonim, any more than he has the right to be a Xian or a Pagan.

    3. Israel is a secular country and has nothing with torah or halacha therefore they should be let alone and let them sell chometz on pesach and pork all year round.

    4. He’s a Shoiteh and is Obviously Putir from all the Mitzvois anyhow! And dont him sell me that he’s frum and means Leshem Shumieyem cuz these Ideas come from TV not from the Toreh Hakdoisheh!

    5. Around 20% of Israel’s population isn’t even Jewish. If the ban on selling chametz is enforced, then I would expect Moslem and perhaps also shopkeeps of other faiths besides Judaism to bring a lawsuit defending their rights to sell chometz on Pesach.
      Perhaps a better method is for a law to be passed that a store can’t call itself kosher and no rabbi is allowed by law to give kashrut hashgacha for a store or on any unsealed items or items a store prepares if they sell chometz on Pesach. This would probably be very effective, and would not only convince many Jewish owned stores in Israel not to sell chometz on Pesach, but would also pursuade Moslem owned stores that sell to many Jews to also not sell chometz on Pesach(and hopefully prevent some Jewish customers from eating chometz on Pesach).

      • My thoughts were on the same line here. Pull the kashrus hashgochos from every places that sells chometz on Pesach (whether owned by yidden or not). Publicize the names of store owners, or the manager of companies that own stores who sell chometz on Pesach as well. Contact food distributors that are owned by yidden and demand they stop selling their merchandise to these stores, or the kosher stores will stop buying from them altogether. The free market is truly free. We are free use it to change things.

        My only concern would be stores owned by Muslims or xians. If they are not kosher stores, we should leave them alone. They are not bound by hilchos kashrus and shouldn’t be forced into the middle of a Jewish issue.

        There are ways to do this without making a chillul H”, even though some Chareidi seem to think that a chillul H” isn’t really a problem (Again, not all Chareidi… just the sorely miguided cults).

    6. #6 lol…he did the right thing he is a hero and a good devil advocate abisel meshugah but he explains himself well betiv tam voodas keep it up yerushalmi we need more of the scenes during the year

    7. It is perfectly legal for private stores to sell chametz on pesach. Frumme yiddin may not want to patronize such stores, but is its not illegal to sell such food to approximately 2 million non-observant jews, christians and arabs.

      However, I find that the behavior of this young man to be inappropriate and may not be in accordance with the laws of Tznius.

      • No, it is NOT legal. Why do you insist on making up such stories?

        The only grounds the court found last year to dismiss the charges was that a store is not a “public place”; a ridiculous and dishonest decision, as this person’s action demonstrates.

    8. Some in Israel want public transportation on shabbat. There will be many battles between the religious party and others in Israel. There is no easy answer to this.
      Should Israel be a democracy or a theocracy?

    9. Milhouse – I will start by saying that I love you and respect you (yes, I mean it).

      Absolutely I care about the law. A judge has decided that this is not “public selling”. The ruling has been made, and the odds of changing the ruling or the law are slim. Fine. There are other ways to get things done. We have the strongest tool possible to convince them. MONEY. The free market itself.

      1. Never again shop in a store owned by a Yid that knowingly sold chometz on Pesach. Make his name public.
      2. Pull the Hashgochos from those places and make the names of any hashgocho that won’t go along with it public… we should know not to trust them.
      3. Stop buying products from any distributor that also knowingly sells to these businesses and make their names known as well.

      We absolutely must respect the rule of law, it is the foundation of any society. But in business, we have the right to mobilize and use the markets to affect change. We, as the consumer, have the CHOICE and therefore WE have the POWER. We can impact the bottom line in ways that they will conform to because they want our money. That is the whole idea of a FREE market.

      This still plays within the rule of law. You are just affecting supply and demand.

      • I agree with you 100 percent. I think he was just using his weirdness. Here in America it would be called abuse. However you are 100% right. Have a Kosher Pessach and Chag Somaech

    10. rabbosai: he exposed a phallusy in the logic of the court!! —
      and anyway no one thinks Israel should FORCE anyone to observe Torah laws and Jewish customs: we just don’t like the idea of a JEWISH state doing business as usual on Jewish holy days Sorry — those who don’t like it can move to Gaza or Jordan.
      have a chag kasher vesameach

    11. i dont believe this! this is crazy why would a bochur do something this crazy??
      i think that if some1 thinks its not right to sell chametz on pesach then they shouls write a petiton or something


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