New York, NY – Yeshivas To Receive $24 Million In Tutoring Services


    yeshiva learningNew York, NY – Approximately 14,000 children from 50 New York City yeshivas now have access to government-sponsored tutoring services for the three “R”s – reading, writing, and arithmetic.

    “This free tutoring program may be the single biggest benefit for yeshiva students since President Harry Truman signed the federal free lunch program into law in 1946,” said David G. Greenfield, executive vice president of the Sephardic Community Federation, who together with Rabbi David Niederman of the United Jewish Organizations of Williamsburg worked with local officials to obtain the free tutoring services.

    “Unlike the free lunch program,” he told The Jewish Press, “this tutoring program is open to any child regardless of their parent’s income. That means that as many as 50,000 yeshiva students could eventually participate in this program.”

    Funding for the services, roughly 24 million dollar’s worth this year, comes from the federal government’s No Child Left Behind Act’s Title I program. Until two weeks ago, yeshiva students could not take advantage of the program because union contracts prevent New York City teachers from accommodating the longer yeshiva school day. As a result of a two-year effort by Jewish community leaders and New York City’s Department of Education, however, yeshivas can now utilize the free tutoring services via third party vendors.

    Any yeshiva that would like to participate can contact Yosef Kanofsky at TEACH NYS office at [email protected] The yeshivas need to fill out the paperwork to start the program.

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    1. To me This is a scam, it is absolutely unbelievable. The unfortunate thing is that people will believe that Bloomberg should be thanked for this.

      Fact 1. The Priority 7 vouchers for after school, will expire in November, once Bloomberg is elected. But he will not tell you this

      Fact 2. This free tutoring program is not serving many many yeshivas. These yeshivas are steering clear from Bloomberg’s multiple attempts to dictate what’s learned in our independent yeshivas. This too will serve a way for Bloomberg to pull the plug on Priority 7 vouchers as soon he is elected.

      People don’t be fooled by this clown. Don’t fall for such tricks!

      • Hey, that is me!! Nobody paid me for that! I was a volunteer. That was a TLN (Torah Leadership Network) mishmar. We always learn with Highschool guys. If everyone would take out time to volunteer, we wouldn’t need $24 million dollars.

    2. If my kids in Bais Yakov school needs tutoring help that i can not afford, will service help me, since i can not afford to pay someone privately.
      Will they pay for after school tutoring???????????

    3. Unfortunately, among frumme yidden in BP, WB and other parts of the city, the level of illiteracy among the parents is beyond belief. How do they expect the children to function if the parents cannot provide even basic tutorial assistance.

    4. i work as a tutor with the program- the way it works is that the kids first get tested, and only those that score below a certain mark are eligible for the service.

      in terms of the tutors, you don’t need to be a certified teacher, but you do need at least a college degree.

      we don’t teach content- we bolster basic skills- reading, math, and in the chassidishe schools, english too. the schools have some flexibility with regards to the materials- for instance, they can choose not to use certain books in the reading course because of tznius concerns or certain non-jewish content- but on the other hand, they cannot use explicitly jewish material, as this is a state-provided service.

      that being said, i love working with the children, and it’s a really wonderful program. i hope more yeshivos/bais yaakovs can sign on to this for next year. for those who are interested (and qualified), you can follow the link provided in the article, or you can also go through private third-party contractors.


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