Washington – Weiner Told Not To Use Yiddish in Congress


    Washington – Rep. Anthony Weiner let his passions get away from him just now, reaching back to the old country (Brooklyn) for some language in arguing for a single-payer health care system, and inveighing against insurance companies.

    “We’re not going to take hundreds of billions of dollars a year and give it to insurance companies who give us bupkis,” Weiner said, veins bulging.

    That prompted a gavel from Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Henry Waxman and a joking rebuke.

    “The gentleman will speak English,” Waxman said.

    Below YouTube from the debate, at the end of video Weiner says Bupkis

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    1. Waxman did a masterful job getting this bill through the Committee late last night before the adjournment for the summer recess. While there are many needed changes, he was able to hold together a bare majority of the Democrats on the Committee and keep the legislative process moving. Wiener’s yiddish is probably at the same level of fluency as the latin phrases typically invoked by the Republicans.

      • I amazed at the ignorance of so many Americans on what is happening in countries such as Canada. The problem with it that for 10, 20 years (after socialized medicine comes in) it looks good, and by the time you notice the huge problems it is too late.

        My friend fell on the ice (in the winter) went to the hospital motze shabbos at 6:00 pm and waited in the emergency room until late Monday afternoon(!!!), when she was discharged WITHOUT being treated, and told to come back FRIDAY for an EMERGENCY CT scan for her leg. (It was fractured)

        And this is standard. People wait in emergency for days and days here. Do you know why? The hospitals are dirty, overbooked, understaffed, have a shortage of diagnostic tools – because the government has cutbacks have shut more than a dozen hospitals, encouraged early retirement for medical professionals, and penalized hospitals by underfunding if they overstep their meager budgets.

        And, oh, income taxes here are the highest in North America and consumer tax is 15-17% depending on the province.

        The grass in not only NOT greener on the other side, it is just plain sick and withered.

        • True. And these hospital were world class, world renowned, pioneers in major breakthroughs, research and treatment in the 1970’s before the government took it over…

        • My wife and I spent a Shabat in Toronto recently and she met another Jewish family physician. He described life as a primary care physician in Canada and it is *so* much better than in the US we were ready to check out how one might emigrate from the US to Canada. He NEVER has to worry about whether he gets paid, or whether his patients can afford the treatments he recommends. He NEVER has to argue with an HMO. He doesn’t have to worry about whether his patients can afford the drugs he prescribes because the costs of drugs is regulated.

          And the bottom line is that Canadians are healthier and longer-lived than Americans.

          • To Charlie Hall

            I have a brother who lives in Montreal Canada. He recently got an infection and the Dr. Told him he has two options either he goes to an old doctor which they do not recommend but he can see him immediately or he can go to a good doctor but there is a 5-6 month waiting list. My father added him to his insurance plan and he drove back to NY and he had it taken care immediately by a good NY doctor.

            My brother tells me that the pediatrician for his kids is only open each month till the 20th of that month. They have a quota of how many patients he needs to see and past that’s its a waste of his time.

            Its a common occurrence that hospitals will notify the public that please do not come to us we are overbooked.

            • Right On! My pediatrician retired, and I have been unable to find a pediatrician for OVER ONE YEAR now!!! There just are no doctors available here, the government pays them bubkis and they all move to the states!!!!

              If I have a problem, I take my kids to the emergency and they have to wait 6-8 hours to be treated!!!

    2. Still trying to prove he’s Jewish.
      There are other ways, Anthony. How about marrying a Jewish woman? Then you won’t have to bore Congress with Yiddish words.

      • WOW, just wow… So are you saying the man isn’t allowed to be jewish just because he isn’t marrying a jewish woman? Are you a jealous woman or just an insecure man? Whatever… Reply, don’t reply; I just had to say something… Exactly what does falling in love with someone out of your religion have to do with your own identity? Maybe he just used words that came naturally to him? Maybe? No, your kind must always put every last one of us in that perfectly neat box you assigned… Please think before you post, please for all of us. You make us look bad.

    3. I dont get why these shvenslach (Yiddish word) have not figured out that govt healthcare DOES NOT WORK for all those things they are saying. They have farshtupta kep (more Yiddish). It seems they walk around like a tzibel mit der kup in der erd un di fis in di hoych (more Yiddish)!

      All govt healthcare has ever done in other countries is make it WORSE across the board. Instead of bringing up the system, it brings healthcare down to the lowest level. Govt involvement means the end of private insurance because YOU CANNOT COMPETE WITH PEOPLE WHO PRINT MONEY!

      All govt healthcare has ever done in other countries is cause them to raise taxes which is why in countries like the UK, France, etc, you pay taxes thru the nose. Some people drinking the Obama kool-aid think only the rich will be taxed but that means two things:

      1. The rich get poorer so the “rich” line is moved lower

      2. The rich pay more in taxes so they are not hiring which means LESS JOBS or even more layoffs which to Obama is good because he could then put these people on the govt program

      BTW, if our heatlhcare is soooooo terrible here, why is Chris Dodd having his surgery in an American hospital. Let him go to Canada or the UK for treatments?!! Or was there a six month wait in those countries???

      You people need to wake up! This is your liberty and freedom which is being messed with here. They will find reasons to tax everything in the name of “health.” They will deny services (remember Obama saying that old women should take pills instead of getting a needed pacemaker – who the blank does he think he is to play God??!) because the “risk” (read: money) isnt worth the investment.

      This happens all over the place and it WILL Chas V’Sholom happen here if you dont wake up. You need to call your Congresspeople and let them know THIS MUST STOP NOW! They work for the people and the people are talking so they BETTER LISTEN!

      • (1) France does not have a government health insurance plan.

        (2) “The rich” don’t hire many people themselves other than domestic workers. Consumer demand is what drives the economy; when demand is up, businesses hire.

        (3) Sen. Spark Matsunaga went to Toronto for cancer treatment even though as a member of the US Senate he was entitled to free care anywhere in the US. Health care in Canada and most of Europe is as good or better than in the US, where hospitals face desparate staffing shortages, housestaff who earned their medical degrees outside the US, and near bankruptcy because insurers won’t pay the full cost of care even for those who are insured (and nothing for the too many Americans without insurance).

        (4) The US has now fallen behind Bosnia in life expectancy. That should say something.

        • For the first time I read a comment instead of hysteria. Yes, you are right Austria and Germany have Krankenversicherung and Italy has assicurazione medica and all three provide excellent medical care. For all these fine capitalists German Krnkenversicherung was instituted by Fuerst[duke]Otto von Bismarck and not a leftist

    4. Let Weiner come to Canada and use our abysmal single payer system and he will begin to understand the word ‘bubkis’

      6 month wait for MRI 3 month wait for CTscan, impossible to find a family doctor, because they all went to the states, so you use the clinics hoping that you stay healthy…

        • The fact is -our medical system is the best in the world. Don’t try to discredit this fact with longevity statistics. I’ve had this argument with you many times before. If you tackle the whole system not just what’s broke, you will make our system equal to other systems. Ever here of Liam Neeson? His wife died because she was misfortunate to have hurt her head in Canada. Most places in the US have a trauma system in place.

        • i dont think your “fact” is true but even if it was, you cant compare the 2 countries. we treat people for illnesses when they come into an ER. Canada, UK, etc., will see if the govt will pick up the cost. If there are SPECIFIC issues with healthcare that there is a “need” to address, they could be addressed. To make turn it over like S’dom is illogical!

          You have someone with ZERO executive experience other than 150 days in the Senate and you are letting him play doctor and G-d. What the (word removed) is wrong with you people???????

          Ayzehu Chochom Ha’Roeh Es HaNolad ….. seems like too many people posting are far from chachomim!

      • Why go all the way Canada – just go to the nearest HMO – simply get denied by your insurance company – see, simple and you don’t have travel to Canada.

        • Stop joking! I don’t know of any HMO that would deny an obviously needed medical test, but in Canada they don’t deny it either -they just put you on a waiting list -sometimes for months. Now there is definetly a problem that we order too many tests. The AMA has a solution to this problem -we need tort reform. So if the clinician doesn’t order every test under the sun and it turnred out to be something that wasn’t probable, he can’t be sued. But the liberal gov. doesn’t want to recognize this and they keep trying to push their communist ideals on all of us. I hope they aren’t successful!

      • Why go all the way Canada – just go to the nearest HMO – simply get denied by your insurance company – see, simple and you don’t have travel to Canada.

    5. The reason why Democrats such as Wiener support such terrible ideas is very simple: Because such politicians care essentially about one thing – their own power. They get their power from votes. They get their votes by supporting programs that their constituents will benefit from. With most of his constituents being Democrats (many being low-income households and/or minorities), they stand to benefit most from anything that the government takes over and doles out. Hence, he has no choice but to support it.

    6. WEINERS mother isnt Jewish. Anthony usually is a roman catholic name. He is married to a Muslim as of a few weeks ago. Is he confused where his priorities should lie?…. but he seems like a nice guy just like obama, but nice guys…

    7. so many happy rich jews here. health care in the u.s. is expense. also when u need medication its a fight for months . going to the phramecmy is a pain b/c u have to pay the $400 for meds. and the hostipal sends u $45000 bills the insurence doesn’t want to pay. because they felt like not paying.also u can only go to certain doctors and others u have to pay $300 to go to. I need a scan I have to 20 pages filled out before I can have the scan and pay 3 different doctors just so I can have thescan. the u.s. health care system is not good millions of people aren’t on any health care plan because they are way to expense. and people can’t offord anythng.overall the system needs to b changed .. to wat mybe sometime of mix between our system and the u.k or canada system.

      • sorry but you make no sense (at least the parts I was able to understand).

        I have Blue Cross and for the most part there isnt a problem with payments. If you have Shmay Drei Insurance Co thats your problem and as a consumer you SHOULD look elsewhere. If over EIGHTY FIVE PERCENT of the country is happy with their insurance you DONT change it to so’hu va’vo’hu for the other 15%. Lets honestly look at what some of the issues may be and we could possibly deal with them.

        Be honest with yourself… Govt hasnt fixed anything EVER and they wont do it this time either!

        • I wonder if you have parents in this country or in Israel. If you have and they are receiving Medicare benefits this is a government program and if they are retired and live in Israel then they are receiving social security benefits which are not paid by the CATO institute. Government has fixed that you have clean uncotaminated peanut butter and that your meat is checked by government inspector yes, even the glatt

    8. Regardless if you are for or against health insurance reform the Yiddish word Mr. Weiner used refers to a bodily discharge[euphimstically] and it is widely used due to ignorance.

    9. Guys, the problem is clearly that there is massive profiteering within certain parts of the health care system. As an occupational therapist I can show you how the money spent allegedly for rehab. is supporting a massive scam.

    10. 21, “bupkis” means “beans” or “something worth very little.”

      You gotta love Charlie’s attitude. So what if Canada’s system is good for doctors? Who cares about them? The system there stinks for patients, who are, after all, the most important thing here, except to Charlie in his ivory tower, not practicing medicine and caring only for his profession. Typical of socialists, breaking their eggs as they make their mythical omelets.

      • I love my Canadian healthcare system. Don’t know what mythical social omelet you’re talking about? I have a problem; I have a vast choice of solutions put at my disposal. And stop calling it ”Canadian” it is not a federal run but federal suppervised system. Each province has different systems, so it is even better. I laugh when I see ”Canadian” system, it doesn’t exist, well except maybe for public servants for the Federal government; which I assure you, are a small group! Nothing to base an opinion on…

    11. Shame Shame on Henry Arnold Waxman. He claims to be proud of his “strong Jewish identity”, yet this self-hating Jew wouldn’t allow a single expression in Yiddish.

      Imagine this scenario: Hispanic Congressman Dennis A. CARDOZA lets loose an innocent word in Spanish, and Waxman shuts him up saying “The gentleman will speak English!” Hah, What an outcry we would hear for that! What a backlash from the crazed liberal MSM! That would certainly mark the end of Waxman’s political career. But since Waxman’s Jewish, no one will accuse him for racism, antisemitism, or any other ‘ism’s for that matter. No one but me, that is.

      Shame on You Rep. Waxman! You’re a nobody! A Jew without roots! A Jew who’s ashamed of his past, of his own heritage! Of course you’ll make good use of your Jewish ancestry whenever it’s politically beneficial. But otherwise you’ll put it aside, and pounce on anything and anyone which dares remind you of it.

      A Chutzpah and a Shandeh!


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