Tokyo – Police Crack Suspected Israeli Drug Trafficking Ring In Japan


    Tokyo – Japanese authorities have uncovered a suspected drug trafficking and money laundering ring believed to be run largely through Israeli-run jewelry kiosks in Tokyo.

    Authorities believe the international ring was headed by Kobe Chechashvili, an Israeli living in Estonia, who is suspected of overseeing a crew of Israeli “soldiers” who ran the kiosks, reportedly bringing in millions of dollars in business.

    Police say Chechashvili founded the network that trafficked Heroin, Ecstacy, and Cocaine through Japan to a number of countries and used the kiosks to launder the money. Police believe a great deal of the money was also laundered in Israel, as well as through real estate purchased abroad.

    One of the central figures arrested in the investigation is Meir Biton, “King of the Kiosks”, who is also considered a major figure in Tokyo nightlife.

    Suspects in the case were arrested in September and had their remands extended a number of times since. The investigation has been carried out by authorities in Estonia, Japan, and Israel, with officers from the international crimes investigation unit traveling to Estonia and Japan to gather evidence against the suspects in the case, which reportedly broke after wire-tapping produced evidence for arrests.

    In spite of the arrests and the evidence against the suspects, police so far have found no drugs in the possession of any suspects, but say they are confident they can bring indictments against them nonetheless

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    1. The first idiot who posts about pidyon shavuim should be extradited to Japan as an accessory to these drug dealers. After the rachmonis the Japanese showed for the young chareidis convicted of drug smuggling, this is a tragedy and will make it much less likely that any yid will ever again be given any leeway on drug charges.

    2. Kobe Chechashvil = RUSSIAN !! (Georgian name)
      Not Israeli. Because some russki happens to live in Israel, it DOES NOT make him an Israeli which automatically (unfortunatley) becomes associated with frum yidden, or “chareidim”

    3. should anybody,even a yid,be given leeway for dealing drugs?i don’t think so.they knew what the risks were when they committed this crime in japan with it’s harsh criminal justice system.personallly i think america could learn a thing or two from the japanese in this regard.

        • Hah, “many frum Jews live in Japan”. Japan has a total population of 127,076,183 million, out of that you have maybe a thousand frum Jews (and that is a stretch) who are there staying temporarily on business. To make Japan sound like BP or WB is a bit disingenuous.

        • The last time i checked there were 2 chabad houses, 1 barely functioning shul without a rabbi and 1 reform shul. I assume the number of frum yiden is more like 20-30 at most.

    4. I would have hoped that the arrest of the 3 boys would have been a lesson, but unfortunately Mr. Chechashvili and Mr. Bitton thought they were above the law; the Japanese law, no less.

    5. Please note that the Zionim brought in over a million Russian types into Israel as ” Olim ” in order to blunt the political power of the Chareidim. About 35 to 40 per cent were not Jewish al pi halacha. many of today’s mafia types in Israel come from these immigrants. The Russian mafia is huge. When you see Israeli it doesn’t even m$ean Jewish anymore. I don’t know the facts about these guys in particular. Nobody is going to say pidyonm shveyuim about them. They are most likely professional m$afia types.

      • your post is remarkable for the way it twists history.for years the rebbe called for the law of return to be amended to”khalacha”.the gov wouldn’t do it and the chareidi leaders never used their sizable political clout to persuade the gov;why they didn’t is another story.any ways now we’re in this terrible mess where in eretz hakodesh it is often impossible to know takeh “mi hu yehudi”.

    6. why waste all the money and time outlawing drugs. It did not work with alcohol during prohibition, and made the mafia huge, supplying alcohol to the public. The same is happening with the illicit drug market.

      The amount of money spend on law enforcement can be utilized more efficiently on education and rehabilitation.

      The dealers will always be around, supply and demand. Legalize it, you take out the criminals and violence associated with it. About 30% maybe ven more people in jail are do to drug selling.

      Lifting prohibition did not create a country of alcoholics and legalizing drugs will not create a country of druggies.


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