Brooklyn, NY – Photographer Killed by Bus in Borough Park


    Police at the scene where they say Matthew Smolovich, 25, was killed Tuesday morning as he was taking photos on 44th Street near 14th Avenue in Borough Park, Brooklyn.Brooklyn, NY – A photographer was struck and killed by a small school bus Tuesday after stepping into a Brooklyn street between two parked cars, police sources said.

    Matthew Smolovich, 25, of Brooklyn, was in Borough Park about 10 a.m. when the mini bus barreled into him.

    Police said the victim’s father was at the scene in the aftermath of the fatal wreck.

    The Hatzolah ambulance service rushed the photographer was from the 44th St. accident to Maimonides Medical Center where he died.

    The 55-year-old bus driver, Arnold Schlez, remained at the scene. Police said its Accident Investigation Squad was investigating, but had not arrested anyone or issued any summonses.

    None of the children on the bus – the oldest was only 3 years old – were injured.

    Smolovich, who was carrying a Canon 5D with a 16X35 lense, was looking down when he crossed the street near 14th Ave., sources said. He was about 100 feet from the crosswalk when the bus crashed into him.

    It wasn’t immediately clear who Smolovich worked for.

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    1. If it had happened in NJ, I would be waiting for the lawsuit against Canon. He pressed the button, but it didn’t snap for an extra second. Canon is liable in his death. At least 5 million.

    2. “he was killed when the mini bus barreled into him.”

      H’Y> Is there any evidence that the bus was speeding since you say it “barreleed” into him. He was coming out from between two parked cars and this happens to me all the time when driving around there. There are crosswalks and traffic lights. It is quite possible the victim was at fault, no that this is any less of a tragedy.

    3. “The Hatzolah ambulance service rushed the photographer was from the 44th St.
      accident to Maimonides Medical Center where he died.”
      i saw him there he was dead before the Hatzoloh came

    4. Terrible. Jay walking is something we dont usually worry about. Driving down these crowded streets in BP its a ness more things like this dont happen

    5. they are trying to say he was a prof. photographer doing something in the neighborhood. Not some guy with a camera phone.
      Its a real shame wtvr the story is.

    6. It shows that people need to be more careful when crossing the street, especially if they aren’t crossing at a light. I remember seiing one woman recently typing a text message on her phone while crossing the street. Crazy!

      I guess the camera model was listed to show that he was a professional or semiprofessional (the camera itself without a lens costs over $2,000) and not just an average tourist taking photos. I don’t think it was a bad thing that they mentioned the camera model.

    7. What he was doing was illegal (crossing between two parked cars) and careless (looking down). A shame he died but what about personal responsibility? He could have caused harm to others in addition to the trauma to the driver and the children. There are reasons for the laws Dina d’malchusa dina. Sorry to be harsh but look at the streets and how people cross.

      • Oh dear, here comes the dina demalchusa brigade. Everybody in NY jaywalks. EVERYBODY. There’s nothing wrong with it. If you think it’s a violation of halacha you need to rethink. Of course one must be careful, but that’s a different matter.

    8. TO ALL YOU CRITICS: This news item was written by Daily News staff and I assume the camera details were included to indicate that he was a professional photographer.

      • The camera details is necessary for evidence. For example if its a small camera he could have seen the bus just the bus was going to fast he couldn’t walk back but let’s say this is a camera that’s big that means he didn’t watch. who would walk on to the street with some thing blocking your eyes. Its a big difference when it comes to a lawsuit

    9. What a horrible accident. Rabbosai (and Gvirosai) be careful when you cross the street. How many of you are too busy “ploppeling” on your cell phones and you don’t look where you are going

    10. whenever I hear about a young person’s death, I think of how sad the parents must be feeling, since I am a mother with children in their twenties. I grieve for the loss of life and I grieve for the poor parents.

    11. This should also be a lesson to those who always try and dodge cars at street corners. Whenever I am in BP, there are far too many idots who have zero patience to wait for the light to change and let cars go.

      If you want to wear tire tracks thats fine but I pray it isnt my tires you are wearing!

    12. So sad. Terrible tragedy. May the parents and family have a nechama. It is so scary driving and being a pedestrian in NYC. Everyone is in a hurry, busy and totally oblivious to others they are sharing the streets with. I am not trying to lay blame in this terible incident, only to say: Rabbosai, please have rachmanus! Take the time to be alert and be careful. Those are MY children out there! Or yours! Or even a complete stranger’s- no less precious!

    13. While everyone seems quick to criticize BP pedestrians and to bring up Dina Dmalchusa Dina how about BP DRIVERS?! Too many times I’m walking with my baby carriage, obeying traffic laws, and impatient BP drivers endager my life and the lives of my children. And how about when I’m driving in BP? Too many frummeh yidden have no qualms cutting me off to get ahead, get a spot on the other side of 13th ave or to make a left turn from the middle lane. how about THAT Dina D’malchusa Dina? How about Derech Eretz and basic Bein Adom L’Chaveiro?! We’re too impatient and aggressive with our cars. It has a sickening impact on our interpersonal skills as well as on our impression to the outside world. Stop looking at the pedestrian and look at yourself. Make the committment to mend your ways before another life is needlessly lost.

    14. None of the articles mentioned much about him. Was he Jewish? Was he born in the US? Why was he taking photos in Borough Park?

      “wondering what he was taking pics of that costed him his life, that he forgot how to cross…”

      I wonder if he was backing up into the street to take a photo of a building, and he needed to get further from the building to be able to get the complete building in the photo.

      His Canon 5D had a 16-35 mm wide angle zoom lens on it(cost around $1,300 for that lens plus $2,000 for the camera body) He was probably taking architechtural photos of the buildings, general street scenes, or perhaps interiors of buildings(there wasn’t a tripod mentioned though). The 5D is slightly small for a digital SLR, as it doesn’t even have a built in flash. The camera is favorite of pro and semipro photographers, especially for wide angle photography(it isn’t so good for sports photography though, as it is relatively slow between photos).
      That lens is also somewhat small, as wide angle lenses tend to be small.
      The 5D is the least expensive digital slr camera with a sensor that is the size of 35 mm film, making it better suited for wide angle photography than cameras with a smaller sensor.. Most digital slr cameras have a smaller sensor. On a cheaper Canon digital slr, the 16-35 mm lens would act like a 26-56mm lens(less wide angle view due to the 1.6x factor from having a smaller sensor). On full sized sensor digital cameras, the view of the lens would be the same as on a 35mm film camera. A new version of the 5D, the 5D mark 2 came out a few months ago. It has 21.1 megapixels, vs 12.8 megapixels on the original 5D.

    15. Heard the investigators discussing the pictures in the camera, was pictures of the road…. I wonder it is was taken in advance and then got hit (what was he trying to get…?) Or maybe it was the second he got hit…? No answer…
      However I read all above comments, everyone is busy blaming one another and saying “we must be carefull” let me ask you, “were YOU careful the next day? Or even the next minute?? Pls start paying attention to the road, ped. And traffic lights etc. Be patiant! Rather lose a minute in life than life in a minute! Same is with pedestrians look when u cross, don’t push out YOUR childs carriage to the street in front of u, just to find out there are cars coming…. And leave room for the cars to pass, so many times people from BOTH sides stand almost in middle of the road that barely leave room for a smart car to fit through! Have mercy on yourself!

    16. “It shows that people need to be more careful when crossing the street, especially if they aren’t crossing at a light. I remember seiing one woman recently typing a text message on her phone while crossing the street. Crazy!” True, and this event will perhaps elicit a new flurry of stories about the dangers of texting while walking. Hope it gets through to people 🙂

      • ““ To #28: Let me guess, you work at B&H?” “

        No, photography is just a hobby. At one point I even thought about buying a 5D, then
        decided that with some decent lenses it would be too much money to spend on just a hobby. Those I know who have a 5D love it. The new 5D mark 2 is even more interesting, but also around $700 more expensive! I am hoping that in a few years the full sized sensor digital SLRs will become more reasonably priced.

    17. Everybody slow down. I saw the accident unfold in front of my eyes. Yes I felt like jelly all day. The bus driver had just pick up a kid about 200 feet before the sight of the accident. He couldn’t have been driving more than 15-20 MPH (unless his minibus has some magic super pick up). The guy jumped in to the gutter RIGHT in front of the bus. it was impossible for the driver to stop even if he was doing 5 MPH.
      The bus driver was shaking like a lulav (poor guy).


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