Jerusalem – Noted Mekubal In 1995: Korea Would Be Greater Danger Than Islamic Terror


    Jerusalem – The world was in shock after it learned that Korea carried out another nuclear underground test on May 25, the second time in 3 years.

    This development is a direct challenge to the leader of the world’s remaining superpower, Barak Obama, who proclaimed to his citizens:

    “I strongly condemn their actions. N. Korea’s actions endanger the people of Northeast Asia, they are a blatant violation of international law and they contradict N. Korea’s own prior commitments. Now the U.S. and the international community must take actions in response…”

    North Korea announced that this was part of its preparations to launch a satellite, but the South Korean government officials are unconvinced, saying that there is no difference between sending satellites and sending rockets. Both cases involve the same technology.

    The danger that N. Korea now poses to the world was revealed in a public talk given by the tzadik, renown mekubal and miracle-worker, Rav Levi Saadya Nachmani, a month before he passed away on 7 Shevat 5755 (January 8, 1995). Known for his accurate predictions, Rav Nachmani had spoken of N. Korea endangering the residents in Eretz Yisroel, a development that was unimaginable at the time. His prediction takes on powerful meaning after North Korea’s recent nuclear test.

    This video clip is making now the rounds on the net, Although he talks of Seoul which is in South Korea, but he is referring to N. Korea’s Atom

    A translation of Rav Nachmani’s speech:

    You think there will be peace? You think there will be quiet one day? Complete fools! About this it says in Parshas Ha’azinu, “A nation who is foolish and not wise, who is stubborn and crooked. Shall you treat Hashem thus? He is your father who acquired you.” (Deut. 32:5-6)

    You know what will be? Rachmana litzlan.

    Korea? You know who is Korea? Seoul will come here.

    Not Syria, not Iran, not Iraq and not Qaddafi. Korea will come here!! Rachmana litzlan, Hashem should save us. Whoever pays attention to what is happening in Korea now — understands it’s a message for us! The atom! It will be very difficult if we don’t do tshuva. Understand and realize this! It will be worse than a Holocaust!!!!

    “For a fire has been kindled by My anger, and it shall burn until the lowest She’ol (netherworld).” (Deut. 32:22)

    You know what She’ol is? It is the capital city of Korea. Seoul. It will reach here.

    “It will devour the earth and its harvests, and set aflame the foundations of the mountains.” (Deut. 32:22)

    “I will heap calamities upon them and spend my arrows against them.” (Deut. 32:23)

    “What does it mean?

    We abandoned Hakodesh Baruch Hu, we thought we could take care of ourselves. We had a prime minister who presides and does what he wants, as if Hakodesh Baruch Hu (chas v’sholom) doesn’t exist, as if Eretz Yisroel is ours and we can do what we want. As if the people belongs to us.

    The Torah says, “For Hashem’s portion is his people.” (Deut. 32:9) You do not belong to yourself, you are His. “For with a strong hand I shall rule you.”

    We have no conflict with the Arabs! We have a conflict with the G-d of Israel! If we don’t listen to Him, we will only have more troubles and more troubles, and the situation will only get worse.

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    1. nice speech and i’m not trying to contradict him, may his memory be blessed but
      Seoul is the Capital of South Korea
      The capital of Nuke arming North Korea is Pyongyang-
      This does not fit in to his “sheol” allusion.

    2. It soes not take much of a turn of events for Seoul to become part of a united Korea overrun by the north.
      Those who remember the fall of Saigon South Viatnam with the almighty Americans running for their lives, can easely understand what can r”l happen to Seoul

    3. BS”D
      Dear #1 ‘awacs’ and #2 ‘einfal,’
      Some Jews love to criticize without thinking.
      Are you two part of this ‘lot?’
      If you read the story you would clearly see that it states that the rabbi is talking about the ‘Atom’ and using a ‘play on words’ Seoul – ‘She’ol’.
      A comment above the video box says: “This video clip is making now the rounds on the net, Although he talks of Seoul which is in South Korea, but he is referring to N. Korea’s Atom .”
      The rabbi’s ‘insight,’ ‘prophecy’ is very ‘gevuradick.’
      My rebbe, The Lubavitcher Rebbe, MH”M was always optimistic and was a prophet and miracle worker.
      Negative, painful things needn’t happen to Am Yisroel. If we do ‘teshuva’ they will be nullified.
      ‘Ahavat Yisroel!’
      Boruch ben Tzvi HaKohaine Hoffinger

    4. Did anything ever happen and people didn’t come up with something said/written years earlier by some Mekubal or ancient Sefer? For some reason they never happen to get things accurately and are always only similar etc. credit can always be taken for things said, I want someone to say things that happen years later EXACTLY the way he said it, or else believe me you have many ordinary people that said that Korea will be a threat one day, that’s no Asidus just good coincidence.

    5. what he meant when he said that seoul would come here is that cars such as hyundais and kias from south koreas will come here and threaten american cars.
      these self appointed mekubalim have to learn some current events first before they open their yap

    6. The mekubal may have been a tzadik and a talmid chacham; but most predictions are incorrect. One reason is that based on our actions, future events can be changed. Finding this needle in the haystack is not that impressive…it takes nistar and turns it into media.

      • take your own advice. Korea was partioned at the 38th parallel in 1945 into American and Russian zones as a convienence for repatriation of Japanese POWs. The Russians set up a puppet state, “Peoples Republic of Korea (PRK)”, north of the demarcation and the U.S. supported a “Republic of Korea (ROK)” in the south. Since the armistice that ended the Korean War in 1953 (including 1995), there have been two countries occupying the Korean peninsula. The PRK in the north, whose capitol is Pyonyang, and the ROK in the south whose capitol is Seoul.

    7. Regarding Seoul, he is saying that: it shall burn UNTIL the lowest She’ol; not from Seoul but TO Seoul, even if he probably didn’t mean it that way.

      I’m not sure what to make of this. Besides the Seoul inaccuracy there are others, like when he says that: “we thought we could take care of ourselves”. Who is the “we”? Tens of thousands of Tzadikim (no exaggeration) are in Eretz Yisroel today; and no doubt they don’t for one moment think that “we could take care of ourselves”. Ok so he is talking about the prime minister; there he is right, the prime minister is afraid (best reason I can think of) to utter the words “Be’ezras Hashem”, but “Vos Zenen Shuldig” Klal Yisroel of Chasidim Ve’anshei Maaseh?

      He says that we had a prime minister who acts “as if Eretz Yisroel is ours”. How then should he act? Like Eretz Yisroel is NOT ours? Who’s then? The Chinese? “Shittah”, Yo Medina Nisht Medina has nothing to do with it; Eretz Yisroel is ours, even if it’s in the wrong hands Jew or Gentile, it is still OURS.

      The Gemorah says that Chaggei Zecharye and Malachi were the last Neviim. We don’t have anymore a Novi, so he couldn’t have said it Betoras Nevieh. So I hope he is wrong or at least not entirely correct. Chozeh Veloi Chozeh.

    8. It doesn’t matter that he is incorrect and referring to South Korea. We will keep his words on records and if in the next few thousand years the world changes and Seoul becomes a terrorist country that we knew it all before.

    9. the biggest threat to yidden and yidishkeit is not the arabs,iran,or korea,
      but these idiotic mekabulim and rebbes and the deranged ignoramuses who believe
      in these charlatans.
      anyone predicting the future,is either a pathetic delusional fool,or an outright swindler

      • You have some chutzpa, comeing onto a frum site and denounsing all tzadikim and rabeim.

        Wheather this particular “mekubal” is accepted as someone with ruach hakodesh or not is one thing.

        But to say outright that any Rebbe that chasidim beleive have Ruach Hakodesh are “chartlers” is disgusting. Are you saying that the Baal Shem Tove and all the Chassidic Rebeim who were reputed to have Ruach Hakodesh were “swindlers” Ch”V

        You better go and ask Mechilah from every Chassidic Rebbe from the Baal Shem Tov down, before Yom Kippur, if you know what’s good for you.

        • There is no need to seek mechilah from every chassideshe rebbe who claimed to have ruach hakodesh since very few ever did. By the way, the Baal Shem Tov, Z’tl, died long ago so seeking mechila would be challenging.

    10. M’tzad North Korea, Seoul IS part of North Korea, which proclaims it is the rightful authority of the entire Korean Penninsula (South Korea, to them, is a historical aberration to be rectified).

    11. Why is it that mekubalim are always quoted after they die, that they prophesied something happening currently? I would think that such an important speech would have been publicized after he made it. After all, North Korea has been a threat to the peace of the world by selling arms to all sorts of terrorists for decades. Somehow I seriously doubt all these alleged stories of holy men making statements which look good with hindsight. By the way, I want to let my own prophesy made public. The Berlin Wall will fall in our lifetime. Huh, it already did? See, I do know what I’m talking about.

    12. This guy was not great talmid chacham or gadol who could forsee the future; any Sunday morning on TV there are a half dozen goiyeshe versions of his speech claiming to foresee future events based on torah (aka old testament) writings. Lets stop playing into this superstitious nareshkeit.

    13. I believe that She’ol is the name of the Nation that inhabits the penninsula of Korea. This is a Nation that was divided into North Korea during the zman of the Shoah and became alingned with the Communist movements in Russia and China. Accordingly, the Nation of Korea is a part of the World events surrounding the fall of the Czar leading to WWI, WWII and the Shoah. Korea is part of chevlai moshiach. It might be meforash in Mesechtah Megillah where the Nations are expounded. There is no stirah to this drushah by Rav Levi Saadya Nachmani, ZTZL.

    14. Hello! There is no nevuah anymore! Remember that, anyone? Not mekublim, not the Lubavitcher Rebbe, ZATZAL. How did our “Am Chacham” become so ignorant and start sounding like some old pagan religion?

      • How do you know? There was a novi in the times of the Tosfos, and the Rambam had a kabalah from his ancestors on when nevuah would return to Israel, a date that has long since passed. So who tells you there can’t be one now?

    15. According to US and European Intelligence . at the time of the last Korean Nuclear test Iranian scientist just have happened to be in town in Pyongyang to witness it first hand.

      There is a direct connection between Korea’s program and Iran’s and way easier for Iran to fund the development and get the nuclear education in Korea.

      Its just a question of time now, till they introduce it to the world ,and the connection and ramification towards Israel we all know. Hashem Yishmereinu!!!!

    16. The real tzaddikim and Rebbes are busy telling people to learn Torah and do mitzvos and hep other Jews, they don’t waste time on predictions. The dumb leitzonim find the occasional utterance about the future and make it into their sensationalist news.

    17. Dovid Hamelech says in tehilim” Ish bar lo yeda iksil lo yovin es zos” .Pay attention when Rabbi Nachmeni says, ” tipshim (idiots) am novol veloi chochom ” he includes a lot of our dear fellow bloggers. He is not saying anything new or from his own mind he was just reading aloud parshas hazinu. It is very clearly stated we will end up like sedom and amorah if we dont do real tshuva. only the idiots think we can commit crimes that carry death penalty by Hashem , work on shabos ,eat treifus and have forbiden relationships and be protected by Hashem. just do yourself a favor read parshas nitzuvim vayaylach and hazinu and stop dreaming and hoping false hopes .our only hope is to keep hashems torah.
      Anyone with a clear mind understands that hashem will not hide his face forever . Very soon he will come home to Eretz Yisroel and start cleaning it out to make place for third beis hamikdosh. He will call in the worlds demolition experts to clean out our own amalek (remember after all amoleik was a jew who grew up knowing everything taught in His Great gradfathers (Yitchoks) house but he chose to follow his hearts desires and follow the other side .)
      what can we do to be saved ?
      1. Accept the fact every Jew was bound and sworn into keeping the torah at bris arvus moav.and anyone who breaks the rules because of prikas ol is a criminal who deserves the death penalty as stated in nitzuvim.
      2. Dont blame the sticks (ie Iran Hitler yms Hamas Hiziballah Al Qeida) understand that everything happening in this world is tied to the control center in heaven .
      3. Know that a day of judgement will arrive .
      4. Make sure you and your family find favor in the eyes of hashem by accepting and complying with his rules and serving him.
      5. Move to a safe kosher neighberhood and make good friends with good people who try to keep a toradige lifestyle.
      5. Keep away from bad people ,criminals and their places. They are very dangerous lest you get wiped out with them. Dont take any chances. Dont risk your life. You dont have to suffer because of some irresponsable idiot.
      6. Chizuk and support make sure to support the good people and dont support bad people help and guide other people to do tshuve try and save as many jews as you can.
      7. Believe in hashem and his holy chachomim. if you will seek the truth you will find amazing things written in the torah and talmud. they knew alot more then you can imagine. they were very smart people. they knew how to hide and disguise language. everything that will happen to our genarations is written. if you cant read yourself make sure to have a good friend who is a chochom to help you find answers to all your questions.
      8.Use your common sense why did hashem give to the human race such powerful nuclear bombs. if not to wipe out the liberal amalek strongholds and reinstate the goverment of Hashem.
      9.Read what Avrhom avinu prayed to Hashem after the gezera of destruction of the 5 towns in eretz yisroel and hasham promised him that 50 tzadikim in the city can save a city and even 10 tzadikim can save a place. ” vehimtarty al ir achas val ir achas lo amtir ” portraying that religous and righteous neighbourhoods will be saved. and Hashem will have to eradicate the criminals in a different way.
      9. After the world is cleaned of amalek we will be zoche to clear blocked minds, hearts and ears as stated by Yeshaye hanovie and then we will all do proper tshuve
      afterwards only will be kibibutz guliyos.

      wishing you a good shabbos.


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