Woodridge, NY – Fatal Accident Involves Brooklyn Teenager In front of Boys Camp


    Vehicle involved in crashWoodridge, NY – Hatzolah Ambulances are on the scene at 866 Glen Wild Road for 2 patients that were injured in an accident, after the driver fell asleep and their vehicle overturned multiple times ejecting the 19-year-old driver infront of Skver Camp.

    The Brooklyn teenage Bucher driver has died at the scene, Hatzolah is now requesting the coroner to respond to the scene, his passenger has serious head trauma and will be air lifted.

    A chopper Life Net-75 is responding to the other victims who is in serious condition.

    Misaskim and Chesed Shell Emes are both working on the scene.

    Levya is scheduled for tomorrow 1:00 p.m. from Shomrie Hadas.

    Photo credit Tom Haskell for Record
    Photo credit Michelle Haskell

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    1. Try to be a little sensitive in your reporting. No need to use the term DOA – DEAD ON ARRIVAL. How about “one patient is reported to have died at the scene”

    2. I was in the country last week and was shocked at the ignorance of most street walkers. The country roads were barely designed for vehicle travel, and they walk 3-5 people side by side, stretching to the middle of the road, in heated discussions, and dont even dream of moving to the side when a car approaches, with that arrogant, city style look of “you should move out of MY way”!!!

      Tragedy was just a matter of time. (not stating this was the case here, but this would be a likely scenario, and cal easily happen anywhere else. The worst I found were the woman brisk walking.)

      • #10, SHUT UP. What a total lack of sensitivity. Don’t shoot off your mouth when you have no clue what you are talking about. Two families are torn apart and you are looking to assign blame somewhere.

        May the Rbs”o comfort the family of the niftar and may the other bochur have a refuah shleimah b’kurov.

        And everyone, restrain yourselves from hurtful comments and innane unnecessary remarks.

        • #16, he has a valid point. Kabel es hoemes mimee sheomroh. This is a big problem on the country roads, and while this may have nothing to do with this particular tragedy, this is a tragedy R”L waiting…..

        • I agree with the response. This is a tragedy. It’s so comforting to make it look like it happened kderech hateva & it’s the boys fault. It’s OUR fault! Hashem have rachmonus. Yes. We should do the right responsible things. But people don’t always die when they don’t. You make it too easy

        • As one who cannot afford the bungalow life, while visiting my sons last week, I encountered WAY too many people walking WAY too close to traffic. I am sorry, but I must say they were all Chassidish. Please take heed and watch yourselves!!

      • The word is responsiblity: Tired don’t drive Drinking give the keys away. Red light stop and do go above speed limits. Did he have a license? In any case his neshoma should have an Aliyah and we all need a Yeshua

      • “oy oy oy oy, dont start, please hashem”

        Don’t blame this on hashem. We are responsible for our own actions (or inactions). Hashem should comfort the family but it is apikorsus to say to hashem “don’t start”.

        • of course we are responsible, but it is hashem who runs the show. what do you mean, apikorsus? it’s apikorsus to think otherwise!!! what, you think when things happen it is only about people and not der aibeshter? come on!!

          • The posters on this blog are way to free with throwing around the term “Apikorsus”.
            Apikorsus impies kefira. Neither #33 nor #66 wrote anything even remotely resembling apikorsus. a hanhaga that you disagree with is not apikorsus. #33’s post was simply a tefillah and #66 never implied that the RSO does’t fir die velt. Save the epithets for the real thing which, incidentally, is almost never found on this blog.

            moche HaShem es dima mei al kol panim.

      • First smart head of the day! he probably was seat belted, but when a car tumbles several times many things might happen h”y.
        I had a friend u”h that was ejected into the woods together with his seat on the rt. 17 and was killed instantly.
        Besirois toivois.

      • I always wear my seat belt. But your stupid comment was uncalled for. I know of FATAL accidents r”l involving belted pssngrs with head injuries when car overturned. So don’t make people feel guilty at such a time.


    3. 1 guy was laying flat on the floor.
      The 2nd guy came out 2 minutes later screaming “its my fault” “its my fault”.
      The car made a tumblesauce.
      What a scene!

    4. driver falls asleep at the wheel 3 o’clock in the afternoon? these bochurim have to stop learning all night,not to make light of these terrible tragedy chas v’sholom but when when will we realize whats happening hashem yishmor

    5. Boruch Dayan Emes!
      I can’t take it!!!
      The summer is here andit’s almost predictable, nebech.
      Every year, every year, every year!!
      Perhaps there should be a rule. Teenagers can drive only if there is a parent in the car sitting in the front seat. I just don’t know. Oy vay.

    6. boruch dayan emes. the roads are so dangerous up in the mountains. we all have to be extra careful in our driving. we shouldnt hear from any more tzoros.

    7. id like to to thank all the great comments of oy oy ,oyve oyve ,baruch dayan emes,and hashem yerachams, very inspiring talk less and do tushuva will be more beneficial trust me

    8. Boruch Dayan H”Emes – My heart goes out to the families affected by this terrible tragedy.
      Many years ago after a significant number of accidents there were Takanos instituted that no Bochurim under the age of 25 should drive in the mountains. It seems as if they are not being upheld anymore. Let us reinstitute these Takanos and hopefully this will avert further anguish to others.

        • As a person ages there comes a maturity of knowing that he can not do it all. Not to say an above 25 year old can not fall asleep at the wheel. However a new young driver feels he is invincible and will push himself more than he can, quicker than a older more mature driver.

    9. The ONLY thing people should be discussing right now, is how to spread the word to the kids “who know better” and to enforce the rules of underage upstate driving… My crazy cousin along with every other normal tennager- can’t wait to get behind the wheel… When you tell them the dangers, they just shrug you off and act like its no big deal. Sure kids will always “find a way” but we must crack down on this! One life is too precious. Hashem should comfort the poor families and klal yisroel with the final geula shelaima amen.

        • This is NOT TRUE and should NOT BE THE CASE!!

          Even if IN THIS CASE it was too late, the idea that a shtinker FF can decide to not allow a medic to proceed, (usually with the arrogant attitude of “we are boss in this town and will show those hatzalah EMS imposers from the city”) is horrible, illegal and has proven disastrous in the past.

          Many meetings with the locals have been held to avoid just this, but any fire fighter or chief can just decide to act differently, and this usually makes them popular in their station house. They should be investigated and held responsible!

          hatzoloh goes out of their way to cooperate with the locals. They even installed a radio in the local stations, so they can monitor the Hatzalah frequency. It is time the locals stand up, or they will eventually loose every bit of corporation. (Hatzalah has state license to operate in the Catskills; with or without the locals approval, so they may as well stop with these adorable tricks.

    10. All these accidents in the summer – I think it is a sign from Hashem – that we should not be Hafker in the summer.

      1) If you go out never drive more of the speeding limit.

      2) Say tafilas haderch.

      3) Put your hand on the mezuzah before you go out – if you forgot to put your hand – you must go back. [This segulah is written in the Tur]

      Well, it dose not cost you a cent, why not try it – and your children will have a healthy father after the summer.

      • You are 100% right, but on # 3 you are right & Wrong . You are right because you have to kiss a mezuzah whenever & wherever, but if you are going out for a trip or so, you are not suppose to go back to the same place that you had left, even though its only to kiss a Mezuzah

        • Yes! you are 100% right, you should not go back.
          [but try to put your hand on a different mezuzah – its a very big sgulah –
          I promise you – if you will do it – you will see and have a safe and good trip]

          I bless all the yidden even if they forgot to put there hands on the mezuzah – they should be in the right hand of hashem all the ways in all the times, [Amen!]
          lets just take a peak on the internet – it gives a lumid zchus for klall yisroel – jews are free from all those dirt, and hashem must watch us fully!.

          • While it is important to put your hand on the Mezuza, to think that this is the be-all and end-all is nothing less than superstition. The key is to be an Ehrliche Yid. There are too many people who think that so-called Segulos are the key to Yiddishkeit. Not true.

            • זה אינו סגולה, רק הלכה, ומקורו בטור יורה דעה הל’ מזוזה וכתב שם אגב מצוה זו יש בו גם סגולה לשמור את האדם, גם מותר לחזור לביתו, כי הענין שאין מחזירים, זהו אם שכח איזה חפץ, אבל להתפלל לה’ שישמור את נפשי טוב לחזור, וטוב לך.

    11. Oops!! While reading about this tragedy on my black berry I nearly hit a kid running across the rd. Hashem yerachem. Drfive safely. Don’t read and drive.

    12. .1the mitzvah of v’nishmartem l’nafshothechem is the lesson we must learn.as an ex-teenager some decades ago,the yetzer hara of getting behind the wheel and ripping away,of course i was an amazing driver,but that yetzer hara was uncontrollable,how i survived my teenage driving is a miracle,and i was careful just under estimated the risks
      trying to be pro active at such a sad time,i am at loss as to how we can reign in teenage drivers
      say they make a takana that nobody under 25 drive in th emountains,is that really reasonable?i was 22 and was in shidduchim while being in the mountains,so is it no driving for me?
      the only thing we can try to do is educate our children on safety but this falling asleep at the wheel is a big problem,we all hopefully do not drink,if we do,we surley do not drive,but we all drive when tired,the question is how tired,there is no tired test,though we all know that one does not just fall asleep,rather his head droops and he catches himself after a few times he falls asleep.this i know from many people who fell asleep at the wheel.when i droop the first time,i am at the sid eof the road taking a snooze or switch drivers,but can we demand that of teenagers/

    13. I don’t understand why everyone has to make inanae comments about such a tragedy. As a mother of teens and older and younger children, my heart grieves for the parents and families of those involved. Boruch Dayan Ho’emes.

    14. Perhaps a little more sensitivity to the bein odom lechavairoi. Its unfortunate that until something like this happens nobody could care less about another human being. Bashmutzing another person means another person means nothing. Sheli sheli vesheloch sheloch is unfortunate standard. The fighting going on over stupidity is rampant in our community. Putting up obstacales from neighbors that live next to each other so that they can’t manuever into their driveways, blocking access driveways, metzaar others while you chap a shmuess with your friend and tell the other person off because they can’t wait, Chutzpa. Where has our consideration for another human being gone??? Its terrible what’s going on. When are we going to realize what’s going on with us?? The eibishter is muhning from us. How many people and families are hurting nowadays? There is such rampant tzoros look at the choilim in and out of the hospitals? When are we going to wake up and realize the way we b ehave one th another is dispicable. Stop just caring about yourself. Stop burying and bad mouthing spreading loshen horo. Start b eing more sensitive to others. Perhaps we should remember to treat others the way we want to be treated ourselves. Then the AV HURACHAMIM will treat us better and have rachmunes on all of us.Unfortunately There isn’t a single family that isn’t hurting or suffering from one thing or another either parnassah, shidduchim health issues. When are we going to take off our blinders and sunglasses and realize what’s going on here. This is the three weeks, we should all stop and think and make a chesbon hanefesh.

    15. This world is not a court. and as one yid to another yid should not be condemning one another. We should say maybe a faulty seatbelt, maybe he had a blow out of one of the tires, maybe as he started to loose control he tried to un strap himslef, find a maybe. Be don lkof zcus u never know what really happened its only yur imagination so try to imagine that he was doing everything the right way. As for us we should listen to dina D’molchusa. And buckle up and shut up. And yes indeed lower yur speed.

    16. Some 1 said here we should do tshuva, we should do tshuva, but the nature of a human being is, that in 15 minutes we all 4get the oy oy, hashem yerachem that we said, so let’s every 1 do 1 good thing leili nishmas him, daven with minyan, have in mind every word, negel vaser, and let’s upgrade our mitzva’s.

      If some 1 does all this stuff anyways, than go up a stage (I’m talking to myself, I’m gonna daven mariv, which I barely do)

    17. This world is not a court. and as one yid to another yid should not be condemning one another. We should say maybe a faulty seatbelt, maybe he had a blow out of one of the tires, maybe as he started to loose control he tried to un strap himslef, find a maybe. Be don lkof zcus u never know what really happened its only yur imagination so try to imagine that he was doing everything the right way. As for us we should listen to dina D’molchusa. And buckle up and shut up. And yes indeed lower yur speed.

    18. Yeshaya Dovid Eckstein Z”L (19), Talmid of Torah Temimah, of Kensington,Ditmas Avenue / E 8th St He, along with his passenger were both in Camp Silver Lake in Woodridge NY. Arrangements are being made now for the levaya.

    19. this is a terrible tragedy for the whole of klall yisroel people should think for a minute how much loshon horah is spoken in the summer months I think people should really think about this matter.
      May Hashem send comfort to the family and may they only know of Simchos.

      • My nephew and the surviving passenger, Avi Greenfield, was just released from the hospital, Boruch Hashem. Other than a few bumps and bruises – he is physically well. He is obviously quite distraught and traumatized – and we should be Mispallel for his psychological Refuah. More significantly, we should be Mispallel for the Niftar’s family (the Ecksteins) who should receive a speedy Nechama. Our family would like to thank everyone (especially Hatzoloh) for their help and Tefillos.

    20. What is sad to me, not knowing those invovled and of course, when tragedy strikes it affects everyone to varying degrees, is that it takes a tragedy like this for everyone to start raising their voices about bein odom lchaveiro, this is precisely the problem – that we need such tragedies to remind us that without bein odom lchaveiro all the daveing and shuckling and learning is meaningless. The klal at large has lost the ability to treat the strangers among us, who are also yiddin – whether of kippa srugah, leather, velvet, whatever – with basic respect. Until we remedy that we will suffer these severe tragedies and I suspect this tragedy may jog everyone for a bit but then we will still go back to double parking and not caring about who we inconvenience, talk bad about this one and that one, and ignore the suffering among us. Ultimately this too will wear off and we’ll be the same lost tribe wallowing in golus.

      I’m not afraid to say that while I hope for the best, this Tisha Bav and the next will be days of fasting and sorrow because I see nothing different that would change that. Until we change we will remain in golus.

    21. What a tragedy. My heart goes out to the families.

      As for the issue of the fire fighters and hatzalah having run ins, no one should jump to any conclusions. There are different levels of EMT training and certification and paramedics have more training and higher certification standards than basic EMT or intermediate EMT. For example, a paramedic can perform intubations but EMT’s cannot. Usually, the first responder with the highest level of certification should take charge. So, for example, if the fire department has a paramedic and the hatzalah has EMTs, the EMT should defer to the paramedic. Same if it was the other way around. I suspect that this might be behind some of the tension between the local responders and the hatzolah. I don’t know how it works in NY, but where I live, the fire departments all have paramedics while ambulances are staffed by EMTS. That’s why you often see the fire department arrive in addition to an ambulance even if there is no fire or risk of fire. Once someone rushes to the scene and the adrenaline is pumping, you are geared up to take action and often no one likes to take a back seat. It can be tense when there are two different chains of command. This is not about anti-semitism.

      • Your most telling comment is that your not from NY.

        The fire department in woodridge is a volunteer fepartment and most likely (based on observation of many of the local volunteer departments) does not have paramedics. The hatzolah respondents that were denied access apparently were medics. Hatzolah makes tremendous efforts to foster good relationships with the local law enforcement and fire departments. But they unfortunately cannot always get through and there are local grandstanders who will try to exclude them when they can throw their weight around.

      • The fire department have no paramedics heck they don’t even have emt’s just a bunch of over bloated anti semites whom can’t stomach the fact that the jews have an infrastructure that next to none and they can’t get there act together

    22. i know a lot about the bochur that was niftar. he had superb ben adam lachevero characteristics. he went out of his way to do chesed for each and everyone of his friends in a unique way. not only was he a great masmid, but he knew how to incorporate his learning into his daily activities. and its unfortunate that such a treasure eas taken away from us.

    23. With all respect to the guys asking who were why. this is just a distraction of the main issue, this is a message from hashem no matter how it happend to all of us brothers and sisters of the kurbunos to tikon hamasim and midos

      • If there was an absence of skid marks, that sometimes can indicate that someone fell asleep. This, of course, is not to blame the drivier. Any of us can nod off. Sometimes it can be due to an undiagnosed sleep disorder that you don’t even know you have.

      • are you nuts?! this has nothing to with the mountains! the bochur A”H fell asleep at the wheel and may have not been wearing a seatbelt! the driving age is perfectly fine what it is now and its illogical and unreasonable to change it in the mountains

    24. Yeshaya Dovi was special. His parents are very special people. All his siblings are all very special. Hashem took back a very special neshama. Who knows when a car rolls over many times, if in all circumstances a seat belted person, can yet still be ejected? The circumstances are irrelevant. It happened and we all need to reflect on the loss and Klal Yisroel should be spared from these tragedies. We have suffered more than our share of tragedies. May we be zocheh to yeshuas and nechomos and Moshiach in our times.

    25. Baruch adayan Haemes! why doesnt everyone stop arguing on here as the first zechus for Yeshaya Dovid Eckstein Z’L. this is a big tragedy and there is no need to fight or argue about that ! all we need to stop these terrible tragedies is mashiach and the way to bring mashiach is to stop all this sinas chinam and the urge to fight! lets hope this type of thing never happens again! a big necahma to the Eckstein family.

    26. There was a call Friday night in the catskills with a half way down to the city to columbia Pres. Hosp. And this boocher Eckstein Z”L since he was the EMT at camp Silver Lake was responsible for that kid so he went to bring him his Tefilin and was up with the kid all trough today when he left the hosp. to get back to camp and nebech got killed

      • that is the most bitersweet thing i ever heard! hashem yirachem!! how can it be that such a sweet bachur who does such things for other people was taken away from us? we need more of these type of people like habachur Yeshaya Dovid Eckstein Z”L and less of these tragedies!! baruch dayan haemes and may we be zocheh to see moshiach very very soon!! i hope that the Eckstein family has a big nechama!

    27. i know shaya eckstien z”l he was a true ben torah and bal chesed he lived his life to serve hashem and klal yisrael and although his title was emt at silver lake he was much more than that he was silver lake he helped everybody do anything and we cannot just start speculating why this happened because hashem runs the world and everything he does is for the best all we can say is today klal yisrael lost a very special bochur named shaya dovid eckstien z”l we should see no more tzarus this summer only simchas and moshiach bimhera biyomenu amen

    28. Any negativity you’ll find here is not the result of hate, arrogance, or anger — it is simply evidence of the extreme distress and worry all Jews feel when tragedy strikes within our family.

      Maybe the comments make it seems like we’re fighting each other. The reality is that we’re all members of the same large, loud family of nervous, loving siblings, reacting to the anguish we share following the loss of our beloved brother.

      Mi K’amcha Yisroel!

    29. Shaya dovi- you were a special neshama. You learned the lesson of chessed at your home. Your parents home is THE address in kensington for anyone who needs a favor, a nedavah, or a sympathetic ear. You spent your final hours on this earth preforming chessed. Comforting a bochur in the hospital. A bochur who would otherwise have no visitors for all his friends were up in the catskills. Your rosy countenance is outshone only by the ziv hashchinah which you are now enjoying. I have no words of comfort for your dear parents. May you be a meilitz yoisher for them, for your siblings, your chaveirim, and for all of klal yisroel, who are so much poorer having lost you.

    30. dear brothers & sisters we are all responsible nothing iz to blame & nobody is 2 blam e this & all tragedies mean something. hasem wants our tfillas & tears we all have to b mesakin our behaviors, hakodosh borech hu . is demanding so he took a dear korbon, mes echod min hachburo yiddagu kol hacheburo, dear menahalim you must stop this kind of hefkairos every summer the bochurim have 2-3 months chofesh called hefkairos here and in israel. what is this a yeshiva bochur needs a vacation????????hayishoma kozas yeshiva chachme lublin had off????? whats going on , the bochrim wander around all over hashem yishmerainu. its enough to b off on yomim toivim, a bochur belongs in bais hamedresh, gemora kedushin, habeteilo maviah leedei sheumim h.y. rashi states 2 meanings to shumim. so dear bachurim lets be mekabel on us to stop with the bittel torah . its the biggest tikum 4 his nashoma if we all do teshuva. tikun hamasim, ubila hamoves lonezach umocho hashem dima mikol panim veyibone bais hamikdosh bimheiro we all b zoiche.

        • i m not disrespecting nobody i know as a rabbi whats going on , u havent got the slightest idea in the field of tshuva do u learn sifrie mussar everyday , i didnt comment about the niftar, i am b.h. doing more for what u call judaism then u mr. i think you should go to shul daily and keep your mouth shut until after the tefilas and leave not by talk politics, etc and have a shiur chok velo yavor, why do u attack baalei mussar your ears probably cant take it , hashem yerachem oleinu veaal kol yisroel bechol mkoumos sheheim,

    31. BD”E.
      Here is my point of view on this.
      We all have been teenagers, we all have done all nighters espacially on motzai shabbos, we all have driven without seatbelts, we all have driven tired and said I’m fine I have a few more miles/minutes to go, and we all went a bit over the speed limit. And yet our children are not told enough how dangrous each of these things are, and when you combine them all together it turns out to be deadly.
      So this should be a lesson for the teenagers, and us the parent’s as well.
      May Hashem comfort and be with these families at this difficult time.

    32. Dear “Reb Shaya” Z”L,
      We spoke to each other numerous times throughout your last day on this world. I had asked you for a favor – to lend me your car so I could pick up my son who was arriving from Israel to be at the camp. You offered to go pick him up from JFK after finishing up at the hospital, but then you reminded yourself that you had to deliver an EMT course that evening so I said I’ll get some other car. I don’t want you miss the EMT lesson. You said that if I didn’t get another car you would go and pick up my son and would deliver the EMT lesson another time.
      Well, “Reb Shaya” I didn’t have any idea that you probably didn’t sleep motzai shabbos and yet you still offered to pick up my son from the airport! I know you truly meant it and this is a case where Hakadosh Baruch Hu combines your thought and makes it into a deed. So it’s as if you really went and picked up myt son- you have that mitzva.
      I got someone else’s car that was not in such a good mechanical condition and called you at 2:00pm. I thought maybe we could meet somewhere along the way- you coming towards the catskills and me going to JFK and maybe exchange cars- since I had a doubt that the car I borrowed might break down. You said you were just entering the Brooklyn Battery tunnel and I shouldn’t worry about X’s car. “you’ll make the trip in peace”. Thanks for the Blessing, Shaya, I wish I would have said “Amen and same to you” but Hashem’s ways are blocked from us.
      I recall ,once, overhearing you admonish your younger brother in camp for not learning enough. Such was the responsibility you shouldered. You kept the learning seder and set an example for your brother.
      Here is another Zchus for you – You told me about your father’s weekly Torah parsha page. I Would like to sign up for his weekly email. So the weekly Torah will be L’Ilyui Nishmatcha.
      I was glad to have known you. Please be a Melitz Yosher for your family and the yeshiva and for your friends and for all of Israel.
      Maybe everyone on this list can take upon himself a small thing to correct, – to be more careful in shul about talking, to say Brachos from a siddur, to say brachos just a little bit slower, a little more cavanna in davening, holding back from answering an affront…, holding back from listening to gossip,…

    33. from the times herald record..
      “Eckstein was thrown at least a hundred feet from the vehicle and landed on the roadway, Williams said, even though his seat belt was buckled.
      Eckstein’s passenger, who also was wearing a seat belt, was able to climb out of the SUV.

    34. Why is a 19 year old boy, in a camp, permitted to drive on the country roads? Haven’t we experienced enough tzoros, r”l,in previous years with young, inexperienced drivers at the wheel? Where were the adults who were responsible for these two bochurim?

    35. To #40, Avrohom Abba.
      1. First of all, BDE! To the grieving family: Hamokom yenachem eschem, B’soch aveilei Zion V’Yerushalayim. And the surviving Bochur should have a Refuah Shelaima Bkorov Mamesh.
      2. Do you honestly think that when a parent sits in the vehicle, front or back, that they can control the UNATTENTIVE DRIVER?
      3. Responsibility on the road must start much earlier than quick lessons while riding along.
      4. It is LEIDER a fact, that drivers under 24-25, mostly, tend to be RISK TAKERS, much more so than the rest of the driving population.
      5. There must be a VERY GOOD REASON why car insurance for under 25, is almost non-existant or costs a very high Premium! SOMETHING MUST BE DONE SOON, TO BE MATZIL OUR PRECIOUS NESHAMOS!

    36. i did a case study on the ford explorer in college, and from my study i concluded that the ford explorer was a dangerous car from day one. the roll-over rate was terribly high; the car was built extremely cheap so that ford can earn high profits. even though ford did not receive bailout money do you think they chutzpah in the first place to ask?

    37. Drop the blame game. boruch dayan haemes and hamakom yenacheim is the only thing to say. these are good people. The niftar’s parents are the finest of people. I hope they don’t see the judging harsh words of all these people that jumped to conclusions. If this incident will surve as an example to your child to show caution when driving, it is a mitzvah to use it. But get off your blogging soap box if you just want to hurl manure at a fine ben torah!

        • Please think before you respond. you clearly didn’t understand my post (135,136.) If you reread it, you will see I made no mention of seat belts or any other kind of driver error. I said NOT to play the blame game. I merely mentioned that this tragedy, as any, could be used to inspire people to be more careful in every way when it comes to driving. I lost a friend in the suburban crash 22 years ago. I never looked to place blame. However, I think the incidents should be brought up if it could prevent more tragedies, rachmona litzlon.

          • and I lost a 22 year old nephew that i loved very much in a car accident. Hashem has HIS plans. Sometimes they hurt. But now I understand what you mean. Thank you for clarifying.

    38. People should have a bit more of sense after every year hearing the same tragic news I heard from a great mekubal in yerushalayim rabbi Yitschok Meir morgenstern that a lot of these tragedies happen because of the Internet chevra keep yourselves strong and always be happy

    39. No one can actually bring complete peace and nechama to the family except for Hashem. However, i thought it might be a good idea to eventually inform the family that you (or anyone) are giving tzedaka in memory of the niftar. Or, to create a gemach fund (account) in memory of the niftar and to allow the family to manage the account. I don’t know but this might bring some sort of closure and peace to the family.

      May we only hear b’suros tovos.

    40. for all you hockers:

      today the other boy in the car came to be menachem avel. guess what he told us? shaya dovi (his name is NOT dovid) WAS WEARING HIS SEATBELT and DID NOT FALL ASLEEP. it was clearly yad Hashem!

    41. I was a good friend of the niftars he was a yekki and a tremendous ba’al chesed. But his chesed overshadowed his learning- he was also a tremendous masmid. Hashem Yeracheim


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