Brooklyn, NY – Masbia and Met Council Celebrate Opening Of Kosher Soup Kitchen in Williamsburg [photos-videos]


    Henry Orenstein, the donor for which the kitchen is named speakingBrooklyn, NY – Elected officials, donors, and those in desperate need for a meal have joined Masbia and Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty (Met Council) in opening Williamsburg’s first kosher soup kitchen – the Orenstein-Met Council Masbia Kitchen.

    The grant opening was celebrated last week Thursday.

    The Orenstein-Met Council Masbia Kitchen, located in the main part of Chassidic Williamsburg, has the capacity to serve over 50 individuals at a time, and boasts a beautiful decor including French doors and new wood flooring. Hot meals will be served twice daily – the food will be distributed from another kosher soup kitchen opening in Flatbush and reheated on-site.

    Together, Masbia and Met Council are opening three kosher soup kitchens to serve the increasing need – besides Williamsburg, kitchens are set to open in Flatbush and Central Queens, areas with growing populations of Jewish poverty.

    Present at the opening were, State Senator Daniel Squadron, Assemblymembers Vito Lopez and Joseph Lentol, and Councilmember-Elect Steve Levin. Alexander Rapaport of Masbia, William Rapfogel, CEO of Met Council, Rabbi David Niederman of UJO of Williamsburg, Malcolm Honeline, from the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, and Henry and Susie Orenstein, the donors for which the kitchen is named, will lead the festivities.

    Rabbi Niederman of UJO of Williamsburg noted, “As a result of the economic downturn, many in the Williamsburg Jewish community desperately need a kosher soup kitchen to get hot, nourishing meals. Fortunately, Met Council and Masbia are answering the call of those who need it the most.”

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    1. This is the single most important and productive form of tzadakah I can think of for the yiddeshe kehillah in NY. The next time some schneurer form some chassidus in EY knocks on the door to begging for money to help pay for the horses at the rebbe’s daughter’s chassinah, politely explain that you gave all your money budgeted for tzadakah to Masbiah.

      • You are a bigot and a racist . Did you give up your vacation this year your trip out skiing , the ballgame ? You just can’t stand the idea that a chusid (possibly) did something a little different. How much do you think it costs to rent a horse? I know, you are probably an expensive one!

        • Yes I am bigoted against those who would send tzadakah to finance nareshkeit in EY while there are hungry yidden in our own backyard. Once we take care of our own problems, then we should consider sending money to mosdos of all these different chassidus overseas (who waste hunge amounts of money simply through the overlapping operations where each rebbe must have his own beis medrash, his own kollels, their own schools, homes for yesomim, etc. They could save tens of millions of NIS just be consolidating all these difference mossdos. Charity begins at home and there are huge unmet needs in BP and WB.

        • A bigot?
          Wow the truth really hurts.
          I happen to agree with this “so called” bigot. Halachah clearly states “aniyey irchah kodmin”. They are surely before a lavish wedding (collected for under the disguise od tzedakah) that costs no less than a hefty half million dollars let alone a few “ferdin”.
          Think about it. $500,000 pays for food for (at $200 per family) 2,500 families. That roughly 20-25,000 souls.

    2. I don’t know either Mr. Orenstein or Mr. Rappaport but both represent the very best of our people for their dedication to the people of our communities. In the United States in the year of 2009 (hunger) the need for their help should not be the problem that it obviously is. What wonderful men to give so much of themselves to such a worthy cause.


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