Gaza – Hamas Meets Neturei Karta Rabbis in Gaza Strip


    Neturei Karta with Haniyeh  Photo: AFPGaza – Deposed Hamas Premier Ismail Haneya on Thursday met anti-Zionism Jews in the Gaza Strip.

    The meeting between the Islamic movement’s leader and the four rabbis, members of Neturei Karta movement, lasted for nearly two hours at his office in Gaza city.

    The rabbis, whose small movement calls for dismantling the state of Israel, arrived in Gaza last night as part of a Viva Palestine convoy, which included some 200 American and international pro-Palestinian activists, led by British MP George Galloway.

    “Hamas has no problem with the Jews, the problem is only with the Israeli occupation which is based on the Zionism,” Haneya told reporters after the meeting.

    Haneya praised the Jews who “expressed their rejection to the occupation” by joining the aid convoy. “You reject the existence of people on the land of other people, so we have nothing but to respect these positions and appreciate your ideology,” Haneya addressed the rabbis.

    Below video: Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss of Neturei Karta International, Jews United Against Zionism, speaking to the press in Cairo on July 6, 2009, on his goal in participating in the Viva Palestina aid convoy from USA to Gaza via Egypt.

    The convoy is the second in four months Galloway brings into the Israeli-blockaded Gaza Strip. “This convoy is of a special interest because most of its members have come from the United States,” Haneya added.

    The U.S. government deems Hamas a foreign terrorist organization since its charter calls for the destruction of the Jewish state. But Haneya said the American presence in the convoy “proves that not all the American people are supporting the Israeli occupation and the siege.”

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    1. All these guys with black coats and long beards are instantly called rabbis – have any of them smicha? WHat is their standign? And I don’t care how frum they are – and which group – they are consorting with those who wish to destroy us – they should be given short shrift: no laiyas, not counted in a minyan – throw them out like the trash they are

    2. zionism is bad? hakadosh barachu has given the land to us as our inheritance. who are these mere mortal people to say zionism is bad? call zionism what ever you, but the land that hashem gave to us will be our forever. we must fight to keep it, as there were many wars for it over time. hashem has given us tools to protect us. if we get involved (all jews get involved – yes charedie, chasidish, yeshivish, tzioni, ie: torah tru jews), we can make it a true torah jewish land. we must not fight amongst ourselves, and put fellow jews down. we must lead by example – kiddush hashem. it will take time. all we have is time. lets get involved today, and fight for the land that was given to us by hashem.

      • If Hashem gave us the land, He will make sure we have it. We don’t have to fight for it. We sinned and therefore we were exiled. When Moshiach will come we will have it back. As long as we fight for it we won’t have peace.

        • Questions for intellectually honest Satmars or NK:

          1. If the Torah forbids the Jews from conquering and settling Eretz Yisrael before Mashiach arrives, then why does Sanhedrin 98A say:
          “There is no more manifest sign of redemption than – oh mountains of Israel, you shall shoot forth your branches and yield your fruit …”

          2. If the Torah forbids the Jews from conquering and settling Eretz Yisrael before Mashiach arrives, then why does Megilla 17B say:
          “And when Jerusalem is built, David (Mashiach) will come …”

          3. If the Torah forbids the Jews from conquering and settling Eretz Yisrael before Mashiach arrives, then why does Peschei Tshuvah, Shulchan Aruch, Evan HaEzer 75:6 say: “… the Ramban holds that its a mitvah d’oraisa to settle Eretz Yisrael … ALL poskim hold that a wife may be coerced to make aliyah …” [my comment: the Ramban, in Sefer HaMitzvos additional mitzvos No. 4, explains that it is a milchemes mitzvah to conquer and settle Eretz Yisrael in all generations.]

          4. A certain Satmar allegedly wrote a letter to (Kaesar) Obama which expressed support for Obama’s racist policies of preventing Jews from settling Eretz Yisrael. Doesn’t this Satmar’s action resemble those of Bar Kamtza (in Masechta Gittin) who informed on the Jews to the Kaesar?

      • ” who are these mere mortal people to say zionism is bad?”

        OK, but Zionism is a creation of mere mortals, and the creator of Zionism as became an anti-Zionist. See Nathan Birnbaum and the Kadima movement, started in 1889. Therefore, if a mere mortal can create Zionism and later reject Zionism, why not someone else?

        What I do not understand about the NK is how they criticize the ZIonist for being Nazi collaborators, which is legitimate, see Sally Mayer and his ilk, yet they collaborate with Hamas. We all know how this metaphorical spin that they only hate Zionists and not Jews is a front for hating Jews.

        “fight for the land that was given to us by hashem.”

        There are ways to do this, see the gemara in Kesubos and R’ Shamshon R. Hirsch in parshas Re’eh. Your mortal thought of idea is not the answer.

      • Excuse me, we are now in gulis and hashem took away Israel from us and we are not allowd to fight with goyim for it untill moshiach comes, hashem does not want you to fight for it.

    3. this is sick. jewish people meeting with the nemy of the jews who want and do kill our brothers and sisters. this reminds me of the jews during ww2 that thought by siding with thew nazis, that would save them. in the end thay all met the same fate.

      be not mistaken, they are our enemies!!!

    4. when netanyahu will decide to meet them, will it be kosher? they are just a few years ahead. like rabin shook arafats hands a few years after moshe hirch did.

    5. dont get all worked up; this is an old broken record there are millions of diff. fringe groups out there
      thank hashem for fredom of speech & religion

    6. Would it be going too far to say that these pieces of garbage should be jailed for treason just like any other citizen of EY who betrayed the medinah during a time of war. There is no “religious waiver’ in the laws of treason and giving aid to the enemy.

    7. Are these people constantly described as rabbis? Which yeshivot did they go to? Who is their posek hador? Who have them smicha?

      As far as I’m aware the vast majority of them do not have any reasons to be addressed as such.

      Certainly not through their behavior, that’s for sure.

    8. Neturei Karta should be arrested and deported for treason. They are self-hating Jews and enemies of Israel. However, one does not have to define themselves as a Zionist in order to be a lover of Eretz hakodesh. You can’t have Zionism without Torah. Zionism can be lumped together with the other failed -isms of the world.

    9. We worry about the destruction of the European Yidden , we make “shoah” observations , we say “av Horachmim, , we observe the three weeks. Here on VIN there is a picture of low lifes hobnobbing with Hamas who ordered Jewish children, women and men blown to smitheerins. Al tiskakel b’kankan ale ma sheyesh bo. The ungarische kappalitch, the kapote and the peyes are treife like chazer

    10. Notice what Haniyeh said

      “Haneya praised the Jews who “expressed their rejection to the occupation” by joining the aid convoy. “You reject the existence of people on the land of other people, so we have nothing but to respect these positions and appreciate your ideology,”

      Do these so called “rabbi’s agree that this land belongs to other people? The Torah calls it our land. How could they stand their and listen/agree to this nonsense.
      Frankly, these folks are pure malshinim. I would assert they may qualify as a rodef.

      They make me sicker than left over cholent on a Sunday afternoon!

    11. To #3 yes the land is ours and we dear love it BUT we did not obey gods will and we were thrown into golus till eliyoho hanovi and moshiach will come to take us back to our land. Any attempt to take the land before we are redeemed is against gods will and will fail. Now let me ask u who are the people leading the force taking back the land? Do they obey the rules of the torah? do they rest on shabbos? ha? these are our leaders of the so called jewish land? u gotta be crazy to think its our redemption…

      • While there are other shitas, the RAMBAM holds that the mitzva of kibush Eretz Yisroel is chal b’zman hazeh, so the Tzionim have who to rely on. Kibush is their mitzvah. The fact that they may be nichshal in other mitzvos does not take away the kiyum of that one. Also, maybe take a peek at RAMBAM Hilchos Melachim (11,12).

        • So the Rambam’s Shita is when you are in gulis to make war with arabs and regain Israel? are you crazy? it’s one of the biggest aveirus, did you learn sefer “Vayoel Moshe”?

        • U sound like a big am hu’uretz by quoting a rambam u don’t even understand what he says! Nowhere does the rambam says that the “shulesh shvius” is miter!

      • youre the one who is crazy if you thing that everybody is going to be shommer shabbas youre forgetting religious jews are a minority 90 per cent of jews are nonreligious my friend you live in a tottal fantasy all this golus and moshiach fantasy is nothing more then a fantasy people love nonreality because reality is to harsh for them you #15 are a hopeless dupe like many of youre religious contempararies wake up di shoite vus di bist

      • It’s not our redemption, rather it’s the same as when Israel had bad kings after Shlomo… just because the leadership was bad, didn’t invalidate the the people’s claim to the land.

        We have a right to the land. Hashem said that it would be our inheritance l’olam va’ed.

      • R’ Michoel Ber Weissmandel negotiated with the Nazis to “buy” Jewish lives, not to feign friendship or support or sing kumbaya with them. Which is precisely what these ‘behaimos’ are doing with Hamas. They have yet to prove that their hobnobbing with Arab antisemites has ever saved one Jewish life. Their actions are simply unjustifiable.

      • You are an ignopramus. Rabbi Weissmandl appealed to the vestunkene JDC for help and never met with any Nazi. Who met with the Nazis was Kastner. He met with Eichmann and Wisliceny. The one who should have met with Nazis was a man named Sally Mayer the”representative ” of JDC in Switzerland. It seems out of Kafka or some phantasy. VIN contributors were discussing whether you can eat National Hebrew. Here low -downs with peyes meet with the head of the group who organized the murder of Jews.I guess the hatred or sine for Zionist allows to murder Jews. Hitler was a saint

        • I would strongly suggest you read up on the topic before posting. I find it interesting that you call someone else an ignoramus.

          Kastner met and collaborated with Nazis in HUNGARY. R’ Michole Ber usually sent Hochberg to met with Wisliceny, in SLOVAKIA. Occasionally R’ Michoel Ber also went.

          On the other hand, Sally Mayer did not want to meet with Nazis because he was more interested in the Zionist dream than in saving Jews. He seemed to be quite comfortable in Switzerland.

          • I believe you should read up because he and Gizi
            Fleischmann were in hiding and Sally Mayer was not a Zionist but a wealthy Swiss Jew who was comfortable in Switzerland and who met with Wislieceny was a Swedish Jew named Dr. Mazur

            • Once again you are incorrect. Gisi Fleischmann was actually Sally Mayer’s neice, who asked her uncle to help out. Her uncle Sally, a Zionist, refused.

              Furthermore, they were not in hiding until 1944. From 1942-44, they lived openly in Bratislava because they were able to bribe the Nazis. When Wislicieny was removed then the deportations began and that is when they went into hiding.

    12. the worst thing they do is they present themselves to the arabs and the world as satmar and the average goy thinks that they present the big community of satmer and that satmer side with the arabs. But in reality they were thrown out of satmer by r’ yoel zt’l cause they burned 40 yr. ago an israeli flag on purim and the satmer rabbi thought than that are to extreme.

    13. Once again they’ve made it in the headlines. I’d call myself more a satmerer than a zionist but they make me cringe everytime i see these sort of things. How do they find leshem shomayim in meeting with the hitlers of today?! The problem is you can’t even lock them up in mental asylums because their associates in meah she’orim will destroy the whole jerusalem again just to bring them out!

    14. Why is this so appalling? Hama’s has stated clearly time and time again that this is not a religious battle. It is the Israeli’s who insist that this is a religious dispute. The whole conflict is over land, not ideology.

      • Oh, so thats why the offical hamas TV educates their childern that jewas are descendants of pigs and monkeys and they actually do drink the blood of innocent muslim children?

      • You’re right… its over land! And that makes it religious to us Jews!
        However, if as you porport, it is just over land and not to be understood any other way, then Israel has the right to drive out the opposition. Every country in the world enjoys that right, so will Israel. Hamas is launching rockets every day, so Israel will drive them out… its called war.

    15. The trouble with these idiots is that if they decide to blow up a bus thses guys relatives might be on it! They think with the wrong part of their anatomy!

    16. Let them express their opinions, i dont really see whats wrong with it, they are only telling the world their opinion of jewish law on this issue. Freedom of speech!

    17. They believe in the nevuah which says that before Moshiach comes Eretz Yisroel will be ruled by Yishmael. They are only trying to bring the Geula. Maybe this is not the way to do it, but, they are doing it leshaim shomayim. I am not one of them, yet I feel although everyone thinks they are crazy, they are not so crazy in their beliefs.

    18. #25-

      You are trully a history student….

      Yishmael ruled E”Y for hundreds of years (ever hear of Turkey, Ottoman Empire, Moslem hords fighting Crusaders, Suleiman the Great and the like).
      Granted, the present (and prior) governments of Israel may have not been the most erudite Torah scholars. BUT has their not been NISSIN GELUYIM in th eplight and fight of the present state. HKB”H is watching his land and his people; we are getting closer to the COMPLETION of the nevuah you incorrectly quoted.

    19. SICK, SICK, SICK!!! If they love the arabs so much,, let them go live among them!! To “sleep” with the enemy…how much more disgusting can you get???

    20. in any other normal country, these pieces of human garbage,these traitorous ignorant savages,would be hanging from the gallows by their miserable necks

    21. 1. This is NOT SATMAR!
      2. Neture Karta is a very small group that is only given a voice at the vocal insistence of Zionists.
      3. There are fully ZERO Zionist Hassidic Dynasties.

    22. Why does he repeat himself saying “We’re representing, we’re emissaries – for Jews all around the world – they sent us” – Throw these people in jail and throw away the keys!

    23. To #24
      I was born and lived in an Arab country and know for fact that they hate Jews not because Israel but just because we’re Jews. They consider us Taameh (unclean) and not even touch or hand anything to us like a Nidah woman
      Trust me these so called Rabbis are “khaiv Misa” and I’ll be the first to do that.

    24. These people are sick and need to be excommunicated from our communities. They have put their families at a major disadvantage, nobody wants to marry their children of have anything to do them.

      I wonder who has been paying for the medical bills of the goons? All their wives have children, who’s paid (or paying) for their day-to-day care? I think it might be those terrible Zionists!

      What these fools don’t seem to notice is that given the opportunity to destruct the state of Israel Hamas would have no problem slitting their throats.

      • If you will conduct some detective work you will find that they are on the payroll of Hamas and other terrorist groups.
        Since matan torah I don’t believe that there was ever a group that are dressed as
        religious jews openly aligned themselves with muderers of jews.
        They are not M’Zera Yisroel

    25. Some people will do ANYTHING to get attention. These poor fellows. We should all invite them for Shabbos constantly and try to smother them with love, good food and lots of attention. Maybe then they will feel better and stop shlepping around with people who want to grind them into sausages.

    26. #40

      Do you have a personal line to G-d. you write as if youdo-
      if so please post your emailaddress I have a couple of quick questions maybe you/He can answer.

      Careful how you write, people may not take you seriously.

      This post is meant only lshem shomayim-nothing personal.

    27. correction.. he said the people who say that Arab should win. but people who go to the enemy and saying they we want peace they are acutely rescuers same as R yochan ben zaky by the bais hamikdosh. in our days R’ Michoel Ber Weissmandel with the Nazis

      • “Mitoch shelo lishma ba lishmo”. Bottom line is Herzl was a yid who was mikayem the haschala of kibush eretz yisrael. He may not have kept even a single other mitzvah but he is surely getting a chelek in oilam haba’ah for the mitzvah he was mikayem.

        • How do you know that lives have not been saved? How do YOU know that the NK haven’t begged and pleaded with Ahchmanijad or whomever not to bomb jews ? If they have stoped even ONE bombing then it’s well worth meeting with them. What do you think they talk about when they meet, the Yankees or Mets or the weather? I’m sure they are are “chanfining” them as much as possible.

          • You are delusional if you think Hamas or Ahmadenijad care a whit about what one teeny fringe group (of which most of its members do not even live in E. Israel) has to say about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. They want to achieve their goal of unseating the Israeli govt. and reoccupying Palestine and they will do anything to get to that goal. That’s their mission.

            Maybe, just maybe, if they were to take over the world and kill every single Jew, they’d keep these NK idiots on as toilet cleaners. These Hamasniks and Ahmedinejad are not fools; they are using these NKniks as a cover for their antisemitism so that liberal Westerners can continue feeling bad for the poor, oppressed Arabs. They have no other use for a small band of lunatics in funny hats.

            • You could be VERY wrong. One group or even one person, i.e. Pinchus can make a difference. BTW if you don’t feel that the NK are doing as I stated in #77 or are not the one’s to be going behind the Israeli govt’ back to meet with them, why doesn’t one of the so called “gedolim” go meet and beg Ahcmadinijad not to bomb Israel? I’ll tell you why they don’t. Because they have no “kulyones”. They are also quite happy in their homes as is.

      • Both Zionists and Satmar believe the myth that Herzl was the founder of Zionism. Whether you call zionism yishuv ha aretz or having a medina, there was zionism many years before Herzls “awaking”. See any historic book written on the subject (or more likely, see Wikipedia).

    28. May these guys rot in hell. There is no greater chillul Hashem.
      The secular world look on, see “Jews” backing these soiney yisroel and say the Jews themselves back these arabs. To the outside world, a jew is a jew no matter what.
      These troublemakers have cause problems for us in the past and now once again.
      Hahsem Yishmoir. I hate to imagine what they will do next!

    29. The fact is that the appeals by Gisi Fleischmann[a Zionist] and Rabbi Weissmandl fell on deaf ears and the Neturei Karta was at a meeting which also was attended by Mussolini’s granddaughter who is the head of Movimento Sociale in Italy a Neo-Fascist party

    30. Why do they have to make a pronouncement of their beliefs so public all of the time???? This is Sinat Chinom at its glory.
      Hashem should punish them with the worst Klalot possible. They created a huge Chilul Hashem! Real religious Rabbis- garbbage is what I call them! They aren’t even Jews!

    31. I wonder if these kapo’s ever learned the first Rashi in Chumash, that the Nations of the world will come to Am Yisrael and say,”You are robbers!”… (עיין שם)I guess they don’t consider themselves part of Am Yisroel 🙂

    32. Next time when they meet with Hamas Or Ahnejinhad Please ask this question..
      Question – Do you or don’t you believe that one day a Jewish Messiah will come and bring all the Jews to Israel.
      1 – What exactly will then happen to all Palestinians in Israel ?
      2 – So where exactly will he build that third Temple ?
      3 – I see, So you pray three times a day that Jews should settle all of Israel, expel all the Arabs, remove the Dome of Rock, and build a Temple on that sacred Mt. ???
      … and you call yourself ” friends of the Arabs “.
      I am sure that will shut them up for good !!!

    33. these people are always the same activists standing by the ennemies of klal yisroel, they are only a few people in an entire jewish people, they do not represent all chareidim who are not zionists, they took some words of the Satmer Rebbe and used it to justify their actions, but the Satmer Rebbe disapprove this BS, and there is nothing to do with the Rebbe’s teachings, as far as I know at least.

    34. Hmmm,
      Those keffiyahs are square, therefore “arba kanfes.” Do they put tzitzis on them? Tcheiles?
      I wonder why one sees so few chsidishe people at Yad Vashem. I’ve heard some rabbonim forbid looking at the pictures of the “naked women” being shot. Those women are our grandmothers, HYD, they were more tzniusdik than any women alive today.
      But no, the chinuch today produces these turkeys.


    36. They actually don’t give a damn about all the arabs, and muslims,palestinians their situation etc
      all the Neturei Karta want is some attention because nobody even the chasidim that go by the vayoel moshe of Rebbe Teitelbaum don’t want them… they are apart from any other group of judaism.
      They need some support for their desperate cause (it became more than hate of zionism) that the whole jewish world reject and in the ennemies they find friends : “the ennemies of my ennemies are my friends”…
      Once Moshiach comes, they would probably be the first to throw the muslims out 😉

    37. this is so digusting, feel sick
      these men have beards and black hats so they are called rabbis, my four year would make a better rabbi!
      these so called chachamim, and dare i say it, tzadikim arew actually going against the torah, conspiring with the enemy, kamtsa and bar kamtsa, any one remember that?
      these hamas officials are dogs that will go to the lowest they can tp destoy israel and these neturei karta are not much better, they better go learn so more torah instead of meeting hamas officials, maybe the we learn that moshiach will ownly come with bnei yisrael are united.
      these disgusting people critizise non frum Jews who support Israel but they themselves converse with the enemy, i would rather my children be not the frummest, but still support israel and be a proud jew than one of these lowlife idiots (excuse m,y language!
      for shame, these men may as well shave of their beard and put a shmatteh on their head, these seem to get on better with terrorists than their own people
      may Hashem help us in our hour of need and put some sense into these so called rabbonim’s heads

    38. why are they living in israel then? they can move to Ramalla, and i am sure that gzaz would b e happy to accept them? the israelis and israeli government should kick them out
      they are a disgrace and don’t belong in Israel
      why don’t they convert to Islam and call it a day, they seem to be very comfortable in the shamttes and anti israel badges, a white robe and a bomb in a bag would go nicely as well

    39. I live in an old Jewish community in Iran with fundamentalist islamic government, but in this situation we always pay attention to our religious ceremony in the synagogue and don’t work on Shabbats . I’m really sorry for these rabbis .These rabbis don’t know who the fundamentalist muslims are , because they’ve never lived in an Islamic country .If they had the experience of living in such a country with islamic government they never wish to compromise with Hamas and etc.The fundamentalist muslims are very disgusting and have terrible and dogmatic believes about Jews and even other minorities and I would say just some unprejudiced muslims are in a better relation with Jews community as I see closely. If these rabbis really believe what they are doing I’ve to say they are against Torah and the all Jews around the world. Hamas and hezbollah are those fundamentalist with dangerous believes and they always have deceiving plans to others . So it’s better for Neturei Karta Rabbis not to betray the Jewish people and Eretz Yisrael.


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