Kinsman, IL – FBI Raids Halal Slaughterhouse


    Government representatives, one of whom said he was from the United States Department of Agricultures compliance unit were at 6260 Kinsman Road in Kinsman on Monday after a reported FBI raid on a meat processing facility.  (Liz Wilkinson Allen/Staff Photographer)Kinsman, IL – Federal agents conducted a raid Sunday afternoon at a goat meat processing plant near Morris, Illinois. The secretive operation was led by the Chicago FBI office, the Feds are being very tight-lipped on what they found and why they were even there.

    Spokesman Ross Rice confirms agents were at 6260 Kinsman Road, in Kinsman, Illinois. The business is called First World Management. Rice would not say why agents were there but said nobody was taken into custody.

    The FBI said the raid began Sunday morning and ended in the late afternoon. They were at the plant about nine hours total.

    According to sources, the plant provides goat, beef and lamb meat which is prepared in the Halal way in accordance with Muslim custom.

    The government workers inside First World Management meat packing plant in Kinsman Monday wouldn’t say why they were there or why scores of FBI agents and Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents were there Sunday.

    The trouble is the FBI isn’t saying much about what happened at this rural Grundy County plant. A spokesman confirms that the plant, which has a Muslim prayer room, was raided as part of an ongoing criminal investigation.

    Several witnesses reported that the Grundy County Sheriff’s office was involved, as well, saying sheriff dept. vehicles were visible at the scene. The Sheriff’s department denies it was present.

    When asked if the raid had something to do with undocumented aliens, the person wouldn’t say. A neighbor suggested that undocumented immigrants live in a trailer behind the facility and work there.

    Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials said the agency assisted in the raid, but had no further comment. According to sources, many of the FBI and ICE agents were armed.

    Several USDA criminal investigators were on site at the plant on Monday, but they would not comment on the situation.

    One man who was talking about the raid was Jim Cavaness. He’s a handyman who occasionally works at the plant where goats, sheep and cows are slaughtered. On Sunday, he witnessed the raid and says he was questioned by FBI agents.

    Cavaness says the FBI asked him if he had seen anything unusual at the plant. He says he’s never seen anything unusual, but, he says, judging by the amount of firepower on the scene, the FBI wasn’t just working an immigration case.

    “Way too much overkill for immigration,” Cavaness said.

    Neighbors who saw the raid on Sunday told CBS 2 it was a huge operation, involving more than 100 agents, police officers and even what one believed to be National Guard troops.

    Sources say during the raid, the driveway was filled with more than 50 government vehicles. There was a helicopter flying overhead and a command center set up. On top of it were government sharpshooters with rifles at the ready.

    George Jackson III is an attorney hired by one of the plant operators, Dr. Syed Hamid. Jackson and Dr. Hamid spoke briefly while on their way to a meeting with the federal prosecutor Monday.

    Jackson says it’s too early to say why there was such a huge show of force at the plant.

    “Obviously, it was more than what was needed here, but why they felt the need to come forward with that much manpower allegedly, it’s too early to say,” Jackson said.

    Jackson said federal agents confiscated the company’s computers, effectively shutting down the business. Dr. Hamid chose not to weigh in Monday.

    “I don’t want to comment at this point,” Dr. Hamid said.

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      • that is a good one you thought of that all by youselve.

        Again the Jews are not the center of the world or the center of FBI tactics.

        you are not in the ghetto anymore there is no pogroms against Jews just against people who do illegal activities even they are Jews

        • Why don’t you jump to condemn the plant owners for their illegal activity as you do many times??
          Oh, forgot, they are not Jewish, they are Muslim, no need to bash and condemn them..

          • I was not commenting on the article I was commending on a statement, I guess I hit a nerve and you do not know how to answer the question so you try to attack me.
            I do not know what the halal guy was accused of to say anything, it ws just raided, maybe for animal abuse, maybe for illegals, or maybe for terrorist activities or who knows what.

            Cannot comment on things until some fact get leaked out..
            Ps I look at thing the way they are I do not become blind, stupid, and idiot whenever a frum gets accused of a crime. And yes one should live with halacha but we are I hope proud US citizens and should not just push aside their laws, because halache, does not mention it. And then we decide its ok for us to do.

        • Out of 360 meatpacking plants 90% employ undocumented workers, ICE chose the Jewish Shop as #1

          Not to mention every resturant kitchen in the contry! The list of illegal sites are well known

          But ignored by the FBI

          • You’re not exactly correct. The feds in fact raid several meatpacking facilities on a regular basis (ICE.GOV) because it infinitely easier to pick up 300 people working 9-5 in one place then it is to go look for one machine gun wielding drug dealer or gang member. The feds in fact raided Swift Beef and Pork and Dec 12, 2006 and arrested almost 1300 illegals. That displayed prominently on their website until the Rubashkin raid netted 389 illegals at which point ICE deleted the Swift “operation wagon train” story and made rubashkin public enemy number one. The problem is ICE is grandstanding and making easy mass arrest that do nothing to improve the safety of the country by arresting simple working people. furthermore it forces food production AND JOBS out of America, and from a national security standpoint i can think of nothing more dangerous than a country that does not control it’s own food supply. Unfortunately it’s not me that makes those decisions, it’s some bureaucrat with excrement for cebral matter that makes the calls.

    1. What?? But I thought the only reason they raided Rubashkin’s was cause they are antisemitic and were picking on the Jews. You mean they’re actually enforcing the law? What a shanda!!!

    2. Maybe this had nothing to do with immigration, but the Feds had a tip that sleeper-cell terrorists were there — maybe using jobs at the plant as their official daytime “cover” so people would think they are just minimum-wage dopes doing menial labor, while actually plotting some jihadi stuff. I would not put that past OBL.

      • Or that FBI is in overkill to diminish the appearance that the administration is being weak on security and that all terrorist concerns can be dealt with locally. Any chance the FBI can fly over the Iran and take care of the nuclear facility? You know, just a police action.

    3. Ok, So it seems that because VIN News reported this it makes that the feds are trying to Off set the spot light on the Rubashkins,

      Do you even realize that there were 10’s of raids in between that were larger and weren’t reported here??

      Uh the Howard Industries raid “hauled” away 600 illegals!

      you dont know about it because the antisemitic government only pressed criminal charges at the JEW

    4. The same people who want to stop Kosher shechita also want to stop halal slaughtering.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if the same people who pused the government to go after Rubashkin are involved here.

      Don’t fool yourselves, the Rubashkin case was not about illegal immigrants. The illegal arrests etc. Were just a means of furthering PETA’s goals.

    5. It sounds that they conducted a anti-terror raid. Perhaps the slaughter house was a cover for a bio lab or chemical lab. Of course this Muslim investigation is confidential. All Yiddish related ones are front page news…

    6. Lets think about this realistically. There is no profiling, no racism and no other BS you all speak of. There are Muslim that work there. When you take the fact that there were 100+ officers, and snipers, wouldn’t you think this might have something to do with Terrorist connections? Or maybe the fact that they process meat here. Meat that is eaten by people all over this country and others. Get over yourselves and your stupid “Race Card” tactics and think of our security. There are never that many agents unless national security is jeapordized. People from the surrounding areas aren’t going to take the FBI not commenting too much longer. Eventually the down home people of the surrounding area will make up their own minds and take action.

    7. Just to clear up a few matters. They do not slaughter cows there, only sheep and goats. There were only 6 or so employees there so it was no immigration raid. The plantt is a very small operation and the people there do not mingal with the locals at all. There were 2 not one helicpters dangling mini guns present plus a spotter plane. The Santa fe railroad track that passes the plant, a major track was shut down for hours during the raid. There were snipers on top of the comand post motor home and among the 100 or so agents present many were in swat gear and armed with M16s. Lasalle power plant is about 5 miles away and visible from Kinsman. I know of this because I live between the power plant and Kinsman and know many people who were eyewitnesses.

      • If you are going to clear up matters you better have your facts right.. I cant disclose who i am but I can tell you that you are dead wrong when you say they dont slaughter cows there and beleive me when I tell you this because for the last 4 years I have been tot this plant more then ANYONE.

      • Remeber, Kinsman would be a perfect little sleepy town to set up shop. As far as nuke plants….they are very difficult to damage. One must be on the inside to do so. Not saying this impossible, but the plants are very tight on security. Now with the RRs right there and many of trains comng through day and night might mean something significant. I’ll tell you this though, this was no sting for illegals! Read between the lines, and you can decide for yourself.


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