Paris, France – Trial of Gang That Killed Jew Suspended after Shoes Thrown


    (file photo of Youssof Fofanabeing arrested)Paris, France – The trial of 26 men accused of torturing and murdering a Jewish man in 2006 was suspended today after their leader threw his shoes at the victim’s lawyers, witnesses said.

    Youssof Fofana, who has said he killed 23-year-old Ilan Halimi, hurled his shoes across the courtroom at the legal representatives of the victim’s family. Throwing shoes at someone is a powerful insult in the Arab world.

    “He wasn’t worked up,” the defense lawyer for another of the 26 accused said. “The president of the court suspended the hearing in a calm tone.” It was not clear when the hearing would be resumed.

    Halimi was kidnapped for more than three weeks and severely tortured in a case that shocked France and highlighted the issue of anti-Semitic violence in the country’s multi-ethnic suburbs.

    The trial is being conducted behind closed doors, with no press or public allowed, at the request of two of the defendants who were minors at the time of the killing.

    According to a prosecution lawyer, Fofana’s shoe throwing occurred during the presentation of evidence by doctors who examined Halimi’s body.

    During his time in detention, Fofana, who is French of Ivorian origin, sent a stream of letters containing anti-Semitic abuse to magistrates investigating the case.

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    1. BS”D
      According to the oldest civilized laws known to mankind, The 7 Noahide Laws, Mr. Youssof Fofana MUST be executed, along with his accomplices. He, and his ‘beliefs’ are repugnant to the Creator of the World.
      (Mr. Fofana, YM”S, was probably motivated more by jealousy of the Jews than any ‘ideology.’)
      Is there any justice in this world?
      Is this world civilized?
      Big question.

      • Unfortunately France is a barbaric country where they think it wrong to execute anybody, for any reason, ever. There is no justice, and therefore there is no peace. The Torah says that the earth cannot be forgiven for the blood that is spilled on it, except by the blood of the spiller. The built-up iniquity of unavenged murders will bear on France until it breaks.

    2. “The trial is being conducted behind closed doors, with no press or public allowed, at the request of two of the defendants who were minors at the time of the killing. “

      Try those two juvies seperately and open the trial to the public, so we could all see how not worked up this animal was at the time of hurling.

    3. (Reply to #4) I like your thinking. I was thinking more along the line of putting crazy glue in his shoes and putting it back on his feet. This way he won’t lose his shoe again. But I like you’re isea better

    4. These “people”, for lack of a better term, tortured a helpless young man. These Muslims are not warriors, they are cowards. The woman who lured the late Mr. Halimi is a putrid excuse for a human being.

      The French will not give a just trial to these Muslims because France is paralyzed by the spawn of political correctness, Socialism. Socialism paralyzes societies by its lack of leadership.

      Unfortunately, France, like most of Western Europe is lost. The Muslims will take over and if we don’t get rid of the first Muslim Marxist president, Barack Hussein Obama, the USA will go the same route.


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