New York City – Dentist Offers To Patients Option ‘Kill The Drill’


    New York City – A Manhattan dentist is offering panicky patients a handheld device that will let them stop the buzzing immediately with the press of their thumb.

    “It cuts off power to the drill,” Dr. Martha Cortez said of the newly patented “Dental Button.”

    Cortez, a specialist in “dental phobia,” said the $1,700 device is mostly aimed at relieving anxiety and fears that may stem from childhood.

    “You have a drill going, and it may be hurting because the numbness wore away, or it may hit an area too close to the nerve,” Cortez said.

    “What do you do? How can you tell someone to stop when you have something in your mouth?”

    Cortez plans to start offering the button this week.

    “I’m going to call a patient who has canceled gum surgery twice in a row” to ease her fears, she said.

    Dentists estimate that 80 percent of patients will never press the button, which is mainly aimed at giving them a sense of control.

    “If they have a high anxiety, they will burn through the anesthesia faster,” Cortez said.

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        • Modern dental drills are electric, not turbine driven. Common brands are NSK, Kavo,Star and so on. Additionally a mechanical switch would cut off an air driven drill just as easily. You’re right, you don’t know everything 馃槈

    1. All I can say is gevaldik..from someone whose beyond petrified of dentists this is mamish a m’chaya. Why didnt they come up with this zachen a long time ago.

    2. All the years I have been going to the dentist, he told me to raise my hand when i had great pain and then he would stop working immediatly.
      So it doesn’t have to cost a dime!!
      Someone is really making money off this baloney.

    3. i have the biggest fear of drills in my mouth, esp. since novacaine wears off pretty quickly on me/ i’ve closed my mouth while the drill was int here 2 times i wish i had this button thing.

    4. I wish my dentist just had good hands and knew how to drill instead of these stupid devices. To find a good dentist is very hard because a degree from a fancy medical school doesn’t mean a dentist is good with his hands.
      What if a crazy patient turns off the drill every 3 seconds, the dentist will not have patients for him.

    5. I would like to know if their is a dentist that can fix my teeth with out using a drill at all, or to give me a full anesthesia and fix my teeth in one shot, because I am sick and tired to go back on and on to the dentist, and I got from all this dentist pains a “dentist phobia” that when ever my teeth hearts me I just take tunes of painkilers

    6. this button wouldn’t be the best idea for me, i would press that button all day long, i hate the drilling, i always said, i wish there would come out with something instad of a drill, and instad they should come out with some cool ideas, instad they just came out with a button that could stop the drilling!!!

      give it another 2 – 3 years!! wait and see!! you will say for your grand children that you remember that i went to the dentist they numed me and drilled me with a reall drill!!!


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