Brooklyn, NY – Man Arrested in Fight over Parking Space


Brooklyn, NY – An entrepreneur was arrested for assaulting a fellow business owner over a parking space in Kensington, cops said.

Sources said the 24-year-old man, got into an argument with the 46-year-old victim, who had chastised him for parking in front of his business, police said.

The dispute erupted inside the entrepreneur’s own business on Coney Island Avenue near Dorchester Road and escalated when he attacked the victim with a chair, cops said.

The victim, who suffered a nose laceration, called 911 and the man was busted on assault charges.

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    • Just because it happened in Kensington doesn’t mean the guy wasn’t a Chassid. Or as I heard Rabbi Y. Milstien say once: Chasidic ungateen.

      People who bash other Jews should look at themselves before they say anything.


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