Jerusalem – MBD: Zealots Slander Jewish Concerts With Fabricated Lies [video]


    Jerusalem – King of jewish music Mordechai ben David in an interview with Israeli radio personal Mencham Toker, unbared his heart and complained at the slander said about his performances to rabbonim.

    Tucker: I want to start the program with fire. You lost a lot of money because you refused to perform in performances that were coed. On the other hand, there are many coed performances in Israel where other chassidic music singers do perform. You refused to do it. You lost a lot of money and performances.

    Ben David: There are macherim to say all kinds of lies and stupidities. If someone tells a rav that boys and girls danced together at a performance, what’s he supposed to say?

    Tucker: Have you tried to reach rabbonim?

    Ben David: I live abroad, I come only on occasion, like for your bris. I come only a day or two, a week at most.

    You have almost no performances here.

    Ben David:
    I was here two years ago to make a performance, but it didn’t fulfill their criteria and they came out against it with many rabbonim signing on it, so I decided not to perform. So what do people do? I met an avreich and he told me he takes his daughters to performances which are not that kosher because there are none others.

    Watch below entire Hebrew interview conducted by Mencham Toker
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    1. While I don’t think MBD is “the king of Jewish music”, he clearly is popular and his comments about the mindless efforts of certain rabbonim to limit his concerts is right on point. Just as was the case where a group of uninformed and in some cases, criminal factions within the chareidi leadership took actions to cancel the LIPA concert, there is no basis in torah or halacha to restrict an MBD concert with separate seating (other than to give some publicity starved rabbonim some media attention). There is nothing in the content of MBD’s music that would jeopardize a yiddeshe neshama.

      • Harav Pesach Falk Shlita, of Gateshead, author of Oz V’Hodor Levisho, Modesty an Adorement for Life, has in his Sefer Levusha Shel Torah a whole chapter on seperate seat concerts, and he clarifies that it is HALACHACLY OSSUR, so we have the king of jewish Pop Vs. the king of Hilchos Tznius

        • I respect the psak, but understand there are other psaks. Clearly, you would not be found at such a concert. But what about other people? Whats their alternative? Whats my alternative, if my Rav does allow it?

        • His psak is intellecutally interesting but certainly not binding on everyone else whose rebbe may have other views. We follow our own poskim who may be machmir or makil on these issues. Certainly, the large percentage of yiddin will be satisfied going to a concert with separate seating and a heimeshe singer like MBD singing pop versions of chassideshe nigunim without scantily clad backup women singers or anything that might raise any tzinius concerns.

        • “king of Hilchos Tznius”
          I own a prominent bookstore in New York, I can tell you for a fact that most Rabbonim and Roshei Yeshivos do not hold like Rav Falk Shlitah, he is far, very very far from being the “king of Tznius”
          He is a yochid in most of psaks…

        • who made him king of tznius? just because someone authors a sefer doesnt make him king of anything. have u been to a seforim store latetly and see how many new books/seforim there are? are they all kings of whatever they wrote about?

      • MBD is indeed “the king of Jewish Music!!! No one comes close to his real Neshomah voice. As a psychologist, I’m well informed that MBD has uplifted so many broken souls, for so many years, like no one else. MBD Chazak Secorcho Harbeh Meoid!!!

      • You hit the nail right on the head. Its not the Dayanim and Rabonim and Rebbes a lot of time who are against something. It the spin doctors around them with their own agenda’s and politics that tell halbe gebackeneh stories and from that stand point they then pasken. You would be surprised how often that happens.

        • give me a break. Judges in our civil criminal courts are hacked a chainik to render decisions irresponsibly???? The Rabbonim have the responsibility to not let themselves be hacked a chainik

      • The truth most rabbanim know more then you do about these concerts. Do you realize how many Bochurim get going in the wrong direction? How many teenagers discover drugs and other issues at a place like this. Not necessarily in the hall but after or before? Are you aware
        how many never even show up at these places and hang out else where? Their parents think they are at the concert. You probably don’t know all of this do you? There are many more issues that go wrong it is the before and after. There fore don’t say that unfortunately they do know the truth/

        • I understand your point and it is a very valid one . But, on the other hand some if these concerts help these nebach upgefurene hashem yishmor. As a side note, I personaly know some kids that were way off, lieder and MBD was very instrumental and very mekarev these kids , which now lead nice families.

    2. Unfortunately, it seems that most of these rabbonim believe anything that they are told, since they don’t have actual in-depth knowledge of these things.

      This causes them to become very protective of their name and to go along with anything that has the slightest chance of coming back at them.

      I firmly believe that is the reason why most rabbonim are not universally respected and held in a high regard, since they do not seem to stand up for what is truly right.

      It would be nice to see rabbonim stand up to really important issues in the community for a change; that would be a much bigger kiddush hashem.

    3. Reply to 1 wow look at that even mbd has more wisdom than you for at least he dosent slandar the rabbonim for he knows it’s not thair foult it’s the macherim who mislead theam and spread lies and rummers the rav dosent know better and pskend acording to what’s posed before him as mbd himself admits furthemore u should learn from him even though he thought the peak was eronies and based on false information he still did what’s right and listend to the rabbonim and refused to sing that’s the true meaning of the verse in our Torah that states to do ככל אשר יורך אפילו על ימין שהוא שמאל ועל שמאל שהוא ימין mbd has realy come a long way since his first start in music כה לחי and I hope that all the others learn from you

    4. These Rabbonim are a joke. How dare they make decisions based on hearsay. They have a responsibility to take peoples lives seriously and seriously look into matters before they make their ridiculous psaks. If Rabbonim want any respect they need to earn it. Name alone or position alone shouldnt be a reason to respect some of these clowns

      • to some extent you are right!rabonim today are lucky they were born into their position otherwise they would never be able to get that title!!!!!!its mostly political and driven by $$$$$$ today!!!!!

    5. people ‘hock’ R’ Elyashiv and drive him nuts, same with the other poskim. When they are asked if a concert would be muttar with mized dancing, OF COURSE they’d say no. Who knows whether the presentation of the shaylos are accurate? But based upon what’s presented, their is nothing crazy about their Psak’s…

    6. Rabbonim a joke?Clowns? If I were you I would bring some tank tops and shorts to where you’re headed after 120 if you don’t stop bashing Rabbonim.

    7. With all do respect, I think that Tznis became a thing that people use as a focous to keep their minds busy, and to show look im frumer then you. All day we here Tznis , Tznis while important we have hlacha for that and we don’t need every lunatic to try to push their view onto me on what they think the halachos are in their warpt minds. If only are community would spend half their effort on bain adom lachavaro as they do on Tznis we would me in a lot better shape in my opinion. We have special gatherings that talk about Tznis I think we should have one on bain odom lachvaro, how to act when you are in public, not to make a chilul Hashem.

      • Have you heard of the Ahavas Yisroel chaburas that have been taking place in many communities? They meet alot more often than the Tznius meetings. Having said that, as Yidden we are required to work on Bein Adom L’Makom as well as Bein Adom L’chaveiro. Those that don’t put effort into growing Bein Adom L’Makom end up lacking in Bein Adom L’chaverio too. Have you noticed the hatred of non oberservant Yidden towards those that keep Shabbos?

    8. the mo show their true colors again, kol hamevazeh talmid chochum ein lo chelek biolam habah vikover bonov bichayov, thank g-d we’ll get rid of the modern erev rav

    9. i fell loo% that we have to be respectful and yes in this day and age i wold be so happy for my talmidim to go to this concert i would be praying to hashem with love because of most of them i never would of thought they know of mbd after only then should we worry about mbd

    10. to those commenting on 6,
      1. Rabbi Falk is in fact king, ask around in how many schools is sefer is used
      2. the off the derech kids is a differnt story, let it be spelled out that way
      3. can someone please quote a Rav with a name who saw his Birur and is Cholek on him


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