Chicago, IL – Girl on Bike Fatally Struck by Vehicle


    Chicago, IL – A 5-year-old girl riding her bicycle was struck and killed Sunday evening by a vehicle backing out of a driveway from a West Rogers Park alley, police said.

    The girl, Ester, the daughter of Avi and Nechama Kenig, was riding her bicycle in the 6100 block of North Sacramento Ave. at about 5:30 p.m. when she was struck by the emerging vehicle.

    Ester was rushed to St. Francis Hospital in Evanston, where she was later pronounced dead, according to the Cook County medical examiner’s office.

    The driver, who remained at the scene after the collision, had not received any charges or traffic citations as of late Sunday, police spokeswoman Antoinette Ursitti said.

    The Chicago Tribune errored in reporting that an Autopsy will be preformed, VIN News has confirmed that the body has been released for burial.

    U/D 7:45 AM
    The Levaya will be held at Waldheim Cemetery at 1:00 PM

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    1. Dear Avi,
      may hashem give you the strength to overcome this tragedy and you should see only simchas and nachas gezunterheit and we should rejoice with moshiach bemheiru beyumeinu.amen.
      esty the little time we knew you will always remain in our memory forever. you should be a malitz yosher for klal yisroel.

    2. People should try as much as possible to back into their driveways or alleys (since you can see better what’s happening on the sidewalk when you are on the street) and drive forward out of driveways or alleys so you can see a child coming across on the sidewalk. Think about it!

      • That’s a very important point, I do the same.
        Also, it’s good to honk as you come out of your driveway also since even going forward you might not H’VS see a small child running by but a horn will hopefully alert them or an adult with them.
        And always go slow when going in and out. I have seent o many people just pull right in to their driveways without slowing down.

        • Actually, it is the law to STOP at end of alleyway AND yield to pedestrians and children riding on the sidewalks (legal if they are under 12 or 16–can not recall the age limit). It is NOT legal to honk. So, STOP–at end of alleyways and at stop-signs!!!

    3. update:
      Mary Mani, 64, of the 3000 block of West Hood Avenue was issued two citations following the incident which happened about 5:30 p.m. Sunday in the 6100 block of North Sacramento Avenue, police News Affairs Officer Gabrielle Lesniak said.

      Mani was cited for failure to stop when emerging from an alley and for failing to provide due care for a pedestrian in roadway, Lesniak said

    4. yes this avi kenig is from 43rd street.
      this nechama KENIG is victor katzs daughter.
      avi is sitting shivah in new york at 3219 ave k
      i know avi very very well-like a brother, he loves his kids more than u could imagine he speaks to them every single night if you know what i mean.
      it will be very hard for him and us the rest of the KENIG family to forget about her.

    5. May Hashem give this family the strength to deal with this terrible tragedy. My heart goes out to the parents of this little girl. May they know of no more sorrow.
      Please Hashem, send us Moshiach now.

    6. avi is the best father u can dream off may hashem give him strength to go on !!!!!!!!
      my heart goes out for him .
      God’s ways are mysterious, and we believe that everything happens for a reason. Burich dyen hu’emes.

    7. Oy Avi, Avi!

      So much tzoras – how can we even fathom to understand the loss of a child in such tragic circumstances. And such a devoted loving father who went through fire for his kids. Hamakom yenachem eschem b’soch sha’ar aveilei Tzion V’Yerushalayim.

    8. I think that the driver was backing up way to fast!becuse at 2 MPH she would have only gotten hurt,so he must of been going 15 or 20!people!slow down when backing up!
      there’s a shtarka sentence they say-“it’s better to lose a moment in your life then your life in a moment”!so drivers-remember that a car is like a bullet and drive carefully!
      don’t change the station or the track in the middle of the road,rather wait for a traffic light!ETC-hamevin yovin!

      may hasem be menachem them btoch sharr avely tzion veyerushalaim.

    9. Avi I am so heart broken about this i know how much you love your son and daughter! I worry for you every moment you suffered enough already hashem should bring healing to your heart
      may you know only happiness from now on

    10. The mother Nechama is a wonderful mother and our hearts should go out to her. May Hashem comfort her and her family!
      Esti was an adorable child and I can still picture her beautiful smile and energetic personality- all credit to the wonderful way her mother raised her.

    11. I am sorry that it happend in our community. we do ave a lot of things to think about.
      there must be somting were doing wrong. or maybe we should check our mezusos. a 5 year old girl that dies from a car accident is not somthing we hear about every day. and i dont understand why the father the brother and the other family members had to come to chicago to clean the blood from the scene of the accident as i heard.
      and i dont uderstand why someone had to call the cops at them and follow them as if they are the biggest criminals. all they came for was to nebach bury there friends daughter.
      im sorry familiy kenig for the treatment you got while you were here from some people. i hope you know that not everybody in the community felt that this kind of behaveior was necessary.
      our hearts are open to your family.
      i wouldnt want to be in nechamas or avrohms shoes.
      for two lovely parents who cared so much for there daughter as we saw and heard the cries of the father by the levaye. these cries were from the heart as you all saw and heard.
      we should never have to bury another child anywere in the world!
      love forever a mother of five.

      • i dont understand what ppl are busy with all i know that that a little girl was killed and i dont understand who was busy with making problems for the famly on the day a father came to bury who are these ppl do these ppll know that rosh hasana is this week are there rabbis in that place or the rabbis are the ones that called i am shure it was not on the mothers head to do that on the day she lost her child
        may hashem watch over us and over the mom and dad and the son who saw it happin we pray for you i am sorry for ure loss i know sorry wont bring her back but i dont have words and i know no words that any body whold say whold make u feel any deffrint but we have ure famly in our heart

    12. the family situation going on before this tragedy was unfortunate but completely separate. these are two parents nebach burying a small child, r”l. they both love her more than words can say. i don’t know the katz family but i know avi very well. he is not only a truly loving and devoted father, but a man of the community as well. his close friends and family do not even know the extent of chesed he does for many organizations because he keeps it quiet. but many can vouch for the individual acts of kindness he does for them on a daily basis in a moments notice. he is also a man of sincere tfillos and tremendous respect for his parents. we should all learn from him.

      • di bist intret percent gerecht!
        i do know SOME of the chesed avi does u cannot imagine what.
        from driving patient to the hospital from brooklyn to manhatten. i even recall one night when i called him for a favor. he said to me: call me in a half hour i went to the hospital to drop off a bottel of soda with a chasidise hechsher becuse this patient does not eat or drink OU. I said to him for that you go to mannhten to drop off soda? he said: just imagine not drinking for one night when your in the hospital becuse you cant drink.
        he went up state to visit a patient and on the way he stoed off in a jewish cemitary somewere on a side road i asked him, do you know anyone thats lying here he said to me no but just tell me if i dont stop in now when was the last time somone ever came here and when is the next time somone will!
        so if this is the kind of care he had for people who he never met and never will meet
        just imagine the love andcare he has for his own kid(s)!

    13. only 2 tickets for manslaughter?!(driving out of an alley with out caution is not an accident its murder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) is that how it works in chicago!? so what stops a driver from killing innocent kids adult etc. if they will only be ticketed? i believe action should be taken accordingly. i would like to hear the drivers view what when and how it happened so we can learn to prevent such a tragedy!

    14. Esti was a beautiful, cheerful, spunky child. Hashem should give her wonderful family the strength they need to carry on. There are no words to express the sorrow felt. Sending much love out to you at this hard time.

    15. I’m crying as i write… I can’t begin to imagine the pain of losing a beloved child. There is nothing in the world that can take away the pain. I know Avi, that you are a very warm and caring man. My heart breaks for you. Avi, I hope that very soon you will have only joy and happiness! May Hashem bless you with everything good!!


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