Woodridge, NY – Fatal Accident Near Camp Morris


    CSE and Hatzalah on the sceneWoodridge, NY – Hatzolah volunteers BLS and ALS units are on the scene for a child that got struck by a truck on Old Falls Road by Wortzman Road near Camp Morris underneath the bridge.

    The 5-year-old boy was in traumatic arrest but has succumbed to its injuries and passed away.

    Police say the midsize single-axle truck was heading east when the boy ran out into the road and was struck. Officers say he was killed instantly.

    Authorities say the boy’s family were summer residents of the area and were staying at a camp.
    Chesed Shel Emes orking on the scene.

    The child has been identified as Dov Ber Levitan, a”h, son of Rabbi Shmuel, shlita, and grandson of the gaon Rabbi Chaim Ze’ev Levitan.

    Hatzalah on the scene
    The truck that struck the child

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    1. This is truly so sad, parents don’t realize that there children feel because they can run around a camp or bungalow that they can run around anywhere freely. I recently experienced my child running into the street in brooklyn, I didn’t know what to do, they are too young to understand the difference of a bungalow or the “real” streets. Please please be careful and watch every step your child makes, we don’t have any other choice.

    2. Nos. 11, 8 and 6. Please hold off on giving advice. We don’t know what happened. This might not have been preventable. Maybe the child was on the side of the road with an adult and the truck skidded off the road in the rain.
      This is an unimaginably horrible time for the family and is not the time for second guessing. I’m sure that whatever adults were in the area are completely devastated and guilt ridden even if it was not their fault.
      If there are specific things to learn from this tragedy, that will come in due time.

    3. What difference does it make who the PT is !? If you want to learn or say Tehillim Hashem knows who you are talking about.

      And to the BIG SAFETY FREEKS who write how, I know this isn’t the time but you really have to keep an eye on the kids….. If you have zero heart and no compassion for a mishpocho and can’t understand the Tzar of a family that just lost a child I have 2 words to tell you… And it’s not Fire Truck !!

    4. its really scary.. this world. A boy is gone and the stories don’t stop.. please everyone! utishuva, utifilla, utzedaka maaveerin es roa hagizarah. Rosh Hashana is so near..

    5. 5-year-old Dov Ber (Dovi) Levitan Z”L, a son of Reb Shmuli Levitan Monsey/Lakewood, and an Einikle of Rav Chaim Zev Levitan Shlita (Mora D’asra Bais Yosef Meir, Olympia area of Monsey, NY), and Rav Moshe Scheinerman Shlita (Mora D’asra Khal Bnei HaYeshivos, Flatbush)

    6. BD”H, Terrible tragedy. 5yr old Dov Ber Levitan son of R’ Shmuel Levitan. Grandson of Rav Chaim Zev Levitan Mora Dasra Bais Yosef Meir, Olympia, Monsey and Rav Moshe Scheinerman Mora Dasra Khal Bnei Hayeshivos, Flatbush. Levaya tomorrow 12pm at 19 Olympia Lane Monsey at grandfather’s shul. We should only hear Besoros Tovos.

    7. A young child was just struck & killed by a vehicle in front of Camp Morris in Woodridge, NY.

      Eyewitnesses tell us that a truck struck the child just underneath the bridge/pedestrian walkway, R”L killing the child instantly.

      Catskills Hatzolah was rushed to the scene, but there was nothing to be done to save the child’s life.

      Misaskim Units have been requested to the scene, as well as Fallsburg Police for an investigation.
      Petira of 5-year-old Dov Ber (Dovi) Levitan Z”L, a son of Reb Shmuli Levitan Monsey/Lakewood, and an Einikle of Rav Chaim Zev Levitan Shlita (Mora D’asra Bais Yosef Meir, Olympia area of Monsey, NY), and Rav Moshe Scheinerman Shlita (Mora D’asra Khal Bnei HaYeshivos, Flatbush).

      The Levaya will be on Thursday at Bais Yosef Meir (Rabbi Levitans shul), 19 Olympia Lane, Monsey at approximately 12 noon.
      Boruch Dayan Emmes….

    8. # 18 thank you! this is not the time for parental advice shame on # 11, 8 and 6 for being so judgmental. You’re comments were completely inappropriate! May Hashem help this chashuva family through this incredibly rough time.

    9. 18 & 24: Advice is always helpful, not one of them seem to be giving mussar. This is a tragedy that can happen to anyone, children are very innocent and can run anywhere in the bling of an eye.

    10. Thank you to the heroic volunteers of hatzolah and chesed she’ll emes for their grueling work at the scene of this horiffic accident without all the fanfare and pictures that you’ll here about tommorow on other web/news sites

    11. Why are we yidden always such “yentas”? who is it ?, who is the grandparents?, who was the driver?, how did it happen?, jewish company?,was the child in the road or did the driver go off the road? My question: what possible difference does all this questioning make? leidige yentas…….

    12. as previous neighbors of the parents and niftar, the parents are special, caring and loving parents. A five year old can run out from anywhere even between two cars in the city ,even though all parents warn their children evrey single daynot to run in the street. There is only one rational answer to all the questions ,This is rotzon hashem and that is all there is to it. May the niftar be a meilets yosher for all klal yisroel and ask hashem for mashiach to come swiftlry and hashem should be misnachem his parents, zeidas, bubbies, uncles, ants, siblings, cousins , freinds who are presently in shock of the great loss of this little precious neshamela.
      Freinds From Lakewood – Whispering Pines

    13. Baruch Dayan Emes. It’s a terrible tragedy, and may the family have a Nechama. However, finding out exactly what happened, without putting the blame onto anyone, may be a good idea, so that IY”H a similar situation can be prevented in the future.

    14. R’ Shmully Shlit’a is one of the most special people i know. And my family davens in R’ Scheinerman Shlitas shul. More caring, devoted, down-to-earth, learned, happy, parents and grandparents are hard to come by! May Hkb’h give them the strength they need in this most difficult time & may Klal yisroel know no more of such Tzaros.

      • if you have ever had the opportunity to meet him you wouldnt say that. he is a very very very special man who is involved all day and a good part of the night helping people. sometimes people that he doesnt even know. drive by his house late late at night and you will find his lights on and people coming and going. he makes himself available to all.

        • That makes him a baal chesed. Someone to emulate. Not a godol. The problem with our generation is we decide who is a godol and who is not. woe is to us.

          • Who cares?? A 5 year old boy was killed and here you are arguing over whether or not his grandfather was a gadol or just a baal chessed? This family is going through something NONE of us want to ever even think about going through-respect them enough to leave opinions that are really meaningless to yourself. Woe is to you that you cant think about anything more thoughtful to write than his grandfather isn’t godol. So sad…..

    15. Everyone is “nice people.” My dear friend lost 2 children in a tragic summer accident. I know how it feels for FRIENDS, if not for the family. So to dear friends of this family, I really do understand YOUR pain. Some things we friends can’t get over, and you too are suffering. I can only imagine the level of devastation the child’s parents, siblings & grandparents feel. My heart breaks. HaKodesh Baruch Hu has to come through & bring us the ultimate Yeshua. Baruch Dayan HaEmes.

    16. This tragedy is totally unrelated to the goodness of the parents or the grandparents. This happens every summer in the mountains inspite of warnings of caution to guard what is dear to you. We hear of drownings and death by car every season.

    17. the malach hamaves once complained to Hakadosh Baruch Hu that he would be the least popular malach since he would be to blame for all deaths. The reply he was given was that he shouldn’t worry so much – no one will blame him, rather they would find someone else to blame. As soon as a death occurs, the bloggers here tend to show that they make this maysele true by blaming parents, counselors, grandparents and all others instead of making the bracha “baruch dayan haemes”. Yes, we need to be careful. Yes, we have a mitzva to protect our lives. But no, it is not in our control, not death and not life.

    18. Oy Rebbe…I know we haven’t spoken since 9th grade since my tattee visited your mother-in-law in the hospital, and the only time I saw you was last week at the Gluck levaya, and I wasn’t able to talk to you…..I wish only brachos on your family for the much chesed and gadlus you have shown me and klal yisroel


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