Coral Springs, FL – The Compelling Story Of Former Dallas Cowboy Star Who Is Now A Frum Jew


     Alan Vingrad with familyCoral Springs, FL – A compelling story about the religious transformation of former Dallas Cowyboy and Green Bay Packer’s star Alan Veingrad. Alan was a member of the Super Bowl XXVII World Champion Dallas Cowboy Team in 1992 and uses sports metaphors to characterize his journey, and vividly relates the discipline of being a professional football player, to success in life. Alan talks about his experiences as a Jew while playing for the Green Bay Packers and Dallas Cowboys.

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      • Someone who spells three words wrong in one sentence (and makes three-four mistakes in two of the words) should necessarily not be commenting on whether an ex-football player is a knowledgeable person

      • So what does inspire you?!
        If someone that had everything going for him, money, fame and honor, and decides one day that there’s more to reality then this, and leaves it all because of his sincerity in finding the truth…. if that is not inspiring then you must rid yourself of the amalek inside of you that cools you down and tells you “nah…. what’s the big deal?”.

        We need to learn a lesson from everyone. If this former football player gave up so much for the truth, shouldn’t I at the very least push myself a bit more to wake up earlier, give a bit more tzedaka, do just one more favor to someone….

        Last but not least, if you don’t find this inspiring, then go make the inspiration, YOU be the inspirer, bring another yid closer to hashem. Weather it’s to help him put on teffilin, even to teach him aleph beis or even to just say good morning to your next door neighbor…. you can make a difference in this world for the better. Just please don’t dismiss what other people become inspired from.

      • read pirkei avos its the season, not only will you brush up on midos but you will also see that someone who is kovesh es yitzro and changes themselves is considered one of the greatest acts a person can possibly do.

      • But he fulfilled the Mitzvah of TESHUVA when 90% of us didn’t, as it says “Bmakom shebaalei teshuva oimdim ain tzaddikim gemurim yicholim laamod”

    1. It’s not easy to do teshuva. It’s not easy to change one’s life so drastically.

      The lesson here is that he committed himself to achieving goals, first in his athletic career and later, l’havdil, to Yiddishkeit. And he uses his life’s knowledge to encourage his people.

      Kol hakavod, Reb Shlomo.

    2. To those putting down footfall players, I’m not a sports fan but I remember reading that there are a much higher % of college grads among football teams than among professional teams in other sports. Memorizing and understanding all the plays and moves in those huge playbooks requires some brain power, in addition to the physical skill to execute the plays. The training also requires enourmous discipline, so give these folks some credit.

      Anyhow, even if this man had been a ditch digger or a brick maker, it’s still a lovely story.

      • Why not wear a superbowl ring? I don’t ever notice the men who wear wedding rings taking them off for Hagbah. I know most Chabad men don’t wear any jewelry, and that may be a point. A different point is that this ring symbolizes an accomplishment in a very secular field. What exactly is bothering you here?

    3. he did something that is hard to do. he had it easy money and fame and all the rest that goes with being a football player. he decided to become frum, that is a amazing thing to do now he is a frum man with a frum family. and doesn’t miss his past life. there r places in his story for all jews to get up lifted and stronger in their judism u have to be willing to look and want to do better.


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