Long Island, NY – Rep. Peter King Rejected Obama’s Offer to Become Ambassador


    Long Island, NY – U.S. Rep. Peter King in January turned down an offer from President Barack Obama to be ambassador to Ireland, sources said Tuesday.

    A source with knowledge of the Seaford Republican’s thinking said Obama Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel called King the week before the inauguration with the offer. King turned it down, the source said, because he couldn’t go along with Obama foreign policy. King also was reluctant to live so far away from his family.

    King, who often touts his Irish heritage, declined to comment Tuesday.

    “I had a lot of conversations with Rahm Emanuel and I’ll keep them private,” he said.

    The news was first reported by The Washington Post.

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    1. Peter King is a real mentsch. Knows more about Homeland Security than almost anyone. It’s a real shame he couldn’t raise enough money to run for Senator.

    2. Obama tried to get the possible future face of the Republican Party out of the way before he becomes to much of an advesary. Whether you like the guy (Obama) or not, he’s one smart politician and quite Machiavellian.

    3. ny needs king. i am glad he didnt take the job offer. now if only he’d run for governor. hes the last politician in ny with a brain and guts and the heart to pull it off. down with the dems already.

    4. he can be a smart guy but he’s taking US in a really BAD direction

      I hope and I’m being mispalel he shouldn’t be a president anymore in 3 1/2 years from now. (And even earlier……..)

        • Bull. There are many ways in which he might not be president 3.5 years from now. Of course that would make Biden president, which would NOT be an improvement, to say the least. And after him comes Pelosi, and then the Klansman, and then the Wicked Witch of Westchester, so there’s really no point in going down that road.

    5. The only reason for this offer is to scalp another republican congress seat.
      If it is vacant they will see to it that a Democrat wins.
      This administration is acting in thuggish manner.

    6. I really like this guy! He’ll get my vote. He needs more out of state recognition & he can be a serious contender for President. He has a lot of credibility.

    7. Thank you Peter King for standing with us at this great time of need. We need your strength of conviction to fight against the Far Left Wing Democrats !!! You MUST run for PRESIDENT !!! You have my vote.


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