Borough Park, NY – Maimonides Hospital In Birthing Boomlet


    Borough Park, NY – Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn has long had the busiest single labor and delivery suite in Brooklyn—recording more births than hospitals far larger in size. But in a 48-hour period this week it may have set a record: There were 74 babies born in 48 hours on Tuesday and Wednesday.

    With a labor and delivery unit mean to handle 60 births, that burst of births meant setting up beds in non-maternity areas and turning operating rooms into delivery rooms.

    Dr. Howard Minkoff, chairman of obstetrical services, blames much of the surge on nearby hospitals’ decisions to shutter their obstetrical units. “Others have stepped back from maternity care, Maimonides has stepped up,” he said.

    A hospital spokeswoman said the rush dropped off somewhat Thursday, giving the exhausted staff a breather.

    At its peak, the hospital was caring for new mothers on a first-floor unit while their babies were in a fourth-floor nursery.

    “The nurses and doctors were overwhelmed but they were all very compassionate and caring,” said one Brooklyn woman, who asked to be identified only as Mrs. Newman. Her daughter on Wednesday gave birth to her third child, a girl.

    “They had volunteers giving babies bottles, and brought on extra staff,” she said.

    Even so, Mrs. Newman’s daughter decided she would check out a day early. “It was taking them hours to bring her the baby for feeding,” the grandmother said. “She decided she’d get more attention from me.”

    A hospital spokeswoman agreed there were delays. “Things aren’t perfect but everyone is getting appropriate care,” she said.

    Mrs. Newman says she has good reason to have confidence in Maimonides’ maternity care. “I have ten children and they were all born there,” she says

    Maimonides serves a multi-ethnic clientele in central Brooklyn, including an Orthodox Jewish community where large families are the norm. With the demand for maternity care certain to grow, the hospital is in the process of expanding its maternity care facilities.

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    1. They are the worst hospital they make you sign a paper that you won’t sue them.

      My aunt died in their hospital because they gave the wrong medicine

      I would never advise anyone to USE maimonidies to deliver a baby

    2. תלמוד בבלי מסכת בבא מציעא דף מב עמוד א
      ואמר רבי יצחק: אין הברכה מצויה אלא בדבר הסמוי מן העין

    3. No wonder, they just opened a brand new floor for maternity patients. It is close to a five star hotel. No wonder, people are going there. The three new nurseries are spectacular. For a change go Maimo go. Keep up the good work.

    4. Iwouldnt go there by choice I had a bad experience there I know all of you will say that anywhere you could have a problem and you should rely on the one above but to many stories goning there “belive me I’m invoved”

    5. I was born there 50 years ago this past beis Iyar. I even had my bris there (a real bris with a real mohel on my eight day) because back then they kept moms and babies there for an entire week! Imagine how many beds they would need if they still did that.

    6. miamonides good only if everythings allright. I had very bad experiance at my previous baby. they wanted to do surgery for no good reason. thanx hashem we transfered baby to shneiders an everythings perfect. they love to make money this way. poeple you got to be very carefull with them watch out if any little thing miamonides ia rated for the worst nicu on earth. good luck and may all babies be healthy and perfect.

      • I beg to differ. I had an extremely good experience with their OB team. I had complications and was hopitalized for over 6 weeks! I got the best care there. Their NICU is brand new and state of the art! The baby is B’H perfect and doing wonderfuly!
        Being with the Jewish population growing in addition to the huge Chineese and Muslem communities in our area this hospital is overflowing! Let’s petition the state that they should fund a Womens Birthing Center in Maimonides!

        • this hospital needs a big tikon. all my babies so far where born there starting in 03 the nurses in maternaty are disscusting and same to nicu. everyone there said something else to my baby. and at the end we told them we don’t want them to do any surgery, we want to make transfer they laughed on us, teased us that baby needs surgery anywway. but bh it turned out no surgery at shneiders. what miamonides wasn’t doing in 5 days shneider did in 1half days and baby had bris on time. boruch hashem.

    7. Pam Breir, the president of Maimonides, constantly complains that the maternity departmant is a money-losing business. I was talking to someone who works at the hospital, he says he overheard two doctors discussing the financial problems Maimonides is going through. He heard a doctor tell a fellow doctor to order more tests for his patients even though they don’t need it! Can you believe it? That’s how Mainonides makes money.

      • Clearly you know a lot about hospital reimbursement. Doing more tests for a patient costs the hospital more, it doesn’t make them more money, since the amount they get paid is fixed.

    8. I had my first baby c section in maimonides. The care I got there was unbelievable! My baby was in great hands and so was I. I spoke to a friend that had a c in a big manhattan hospital and her experience was hundred times worse than mine. My last baby was born in a different hospital. The baby came home with a terrible diaper rash and I was let home with a terrible infection. I went back to maimonides as a walk in patient with the infection. I got terrific treatment even though my dr had no rights in that hospital.

    9. Giving babies bottles? What happened to breastfeeding being the healthiest thing for new babies???
      Rooming mothers and babies separately??? When else do the first precious few days of bonding occur???
      The hospital system is messed up in my opinion…

    10. This hospital stinks! Noone denies the fact that biker cholim there is on very high standards but what about the hospital staff?? What about its cleanliness?? Until miamonides won’t have fierce competition it’ll stink its way down!!

    11. The malach hamavis is known to be jumping around there full time. Every time i hear that a sick person was taken there i cringe. I have heard about too many things going wrong there. I would surely hope it’s not true. but it’s peoples lives we are talking about here! Hashem should guard all his kids!

    12. It’s not up to the staff who stays in this world and who is taken to the next. My niece was born at 6 months in Maimonides and BH she survived! Again its up to Hashem so don’t blame the hospital for the things that go wrong in life, it is all decreed above.

    13. For a community as large as this, and other hospitals around the area shutting down, we shoud petition the state that they should fund the expansion of the Maternity wing of the hospital!

    14. I would never have a baby there. Most mothers end up in the hallways for at least the first day. The place is filthy, the care is terrible. The mothers in Boro Park have a choice. Many are opting for HOME BIRTHS! Yes, we are going backward to excellent midwifes who come to the mother’s home, are equipped to do the best delivery ever, with no problems! And if the need arises, the “hospital” is only 5 minutes away. Most people are not telling anyone about it, but since one of my children chose this option, I have been hearing of many many more, including one famous Rebbe in Monsey, whose two daughters each gave birth to their first child at home! With the new “pool method”. There is less risk of getting infections from other people, and mothers and babies are perfectly fine. They can rest undisturbed, and visit their pediatricians when they feel like it.
      Try it out, dont have any fear. Midwifes are the best!

        • Imagine what would happen if all these home birthed babies were born at Maimonides too, they would have had 100 babies when they can only handle 60.
          There is a baby boom going on there for years already. Everyone who has been left lying in a hallway for hours on end can tell you that.
          Most people have horrible experiences, but the women are unfortunately not fully aware of their rights, they go like chickens to the slaughter, take unnecessary epidurals, are threatened, coerced and frightened into signing a form they will not sue, and told emergency Caesarean is their only option.
          Young terrified women in pain cannot think clearly enough, and have not done enough research to know what they are getting into. It is usually after suffering this abuse that some of them (the smarter ones) become more knowledgeable and refuse to put up with it in their future.
          I used midwifes 30 years ago, when I had to travel out of Boro Park to find one.
          Their care is exemplary and compassionate. Unfortunately, today, most of them still do all the routine things they never used to do. They are all petrified of lawsuits and seek only to protect themselves. Well, we Jewish women, have to protect ourselves and our children. We need to do our research, and do what is best for our bodies, our families, our children.

      • I agree wholeheartedly. Had a couple of my babies at home with a midwife, know of many women who have done the same, B”H without complications. Wonderful experience. Have a sister in law who had 2 at Maimonides, uch in vey, can’t say the same about her experiences!

        • im sorry to say but those that do home births r absolutly craizy and i think its a major risk those people that do it r only looking for attention

    15. Typically heimishe Boro Parker chronic complainers. I B”H had all of my kids at Maimo and I was very happy. Its our self hating mentality which is ruining this generation. The thinking that if something is in OUR midst it can’t be good. Its time that broaden our “shtetl” mentality and recognize Maimo for the great stuff they are doing and trying to do. Brand new NICU, Colombia trained Neonatology group. Brand new maternity floor, museum like baby nurseries. Let’s stop “kvetching” and start “kvelling” when its something we can kvell about.
      They just opened a brand new Cardiac unit, new Medical Intensive Care, new Sicu, Cancer Center, and our people complain. A Shandeh.

    16. My daughter gave birth there 4 weeks ago and she did NOT get a room till 16 hours after giving birth..The room was filthy and when the baby to her in the basinet if was sticking with Shmuts after complaining the nurse brought her windex with a diaper to clean it..She asked for a towel to shower and they brought her a sheet to wipe her self. I had 7 kids there and b”h 9 grand children in this hospital and i also was born there ….B”H this hospital has outgrown our community and our chineese neighbors have a big birth rate ..We need more rooms and staff to handle this crisis …I wrote to the President and still waiting for a Reply…..

      • Let me tell you that if it is true that your daughter has waited 16 hours for a room, which I highly doubt. It is because our heimishe ladies from Bp and Willie don’t follow the rules regarding discharge and when they told to leave by midnight. This creates a backlog

    17. Hello all, As a retired healthcare/hospital administrator who is Jewish by birth, I would like to share with my fellow readers my observations about Maimonides Medical Center.
      Maimonides has just finished a huge expansion, and erected an impressive nine story building which is trully state of the art. The new building which is called the B building houses a new MICU,SICU,NICU. The local Jewish/ hasidic community should be very happy with this expansion.
      Since I still do healthcare consulting I have had a chance to see these floors upon completion. I was really shocked to see this kind of sophistication in a Brooklyn hospital.

      The fact that some bloggers have written that MMC is dirty, cannot and will not be said by anybody who has toured or visited the new building. Trully a piece of art and Green/ environmental friendly too!

      In the last month they have opened the new maternity floor. My feeling is that this change the feeling of some locals regarding cleaniness, since a new facility has a clean appearance vs an older place.

      Last but not least is the major Cancer Center on 8th avenue which is led by a team of Manhatan docs, such as Cooper and Donahue from NYU, Borgen from Memorial, Astro from St.Vincent with his Hem-Onc team.

      Now to tackle the criticism of MMC opponents get your facts right and THEN let’s debate the issues.

      • I would add the stroke unit to your list. It’s not so nice phisically, but the care is excellent. Dr. Rudolph is also a Manhattan doctor and a real baal chesed with an excelent staff.


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