Netanya – Conflict Between Kolel Students Leavs One Yeshiva Man Dead


    Netanya, Israel – A 24-year-old resident of Netanya was stabbed to death Wednesday before dawn during a fight that took place in the city center.

    The man, Duvid Manshrov A”H, was evacuated by Magen David Adom paramedics to Laniado Hospital in moderate to serious condition after being mixed up in a brawl on Prof. Shor Street near his Kolel yeshiva building. He succumbed to his wounds and was pronounced dead at the hospital shortly thereafter.

    Police arrested two suspects, aged 22 and 35, also residents of Netanya, in connection with the death.

    An initial investigation revealed that the stabbing was related to a conflict between three students of the nearby kolel yeshiva. Police have ruled out any connection between the stabbing and recent conflicts between noted crime families in the city. The three men involved were known to police from past incidents.

    Witnesses to the altercation said they heard the suspects telling the victim that “What you did was not Jewish.”

    Twenty-four-year-old David Mansharov was stabbed to death by yeshiva students Avi Ben-Naim (22) and Yitzhak Hanuka (25).

    The victim and the suspects all studied and lived at Rabbi Amos Gueta’s yeshiva, located near the scene of the crime.

    Investigators estimated that the fight erupted following an ongoing argument over a halachic ruling.
    Neighbors who witnessed the incident said they heard the suspected assailants yell, “What you did was not Jewish” in Mansharov’s direction.

    A black kippah and a blunt object, which was apparently used to kill Mansharov, were found at the scene.

    The two suspects, police said, are exercising their right to remain silent.
    The court extended their remand by eight days.

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    1. Oy meh hoyo lonu?? Who needs Arabs to kill us?
      We must ask ourselves why is this happening? Instead of worrying about assering concerts and other past related issues the Rabbonim should immediately stud in-depth how this could happen. Instaed of Kol Hamikayem nefesh achas , what happens to us if we KILL nefesh achas??? Hashem Yerachem. Instead of protesting with Violrence let us realizae Violence brings violence. ZThe chilul Hashem rachmono litzlon!!!!!!!!!!

        • Um, for your information, Rashi refused to take payment for his avodah b’Torah and earned his living as a vintner — a winemaker. Historically our Sages have always stressed earning a responsible living for one’s family, and most of the names familiar to us from the Talmud held jobs that had nothing to do with learning Torah. I know that probably comes as a shock to those whose yeshiva education consisted of little or no Jewish history.

        • #3’s comment was a foolish statement. Absolutely the wrong time and place to take out his vengeance on the kollel system. But you are mistaken about Rashi and the rest of the rishonim. They all made an honest living. They didn’t live off the klal.

      • I am not a great fan of kollel (for every one, I believe it’s for a select few) . However, I’m sure that 99.99% of those who attend bonafide kollelim are not the type who stab people. By the way, if you are one of the educated types, so critical of kollel people, leech is spelled with two “e’s”!

    2. There is too much missing from the story. I know that “kollel student” and stabbing are great for headlines but there is much to this story that needs explaining. The story mentions that the 3 were known to police. Ahah, sounds like an interesting kolel to me. Also the last comment “you didn’t do a jewish thing” does not sound like he davend shachris after zmaan tefilah. One more note… This is not related to the wonderful Sanz community in Natanya

    3. the story is lacking in details

      simply the police said they know of these guys, shows me they where trouble makers, probably

      While I am no Heridie/Kollel defender, from one killing one cannot make any assumption on the whole. There has to be a pattern to make any claims against Kollel.

      • That was slightly missing the point.The majority of BT’s (my parents are BT) are genuine and people of good virtue.BUT unfortunately in this day and age there is a new phenomenon of people who are running away from something and can “get lost” in the frum community.It happens,there are many a crazy story.You have to ask yourself – would a genuine erlich yid behave in this manner?

    4. the details are as followes: this is a kolel for inmates and other problemetic people that come there during late evening hours and learn drink coffee and so on.

      No one looks who you are or what your background is come enjoy stay or leave it so happens to be that the rotzeach finished a 3 year sentance just amonth ago and so did the victim do a jail sentance so this is not realy the kolel yungerlait that we know

      • oy, is drinking coffee bad now? when did this happen? luckily i don’t drink coffee but now I worry about all the coffee drinkers I know. i have to go and call my coffee drinking family and friends and hopefully they’ll daven hard this Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur so that the desire for coffee leaves them.
        it scares me to even ask what your “and so on” refers to.

    5. Not everyone with a kippah on his head is a decent person. Not everyone with a kippah on his head acts appropriately. Not everyone with a kippah on his head should condone the anti social actions of the next guy just because he does have a kippah on his head and condemn others because they dont wear one.


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