Israel – Rabbi Harshly Condemns Violence by Jewish Hooligans Against Arabs


    Rabbi Menachem Fruman. A renowned authority on Jewish mysticism, he is revered by his students.Israel – Rabbis, Yesha Council members, and government ministers are coming together in order to condemn recent settler violence against Palestinians.

    “What happened yesterday is not violation of law and order – it’s much worse,” said Rabbi Menachem Fruman, addressing the torching of a Palestinian field in Samaria by what he referred to as “hooligans.”

    “Targeting Palestinians and their property is a shocking thing,” he said. “It’s an act of hurting humanity.”

    Fruman, who is the rabbi of Tekoa and one of the leading religious figures in Judea and Samaria, harshly condemned recent violence, which radial settlers refer to as a “price tag” for the evacuation of unauthorized outposts.
    The rabbi is joining forces with settler leaders and ministers in condemning acts he characterized as “hooligans committing the crime of hurting Palestinians.”

    In the past, settler leaders refrained from publically condemning radical settlers, and any disagreements remained behind closed doors. However, this time the rabbis intend to express themselves unequivocally.

    “There are camps that think it’s a good thing to burn the fields of Palestinians…it shocks me, first of all morally and also in political existential terms,” Rabbi Fruman said. “This builds a wall of fire between Jews and Arabs.”

    Meanwhile, former Knesset member, Rabbi Hanan Porat, has also joined the initiative. While condemning the evacuation of West Bank outposts, he has expressed his outrage in the face of the violent settler response.

    “The ‘price tag’ response is immoral,” he said. “It’s unheard of that one needs to burn the vineyards and fields of Arabs. It’s immoral…and it gives legitimacy to those who are interested in undermining the outpost issue. It’s a very grave matter.”

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    1. 2 “rabbis” including Fruhman who shmoozes with arafat YM”S and the other Rabbi who thinks netanyahu (or any PM) is melech yisrael. It’s tough to care what they have to say, and certaiy has no halachic basis, especially in EY

      • this article would seem to make this site seem liberal and afraid to be strong about eretz yisroel a rabbi that uses the word palestiniens is no rabbi there is no palestiniens and it says in the torah tachlis sinah sanaysi which means that evil we hate with a passion

        because one guy snaps means we have to be afraid and condemm what chutzpah after thousand years of being butchered that a rabbi of all people tries to get up and talks for progromist arabs enemies are enemies and this article being posted is questionable because it sounds like we should feel guilty for what happened to killers and the like not one time is someone coming up from their side that when a arab rips down fruit trees and burns wheat fields there is no word of protest from the arabs themselves or their leftist supporters and if it is its only token

        hashem have mercy on your soul just as bad as the neturay karta who refuse to take account for putting lives of “OUR people” in danger

        he is very pro-muslim and against the torah and did shmooze with arafat

        • Your rambling and at times incomprehensible posting (did you ever hear of commas and periods) only serves to highlight the chilul hashem that these attacks perpetuate. We lose the moral high ground when we act contrary to daas torah and imitate the behavior of the very chayas we legitimately seek to destroy.

        • You’re totally misinformed. Yidden shouldn’t have gone to occupy that place in the 1st place. We are in gulos and that includes the 3 shvues that hashem has given us. If we keep on instigating the arabs against us, why do u expect them to be yidden-freint? I’m totally with the rabbi, and condemn those actions totally

          • What do you mean yidden shouldn’t be living there? Where should they live? We’re in golus, but it’s still our land and we have the right to live there. When have yidden NOT lived in EY? Is there a difference between living in Meah Shearim and on a hilltop in the Shomron? Is there a difference between living in Tzfas or in Chevron?

            • There’s an absolute difference. The fact that people start settling uncharted areas where arabs occupied those places for years (since the bais hamikdosh fell) makes it forbidden for us to go in and occupy those places. Its none other than reitzing them up against us to our full blame. And no, it doesn’t say exactly which areas we should be living in or not, but that’s why we were granted with common sense to defrentiate between yes and no. Living in meah shaarim doesn’t reitz up the goyim around in Yehuda under the nose of arabs, means attracted violence. This is exactly what one of the 3 sholosh shvuas stand for

            • I see that you’re a complete ignoramus. Arabs have been living in EY since the churban? What nonsense. And how old do you think Meah Shearim is? A mere 120 years ago it was a settlement, and had to build walls around it to protect the Jewish inhabitants from Arab murderers; what makes you think the Arabs are OK with Jews living there? In Chevron, on the other hand, Jews have been living for over 500 years, with a brief interruption from 1929 to ’67; according to your logic it should be OK to live there, no? What business is it of Arabs if Jews want to live on some uninhabited hilltop? How does that incite them? So you should tell everyone in Meah Shearim to move to the old city of Chevron, or to a hilltop in the Shomron, and leave MS for the Arabs!

              And no, the 3 shevuos don’t mention anything at all about where in EY a yid can and can’t live. Not a word.

            • It’s interesting how many Frum Yidden have accepted the lies put forth by the Arabs, hook line and sinker. You can sell a Frum Yid today that the Arabs are the real occupants of Eretz Yisroel since time immemorial. They don’t know of a Bar Kochba war which took place in Eeretz Yisroel 50 years after the Churban. That’s one proof that “Umipnei Chatoeinu GOLINU” doesn’t mean physically exiled because if then how did Bar Kochba take so many soldiers to reconquer 800 Jewish cities. Also a Talmid Yesushalmi was produced in Erets Yisroel 200 years after the Churban; where did these Yiden come from.

              In short the vast majority of Arabs came to Eretz Yisroel when a good opportunity arose to make there a living. That took place starting 500 years ago when organized groups of Yiden started returning to Eretz Yisroel. Every inch of land was bought with Jewish money. What people don’t know is that many Jews were murdered during these 500 years; including IN Meah Sheorim itself in the 1870’s when it was built, long before Balfour.

      • It’s not a Mitzvah to antagonize them just like that. I have voiced understanding of Boruch Goldstein HY”D on these pages that he snapped, but I’m with the Rabbi on this. Those who do this might have a “Din Roidef”, Beyedayim endangering your brethren for nothing. It runs against “Derech Yisroel Sovoh” and against everything Yehadus stands for. Daas Torah is diametrically opposed to it.

    2. all of a sudden they’re yelping ‘it’s immoral’. faugh! the cursed arabs have been damaging and stealing jewish property for years with no government protection or intervention. the victims finally snapped and retaliated

      • Ummm – these “victims” are children and young teenagers who live in nearby, established yishuvim. They are “victims” of nothing. They are anarchists with no regard for any law. How do I know? I was there yesterday!

      • Kol Hakovod to the rebbe for taking such a principled position. With yiddeshe dreche like you expressing sympathy for these hooligans, its no wonder that there is no respect for the settlers in these illegal outposts. We should work hard to protect the legitimate settlements but anyone attacking a policeman or soldier carrying out a lawful order to evacuate should be jailed. The same for anyone attacking an innocent Palestinian who just happens to be nearby and the yidden want to take out their anger on someone.

    3. Amen. When Palestinians riot and throw rocks, I am disgusted at their behavior, and have always taken pride in the fact that the Jews take the high road. Let’s hope that never changes– people who throw rocks at other people should be prosecuted.

    4. This Rabbi is not a “Leader” in Yesha. He is known as a radical pro-Arabist. He is not considered to be an objective voice in Yeshas by any measure. He is known as an Arab appeaser. It seems that th editor of this article is putting a spin to this story by portraying this Rabbi as a mainstrearm voice.

      • The rebbe is one of the gedolim among the leadership of the settlements in Judia and Samaria…..His leadership status in Yesha is unquestioned, except by you. He is not a “radical pro-Arabist”; he is outspoken on the need for mutual respect if yidden are to live side by side with the Arabs as the settlers ostensibly want to do.

    5. one of the leading religious figures in Judea and Samaria– BALONEY, he is not respected by any residents of Yehuda n Shomron, he is out of the pale in many instances.

      • You, again with the Gedolim…there are no Gedolim in EY who have the political will to speak out against these attacks which jeopardize yidden and only increases international sympathy for the Palestinians. Their moral leadership has been eroded by their pathetic silence in the face of these attacks.

    6. obviously there is no justice or fair rule of law applied by the israeli gov. ,courts or police to the “settlers”.how many times should these people,who have incredible mesirus nefesh for ey,stand by while they’re shot at and hacked to death by arabs.,while their children are killed before their eyes RL?how many more times will they be draged off their their land,homes,buisnesses and farms?

    7. Just to help people understand, while I’m not condoning the violence, you must understand the context. The situation out in these Yishuvim is intolerable. I’m not speaking about whether or not these people should be there. Another discussion for another time. The fact is, they are there and the government accepts them (not the outposts) My relatives live in Yitzhar. They work so hard, do not get any help from the government at all and seriously just want to settle the land for the mitzvah. They do not want the Arabs to have the land, obviously, but they do not seek out violence. I’ve met the people up there.
      The army is put in position and in bases over there but it’s hard to understand for what purpose. My family has planted wheat fields repeatedly- up in Yitzhar, not in the arab fields. The arabs come by whenever they choose (usually Shabbos) and set the fields on fire. The soldiers come stand right there and do NOTHING- and sometimes even laugh! Meanwhile, should the Jews do anything to protect themselves, they can be assured that they’ll land themselves in jail.
      I’m not saying that they’re justified to go into arabs land and do this to them as well- why should we stoop to their level? But they feel that they must make it clear to the arabs that they are unafraid of them and it’s the arabs who should fear them!
      Personally, I think that they are mistaken and it’s not our place to start up.
      But you can at least understand where they are coming from. The government and the soldiers placed there do everything to hinder, arresting them constantly and harassing them while aiding the arabs and siding with them when they are completely at fault.
      Something’s pretty messed up over there.

      As for Rabbi Fruman, very few people hold by his extreme views. He is pro-arab rather than Jew…..always. His own yishuv doesn’t consider him their rav. I don’t know what students are being referred to.
      Interesting he definitely is.

    8. This guy is right. Arbitrarily assaulting Palestinians is NOT the way to go here. How do you know if the one you are assaulting is pro-hamas or not? This is a disgrace and a chillul H”.

      In the spirit of honesty (even though I know people will slam me for it):
      1. Yidden have killed FAR more Muslims in the last 25 years than they have killed Yidden.
      2. Not ALL Muslims want to see Yidden dead… contrary to the popular belief among those ignorant Yidden who have never even MET a Muslim let alone discussed the issue with one.
      3. How is a peaceful Muslim supposed to react when he is arbitrarily attacked? This is how we turn good people into extremists. This is the kind of thing that the left-wing media at CNN LOVES to show to the Muslim world. We don’t need anymore terrorists!

      If you want to attack Muslims, go find a Hamas training camp and bomb it back to the stone age. THAT would be doing the world a FAVOR!

    9. Please remind me what Shimshon Hagibor did with those torches he tied to the wolves tails in plishtim, didn’t he burn down the Pelishtims/Palastenian fields?

    10. i dont understand where are the rest of em’ where were they when busses were being blown up why didnt everyone pick up baseball bats broom sticks pots and pans and run after every arab just chase them! and then we wouldn’t have terrorism.
      and i promise you all that you would do the same if you would be living their night mareish hell of a life that our brothers and sisters are facing every day there!
      Terrorism is fought with Terrorism ask the Sri Lankan govt how they are dealing with the Tamil Tigers.

    11. This rabbi shoulod become friends with Obama. He also believes that you should not harm your enemy and never torture them and never retaliate. Obama has allowed the North Koreans to supply Iran with high technoliogy to create and use nuclear weapons. Obama did not stop Iran. Instead Obama stopped Israel from killing Iranians before the Iranians could kill the Israelis (which Iran already announced they would do, publicly).
      Thi9s rabbi also thinks that by allowing them to kill us and by not doing it back to them, this will make peace?? Quick, someone teach this rabbi some history about why the other Moslems allow the murder of Jews with not even one protest. Imagine, more than one billion Moslems, and not one group of Moslems complaing not to kill the Jewish people. Yet, this rabbi is p[leading with these great warrior avengers to stop.

      • What nonsense are you speaking? Do you know anything about history… even RECENT history?

        “This rabbi should become friends with Obama. He also believes that you should not harm your enemy and never torture them and never retaliate. Obama has allowed the North Koreans to supply Iran with high technology to create and use nuclear weapons.”

        Are you nuts? Iran has had nuclear technology for YEARS… they developed their nuclear reactors while BUSH was president… although the program to build nukes in Iran began while Clinton was president (some say it was when Bush 41 was prez).

        As for the rest of your severely ignorant comment… you clearly have no concept of what the Muslim world does and does not believe in. You show your ignorance by thinking that Iran miraculously planned and built several nuclear reactors all in the last 5 months since Obama became president…. another ignorant fool.

    12. see the problem with ashkenazi jews is that they never actually got the chance to live with arabs/muslims until long after they got pissed off and adopted wahabbiism to fight off the french, american, british and by proxy israel’s imperialism.
      sephardic jews dont hate the arabs because they lived well in their lands, free to prosper, until the english came along and started carving up the place.
      jews and muslims are cousins, it was christianity and bankers that made us enemies.
      enough already with the “burn arabs shtick” we are better than that.

      • Garbage. The overall Jewish experience in dar-al-Islam was no better than it was in Christendom. And only an Ashkenazi romantic fool would think otherwise. It’s precisely the Jews from Arab countries who know what the Arabs are like, and are against coddling them.

    13. To all of you fellows who are so strident about going out and beating up arabs. Sounds to me that you’re letting your mouths write checks that your asses can’t cash. Talk is cheap. Anybody can talk about whupping the arabs as long as they’re not the ones who have to do the whuppin’.


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