London – Israeli Charedi Arrested In Airport Accused Of Drug Trafficking


    Sniffer dogs at London AirportLondon – According to information obtained and verified by VIN News with London Authorities and the Court., Mr. I.A.Z. a 37-year-old charedi man from Israel was arrested early this week at Heathrow Airport on suspicions of drug smuggling. Early reports indicate he was caught upon arrival in London with seven kilograms (15 pounds) of cocaine in his possession which is alleged to have been strapped onto his body.

    Mr. Z. who lives in one of the charedi towns near Jerusalem, traveled to Brazil last week and then continued to London.

    His arrest was discovered when his regular driver waited at the airport for hours, but Z. failed to arrive. The driver reported his absence to a well-known London askan, who soon learned that Z. had been taken into custody by local police. Since then rabbonim and askonim in London have been working to secure his release.

    Mr. Z. has a wife and children in Eretz Yisroel.

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    1. Day after day more and more arrests.

      H” is telling is all something here. We must all work on ourselves. If you are committing crimes for any reason, just stop. There are other ways.

    2. What was this guy thinking?
      Could he not have learnt his lesson from the three in Japan?
      By the Meraglim, Rashi says their sin was worse, by the fact that they did not learn from Mirriam who spoke Lashon Hara (Ra’u veloi lokchu Mussar).
      This guy, even if he was set up, is in the wrong. (The Torah says so)!!!!!!

    3. What I do not understand is why so much effort is being expended to try & free this man. 7 kilos is a drug trafficker. Strapped to his body, not even in a false bottom suitcase. So he really had full knowledge of what he was smuggling. What kind of spin are we going to put on this one. Im sure that someone soon will pull out the “anti-semite card. When will we learn to accept responsibilty for our actions.

      • Drug mules are rarely the traffickers. They aren’t so stupid as to get caught like this. On of two possibilities: He did it for the money. Then no sympathy from me. He did it under duress (nice children you have there, shame if anything were to happen to them). Then he is totally innocent (morally, certainly). That doesn’t usually happen to people completely uninvolved with organized crime, but he may have taken a loan from them or something similar that exposed him.

        Dan Lekaf Zchus is a Mitzvah, and being Choshed BeKesherim is an Aveira too.

        • of course he is totally innocent. he was told that what he was taping to his body was antique seforim..and he was sleeping when he taped it to his body.. it wasn’t really his body. it was taped to an undershirt and he just put on the shirt. his wife mixed up his undershirts.. no no it was his goyta… etc. I hope that this story is not true. I hate to go to another asifa for pidyum shevuim…

    4. Maybe Israel was the final destination, but no different. I would also like to point fingures accuse prosecute be judge & jury & pass a verdict of guilty & hand down a sentance.
      However all the evidence I have is this blog. BTW I don’t even know his name, I guess on that, I will just have to see what happens as the dust settles, and not point fingers & condem.
      Are people so desperate? Or are they trying to make a quick buck?
      Is it possible that some may have lost all in the stock market & are meyuashim, & looking for a way to make it back?
      On that note I really feel there was a lot of Goldman Sachs & government involvment in the market shake out, small retail investors & pension funds were robbed & worse. [JMHO] Some very high ups in the government were & are to balme, so they need a few Yidden & Rabbis to arrest.
      Unfortunatly this has happened throughout golus.
      Somone once showed me a quote from Reb MB Weissmandel, that it is possible that the Polish Yidden had a choiv to pay the Goyim, [seeing they were moreh heiter at hard times] & nebach paid with their money & lives where as the German Yidden who didn’t rely on those heterim, in spite of the rishus comming from their own country most got saved & many even saved all or part of their belongings.It was a footnote in an English printed yiddishe book.

      • You need a refresher course in history. I was in the Lodz Ghetto and there were Jews from Koeln, Berlin, Aachen and myself from Vienna. From 5,000 Viennese Jews 34 survived. It had nothing with heterim. I worked with a Jewish man from Berlin who are chometz Pessach and came to this country in 1938. It had to do with having a sponsor who will issued an affidavit and you quota number from American consulate

        • The heteirim was just a quote not my own & it wasn’t referring to one dor of heteirim, doros of heteirim.I wish someone would refresh me where it was quoted.
          I will not argue with Reb Michael Ber, nor will I argue with a Lodz Ghetto survivor.
          If I find it , BL”N I will post it so you could look it up yourself.
          I do remember who showed it to me inside.

    5. Askonim should not try to procure his release. Drugs lead to addiction and death. If he is guilty, he is arguably a rodef. Do not waste community tzedakah on those kinds of people. Let the system make an example out of him.
      Additionally, this adds fuel to the arguement that children need to learn an honest parnassah-which of course was always obvious.

    6. Maybe he fell asleep and did not realize he had 15 pounds of cocaine strapped to him. Lets judge him fairly………the bottom line is, do not smuggle. Enough trying to make quick cash, start working honestly and set a good example for your family and the rest of the world.

      • Maybe he didn’t plan to sell the drugs, or he planned to use it all for himself. or maybe he thought it was something else, or maybe he was just kidding, or maybe he just wanted to see if he’ll get cought, maybe he’s a goy disgised as a jew, etc. im just kidding 😉

        • Maybe a few hours before tisha ba’av isn’t a great time to be making jokes, expecially about a yid who’s kids are about to grow up without him, r”l, because of his own tipshis.

          Yisroel, af al pi sheshoiteh, yisroel hu.

          • May i know from you, If you are saying that we are a few hours from Tisha B’Av & giving Mussar to other people that now is not the right time of making jokes! May i know what are doing on the Computer Altogether now? Take something that you aloud to look in before Tisha B’Av &&& do not be on the Computer

      • “Yoh”! You are right 100% that he should sit jail .Who are you to Pasken, who should sit & who not, May i know that? If you can say that on him, Then you must not bebetter in other things. Only a person like you can say such things. Did you ever think about “ACHDIS”? I GUESS NOT. THEREFORE THINK ABOUT ” ACHDUS” & THEN YOU WILL TALK DIFFERENT . Ah gitten Chodesh & a Gezzinta Zimmer

    7. I don’t know where the story that askanim are trying to free him comes from. The case will have to go through the due process in the courts. Askanim are looking after his welfare. Yisroel af al pi shechoto – yisroel hu!

    8. well here we go again another mot arrested and of course some will say he is not guilty of any crime he was just trying to feed his family, where are the rabbi’s major organizations to come out and say enough is enough maybe adds in major papers will open some eyes, have an easy fast

    9. People doing those thing are herting klal isreal we have to understand when
      a chridi jew is dealing drugs or simmalair unleagal busness it goes in the press
      big time look only last week the press was full almost only with rabbis arrestet
      not with the mayers or the other polititinns so we have a risponsibility to do kosher busness we live in countrays that any legal bisness is pormitet to any jew why do
      we have to do this kind of busness

    10. The high standard of living of the chareidim is the problem. Everybody suffers here in a chain reaction from rent to food. Nobody cares for the other, just for their pockets. Charging high rents, creating problems for new couples who just start out. Forcing them to go for Govt. subsidies, but they can’t get approved since there are no slots in the neighborhood. High standard of wedding halls and furniture.

    11. This is far different than the boys in Japan. This man knew that what he was strapping to his body was something illegal. Does he deserve any help from the community?


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