Italy – Hijacker of Cruise Ship Who Killed Jew in Wheelchair Released Early from Prison


    Palestinian terrorists hijacked the cruise ship Achille LaurA, brutally killing helpless Leon Klinghoffer in his wheelchairPalermo, Italy – The leader of the Palestinian guerrillas who hijacked the Italian cruise liner Achille Lauro in 1985 and killed an American Jewish passenger has been released from prison early.

    Youssef Magied al-Molqui was released from a Palermo prison and a judge had ordered him expelled from Italy.

    Al-Molqui, who is married to an Italian woman, served nearly 24 years of a 30-year sentence handed down by an Italian court after the hijacking. He was released early for good behavior.

    During the action, four Palestinians shot dead an American Jew, Leon Klinghoffer, who was in a wheelchair, and threw his body overboard. His corpse washed ashore several weeks later.

    Al-Molqui was held principally responsible for the murder and is believed to be the last of the four hijackers who was in prison.

    Klinghoffer’s killing was discovered after the hijackers allowed the ship to dock in Egypt and they initially managed to escape.

    Later, U.S. fighter jets intercepted an Egyptian plane on which the hijackers were trying to flee and forced it to land in Sicily, where the four hijackers were arrested.

    Relations between Italy and the United States nosedived at the time because Italy allowed Palestinian guerrilla leader Abu Abbas, who had masterminded the hijacking and who was aboard the Egyptian plane, to escape to then-Yugoslavia.

    In 1996, al-Molqui failed to return to prison after a 12-day leave. He was later arrested in Spain. At the time, the United States put a $2 million bounty on his head.

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      • 24 years in prison is not good enough for you?
        Obeying the law is not good enough for you? We should gun a man down illegally…??? what a kidush Hashem that would be ….. yeah right.

        • Is 24yrs enough? Do you think Leon would think it’s enough? Do you know the nazi’s had many “laws” as well. Why should this murderer have more years to live in freedom than his victim?

        • oh your so compationate, wow the world must be impressed. your not righteous , you are a coward . 24 years of prison was a good start now he should be killed in grand style #4 maybe you’ll offer to say kaddesh for him!!!!!

        • 24 years later the klinghoffer family still don’t have their loved one with them – how would you feel if he was your son, and he got shot? …. well, that’s how the klinghoffer family feels, now do you understand that emotions?

      • You promote breaking the law and a free for all. Then you go and curse out the NK for their activities. They did not break the law. They offended you and you insist on throwing them out. I guess the law should be based on what offends you.

      • why are you so confident in the mosad? look what they did to with nazis that were found not guilty in israely court. in addition they found it more important to chase down yossele shuchmacher than hunting down nazi leaders.

      • I dont see how this is the Mosad’s concern. The late Mr. Klinghofer was not an Israeli citizen, he was an American. If America still had a president things would been handled. Since this is not the case, it’s up to God.

    1. Oh, so we suppose this guy has been reformed? He now loves Jews and won’t go after more of us? Send the Mossad to strike pre-emtively as pikuei nefeshot. For sure he’s already plotting his next terrorist move. Maybe, G-d forbid, you’ll be next.

    2. Excuse me. He murdered the man in the wheel chair and then he threw him with his wheelchair overboard. Leon Klinghoffer was on that boat because he was celebrating his 36th wedding anniversary with his wife. Many of us know what typically happens with all those terrorists Israel inexplicably releases from time to time. They join the first terrorist group they can find. Would you please stop all this law and order crap???!! This guy is going to show off how committed he is to the Moslem. He is not going to become a librarian or a chef.
      Would you feel the same way after someone took a member of your family chas veshalom and killed him and tossed his body into the sea? Gentlemen, they picked Mr. Klinghoffer only because he was Jewish. The boat was loaded with hundreds! They picked him on purpose!!
      24 years in prison means that for the past 24 years more Jews remained alive.

    3. This is why terrorist murderers should recieve the death penalty immediately. (But please keep the incompetent mossad out of this, the only person they have successfully assasinated in recent history was Rabin)

    4. Such hypocrites on this website. A woman pays to have her husband killed and everyone is passionately concerned about her not spending too much time in prison… but because this guy is a Muslim, you say “KILL HIM”. This crime happened outside our borders. He was tried and convicted under the law. He served his sentence under Italian law.

      However, if someone wants to kill him and is willing to do the time in prison for it…. more power to you! You’ll get a ‘thank you’ from me. 🙂

      • What do you drink? You really believe that laws are the ultimate power? You somehow believe that people have no right to protest when there is injustice. You always throw the “law” at us. Who makes these laws, G-D? Some times justice is not done even with Laws and that’s why we have the Mosad for, no?

      • He’s an American, what’s a difference where it happened. You really need to stop listening to left wing radio shows.

        They were palastinian terrorists who the Egyptians AND Italians freed and togther with the others and sent to Yugoslavia so they do not become a target of the palastinians. The only one that they could not get rid of was this animal. It was BUSH, yeah BUSH, that caught the other monster in IRAQ and had him killed. You call that justice? You seem to have no anger when Jews are killed. Why dont you channel the anger you have against Republicans towards murderers and the their sympathizers who include demorats and pacafists.

        You should be more carefull when posting on such a sensative topic, as some people mistook your post as if you were suggesting that Mrs. Klinghoffer was involved, while the truth is you were refering to a different story reported on VIN where some were defending a woman who hired a hit man to kill her husband. You should be more carefull in the future.

        • It very much matters where it happened. The law is the law. I’m a conservative Libertarian by the way… the left would have let him out after a year saying he was a poor tortured soul. I believe that the law can be wrong… but it is still the law. This guy was tried and convicted in Italy… their justice system may be flawed, but if you actually look… the laws of the land were followed. If you want to change it… move to Italy and run for office. Otherwise, be glad he got the most stiff penalty they could give under their system of justice. Now again, if this guy should get hit by a car… or have a piano fall on his head…. or a poisonous cobra in his car… that would be fine with me. 🙂

          Secondly, your analogy does not work. This chazer was practically anonymous. I could have tripped over him on the street and never known who he was. Saddam Hussein was a bit harder to hide don’t you think? It was sort of like finding an oak tree in the desert… there was a lot of desert to search through, but there was no real way to hide it.

          I will concede the point about the other case. I was not clear and I apologize..


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