Flatbush, NY – Fatal Motorcycle Accident Involving Hatzolah Ambulance


    Missaskim and Chesed Shel Emes working at the scene [photo credit: Hillel EngelFlatbush, NY – A young man on a motorcycle, on his way to work at a restaurant owned by his father, has just passed away in the hospital after being hit in a motor vehicle accident.

    The accident on Kings Highway and West 6th Street involved a Flatbush Hatzolah ambulance while they were transporting another patient with a broken leg to the hospital.

    The victim on the motorcycle stopped at the red light on Kings Highway, when the light turned green he moved into the intersection and collided with the ambulance.

    The 25-year-old motorcyclist, a married father of one girl was transported to L.M.C. Hospital where he was pronounced dead. Chesed Shel Emes and NYPD Highway A.I.S. teams are on the scene.

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    1. I was @ the scene, it was nebach horrible i was there from the first ones and i saw his brain fluid coming out of his ears i saw its over. BARUCH DAYAN EMES

      • Why would you make such a generalization? There are many who do so quite safely and have ridden for many years. If you don’t like it then just say it’s not for you. Does everyone who drives a car always gets into an accident? Does everyone who crosses the street eventually get hit by a car?

    2. Very sad story.This is so traumatic, not just for the motorcyclist’s family, but also for the ambulence driver. I can’t imagine how the ambulence driver must be feeling now. I guess there are therapists that specialize in treating people with such trauma.

      Motorcycles are so dangerous. An accident that might just result in minor injuries in a car might result in very serious injuries or a fatality for someone on a motorcycle.

    3. T-Boned means hit from the side theryby forming a letter T. Which means, the ambulance was already crossing the intersection when the motorcycle crashed into the side of the ambulance. Don’t mean any disrespect CH-V to the family of the niftar but, speed most likely was a contributing factor. Baruch Dayan Emes.

      • Also don’t mean any disrespect C”V to the Niftar or his family,

        but, as mentioned in the article above, if the Niftar stopped at the red light on Kings Highway, and when the light turned green, he moved into the intersection and collided with the ambulance; didn’t the Niftar hear the ambulance siren before he crossed the intersection?

        Baruch Dayan Emes. May the family of the Niftar be comforted among the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem.

    4. “Brain fuid out of his ears? You obviously were not at the scene. Maybe you were watching CSI.”

      I have no idea what actually happened but there’s no reason that brain fluid (cerebrospinal fluid) could not be coming out his ears.

      • ok, all you brain surgeons, when you see cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) coming out of the ears, it is a sign of a SEVERE skull fracture and the guy will most likely die. the guy who saw this was a medical person and was reporting correctly. and BTW, it is a clear fluid.

    5. Baruch Dayan HaEmes.

      I rode a motorcycle to the train for a while so I could park easily. I was a nervous wreck. I hated every moment of riding it. Nothing but tension and aggravation. (The potholes alone make it nerve-wracking.)

          • I think the comment may have come from the fact that no one knows when it’s their time. You could be working in an office building, walking down the street, riding your scooter, flying a plane, cooking dinner in the kitchen; when it’s your time it’s your time and nothing will change that. I am not a believer in altering fate and while some will say that riding a motorcycle is tempting fate I don’t believe in that either.

            We will never completely know exactly what factor contributed to this horrible accident or who’s misstep is the reason for this tragedy. All we can do is recognize how delicate and precious life is and learn to enjoy EACH AND EVERY MINUTE WE HAVE while we are here, because that is why we are here and that is all we truly have.

            I knew Ben and I know his family well, and I pray for their strength to get through this heartbreaking time and for the well being of the wife and child he leaves behind.

            Let us not allow this tragedy to pass without learning a lesson from it.

    6. Are u guys meshuge?? arguing whether it was brain fluid– The guy
      who described it first is obviously not too smart to add nothing by this graphic description and all u brain fluid analysts have nothing else to debate instead of saying some worthwhile tehillim for the neshomma instead of the worthless chatter on “brain fluid ” when this young life is so tragically and for no reason death. WHAT is important to discuss about this senseless loss, HIS BRAIN FLUID????? GREAT VALUES

    7. who cares wat was seen or not seen at this point its a sad situaition the persons family is in pain and hatazolh member who was driving most likly feels treible he is a person who goes to save lives & now even if he is not at fault caused sme1 to die thnk about how he feels

    8. Stop the disgusting, arrogant, cynical, stupid, ignorant, & cruel comments. The overriding fact to be aware of is that someone has been niftar in a horrible manner and that his family is in heartbreaking tzaar. You can talk about safety in a gentle, sensitive, compassionate way. Baruch Dayan HaEmes. May Hashem help us all be more rachmonusdik & compassionate, & may he be menachem the family & friends.

    9. No helmet? What do you expect? The accident description says the moto was at a red light and then started. Either he started at full throttle or the story isn’t right for the moto to T-bone the bus and cause such damage with an alert rider wearing a helmet, under normal circumstances.

      • he was wearing a helmet, and had a green light wen the hatzolah truck went thru the red light so u might not wana belive the ”description” and start acuusing who fault it could have been he was a great guy loving father and now hes gone so stop trying or guessing to figure out wat had happen cause ure makking a fool out of ureself and let us all learn from our mistakes. bde

        • with a helmet and the noise of the motor on the bike you and having a green light it hard to here the hatzolah truck.even with a green light i slowed down though an intersection when i had my bike. and now i still do it with my car. may hashem bless the family.

    10. Please stop all the gruesome & gossipy speculation. A yid is dead. Try & have some respect, even if for some of you it is very hard to shut up & stop “educating” the rest of us simpletons.

    11. I am sorry to read about this terrible accident.

      Was the motorcyclist wearing a helmet?

      The reason I ask is not to be disrespectful, but I am considering buying a motorcycle.

      If the man was wearing his helmet and was still killed then i will reconsider and not get a motorcycle because of the danger.

      • If thats the reason you are contemplating on buying a motorcycle, please stick to public transportation.

        My prayers go out to all the people affected by this tragedy.
        R.I.P. Ben

    12. Story seems a bit odd, If the motorcycle was waiting at the light and started going only after the light turned green, he couldn’t have been going so fast to cause such an impact. Remember, he hit the ambulance so the only cause of how hard the impact was, is soley based on his speed. (If the ambulnce hit the motorcycle than its based on the ambulances speed). I think the motorcycle was speeding.
      A tragedy is a tragedy no matter who’s at fault.
      May we see only Semachot

    13. W/ all du respect to Hatzala. The fact that a red light was passed for a non life threatening(broken leg)patient should be examined. The member driving should use common sense. You can never put lives in danger unless you are in a life threatening situation & then only w/ caution. I c”v don’t want to put Hatala in a bad light, I’ve personally benefited from their great work, however I think the time has come for a independent board to jointly oversee this amazing orginazation.

    14. “The reason I ask is not to be disrespectful, but I am considering buying a motorcycle.
      If the man was wearing his helmet and was still killed then i will reconsider and not get a motorcycle because of the danger.”

      Don’t get a motorcycle. A helmet might prevent some fatalities, however it still doesn’t solve the basic problem that on a motorcycle there is nothing to properly cushion the impact when there is an accident.

      A lawyer I know told me about the horrific injuries motorcycle riders often receive when they are in an accident with a car or truck. The car driver typically has only minor injuries, while the motorcycle driver has very serious injuries or is killed. I guess motorcycles would be safer if there were special roads for them that didn’t allow cars, buses or trucks.

      • As is said by # 47, for safety, please, everyone stay away from motorcycles!

        Who is at fault in the accident is not the issue here and is not being discussed here.

        Motorcycles, in general, are less stable than cars or vans, due to being balanced on only 2 wheels instead of 4 wheels. Also, when C”V someone on a motorcycle is in an accident, there is nothing around the driver and/or passenger to properly cushion the impact (as is in a car or van), and the driver and/or passenger goes “flying” off the motorcycle.

        • “Motorcycles, in general, are less stable than cars or vans, due to being balanced on only 2 wheels instead of 4 wheels.”
          This is a brilliant analysis! You must have a Ph.D. in Physics. Duh!

    15. “The fact that a red light was passed for a non life threatening(broken leg)patient should be examined”

      Where did you see that? The noise of the motorcycle is also a factor that may have prevented him from hearing the ambulence. So many motorcycles are so noisy.
      Let’s not blame the motorcycle driver without proof. Even if he was at least partially at fault, this is still a great tragedy. Some motorcycle drivers do drive without a helmet, are speeding, or driving while listening to headphones. In any case, this just shows how dangerous motorcycles are. If this had happened in a car, it is likely that he would have been uninjured, or suffered only mild injuries. I was a passenger in a car that was hit in such a manner around 8 years ago. No one in either car was injured , however the car door on my side was heavily damaged, and couldn’t be opened.

    16. I witnessed this accident and i am very traumatized by what I saw. Even bystanders were crying. The man on the motorcycle had the green light. I think the hatzolah ambulance went through the intersection without their siren and that is why he didnt hear them.

    17. Please stop i know the person spinal fluid is possible and a broken leg could be life threatening if it was an open fracture. number 2 is that the ambulance may not have had his sirens on becuase he was just leaving the scene.

      • Spinal fluid? Are you not embarrased to write such nonsense? Do you even know that spinal fluid is clear?

        The ambulance was NOT returning from a call, they had a patient on the ambulance which is why another bus was called from the B.

        The bus WAS going lights and siren and even the NYPD AI team concluded that the bus WAS NOT AT FAULT.


    18. 38, if they would stop at evey light to and from the hosptol there travel time would be duble, and what would be with the person who has a heart attack and cant be brought to the hosptol bec they are stoped at a bunch of red lights with a broken leg victium

      • you cannot put other lives at risk in order to save one having a heart attack (by the way this was no heart attck).
        is it ok for them to pass a light when ur family is crossing the street??? NO

        • Moish.

          If you every have the opportunity to sit in the front seat of an Ambulance grab it. It is amazing the stupid things people and cars do in front of them.

          It is really somewhat irrelavent to the pedestrians and/or traffic what kind of patient is being transported. When you hear the siren or see the lights pull over to the right and let the ambulance pass. Dont ‘try to make it’.

          btw, the ambulance drivers first concern is for his own safety and the safety of his passengers. He does his patient no good if he gets into an accident on the way to the hospital.

    19. all you guys who have nothing better to do than to play broken telephone and in the end make everyone look bad the fact is that in this scenario noone was at fault. Not the guy driving the bus nor the guy on the motorcycle. the hatzalah bus was using both its lights and sirens and the cyclist was driving according there was not much that could of been done to prevent this from happening. This was from shamayim. Sad but true. Stop making yourselfs look like idiots and move on!

    20. I drove a hatzalah unit to the scene. we were the first there. i got a foot away… he was wearing a helmet, however from our expirence in bike accidents they are almost always fatal.. there is no airbags or seat belt to protect you. the only thing the helmet does is hold your head intact. however it doesn’t protect your neck that automaticaly snaps and puts you in cardiac arrest. We gotta be carefull… LIFE IS NOT A JOKE>!

      I also want to say that everyone should dearly respect every Hatzalah member they ever see. What they do is really incredible. They get to work on victims so fast a they don’t stop working with him for a minute. Every minute another 2 members showed up. within 4 minutes from the dispatch there was 20 members and 2 buses.. What i saw last night was really a Kidush Hashem and will remeber is for the rest of my life…

    21. This man lost his life. His wife lost her husband, and his child lost a father. This is a serious tragedy.
      I hope Hatzolah and the officials (NYPD…) get to the bottom of this accident, so that this can be prevented in the future. Perhaps some additional mandatory training for ambulance drivers???

    22. t is a very sad story. As someone who was there seconds after it happened I must say that this was a tragic “Accident” the ambulance was hit by this poor driver…. The impact was so severe that the bike was in many pcs. It is unfair to assume negligence on the EMT because it happened in middle of the intersection and the impact was towards the rear of the ambulance. It is very hard to see a motorcycliyst who by nature don’t ride at a slow pace. The accident did not occur at the cyclist just starting off… Its sad that news agencies love to bad mouth good work…. However I must say that this is truly the definition of accident… May HKB”U watch and protect all his children and may all the families have a nechamah…

    23. BD”H
      I was in a motorcycle accident on Long Island many years ago. It was a minor accident but it bruised and cut up my body pretty good. I have not driven one since.

      The fact is that there is extreme danger with riding a motorcycle. It is not so much that the bike itself is dangerous (contrary to popular belief), but a bike is less visible than a car and the driver is FAR less protected. The smallest of accidents can be fatal. This is, sadly, the risk you accept when you choose to ride a motorcycle. I only hope that others will think twice before taking on that risk.

      That being said, this is a horrific tragedy. I will be davening for this family for a while.


      • Helmets are not fool proof, occassionally, especially in a high sped collision, the helmet will crack, or it was not a properly fitting helmet. the head injury could have been a closed skull fracture, which would cause the brain to swell, therefore releasing its contents…..you get the picture……

    24. Ben Yohanan is the accident victims name . Funeral is Monday at Shomrei Hadas Chapels- 3803 14th avenue, BK, NY 11218 at 11:45 a.m.

      Personal friend and good boy. We will miss him dearly

      Unnecessarily to discuss the details of the accident please for his family’s sake. Our prayers are with the family

    25. a helmet doesn’t stop head injuries, it just helps protect the wearer from them. The same way a person can still get hurt, or even killed in a car, even the car has airbags, and the person is wearing a seatbelt.

    26. did anyone think it was his time to go does it matter how when the time comes it comes live with it it happen to be with a hatzolah if it was with a bus or truck we would all say it took the hatzolah too long to get there but it happen to be the hatzolah was right there so guys cut it out ,how,who ,what & where its the malach hamoves who took him unfortunetly this way so just please start davening to hashem for better things

    27. “Personal friend and good boy. We will miss him dearly”

      I hope that those who knew Ben don’t just reach out to comfort his family, but
      also reach out to comfort the ambulence driver. I hope that this tragedy will not be debilitating for him.

    28. I was actually planing on buying my self a motorcycle for this summer and this specific accident has brought to home how dangerous it is, i will not be buying one. BD”H very sad, such a young person has ended his life.

    29. I would like to add that I live on West 4 and Kings Highway. I was on the phone looking out the window when the motocycle passes on Kings Highway. He was not speeding and he was wearing a helmet. Less than a min later I heared a crash. When I looked, I realized it was that motorcycle. I personally did not hear any ambulance siren before the crash so I can’t say who was at fault. This a tragedy to both families.

    30. Natalie Jasmin,
      You are totally amazing!!! You were just looking out the window and saw enough of this bike to identify it later. Even more amazing, you were able to identify it after the crash from a window TWO blocks away!!

      How stupid do you think we all are??

    31. A true tragedy. Hakol bidai shamayim. May hashem comfort the niftars family and the ambulance driver.
      Hatzolah is truely an amazing organization.

      For those of you who know Pita off the corner, the motorcycle driver worked there. He was the owners son.

    32. Terrible Tragedy, A good man, He was the Shawarma man behind the counter at Pita off the Corner E2nd & Ave P .Father & son & mother ran the buisness , good people. They didnt deserve this tragedy. Baruch Dayan Emes


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