New York – A Request To Our Readers – Posting Comments


    New York – The goal of Vosizneias is to be a positive means of growth for Klal Yisroel. Our readership needs to engage the issues, discuss them respectfully, and hopefully the products of these discussions would be fruitful to help improve Klal Yisroel, even one or two people at a time, for the better.

    VIN News realizes that at times our comment section does devolve into a mean-spirited forum, with name calling and behaviors that, quite frankly, are embarrassing. Many of the comments are well-reasoned and thought-provoking. In fact, many of the opinions that are so negative and filled with a mean-spiritedness, could very well be a catalyst for critically reviewing the positions we all hold – if they were expressed with a little bit more dignity.

    After much reflection, VIN News has decided that the rancor, name-calling and disrespectful statements are counter-productive to our goals. Vosizneias, therefore makes the following three requests:

    1] Let’s try to keep all aspects of normal decent communicaton – no disrespecting, and degrading anyone. We all know what we have to do.

    2] Let us keep the tone of the emotion level down. Cooler heads must prevail. We must distance ourselves from Kaas – anger – betachlis harichuk – with the essence of distancing. This is what chazal tell us. Let’s keep to it.

    3] Let’s try to act more bekavod-dik of people. Everyone is a tzelem Elokim. Let’s reflect that in every post.

    Let us also bear in mind that VIN News is read by over a dozen major newspapers. It is like having an open microphone in the back of shul. So please, a little kavod, a little respect, and a lot more maturity.


    1. Absolutely no personal and/or ad hominem attacks against any group or individual

    2. No gossip, slander or defamation

    3. No links to external sites—no links whatsoever, active or otherwise, will be published

    4. No words in CAPS

    5. No multiple posts of comments

    6. No profanity, vulgarity or any foul or inappropriate language

    7. No user names communicating any agenda, opinion or message (i.e. “Smash Chasidim”, “Let’s Liquidate Lakewood” or “Orthodox are Hypocrites”) in any form, regardless of quality of comment.

    VIN encourages and appreciates healthy comment and robust debate. Please argue sensibly. Please post thoughtfully. Please reply to comments intelligently. Do not use slanderous and/or emotional words, derogatory names and insults (i.e. “moron,” “idiot,” etc.)—any such comment will be deleted immediately.

    VIN is not responsible for any comments posted. All comments are moderated. All comments posted are solely the expressions of opinion by their posters, whether anonymous, named or using pseudonyms. Please contact VIN at [] if you feel any comment is inappropriate.

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    1. Thank You.

      Everyone for the sake of our religion that we hold dear, for the sake of our brothers and sisters we treasure, for your own (!) sake.

      Please keep to the rules.

    2. serious question… I am a frum yid but I am 100% opposed to Israel’s existance. No I am not NK or Edah but I hold to similar hashkafah like Satmar and many Orthodox Litvish do. Am I allowed to express my views against the state or not? Do you just want achudus, achdus?

      • personally, i would appreciate if you did not express your views. there is really no way that this opposition could be constructive. for example, if there is negative news in israel, think of the Jews that it effected individually, rather than the state of israel and the zionists, etc which people tend to blame…

        as an american that gave up everything to settle here in the west bank, as difficult as it is, knowing that there are fellow jews that don’t support me makes it harder. i am here because i believe in something strongly, and I am a Jew just like you. so i will keep my opinions low key if you do too! 🙂

      • I have NEVER actually MET anyone who is FRUM as you say you are who held your view…still wondering WHY and HOW you can not LOVE Israel? just wondering, not a judgement, mind you. And I used capitals to show my amazement 🙂

    3. Kudos to mgt of VIN .. U are 100% correct! Issues should be discussed without “personal attacks”. However, Capital letters is not so bad as some people type in capitals by mistake. It is the job of your censors to make sure that these principles are adhered to.on a 24 hour basis.
      Issues can be debated , with adjectives, on a respectful basis.
      VIN will certainly lose a number of rebel rousers who enjoy the debasing of others especially chassidic people. Some writers are very angry people or apologtic shekotzim who use this forum for their anti-chassidic feelings. Or the do gooders

      who scream Apikores- u are a poshe yisroel.. Both of those comments should be banned as u suggest. Even the so called tzdikkim use antagonistic verbeage.
      Let’s see if VIN can live up to this responsibility which every reader should applaud!

      • Yes, I agree too. I have a suggestion tho. I use caps not to shout at people but for emphasis. Can the web master come up with an alternative for adding emphasis? Maybe I’m just ignorant of web etiquette.

    4. Great, I had many comments the were not published without explanation, at least this will give us a bit of a guide….

      And I 100% agree with this guidelines.

    5. אוי, ענדליך ענדליך, עס האט שוין לאנג געדארפט קומען, די הערות דא זענען טיילמאל ארויס פון יעדן נארמאלקייט, מענטשן וועלן זיך אויף יעדן פאל אננעמען פאר די אנדערע זייט כאטש עס איז נישט קיין שום צווייפל אז עס קומט פון שנאה צו אנדערע. וואס איז נייעס איך בעט אייך, גענוג געווען, יישר כח גדול!

      • Ok, not every reader of VIN is fluent in reading Hebrew/Yiddish. evne when you transliterate to English some of us don’t know what you are saying. Some of us have no Yiddish whatsoever. Please translate or if that is for some reason forbidden, please give a synopsis of the thought otherwise why bother?

    6. Wow! I have gr8 respect for you & thank VIN for taking the courage to take a stance against this much needed long awaited (by me & I’m sure many others) setting some Rules & Morals to the way we post on this site.
      It was hurtful to read so much Hate Mongering that was going on between ourselves. I heard after a Jew was sentenced Guilty a few moths ago that the Judge said to the guys attorney referring to VIN Posts “What Do You Expect When People From His Own Community Trash Him Even Before They Know The Facts!”
      Yes VIN is that Popular! Many people from out of the Jewish Community read it.
      The time is right for some Ahavas Chinom now B4 T’Sha B’Av for all of us to do the right thing.
      Give People the benefit of the doubt.
      Loshon Hora Applies Even When The Facts Are True. Let alone when we don’t Know the facts First Hand. (& 2 Wrongs Don’t Make 1 Right)
      Thanks Again VIN

    7. I happy to see that VIN is taking this mater into there hands finaly. I just wish you could shut down the whole comment section and only report News.

      • BARUCH Hashem i have been asking you to do this for as long as I have been reading your blog. Thnk you We will be able to accomplish so much more. I am sure that Hashem is shepping Nachas and the angels in heaven are smiling. That is everyone but the Yetzer Hora

    8. I applaud your essay and guidelines greatly. However, I always wondered why VIN didn’t censor and omit the offesive inappropriate comments. I hope everyone sticks to this new spirit.

    9. very good point that this is an open microphone. sometimes I wonder how we allow the out side world to have a field seat in terms of info into the “heimisha hulech yeilech” which is unprecidented and perhaps ibrig. remember what chazal say “mili besela shtika betri” . there used to be what’s known the “black wall of silence” and it was unbreakable, now we hand it to them on a gold platter.

    10. I think these rules are a great idea for VIN. People are getting fed up with all the ridiculous comments people post. Readers will begin to take your seriously when there are sensible conversations taking place.

    11. Yesher Koach! First, I want to ask mechila if I have offended anyone on the board, or created a chilul Hashem by my postings. Second, thanks to VIN for helping us to be more polite to each other. Finally, I hope that it will be with the merit of the achdut between the Chillonim and the Haredim, Chasidim and Litvish, and MO, that we will be zocher moschiach tzidkeinu b”bm!

    12. This is a move in the right direction. I think that aatention must be made to the headlining of posts as well. A number of them are written in a deragatory way. In addition care must be taken in deciding which source for a story is used. Often there are a multitude of sources available and the selection of the source can be ndicative of bias, often negative which can increase the amount of negagtivity that is engendered as well as the comments that result.

    13. first of all i want to thank VIN for their great service for all the readers, feeding them non-stop news and info.
      You are 100% correct about the comments, 1 Suggestion – add an option on each comment to report it if its offensive.

    14. i just said yesterday that we have to keep our mouth clean. calling someone with nivul peh names doesnt help. its just ruining yourself. i guess vin read my comment and took it siriuosly. its about time.

    15. The name calling stems from the ability for people to act like “cowards” where they can hide behind an anonymous post and even a bogus email address. Most of the people that do such things, I would venture to say, would not if they were forced to identify themselves. I appreciate what VIN has done. And, I guess I look to the comments sometimes to see how wacky people can be with their anonymity.

      Thank you VIN behind the scenes people. I know how hard it is to run a good web site. May Hashem bless you with good things.

      Shumuel from (Passaic) NJ — I’ll identify myself. I’m not scared and I won’t insult anyone.

    16. I suggest that contributors be required to post with their names. If in fact you want to have a well thought out, productive and meaningful blog – rather than a “rant”.

      I suggest that if people have to be ready to be a accountable for what they say, many of your concerns will take care of themselves.

      For the advocates of free speech, I believe that free speech gives everyone the right to stand up publicly and communicate his or her thoughts. However there is no notion of free speech that affords people the right to do so anonymously or demand the right to do so on a moderated blog..

      • I agree Mendel. Unfortunately, in the blogosphere there is nothing to stop someone from using an alias, an incorrect addres or a fake email address. Sometimes anonymity can help bring sensitive topics to light, such as sexual abuse, child abuse, spousal abuse, etc. and allow people to discuss the fact that problems exist and how to address them.

        • Meaning no disrespest to you, please notice that your response (that does not contain any of your proposed exceptions) is still ananymous.

          While I understand the points you raise, I think that on balance we still need to hear from people who are ready to stand up for their convictions.

          Regarding Aliases – I leave it to the VIN staff to set whatever standards are needed to reasonably address your comment.

          • Mendel: It was anonymous because whatever name I posted would be meaningless since on the internet posters can make up any name they want to, which was what I was trying to get across. I have no idea if you are Mendel Zilberberg just because you use that name, or you really are Moshe Zilberman or Rivka Green or Elvis Presley.

            • Those who choose to Hide behind a false bravado have their reasons, but generally speaking, they actually have something to Hide and unless they have explained Why…I give the benefit of the doubt before realizing they are nay-sayers.

        • See my previous comment. It is precisely those sensitive issues, those that need to be taken seriously, that call for posting the identity of the opiner. An anonymous post on a serious subject is not worth taking seriously. Anyone can claim, anonymously, to be the victim of abuse and, I’m sure that many such anonymous claims are made simply to add spurious strength to the poster’s opinion.

      • Thank you for following my example. You are right. If you’re not willing to take personal responsibility (or blame) for what you say or write, you should keep your thought to yourself

    17. A blog that is collectively doing teshuva!
      Mi K’amcha Yisrael, Goy Echad Ba’aretz.

      Thank you, vosizneias for helping all of us to move in this direction!

      • FYI – Simple solution to that : for all that have a problem with spelling install Google’s’ “Chrome browser” it has a spell checker though not the best….but will do.

    18. To those who object to the anonymous name id- u are wrong because many people do not want others to know what their general views are on subjects and that is why most blogs are without real names. Secondly, anyone has a right to decide what they find “acceptable” on their forum and to establish their own guidelines.
      If u are their forum , they have a right to publish what they consider offensive because it is their turf not yours. The question of free speech applies to things VINS editors
      may say offensively not to the guidelines set for ALL comments submitted.

    19. Thank You VIN b.t.w.Rule # 18 please dont use my name “big masmid” when you are posting, it’s misleading to people who actually know who “big masmid is.

      • Hi big…. Me too, people once in a while use my name , please unless you are both cool and a masmid , don’t use this name. Big see you soon for night seder.

    20. I invest effort to post clearly, respectfully, and with reasonable grammar.
      I blog to have a voice, and to help others to understand some of the challenges that are faced by people in situations similar to mine.
      As a survivor of abuse and subsequent depression and anxiety disorders, I thank vos iz neias for allowing me to post without my real name.

    21. I applaud the request, from now on we expect all to respect each other, and not jump to conclusions of always finding guilt and faults at other people or at entire communities, this was the most provocative issue besides fro name calling.
      I deeply apologize if I ever offended someone by name calling or by any direct or indirect insult.
      should we be zoiche to the geula son.

    22. Please all friends keep in mind:
      Sometimes a post/comment can be so sarcastic and teasing much more than calling names.
      Lets avoid being dan lekaf choiv, and throwing guilt at people reportedly “accused” on a crime or “alleged” crimes, lets give people the benefit of the doubt. This will make the VIN forum a much nicer site, with a calm and pleasant atmosphere.

    23. This is outrageous! We have finally found an outlet where we can rightfully express our opinions, without being shunned, and now you are muzzling us!
      What is the problem that you have with free speech?!

      • Menachem: The rules are not so much about what you say, but rather how you say it. You are free to start your own blogs if you don’t like the VIN guidelines.

    24. We have to be aware that the ramifications of anything we put on the web is truly on the world wide web. And a web can definitely entangle. I wonder at the vitriol sometimes and the lack of giving people the benefit of the doubt. I think if we all gave just a small measure of withholding judgment against people and giving others the benefit of the doubt – kaf zchus – we would not even need guidelines.

      This measure is important and I hope that it does not come too late for people who suffered as a result. (ie the Rubashkin family from Iowa who suffered tremendously) by those who viciously and sometimes ignorantly attacked them, even from rabbinic podiums, etc.

      Kudos to VIN for setting a new standard in Jewish blogging.

    25. I think VIN should adopt the policy that is used by many other responsible blogs, and require all posters to be registered. Discontinue the “anonymous” posting. That way, if a poster continues to make obnoxious comments, that poster can be blocked. By further limiting registration by IP, will discourage the disgusting practice of “sock puppets” in which one poster pretends to be multiple people.

      On other blogs that require registration, the quality of conversation is much better.

    26. Dear Editors: I am wondering if it is a wise policy to collect and post every article about a jew allegedly breaking the law or getting into a zoning dispute. Putting aside the recent NJ arrests, many of the stories are very local in nature and normally would not get much press. Any anti-semite or a not-yet frum yidden who is researching on the internet can easily stumble on this site and there in one place is negative story after negative story. It really gives the wrong impression about the jewish community
      I realize its a fine line to walk between providing the news and not wanting to white wash things, but please give some consideration to limiting what you publish.

      • I respectfully disagree (especially under the new posting rules). VIN makes it so easy to find all the daily outrageous behavior by yidden. Where else can we get our daily fix as to which ehrleche yid was arrested. I’m sorry, the problem is not VIN, the problem is that too many yidden (both frum, MO, and “secular) have lost their focus on the ethical behavior that historically has always made yiddeshkeit a “light to the world”. VIN only reports the news…they don’t make the news.

    27. Kol hakavod, VIN. May your worthy goals be accomplished in adopting this policy. What better time to launch this than right now, shortly before Tisha b’Av, when we can use all the zechuyos possible! Behatzlachah!

    28. While I agree that we should be more sensitive to others, I hope VIN will not be censoring the comments. I think the reason for the belligerent name calling is that many of us are not educated to be civil with others. Every group or sect believes that they are Superior to all others. We don’t respect people who disagree with us or are different than us. However; people need to take responsibility for them-self. It would be unjournalistic for VIN to get involved in cencership

    29. I agree with you but I disagree with your so blatantly posting negative adjectives to a group of people in your #7. After all, you’re not about to list all the inapppropriate words not to be used. As you are entitled to censor what gets put in and what stays out, I believe that by omitting indecent comments those submitting them will get the message.
      Please make sure to also edit comments with grammar or spelling mistakes so severe as to be almost incomprehensible. Perhaps writers should first run their comments through a spellcheck system and then post them in this forum.
      Concerning someone’s quarrel with the use of capitalizations: I took an online series of college classes which clearly stated that capitalizations are not to be used (they equal “yelling”), neither are expressions such as LOL, abbreviations such as gr8 (great), profanity, or anything constituting disrespect towards the instructor or fellow students otherwise points will be deducted. No reason not to stick to that rule here.

    30. while you are correct that the commenters have a responsibillity, please do not shirk your responsibility of posting only constructive and sensible things that will not be marbeh anti-semitism.

    31. Please consider adding to your list calling any other person a Nazi, unless they really are a Nazi like the guy who was extradited to Germany to be tried for war crimes or members of ne-nazi skin head groups. I am appalled at how frequently and loosely that term is tossed around by some commenters — against other jews and people they disagree with but who clearly are not nazi’s.

    32. I agree with your decision. I have been concerned about the posts here, especially when I know that newpapers and other media read this site and quote it.
      I also think you should ban violent remarks, like _____should be killed, or let’s turn _____ (country) into a parking lot.
      Thank you.

    33. B”H. I had gone from being disgusted, to being embarrassed, to being afraid of the consequences, and was about to take VIN off my reading list altogether, although I appreciate the news…..One question, do you know whether you have “flamers” on this site? (I think that is what they are called– people who write inflammatory comments just to stir things up, and they may not be at all related to the group). Sometimes it was so heartbreaking to read how Jews were slamming each other at the slightest provocation, and even without provocation that I hardly believe it can be Jews doing this!!! Maybe some of it came from flamers…….

    34. All I can say is ‘Kol Hakavod’. I have long been a believer of respectful speech.- It is not only what you say but how you say it. Now, especially before Tisha B’av, this is an auspicious decision. May VIN see much Bracha from these new standards, and may all of Klal Yisroel enjoy a respectful and caring relationship with one another and ahavas chinam!

    35. To the comment of registration- Comments have to include their email although the posting is anonymous.. To the comment of names- Many people are shy to say things in public or afraid to show they disagree in views with family members or their Rabonim. Therefore almost all blogs use alias’. it is to give people a chance to participate who might be introverted or afraid of familial disputes.
      To the one who worries about censorship. VIN missed many “abusive comments” made by all sides of an issue even calling people kofrim etc etc. Now all kinds of abusive verbeage can be blotted out if it does not meet VIN’s standards not ours!!
      They should have an ABUSE button on every comment posting(as other services do) for people who find something abusive not controversial!

    36. To No. 63 and 66: I am not blaming VIN at all. I’m not saying let’s shoot the messenger. But I think we have to consider what putting everything negative in one place does. Sure there is some positive news, but if you knew nothing about jews or the jewish community and started reading VIN daily, what impression would you get?
      (Granted, some of impression comes from the comments. If people follow the guidelines, that might help a little.)

    37. The first “Bais Hamikdash” was destroyed because of 3 sins, 1) Gilu Aruyos, 2) Avoduh Zuruh, 3) Shefichas Dumim.
      The second “Bais Hamikdash” was destroyed because of only 1 sin, “Sinahs Chinum”

      The “Talmud” teach us accordingly, that “Sinahs Chinum” & “Machlokos” are worse then the first 3.

      In today’s days, we got Cheders, Schools, Yeshivahs, Kollels around the clock, someone who wishes to “Shteig” has an opportunity like never before, it’s easy to get a hold of any Sefer he/she wishes & with so many translations, that if a kid hustles he can finish for his “Bar Mitzvah” Shas! & in time for his wedding, a Dayan! No exaggerations.
      In today’s days, we have either a Bais Hamedrish, Bais Hakneses, Shtiebel, literally on every block in almost every Yiddish neighborhood, no need to wander by horse & buggy for hours every Monday Thursday for Kriyat Hatorah.

      In today’s days, we got Hatzoloh, Shomrim, Bikur Cholim, Chaverim, Boney Olam, Tomchay Shabbos, Chevrah Kadisha & its numerous offshoots, Chesed & its numerous offshoots, ETC… Whose only goals are to help out in need, Anyone! Anywhere! Anytime! Free,

      Yet in today’s day as we are yearning more then ever for moshiach to come, we seem to have forgoten one thing, “Bain Udum Lachaveiro” the prime cause of withhold of our third Bais Hmikdash, we are not Dan our fellow brothers & sisters Lcaf Zechus even when its hard to do, Loshon Harah & Rechilos is as easy as a sigh, we are using secular courts against Halacha without conferring a prominent Rav, Mesirah today is just another days work, we tend to find excuses for everything we do to make it right, no matter what the outcome, sometimes we need to go the extra mile, & do “lifnim Meshiras Hadin” & be M’kayem the “Shev V’al Taseh Adif” so Moshiach can come, we seem to constantly win the battle against each other with Heteirim & Usurim (Example. This organization is a “Mitzvah” NOT to give any money ETC…) yet we are loosing the war, Moshiach is not coming!

      Today, in those days, VIN has done a great deed that if adhered to the rules by everyone, will certainly bring Moshiach closer, with all that is going on, we look up & scream “Hashem!!! How many more are you taking up to you, until you send the “one” down????” How long can we take it, certainly not that long, in the 9 days, to the committee of VIN, there is no better time, for that step that you have taken! Knowing that 1000’s of eyes view your site every hour it should be a guidance for others to follow, on & off the web!

      Let Hashem be with you & help you whenever needed, & together we should welcome Moshiach Tzidkeinu with the Bais Hashlishy in the background Bimheiru Byameinu Amen!!!

    38. It disturbs me very much to see that some posters (mostly “anonymous”) use VIN to promote ideas that are against halachah and against common sense for the survival of Klal Yisroel, such as advocating “birth control” and family limitations for financial reasons. This is their “one size fits all” problem solver, even though the goyishe velt and non-frum Yidden acknowledge the severe consequences of population decline, not to mention that it is kefirah mamash.

    39. Thankk you sooo much for this gr8 act, and I hope all of us obay this rule, and I ask everyone to please contact the mods if any1 is still going with the old rules so they can stop it again, the only way are voice is heard is by sending a messgae for VIN as I did about this matter
      Kol hakovod

    40. thank you !!!
      perfect timing!!! a day before tisha b’av,,,,may you be a catalyst for much ahavas yisroel!!!
      evert word you wrote is emes!! Hashen is surely very proud of you !!!
      the loshon hara was out of control….
      may we all be zoche to greet mashiach tzidkeinu bimheira biyameinu Amen!!!
      may thursday become a yom tov!!

    41. I agree with the sites policy….as I do …I would encourage others to use their real first name…if not for the dangers of posting ones complete name on the internet I would be more than glad to have my full name appear.

    42. Every website which allows anonymous commenting eventually ends up with this situation. Human nature is such that anonymity allows mob type behavior. Just because we are Jews doesnt change this. Here is how other sites deal with this problem:

      1 Allow anonymous comments but have moderators who scan for postings which are against the rules and remove them.
      2 Require user registration and allow anonymous comments. Completing the registration process requires a real email address and confirmation. Registered users who cause problems can be given a time out or a ban. Anonymous comments can be allowed but given lower priority, like a 5 minute posting delay before they appear on the site.
      3 Keep things as they are and this will come up again. And again. And again. Etc.

    43. Many commenters posted regarding freedom of speech. I did not read all the 90 previous posts so it is possible someone already made this point. The first amendment to the constitution reads, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” The first word is “Congress.” The Congress is barred from making laws abridging freedom of speech. Individuals, such as VIN may make whatever policies they wish to abridge freedom of speech on their own private website. I applaud VIN for a decision that will benifit their readers and the public in general.

    44. This statment was necessary for a long time. The loshon hara, gossib, evil speech on the comments section was really embaressing. Completly misreflection of the jewish news site. So many ppl gave negatives feedback over this…thx posting this, hope ppl will respect it

    45. As someone who is aquintance with tall the major newspaper around the world, let me say that the comments in VIN belong to the most disrespectful, embaressing and arrogant I encounter. Topics that bring forth the most disrespectful comments, are converts (!!!), non jews and antizionism. The comments relating to those kind of articles are often really a shame. Specialy regarding convert, I asked myself often why does anybody converst when reading it. Interestingly the topis is one that dealt with in the Torah so explicit and clear that someone is left wondering. VIN is a great newspaper, excellent articels a joy to read, and if the comments could in future relfect the holiness and excellency of the jewish peopl and it will be able to serve far greater means then “just” telling news. May it be a reflections if the righous of the jewish ppl, light for all, non jew and jew.

    46. May you go from strength to strength! I sat here reading your guidelines saying “Wonderful!” “Boruch Hashem!” over and over. We all have opinions but we also all ought to have the maturity to express them respectfully.

    47. i think it’s wrong that you’re censoring – i understand you want to keep your website constructive but there’s more harm in censoring than there is with someone being called a a dummy…

    48. I just finished reading a very long, very vitriolic thread, and I’m so happy to see this post and most of these comments! Discussion is great, and there’s no reason why we can not keep it civil. In the zechus of our effort in this area, may we merit to see Mashiach very soon!

    49. re: # 4
      “Stupid judge. Rabbinical courts never interfere in criminal matters, and the community just might know something about the so-called victims that you don’t know.”

      “Stupid anonymous commentator.” Child sexual abuse >is< a criminal matter..

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    51. I moved out of Bklyn 20 years ago and it was the best thing I ever did. I was born there and frankly, no one in the neighborhood was an American Jew like myself any more so the place was hostile and alienating. Most chilling and saddening were those of our religious community who would not speak to or relate in any way to anyone not dressed like them. They would nearly jump out of their skins with fright if I said hello to them. So much for the warmth of Yiddishkeit. When I left NYC I left the shetyl/ ghetto and am happy and praise HaShem for my move.

    52. I live in Melbourne and I many Lubavitcher friends. Yes people in the video are mishigoyim but their kids learn in the local school!!! Chabad are turning off somer of their own people. For example there are now Lubavitcher families sending their children to the local litvishe and chassidishe schools because they have had enough. At least they won’t be exposed to crazy ideas that create this mishigas ( and kfira).

      • And I think this is a perfect example of what VIN is trying to erase…off the cuff non sequiteurs like this, that are just designed to inflame, offend & insult. Good job, “poshiter yid.” Now I will refrain from responding & ripping you to shreds because I WILL obey the rules. Not easy in the face of blatant provocation, though.

      • Spellcheck is great, but it doesn’t know most Yiddish/Hebrew words. Please use Word though, it really does help & makes it easier for us to get your message without having to wade through what doesn’t make sense & try to de-code.

      • Do you also consider someone who was raised Ultra-Orthodox and Adores Israel yet is no longer ‘orthodox’, “Goyim”? It is the mindset that creates this Michigas!

    53. America is becoming a place where an intelligent dialogue about anything to do with the word “banker”, or “Jew” is expressly forbidden. And anyone so utterly low, shall not speak these words, or they will be visited by the ADL Secret Police and promptly be hand-cuffed and escorted to a Gulag or concentration camp to be either gagged for life or killed.

    54. Silly:

      Don’t you know that Glatt Dairy means that the cows go to the Mikveh.

      Maybe they will have a treif meat flavor from the stuff that Tal sells in its
      NY bagel stores

    55. Its all about Emunah! Dont judge anybody especialy jews, only Hashem can judge and most important especialy in difficult time You must remember “every thing in life is done buy Hashem for Good and only good even when we can’t under stand in heart felt situations and lost. Please remember many bad situations were from hate,and loshon hara,this is what has to stop!

    56. Many of the objections voiced by Sarid would leave an ignorant person like me tongue tied. Because Yair Hoffman took the time to reply, I am better educated in the Torah than had he ignored Sarid as you suggest. It is sometimes the most impassioned opponents who become the most devoted allies. The opposite of love is not hate but apathy. Our opponents do us a favour by forcing us to articulate what we believe. It clarifies our thinking.If Yossi Sarid did not exist, we would have to invent him.

    57. If a wealthy womans or her family want’s to support a man in Torah study that is up to them ? but I do not see it as a matter for the rabbi or matchmaker to press . Torah study should not be used as an excuse for lack of duty but it should be used for general learning of faith and how to bless G-d and people , it is for instructions in rightousness ! . If we can truly learn how to love G-d and others the law will be fufilled ! . I am age 52 and I am a single divorced Jew a Levite Priest Desendant who got married without my faith to 2 differant gentile woman , it did not last very long , 2 and 7 years . Now I see that G-d’s way is right and that my way was wrong ! . G-d is the only G-d and He is also the gentiles G-d, but I am a Jew always in my heart and for me it was wrong for me to marry a gentile woman . There is good and bad in almost every religion and we all need G-d to spiritually discern things for us. That is why we must pray study and meditate upon G-d’s Words ! . I can understand the womans frustration with the Rabbi and the matchmakers ! , I had some Rabbi frustration when I was training and serving as a Levite Priest . We Jews must always Have our Faith in G-d !

    58. Well, they don’t call it the Daily Rag for nothing. It’s amazing journalists don’t see how inflammable their language can be…but trust me…they are happy people are reading it as they are losing money everyday. But continue the Boycott, folks. This New York tradition as seen outlived its usefulness.

    59. Mechalel Shabbos are bibi and lapid and the Israeli army, the NK are frume Jewish people (all signs are carried by Shabbos goim), we spread the Thoroh Hashkofa in the world, saying we Jews don’t support State of Israel we are in Golos till Masiach comes as the Satmer rabbi used to say State of Israel don’t talk in behalf of Jews, the two Satmer rabbi’s are busy in court fighting about their power therefore NK has to do this Masiras Nefash.

    60. Trump is a builder !
      Trump doesn’t need to be an expert on all issues
      He needs to have a black box of experts who can advise and implement his decisions
      The republicans won house and senate and didn’t keep one of their campaign promises!!!
      The party should back Trump if they want to “Make America Great Again!
      Shame on them for having no dignity and no integrity!

      Americans are not so dumb after all-GO Trump go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • I agree, however, many people have fabulous ideas but English is not their first Language. There are those who are simply ‘Trolling’ and actually Hate Jews.

    61. viN u just got 133 comments 99% POSTIVE How come it took u so long to learn about the chet of L H. Untill I see the next week that ur clean i won’t believe you. Lets see signed chaimumovesbekoiachhaloshon goldberg

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    63. Of course, the rules aren’t that comprehensive. A lot of things that Educated Archy complains about being against the rules are not actually.

    64. At the same time, both Archykins and Tricky Foxy Yoni have broken rules on occasion, but that was the time that nobody complained.


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