New York – Investigative Reporter Claims That UK Ban On Savage A Direct Hit From Washington


    New York – I don’t believe for a minute that the United Kingdom decided to ban entry to U.S. talk-radio star Michael Savage on its own initiative.

    First of all, Savage was not asking to enter the U.K.

    Second of all, while Savage is a big fish in the U.S., his program is not widely known across the pond.

    What would possess Home Secretary Jacqui Smith to single out Savage on a short list of 16 people worldwide who would not be welcome?

    I think I know the answer.

    But first, you have to understand the backdrop to this story.

    Barack Obama and the Democrat-controlled Congress are conducting a scorched-earth war on the First Amendment. The Federal Communications Commission will soon be headed and controlled by an appointee who thinks government, not the free market, should control broadcast programming. The appointee to be regulatory czar for the administration has flirted with ideas like a “Fairness Doctrine” for the Internet and mandatory 24-hour, cooling-off periods before sending angry e-mails. As we speak, local “commissar commissions” are being established in every radio market to monitor programming and challenge broadcast licenses on the basis of content. Hate-crimes legislation has passed the House and is headed for the Senate – a bill that would punish thoughts and speech and provide, for the first time, special protections to a new “victim class” of pedophiles.

    There is little question for any serious and objective observer that the new Washington power structure is targeting the most significant voice of dissent left in America – talk radio.

    I believe with near 100 percent certainty, though I admit I can’t prove it, that the initiative for this symbolic effort to ban Michael Savage from a country he had no intention of visiting came not from London, but from Washington.

    Savage commands the third-largest audience of all talk shows in the country. He is also the most critical of Obama and the Democrat-dominated Congress. He is the edgiest. He pushes the envelope. He has been falsely accused of being a “hater” and engaging in “hate speech” plenty of times.

    That’s why he was the perfect target for a pre-emptive and insidious attack on his character. Here’s the way I imagine it going down. Someone in Washington with good connections to the socialist government in the U.K. made a call one day.

    “Listen, you could really help us out there,” that someone likely said. “We’ve got this talk-show host who is really poisoning the minds of the American people – saying unspeakable things about our president and other officials in Washington. Next time you put out a list of people unwelcome in the U.K., why don’t you include this guy? His name is Michael Savage.”

    It was an easy favor for Jacqui Smith to fulfill.

    She has a long track record of hating free speech, embracing the fascist code of “political correctness” and promoting Big Brother ideas and regulations.

    How would this help Savage’s foes in Washington?

    When they up the ante in their campaign against talk radio, it will be Savage they point to as an example of all that is dangerous and irresponsible on the broadcast airwaves.

    “Look,” they’ll say, “this guy spews so much hatred, the U.K. banned him from even visiting the country. Our greatest ally in Europe won’t even allow him entry into the country. It is just plain wrong to allow people like this unfettered access to the public airwaves.”

    That’s the game plan.

    Mark my words.

    And this move will, once again, have a “chilling effect” on other hosts, on other radio programs, on syndicators, on radio stations that air controversial talk.

    Like Savage or hate him – and I like him – it’s time for all people of conscience and goodwill to stand behind him and his right to air his views, views that represent many millions of Americans.

    If we don’t all hang together, as they say, we’ll all hang separately.

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    1. Unfortunately 100% correct. There is no one more likely to attack freedom of speech than a liberal. “I will defend to the death your right to speech, as long as you agre with me.”

    2. For the first time a shiver goes down my spine, when you stop and think for a minute what’s going on.this is so so dangerous, I’m am so afraid from the obama team

    3. I firmly stand behind savage, and we all should because if not we will end up, astonishingly shortly a socialist/communist regime! if they don’t apologize as savage says we will cancel all our travel plans to the UK and stop buying UK products! we together have to, and can, stop this train wreck

    4. This move is a clear turn to a lefist facist regime. The problem is the left wingers do not realize the Muslims are using them to gain control. The Muslim population is trying to put the brakes on Savage, and Ms. Smith is their pond. Savage sees through the Muslim charade. The UK and soon the US will run like the USSR.

    5. Why would they pick Savage? There are FAR crazier people on the radio than him. Savage, while his show is only meant as political satire, speaks a lot of truth in his humor… and is not an ideologue…. Wouldn’t they have been better off picking Hannity?

      There are some pretty funny parts of this article:
      “The Federal Communications Commission will soon be headed and controlled by an appointee who thinks government, not the free market, should control broadcast programming.”

      I’m all for the complete deregulation of broadcast media. However, the FCC has been in control of broadcast programming since 1934. How is this news?

      “Hate-crimes legislation has passed the House and is headed for the Senate – a bill that would punish thoughts and speech and provide, for the first time, special protections to a new “victim class” of pedophiles.”

      This is just too funny. This guy just made this up completely. “Pedophiles” are not shown as a “victim class” anywhere in this legislation. What a fool.

      “He [Savage] is also the most critical of Obama and the Democrat-dominated Congress.”

      Really? I’ve hear his show and have heard him (on rare occasion) agree with Obama on a few things. Hannity and Rush are FAR more critical than Savage.

      Whoever this moron is reminds me of that Michelle Bachman who wanted to pass a law saying that we would not abandon the dollar and join a global currency…. as if ANYONE had EVER suggested it. She was on every TV show. She also claimed on MSNBC that the majority of the Congress and Senate were anti-American and LITERALLY WORKING TO BRING DOWN THE UNITED STATES.

      There are nutbags like this all over the place, coming up with phony stories and crazy rants. They are giving all conservatives a bad name… it is no wonder that the Republican Party (which USED to be the Conservative party) is sitting at its lowest membership in decades.

      Honest debate with actual FACTS is always good. Stupid rants and speculation just make you look like an idiot…. this guy can put himself on the IDIOT list.

      • I agree with you. But I think Michelle Bachman is her own special kind of crazy. Have you seen her latest rant about the swine flu vaccine of 1976? She can’t even get her facts right. I think if someone could field an opponent with a marketable name we could be rid of her in 2010.

    6. obama is gonna get caught up in his lies what a disgrace for liberty and free speech.Michael should be allowed to say wtever he wants
      0 bama may not realize that 50 milliom ppl didn’t vote for him.

      • Here’s my opiniin. They tried to hush up Rush. Rush was powerfull enough to sock it back to them.
        Now they’re trying it with someone less powerfull then the 3 hosts at ABC (Rush, Hannity, and Levin).
        In the meantime it looks like its working.
        The Obamanization game is on in full throttle.

    7. The Obama team is slowly changing our goverment to a facist communist country! we gotta get up and protest against his policies before its too late! Wake up america! don’t you see the writings on the wall?!

    8. living in the USA with a UK passport, I used to think to myself that if Obama went too far, I could always move to the UK. But now, they seem to be in bed together, they are as bad as each other. then again, if I wish to move to an arab country, I’m sure I could fine better weather than the UK.

    9. Welcome to the USA …… the United Socialist America

      Notice, not the United Socialist States of America…. which would have been USSA, because the concept of “States” is also being abolished by the socialist messiah

    10. Great theory, but I believe that this isn’t correct. Obama and his cronies are truly capable of doing such a communist act but I don’t see their fingerprints on this on. Firstly Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity are seen as bigger enemies to Washington and were mentioned numerous times as enemies by Obama and his administration. Second, it would’ve been much smarter to have done that with the biggest Host (perhaps Rush), the one with the most listeners. Three, unfortunately the Obama administration has gone so low that they aren’t even embarrassed to say it out loud, thinking that it’s right (and Free Speech is wrong!).

      • Of course they are gonna pick on Savage, not Rush or Sean first. The article plainly says that he was an easy and believable target precisely because of his style and the fact that he has been accused of “hate speech” in the past. And yes, I believe that CAIR is behind this. One world order, here we come!

      • It makes more sense to pick Savage for this, since he is the most contreversial from the rest, it would be easier not to make a storm. Many people think that savage is baaaad… Its the better fish to start with.

    11. This is obviously true, but regardless, it seems the Obama regime won. There was not enough of an outcry from other talkshows like rush and sean, which is surprising. Fox didn’t mention the story. This is playing perfectly well into the Big Brother agenda. 1984 comes to mind.
      The left and their organizations have been infiltrated with the greatest enemies of this country as well as the universities from a while back. They did it with the newspapers but Thank God they are losing ground on that with the spead of the internet. Only God knows how far he can get with no opposing political party

    12. How about some evidence? This article is just a smear job and did not deserve publicity.

      We should not be defending Savage, particularly since he wants to prevent countries from being able to decide whom they can let in. And his midot are awful.

      • come on charlie you are going to defned this policy? Sacage is one of the 22 most inciteful people in the world? you are going to defend the hypocrisy of savage being banned but not hamas and hezzbollah terrorists?

        let me remind you this is the same UK government that has tried to arrest israeli officers for war crimes. How about the hundreds of thousands iraqis killed by the UK in Iraq, in a war that was probably against international war. You are going to defend this Governments policies?

        Let me remind everyone that the UK almost went to war against Israeli in 48, only three years after the holocaust. Israel even downed a few RAF planes at the end of the war.

        • The UK in a sense WAS at war with Israel in 48; the Jordanian Arab Legion was led by British officers.

          But in 1956 it was Britain and France that were at Israel’s side in the Suez war. The United States under Eisenhower (a Republican!) openly sided with Israel’s enemies.

          • I really hope you dont think that I am such an extreme partisan that I am going to defend what Eisenhower did fifty years ago just because he was a republican. For that matter I wont defend Bush for everything he did soley because he is a repulican.

            But if you want to play that game we can talk about the indirect role of Democrat FDR ( the hero of American Jews) in the destruction of European Jewry and his disregard for them.

            by the way my point was besides the fact that England is a cowardly country for being afraid to crack down on Islamic extremism, it is also a completely hypocritical country and anti semitic.

      • excuse me he is one of the few radio personels that actually stand up for frum Jews and Israel -you racist bigot! All you care about is ” he is apposed to let illegal immigrants into this country”I am an immigrant and I came to this country legally.if you come to the U.S. illegally then you hav eveery right to be thrown out.I couiln’t care how much you have “contributed to the American society”

        And that is what you get when you vote a pro muslim man into the white house.I don’t care about the color of his skin.Obama’s friends are very radical anti-American people.The pig Jermiah Wright, and Bill ayers-What rock are you people sleeping under! Just thank all the liberal jews for voting an anti-Israel man, and sympahetic man to the terrorists into the whitehouse .If G-d forbid something would happen they won’t get away with it just because they are part of “Obama’s fan club”. Plenty of Jews voted for Hitler, and it didn’t matter which party they aligned themselves with, if they were a Jew they were sent to the camps.Just daven everyone, just daven!

        • This is the second time this week I have been called a bigot in an internet forum. The first was a Palestinian who objected to my calling him out for not criticizing suicide bombings. Two more bits of evidence that when people know that facts are not on their side, they resort to name calling.

          Also note the irony here — he is opposed to illegal immigration, but now he objects to another country using its laws to keep HIM out. (And would you also have been opposed to illegal immigration to the US in 1940 from Eastern Europe?)

          • in 1940 the Jews needed to leave the country to escape hitler thas a diffrent story.If people from Iran need to come into the U.S to escape their madman of a president then by all means we should pressure the president to allow them in.I am sorry we don’t have to let every shmendrik sneak across the border and allow them to live here (terrorists can sneak across the border to and pose a threat to the U.S.) yes, I know how hard it is to get into the U.S. trust me I am an immigrant myself.I had to wait to get into this country I didn’t sneak across the border at night.I waited to get in legally!!

      • I don’t buy into the conspiracy theory without some evidence, but you don’t need to like Savage to be outraged by his being on this list.

      • the gemara means you when it calls someone an ipcha mistaber!!! whenever i read your comments, you say the exact opposite of everyone else!!! you’re just the weird bird flying north in the winter… (shel silverstein)

    13. I dont think it is the US that is behind this, I think it is CAIR and their terrorist allies. The radical muslims see savage as one of their biggest threats because he is so outspoken against the extremism of many in their community. Most people are scared that if they say the slightest criticism of radical muslims millions of muslims will riot across the world like a bunch of animals. They are also scared of radical muslims trying to assassinate them. Politicians in Europe especially have needed bodyguards if they criticize radical islam. However, savage does not seem frightened by them at all.

    14. The wouldn’t start with Rush or Sean for obvious reasons. Firstthey are testing the waters and wouldn’t start with the biggest fish. And Savage has been accused tens of times mostly by CAIRless of hate etc. And Savage is alienated from even the Republicans so few would come to his rescue. Perfectly calculated

    15. This is not as far fetched as people may make it out to be.

      We have been warned for a number of weeks that “something” is coming down the pike as the FCC Obama tries to silence his critics be it on radio, tv, or INTERNET! This is all part of the Saul Alinsky Rules for Radicals. When the country was being warned about Obama and all his rotton cronies no one listened. Now they wont have what to listen to.

      I also thought about why not go after The Big 3 (Rush, Hannity, Levin) first and the reason I came up with is as follows:

      1. Start with a smaller fish and see what happens.

      2. Obama & his gang of thugs started up with Hannity many times during the campaign and fought back at them.

      3. Levin is a lawyer and he claims he has his papers already to be filed for a major lawsuit. He has said he would be willing to represent ANY talkradio host.

      4. Rush might be “too big” for him to go after for now and he wants to see what happens with the smaller people. They cant “ban” everyone and perhaps with their polls of the libs they feel Rush is not a powerful (to the libs) so they dont have to worry as much.

      Obama is a thug. He hangs with thugs. He is from Chicago where the polical scene is complete thugary. He is a community organizer which means a street thug. He blongs to Acorn which is a gang of thugs.

      HaSh-m Ya’zor!

      • You conspiracy theorists crack me up!

        Get some actual FACTS in there won’t ya? Maybe then I won’t read your speculations and just think you are a Moron.

        • Hey MORON: If you think everything is black and white and politicians are always forthright, and there is nothing happening in the background that involves them conspiring… then good luck to you. You are welcome to believe that politicians are a bunch of refined upstanding citizens and any of these types of back-door gutter politics are beneath them.

          • … and if you really believe that the government gives two hoots about what a political satirist / entertainer says on the radio (other than to refute him once in a while) … you have issues. Big ones. How do you go through life with that kind of paranoia? Do you smoke too much pot?

            I’m a pretty cynical guy… but this crosses the crazy line!

            • Why is your party so supportive of the so called “Fairness Doctrine”? Don’t give me this load of dreck that Obama isn’t goires the talk show hosts. And about the pot, ‘kol hapoysel, bmumoy poysel’.

            • Ummm… “my party”, the Libertarian Party, is 100% against the “Fairness Doctrine” and we are against the FCC to begin with. I don’t know where you got the idea that “my party” was in favor of these things….

            • Why is your party so supportive of the so called “Fairness Doctrine”? Don’t give me this load of dreck that Obama isn’t goires the talk show hosts. And about the pot, ‘kol hapoysel, bmumoy poysel’.

            • If the govt doesn’t care please explain why al thru the campaign Team Obama & His Gang of Merry Crooks, Thieves, & Goons were all taking shots at Sean Hannity. Who was this Burgess guy that der hoypt shucher was gonna sent to ‘tear up’ Hannity????

              I am not saying I believe this totally but I wouldn’t put it past them either, after all they are a bunch of Chicago thugs.

              I can’t wait for the manure to hit the fan & fly all over Team Obama!!!

            • Sorry but you happen to be wrong Governments uses the media when it suits their need. They also arrest the media or have them done away with. It is a known fact and the first thing President Obama did was tell the nation not to listen to Rush Limbaugh.

            • Really? Can you prove that the government has had members of the media “done away with”? Can you honestly name any member of the media who they have done anything at all like this to? Who did it? Bush? Clinton? Obama? Reagan? I MUST KNOW!!! I would love to hear it… please… tell us…. unless of course you are just a outright liar.

              By the way… Obama calling out Rush for LYING on the air…. which he clearly did…. is perfectly legitimate.

            • Didn’t obama tell republican to stop listening to rush get your facts straight you moron. You bet obama cares what people say about him he’s the most thin skined pesident we ever had in his mind he wants everybody to feel warm and fuzzy everytime he speaks like chris mathews getting thrills going up his legs. get the point!
              He’s cares more to be loved even if its means turning america into a socialistic communistic country wake up and smell the coffee.


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