Long Island, NY – Rep. Peter King Remarks About Mosques Draw Muslim Ire


    Rep. Peter KingLong Island, NY – Muslim leaders Saturday attacked as “bigoted” comments made by Rep. Peter King involving mosques and terrorism, although King shot back that he believes there is a “real problem” involving some mosques on Long Island.

    In response to a recent Department of Homeland Security report about right-wing extremism, King told MSNBC Friday the department “has never put out a report talking about look out for mosques. Look out for Islamic terrorists in our country. Look out for the fact that very few Muslims come forward to cooperate with the police. If they sent out a report saying that, there would be hell to pay.”

    The New York Chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-NY) issued a news release saying King was stereotyping Muslims and that the FBI itself has said most Muslims cooperate with the agency.

    “We urge elected representatives to distance themselves from King’s bigoted remarks,” said Faiza N. Ali, CAIR-NY’s community affairs director. “Sweeping generalizations about Muslims and mosques have no serious place in national security discourse.”

    King said Saturday, “I stand by everything I said. I consider any attack by CAIR to be a badge of honor.”

    The Seaford congressman, who is the ranking Republican member of the Homeland Security Committee, also said that “right now there are a number of mosques under surveillance by law enforcement agencies” on Long Island. He would not state which mosques or which law enforcement agencies, but said the surveillance has been going on for four or five years.

    In August 2007 an NYPD report acknowledged surveillance of Muslim communities in a bid to identify risks from extremists.

    King said he has been angered by what he called a lack of cooperation by Muslim leaders on Long Island with law enforcement agencies, their alleged refusal to condemn al-Qaida, and conspiracy theories some have floated about the FBI, CIA and Israel being involved in the 9/11 attacks.

    Muslim leaders on Long Island called King’s allegations nonsense. Attorney Omar Chaudhry of Huntington said he personally gives diversity training courses at the Nassau County Police Academy, and that the Westbury-based Islamic Center of Long Island has hosted FBI officials at its dinners.

    Another center leader, Habeeb Ahmed, called al-Qaida “a bunch of loonies,” and said, “You cannot blame the whole community for the actions of a few. Every community has a few bad apples.”

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    1. Congressman King has a very valid point, and good for him to have the guts to say so. The fact that Muslims are upset at what he said is only because the truth hurts.

      • I always liked Peter King. He is never afraid to tell it like it is.

        In that sense he is far ahead of many in Congress and Senate that are afraid of their own shadow.

    2. The fact is that told the truth. Another fact, that before Obama was elected, the moslems would have not said a word about what King said, but now, they feel that they have one of their own in the White House so they are powerful enough to stand up against of the the finest congressman in this country.

    3. “Look out for Jewish money-power brokers in our country. Look out for the fact that very few Jews come forward to cooperate with the police.”

      If “Jewish” was substituted for “Muslim” we would all be screaming “racism, discrimination and anti semitism”. Why the double standard???
      Just remember that in Spain, it was Muslims first and then Jews. During the Crusades, it was Muslims first and then Jews.

      This is why the ADL has extended their activities to include remarks such as this which are made against Muslims.

      Maybe they should teach a little history in the yeshivas.

      • Why the double standard? Because it’s true. There’s nothing wrong with a double standard between turtles and snakes. They’re both reptiles, but one’s dangerous and the other isn’t.

        Why were you OK with the government issuing a report warning about “right-wing extremists”, as if right-wingers were some sort of threat? The threat is from Moslem extremists, and that is what the government should be warning about.

      • “Jewish” could never be “substituted” for “Moslem”
        Jews don’t take airplanes and fly them into buildings. They also don’t strap their children with bombs to blow uo pizza shops.

      • you are blinded by political correctness which is what organizations like cair count on to advance their agenda.the crusades occurred 600 years ago,sometime before muslims began blowing up buses and pizza shops R”L.

    4. The Moslems hate the truth. That’s why they hate Peter King. he speaks straight and they can’t stand it. Not every Moslem, but there is a certain type of moslem, and they are always angry, and their faces always look bitter and twisted. They have a hobby; it is called, Murder. Whenever someone finishes a project (mudering a few or a large group of people, those killers are called Heroes.
      The world is not dumb. We all see and know the truth.
      Peter King is an honest man and I appreciate him.

    5. Woke up this morning to find the link to this article on Atlas Shrugs. My heart soared – SOARED!! Finally, a legislator who calls it like it is. Would everyone who agrees please, please take five minutes to go to King’s official web site and simply thank him for standing up (when his 500+ colleagues in the beltway refuse to do so?) I fell asleep last night thinking, “God help us, we are too late to stop this.” This morning I have (excuse the word) hope.

    6. Here is a link to Congressman King’s web site, so that you might send him a thank you for speaking up. The email is set up for NY constituents, so you can’t type in your own state. I simply left it fixed at “NY,” and then in the text of the email stated the state where I actually reside.


    7. Dear Representative King,
      While not a Long Island native (but a New York resident and proud American,) I would to applaud you for standing up to your convictions and morals and not giving in to unjustified pressure from CAIR to repudiate your statement about some mosques having connections to terrorism.
      The fact that the Muslim community as a whole (with rare exceptions) refuse to hold any accountability nor condemn their fellow Muslims’ acts of terror and violence is in itself a dangerous testimony that someone needs to speak up against more potential terrorist attacks before they G-d Forbid come to fruition. Thanks for being that voice.

    8. The responses to this article are disgusting as well as Peter King. It’s people like you that hold this country back. You speak of what you do not know, only of what you want to BELIEVE to be true. Your fears govern your behavior. Don’t look now, but you all sound like bin Laden himself….just substitute west and American with middle east and Muslims. You are the same.

    9. kosovo kla moslems tied into binladin and alqeada !!!! we bombed our allies in world war 2 serbia for a bunch or terroist heroin dealing organ stealing low life moslem albanians!!! wake up america they took part of serbia and they will take part of the us soon if we dont take action soon serbia protected its borders against the enemy that played the victim and we supported know terroist i say get rid of all these moques that dont cooperate with the government and local authorities against potential terroists and thier muslim leaders need to understand thiis is the us not kosovo!!! u will not take our freedom or our land !!!!god bless peter king and god bless america!!!


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