Jerusalem – Charedim Distribute 500,000 ‘Blood Libel’ Booklets over ‘Child-Starving Mom’ [PDF]


    Jerusalem – Charedim have intensified their campaign against authorities over the case of the woman suspected of starving her three-year-old son, printing 500,000 copies of a booklet entitled, “Blood Libel” just before Tisha Be’Av eve.

    The 16-page booklet, refers to the “Axis of Evil” of Hadassah Hospital, police and welfare services.

    It also contains pictures of police rounding up haredi protesters, with the question: “Doesn’t this remind you of Iran?”

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    The booklet was being distributed ahead of an expected indictment of the woman. It also said that the timing, Tisha Be’Av eve, was not coincidental, explaining that since ultra-Orthodox Jews don’t read any joyous material during the fast, the chances were high that the booklet would be widely read in haredi circles.

    The booklet here PDF

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