Washington – US to Fund Israeli Arrow 3 Missile Program


    Arrow 3 demonstration  Photo courtesy of Israel Aerospace IndustriesWashington – Israeli Defense Ministry officials who met with Pentagon officials in Washington announced Wednesday that an agreement had been reached securing US funding for Israel’s new Arrow 3 missile interception device.

    The annual meeting was preceded by Israeli fears that the US would decrease its funding for the defense system, which is destined to secure Israel against ballistic missiles, including those that may be launched by Iran.

    The teams, headed by US Undersecretary of Defense Michele Flournoy and Defense Ministry Secretary-General Pinchas Buchris, also discussed a number of additional strategic issues.

    US President Barack Obama’s administration has recently proposed a bill granting Israel full defense funding as part of the 2010 budget. The funding is currently set at $2.775 billion.

    On Wednesday morning Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad announced his country had successfully launched an advanced surface-to-surface missile with a range of around 2,000 km.

    Defense Minister Ehud Barak visited the Air Force’s headquarters in Tel Aviv and received a full briefing on a drill currently being performed by the force. Afterwards he said that “the Iranian launch is additional proof of the need to form a plan to cope with the Iranian challenge”.

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    1. It appears (I hope I am very wrong) that Obama made a deal with Netanyahu. Arrow 3 missile for expulsion of Jews and negotiations with our enemies without preconditions, C’V.

      • If we can trade a few marginal settlements in Judia/Samaria for greater U.S. support for defense against Iranian nuclear threat, its a trade well worth making. while I would not be happy about disrupting the lives of even a small number of settlers, the overall benefits to millions in EY would make such resolution in our interests.

        • Yeah, and look what Disengagement from Gaza got us. More rockets, more war, and more condemnation from “world opinion”.

          Do you really think that the Pals (and anti-Semitic world) will really be satisfied with a “few marginal settlements”? To the world it comes across as an admition that the land was not “Jewish land” in the first place. They will want every last bit of land. INCLUDING dividing Jerusalem.

          Historicly, ever since Israel has entered the disaterous Oslo accords, not only has it not resulted in “peace” and brought unpredented terror; Israel is MORE hated now than before the Oslo accord.

          So what have the Lefties in Israel actualy gained from Oslo?

    2. forget the funding just let israel bomb the iranian nukes
      obama wants israel to let him know before they strike so he could tip off his buddy achmedinejad

    3. His famous quote: “The Arabs [read Moslems] never miss and opportunity to miss an opportunity” is applicable in this regard.

      Nothing like an Iranian ballistic missile shot (which probably failed anyway, just like the rest of them), to convince Obama to fund Arrow 3 versus forcing Israel to pay for PAC-3 (which won’t work against these threats).


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