Israel – 3 British Messianic Jews Demand Israeli Citizenship


    Israel – Three Messianic Jews residing in Britain filed a petition with the High Court of Justice today in an effort to convince Interior Minister Eli Yishai to grant them citizenship.

    The petition of John Christopher, Nina and Kevin Aires states that Christopher’s grandfather and Nina Aires’ grandmother were Jewish, which grants them the right of return by law.

    They claim they have appealed to the Interior Ministry a number of times but were rejected because they are Messianic Jews. They say the ministry sees members of their faith as missionaries and has denied their appeals for this reason.

    The three say they have done nothing to warrant a denial of citizenship that is theirs by law and that they are Zionists who want to make Israel their home.

    The petitioners claim the Interior Ministry is behaving in a discriminatory manner and persecuting them for their beliefs. The State’s response has not yet been filed.

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    1. Af al pi shechota yisroel hoo. If the mother’s mother is Jewish they are correct. Let them get a pisak from Rabbbi Minashe Klien!

      They may meet some of those mishachists and do teshuvah!

    2. The Israeli Supreme Court has ruled (In the Brother Daniel case) that a Jew who embraces another religion can not make Aliyah under the Law of Return.


      • you are disgusting
        im not lubavich, just chassidish, but that is really cruel
        maybe they should ban you
        since you thnk your religion endorses sinas chinam

    3. #6 , please keep your sinas chinam to yourself. The article before was speaking about a very vocal but small group in Chabad but yet you wish to consider it every Chabadnik. The Besi HaMikdash was destroyed because of sinas chinam and after so long it seems many haven’t learned a lesson.

      #4 , if only that was true. Mitzad Halocha if a Jeww illing accepts another religion and leaves then their children can’t be considered Jewish. Messianic Judaism is J4J with the levushim, we all know that. Allowing them in will bring a lot more of them which will be trouble

    4. The article says that only one of the three’s grandmother was Jewish and that anothers grandfather was a Jew. By my count only one of the three has any basis to claim to be Jewish…their insane views aside.


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