Bennington, VT – Prominent NY Orthodox Doctor Killed In Small Plane Crash [video]


    Site of the crash showing plane downBennington, VT – The Federal Aviation Administration says the pilot of a small plane was killed when his aircraft hit a mountain near Bennington.

    FAA spokesman Jim Peters says the wreckage of the Cessna 172 was found by a hiker Monday morning. He says it will take investigators several hours to reach the crash site.

    Peters says the plane departed Sunday from Greenwood Lake Airport in Milford, N.J., for what was expected to be two-hour flight. He did not know what time the plane took off.

    Several eye witnesses reported seeing an airplane crash near the airport. Emergency personnel responded around 7:20 p.m. and set up a command post on Whipstock Road before relocating to the airport. Bennington Police Lt. Paul Doucette said one 911 call came from a female who said the plane circle four times before losing power. She said “it sounded like thunder” as the plane went down.

    Police believe the plane may have been circling the airport trying to land the plane from the west side, rather than from the east. Such a move would be “nearly impossible,” according to police.

    According to a local Vermont newspaper a becon that usually emits a circling light from the highest point on Whipstock Mountain behind the airport stopped working shortly before the reported crash, according to police. They said it is unclear if that may have played a role.

    Crews searched into the night and then resumed the search on Monday morning.
    recovery personal at the crash site
    Peters says the airplane was registered to Sky Training, LLC., of West Milford, N.J.

    VIN News has learned that the Pilot has been identified as 58 year old Dr. Fred Chaim Weiss a prominent Psychologist from Spring Valley Monsey, NY.

    Chesed Shel Emes [CSE] is en-route with family members to crash site, to help with ID Process, and help to prevent autopsy.

    United States Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont has offered his assistance.

    According to Albany Times Union Weiss was a prominent psychiatrist and worked for the Kiryas Joel Village Union Free School District in Monroe, Orange County, officials there confirmed.

    The school’s superintendent was not immediately available for comment.

    Chesed Shel Emes on the Scene

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