Los Angeles, CA – The Mystry Of Michael Jakcson’s Kids Are They Jewish?


    Dr. Arnold Klein Los Angeles, CA – A Los Angeles dermatologist who treated Michael Jackson for years is the biological father of Jacko’s son and daughter, according to a bombshell new report.

    Us Weekly magazine reports in its upcoming issue, which hits newsstands tomorrow, that Dr. Arnold Klein is the man who fathered Prince and Paris.

    The kid’s mother, Debbie Rowe, once worked for Klein. Rowe is Jewish

    “He is the dad,” a Jackson insider said of Klein. “He and Debbie signed an agreement saying they would never reveal the truth.”

    In 1993, Jackson told Oprah Winfrey he had a skin disease and instructed Klein to release an official statement disclosing the King of Pop’s pigmentation disorder.

    In the months prior to Jackson’s death, he made frequent visits to Klein’s Beverly Hills offices.

    But the celebrity Web site TMZ.com reports today that Rowe is not the biological mother of the two kids she bore claims she for Jackson.

    The site reported that all three of Jack’s kids were conceived in vitro — outside the womb with the help of an egg and sperm donor — and that Rowe was just a surrogate.

    Jacko met Rowe at Kleins’ Beverly Hills office when he was a patient.

    Niether Jackson or Rowe ever admitted to the kids’ true lineage, although she confessed in 2002 that she carried the children as a personal favor.

    Following Jackson’s death on Thursday, Rowe told London’s News of the World that The Gloved One was not the children’s biological father.

    She declined to reveal who was.

    Michael Joseph Jackson, Jr. — also known as “Prince” — is now 11.

    His daughter, Paris Michael Katherine Jackson, is 10.

    The mother of Jackson’s third child, Prince Michael II, remains a mystery.

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    1. This is amazing!
      Thank you VIN.
      I was watching all this from the sidelines. Now, I am shocked!
      This is super news!
      I feel that one day, his children are going to become bal tshuvos!
      Totally amazing!

    2. The kids should stay where they are. They don’t know much about their mother ands they were being raised with Michael’s parents. They are surrounded with love. Debbie should move on along with her wealthy,healthy, jewish life.

    3. I do agree!!They shouldn’t move those kids nowhere.It doesn’t matter that she is biological mother of the kids,it was a deal and she signed that deal kids were Michael’s and and should remain among people they know like their nanny and the Jackson Family.They have no idea who is that Debbie Rowe she should let those kids be.

    4. according to many sources, the mother (Rowe) was just a surrogate, and the eggs were not even hers. this would involve complicated medical halacha to sort out if their ‘mother’ was jewish. does it go by whose eggs they are, or who actually gave birth?

      • It makes sense that they are Jewish. Because if you think of the reason why we say that if the mother is Jewish then the kids are Jewish as well? Why the mother, not the father? Simple: because is the only real evidence we only rely at the fact that she gave birth. My humble – but genius – opinion.

    5. according to many sources, the mother (Rowe) was just a surrogate, and the eggs were not even hers. this would involve complicated medical halacha to sort out if their ‘mother’ was jewish. does it go by whose eggs they are, or who actually gave birth?

    6. this is what i think, the children should stay with the grandparents, because that all they know since they were babies and the love they have for there grandparents and the love there grndparents. i am a grandmther myself so let the children stay with Michael parents.

    7. The children will have plenty of time to explore the Jewish side of their heritage as they grow older. To be placed with a mother who, in essence, sold them to their father would further exacerbate this tragic situation. The children should remain with their true family – the Jackson’s.

    8. I think it is too early to make any decisions of who will get Michael’s 2 older children who do have a known mother, Debbie Rowe. None of us really know how much the children know about their mother or if they have spent any time with her throughout the years. Have they ever met their maternal grandparents, maybe those grandparents would like to know or spend time with their grandchildren too. We don’t have much information on any of those facts but I don’t think the children have had much time to even fathom that their father has died since they were whisked away so fast to the elder Jackson’s compound. So many opinions are being made with little or no information. Time will tell what Michael’s decisions were when the will is legally and properly brought out. As it has been told by other siblings, Michael and all the children were very afraid of their father growing up and one sister made a comment about some bad things that took place between the girls and their father.Whether true or not just watching the body language of Michael Jackson when his father was nearby showed a lot of distance between them. Of course, the will and wishes of Michael will be brought out in time.
      I just pray the young children will be surrounded by true caring love and not just used for the wealth they may have inherited.

    9. The children of Michael’s should be in the environment or custody of whomever he chose in his will. Hopefully he had one. The best interest of the children is what’s important. Far as there mother Debbie Rose she gave up her parental rights for money so that means she didn’t want them from the beginning. The abuse I believe Michael and his siblings were subjected to as children is obvious. I am hoping that his will keeps them out of harms way and put them in a stable and loving environment. My blessing and prayers go out to his three children not just two.

    10. I dont know why everyone cares where his kids are going to ??…i know maybe cause his wife was a jew thats why you like to talk about it here..still i think we should respect the dead man and not think about whats his heritage or his kids are going to go…

      However i am not a racist or jewish hater…i just loved michael..

      God blesses his soul….

    11. Lol numb 8 its the kids that could be jewish not wacko!! These rumours stories just keep getting better true imagination is running amok this is 2009 not 1009 simple DNA tests will solve all this narishkit but in the mean time papers are selling his CDS are selling so its a win win

    12. halacha says the woman who carries the child is the mother. It is irrelevant where the eggs came from. If Debbie Rowe is jewish, then the kids are Jewish.

    13. We need Moshiach to come and straighten out everyone’s lineage. There are many many mixed up people in this world. Some think they are Jewish and they aren’t and some think they’re not and they are. We’re all in a sorry state until Moshiach comes. When your kids are up for shidduchim, you’ve got to check out the yichus of those involved very carefully.

    14. Surrogate mother? Usually that means the wife has a problem and the woman carries the Husbands baby. but here, the father was not the father so mother was basically breeding a baby to sell. I think the district attorney should have a good look at this one. Sounds like Rowe vs. Paid. It also intersting that Wacko, i mean jacko couldn’t father his own children and had to buy them elsewhere. maybe he was just breeding them to molest later? he’s gone. Who cares. nother one bites the dust…

    15. bloggers are total am aratzim, look in the newest yeshurun chelek 21 were r’ elyashiv paskens the childs status goes by egg donor not by surragate, he only says that if surragate is not jewish & egg donor is then lechumra you need gairus. please never ever comment on your own opinion of halacha on such a crucial matter as yichus of person when you don’t know what the heck your talking about, you could chas veshalom cause intermarrige, because believe it or not some people pasken according to what they see on these blogs – yeh! their even stupider than you “poskim”

    16. All Rav Elyoshiv is saying is that there is a “free-pass” for geirus for a child born from a Jewish egg donor and a non-Jewish surrogate. The halacha goes by the woman who actually gives birth, regardless of the egg donor. The egg donor and father could be black and Chinese and the child is 100% Jewish al pi halacha. Even if the egg donor was a sister of the father, the child is not a mamzer. Take the case of Rebi Zeira for example. Mi’pasul: pasul!

    17. Michael Jackson’s children would need to convert to be halachically Jewish. These children are born from the deepest levels of impurity imaginable. A Jewish father, a falsely Jewish mother, and unknown egg donor and an adopted father from the klipa of Bnei Kush. These are the most spiritually dangerous children imaginable. They would however qualify as Jewish according the the state of Israel.


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