Manhattan, NY – Women File Suit Against B&H Electronics [video]


    Four women claim B&H refused to give them sales positions because of their gender. Photo Credit: Jarle Aasland Manhattan, NY – A sex discrimination lawsuit has been filed against one of the best-known electronics stores in New York.

    Four women accuse B&H Electronics of workplace promotions that were discriminatory.

    The four women claim B&H refused to give them sales positions because of their gender. Three applied for jobs, but were turned down. The other currently works as a cashier.

    “I felt hurt because I didn’t feel it was fair due to the fact that I’m a woman,” employee Nakisha Cushnie said.

    In the lawsuit, Cushnie alledges, “I asked to work in sales and make more money, but was told that no women were allowed in sales for religious reasons.”

    “It was very stressful,” she said. “I have a family to support. The salary needs to be a lot better. I was very upset to hear I couldn’t be a saleswoman.”
    the 3 woman with their lawyer
    Cushnie has worked for B&H since April. She says she quickly realized working in sales would give her the best salary. She says it’s not easy raising her kids on $9 an hour as a cashier.

    “Out of the 75 employees working in the store, not counting cashiers, there was a grand total of one woman,” attorney Richard Ancowitz said. “It’s kind of surprising that in this day and age, 2009, that we would see such blatant and obvious gender discrimination.”

    The plaintiffs are asking for more than $7 million in damages.

    Two years ago, B&H agreed to pay $4.3 million to settle a discrimination case about Hispanics getting paid less than others, and the company failing to promote them or provide health benefits.

    The New York institution employs 800 to 900 people, many of whom are observant Jews.

    “I knew there’s no reason why I couldn’t work anywhere,” plaintiff Juana Lora said. “I wasn’t considering if they were Hasidic or not. I know I’m qualified to do a job, and I went in there to apply for a job.”

    B&H attorney David Eisenberg told Eyewitness News he can’t comment on a case his office hasn’t seen.

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    1. Oh! I want to make more money so you owe it to me. Get a life Mr. Schriber is the owner and he can do as he sees it, be happy he gave you a job in the first place. Besides 9,000,000 for what?

      • You are so grossly mis-informed, according to United States law Mr. Schriber can not do as he sees fit. One is not allowed to discriminate in the work place on the basis of age, religon, race, sex, disability or national origin. While he certainly has the right to hire who he pleases if his decision is based on the aforementioned criteria he is violating the law, period! He certainly may be trying foster an atmosphere that is conducive to the Heimishe and Yesheivish men that work there, it is against the law. You may not agree with it, but put yourself in their position if you were refused a job because you were Jewish, what would you say then, I was! I work for a company owned by a Hasidic family (over 500 employees), my supervisor is a goyta and I was refused a promotion to a better position, when I asked her whjy, her response was “Because of your Sabbath” indicating I would not be able to attend certain functions because of Shabbos, when I pointed out that the previous person holding the position never had to attend a function on Shabbos in the past 2 years, I was told that does not count. Clearly this was violation, but what was done? Nothing! Did I pursue the case NO!

    2. “The New York institution employs 800 to 900 people, many of whom are observant Jews. “

      what does this have to do with anything.

      imagine a report about Chase bank “Chase bank employs 7000 people many of whom are religious christians”
      what does religion have to do with a gender discrimination lawsuit

    3. jerks – B and H is one of the fairest and most employee friendly companies in the world. That’s a fact. Along come four women who don’t speak a word of English and sue. Chutzpah just found a new poster child.

      • Who said they don’t speak English? That wasn’t the reason these 4 were turned down. They were specifically told it was because they were women. That’s pretty odd since as a woman I bought a camera from them and the salesMAN had no problem dealing with me. Why would the reverse be any different?

      • you should be careful about who you call names. When you point a finger at someone, 3 fingers are pointed to you. They speak English more fluently than most yeshiva bochurim- did you even watch the video? How is this fair and employee friendly to not hire equally? Should the competing business say that “we wont hire chasidim?” would that be fair?

      • I guess she’s the one: “Out of the 75 employees working in the store, not counting cashiers, there was a grand total of one woman,” attorney Richard Ancowitz said.

      • In general, yes.

        However, you may not discriminate based on religion, gender, or national origin. Depending on local laws, you may not be able to discriminate based on sexual orientation either.

        So, “Your resume isn’t good enough” is valid. “You are a woman/Jew/Christian/Hispanic/etc” is not.

      • Not entirely. You can’t discriminate on the basis of race, religion or gender. You cant say “I dont hire black people”. Simillarly, you cant say “I only promote men” or “I dont let women be in sales”. You have an obligation to have a workplace free of such discriminatory practice. If you ignore the law, this sort of suit is what happens. Its no surprise. Also, you have to pay people equitably. If they had this sort of problem before, I have absolutely no sympathy for them.

      • You’re darn right buster – we don’t get a special exemption from equal employment law. If you don’t like that, go back to the alter heim where everything was oh so beautiful. Nudnik – have you any idea how Yidden have benefited by equal employment protections?

        • what do you know about the “alter heim”. What have you haave you seen besides boro park, williamsburg or cedarhurst and beyond these perimeter your nose never reached. I was born in Vienna and in thirties the majority of pediatricians were women, gynecologists were women and believe or not the founder of Bais Yaakov was a woman

    4. Oh my – $9 an hour for a cashier is very generous for that position. I’m sure grocery store cashiers don’t make that much. She should have appreciated that. Working as a cashier, it is unlikely she had any sales experience, and most sales jobs require experience.

      • You’re making assumptions. No one asked for more money as a cashier. They all asked for an OPPORTUNITY to make more doing something else. They weren’t denied for lack of knowledge they were denied for possession of a uterus.

    5. B&H DOES INDEED discriminate against females, both frum and not Jewish.
      The Jewish ones are the ones too scared to open their mouths so they don’t get proper raises or promotions, and the non-Jewish ones don’t work the sales floor. It’s blatantly illegal and you will see them settle this one.
      It is a “davar yaduah” that B&H discriminates.

        • Hello! The “greek/roman” law isn’t based on morality. It’s based on what’s “fair” even more so English Common Law which is the basis of US Law. The basis is what works best in the common interest. Since the common interest is NOT Torah based religion, we are the minority who has to suck it up. That is a huge problem for us because our tradition, our Torah IS the basis of morality. For us they are one and the same. If you want this sort of freedom, and I’m not sure discriminating against me because I’m a woman is in the Torah, but if you want to base your actions on your religious/moral code, you are in the wrong country.

        • Its really unfortunate because Rabbe Schreiber is truly a very special person and undoubtely BandH means well. However we need to consider the reverse. How would it be if there is a Christian run company that tries to offer oportunities for their brethen and they the ones who get promoted and higher salaries and while they have nothing against Jews they feel that this is their company. We have to be cery careful not to discriminate others. “Deloch Sanae, L’chavrech Lo Saved”

          • First of all, they are not “chavroch”. Second, why do you think it would be wrong of them to run their company like that? Of course they really should give preference to yidden, because they only exist for our sake; but most of them don’t know that yet, and it’s only natural that they like their own kind better, so why shouldn’t they give preference to their own kind? Don’t horn in where you’re not wanted.

    6. friend of mine was sued cause his ad on craigslist which had his true web address discriminated against cause it said perfect english needed with no accent. the no accent part discriminated against people who are qualified but have an accent… go figure

      • Why the attitude? Didn’t your grandfather have an accent? Could he even communicate in English? If a person can communicate in the language of the country that’ s all that’s required. When I lived down South everyone told me I had an NY accent. For some it was a problem but everyone understood what I was saying.

    7. “I asked to work in sales and make more money, but was told that no women were allowed in sales for religious reasons.”
      She claims that the b and h told her that the reason for not accepting her was because of her gender

    8. these guys will be in gehacte tzuris.

      they lost the other descreamination lawsuit.

      now they have this one.

      they should have taken care of thees gals while they could.

      check the tapes and see; if it doesnt fit,,,,you must aquit.

    9. one of the women told a laywer she purposely went to apply for a job there knowing that she will not be accepted, just to be part of this cash lawsuit. I will reveal her name and more details as this thing rolls along.
      so much for being emotionaly hurt! good luck Mr. Ancowits

    10. May these women be d-mned. This is what is bringing america to it’s knees financially, this crippling of enterprise, not allowing owners to run their own business, this grabbing of their hard-earned money for no valid reason. That’s why there’s hardly any manufacturing left in western countries

      • Dear Mottel:

        I suspect the only part to be “d’mned” as you put it will be you and any other ehrleche yiddin who believe that discrimination of any sort cloaked in “free enterprise” or “religious freedom” rhetoric will ever be tolerated. THey will end up paying millions to these women, just as they did to the Hispanics they discriminated against. These women will end up wealthy because you and your chevrah haven’t gotten the message that women make up 50 percent of the population and are entitle to compete for jobs on their merits and equal pay with men doing the same work .

      • There is no basis in halacha for yiddin to only hire other yiddin and indeed its probably assur to deny goyim a job they are qualified for. Speaking yiddish is irrelevant for these jobs because even the most illiterate chassid speaks English.

        • There certainly is a basis in halacha; just open a shulchon oruch and see. And why on earth would it be ossur to deny goyim jobs? On what grounds? Where are you learning your halochos from? The US Code?! Remember, ahavas yisroel (not ahavas nochrim) is a mitzvah just like shmiras shabbos. ואהבת לרעך כמוך, not ואהבת לנכרי!

            • Yes, just like shmiras shabbos. Where did you go to school that you don’t know this? Hillel said that it was the whole Torah and the rest is just the explanation. R Akiva called it “klal godol batorah”. And what’s this about the “eleven commandments”; don’t you know there are 613 commandments? Do you imagine there’s something special about the 10 that were said at matan torah?

    11. Sorry B&H you are to honest! I have been turned down many positions because I am a orthodox jew, they should have told her its because she is a woman, find a different excuse like you need to be fluent in yiddish, if I were their risk manager this would have never happened.

      • You’re wrong. You can’t hide illegal discrimination by using a pretext. Anyone trying to be too cute or clever is only bound to get into more trouble in the long run.

      • You wrote, “they should have told her its because she is a woman” when you obviously meant to say, “they should NOT have told her…” Also, you weren’t “turned down many positions”; you were “turned down FOR many postions.” Perhaps, if you become fluent in der loshon fin inzer medina–English–you will find it easier to get a job.

        • Good point. There are also more mistakes in his writing. I have rewritten his comment with errors in bold: “Sorry B&H, you are too honest! I have been turned down for many positions because I am an Orthodox jew, B&H should not have told her “it’s because you are a woman”, find a different excuse like you need to be fluent in Yiddish, if I were their Risk Manager this would have never happened.”
          Hope I didn’t make any errors, but the writing is better now at least. VIN News should at least have spelling or grammar check.

    12. Here is my humble take on this matter. Women who are a majority in the US (based on the Census reports) and blacks who make up about 13.4% can always claim “discrimination”, and because of their histories of past discrimination aginst them are even allowed to practice “reverse discrimination” by having all kinds of programs geard only for “women’s groups” or “african american Pride” groups, parades etc. Now Jews on the other hand, only make up 2.5% of the US population, and of that, Chasidim are supposed to be 3%, and Chasidim are the most disadvantaged when it comes to getting a decent job for many obvious reason. So we finally have one of our own chushive pepole, Mr. Schreiber who built a business from scratch, and became successful and is trying to provide jop opportunities for his own people – who are so limited, and that isa problem? How ridiculous?

      • In 1984 lobbyists succeeded in getting Chassidic Jews added to the Commerce Department list of “historically disadvantaged minorities”, qualifying them for a number of programs.

        This does not, however, mean that Chassidic Jews are allowed to discriminate in hiring.

        • I would suggest to take us our of that group which doesn’t help us anyway and let us create business for our people, what’s wrong with that, is it too much common sense?

      • It wouldn’t be a problem if Mr. Schreiber didn’t hire those plaintiffs in the first place for other, menial and clerical positions. So Schreiber hired the plaintiffs and now they work at B&H, gain experience, perfect their skills and want to move up. If they are told that advancement is impossible “for religious reasons”, that is a clear-cut violation of the New York State fair employment law because it constitutes discriminatory practices in the hiring and promoting of employees.

      • Actually I agree it is ridiculous and it affected us in other companies in other areas of the country, however, the law is impartial or supposed to be. This is the current law in the US regarding employment. The Courts are more afraid of violating the “non-establishment” clause of the Constitution, than they are sympathetic to religious needs. It’s possible that a haircutting establishment could cite religious reasons or a men’s clothing store but an electronics store? The argument is illogical to a non-frum mind. All the plaintiff’s lawyer has to do is show these same men ride the subway and interact with women in other ways and their religious defense is gone.
        So if this is a bad law, try to get it changed.

    13. Have you been in B&H lately? It’s exactly like the guy says, 75 salesmen and 1- one!- female salesperson in the binoculars section. You think that B&H doesn’t get resumes from females qualified to do floor sales? Three discrimination lawsuits in four years, when will they learn?

      • THANK YOU. Finally some sense here. A 75 to 1 ratio is a law suit waiting to happen, at least they should have put a few women in sales positions to cover their giant discriminatory @$$es.
        My company does business with B&H, and come to think of it, all the corperate sales reps I know are male. Hmmm. Maybe i’ll go back to ordering from our other supplier.

    14. “I asked to work in sales and make more money, but was told that no women were allowed in sales for religious reasons.” I guarantee you that no Manager or anyone from the HR department told her that… it was probably some YOOIILLLLLLYYY

    15. There is more than 1 woman working on the sals floor. Go check it out. And as far as I know there is no lawsuit yet. The lower of the 4 woman called up abc news to give them the story,that for b&h would satel it before it becomes a law suit

    16. They have good prices, reliable merchandise. Maybe the need of technical knowledge prevents some women from advancing. I consider them a fine store and bought by mail 3 cameras. If you want to file suit it is like a Yiddish “wen men will shlugen a hint gefint min a steken”. If you want to beat a dog you find stick

      • And some men are total klutzes when it come to tech and mechanical things. Maybe in frum communities the women are not interested in these things and have no knowledge but I guarantee you out in the REAL world it isn’t so.

      • The problem is if you can’t assume that all men have technical knowledge and only a tiny number of women have technical knowledge. You can’t run a business and hire women only to do the menial work (i.e, the $9/hour job that Yankel or Moishe won’t take).

      • Incorrect. I think that any business with more than 15 employees is subject to federal employment discrimination laws. State employment discimination laws often apply to businesses with only a few employees, depending on the state.

      • If u don’t like the way they run the show u can just leave. U came to us for a job we did not force u in to it and neither did we hold a guin to your head to say u must stay with us. All of the above get a life.

        • Good idea! On that basis, let’s return to the days (not so long ago) when any employer could deny a person a job simply because they were Jewish!!! It was only in the 1960’s that employers could no longer place jobs ads with the requirement: “Only Christians need apply”

            • I had to read this a couple times over, because I wasn’t sure (and still am not) if you were serious. Please, please, tell me that you have some respect for the anti-discrimination laws of the last 40+ years. Or do you think that Martin Luther King was a trouble making rabble rouser?

    17. Why does someone that was discriminated against deserve millions if she would have gotten the promotion it would have been. Dollar or two more per hour ??? Anyone can explain???

    18. This is the work of LA RAZA (which means, the race in spanish) an organization that supports the rights of the immigrant and other mexicans in the US. Sometimes they go after wealthy employers to get money for their people. It will get exceedingly more difficult for religious Jews as more and more leftist/marxist ‘policies’ go into effect.

    19. So a yid who wants to have a business where he can be shomer torah umitzvos can’t do it. He must hire women, he must give benefits to gay partners, soon they will claim he discriminates because he doesn’t allow the employees to work on Shabes and Yomtov.

      • “So a yid who wants to have a business where he can be shomer torah umitzvos can’t do it. He must hire women.”

        You are a fool. Why cannot a yid be shomer torah umitzvos and also hire qualified woman to work for him..In case you didn’t read the article, these women wanted to work for B&H, not to have some affair with the owner. Yes, they must hire women and there is no legal or moral basis not to do so. Indeed, it would be a big chilul hashem to deny a woman a job she was qualified for simply because you don’t like women or believe they shouldn’t be allowed to earn a parnassah.

        • Because it is preferable to work in an environment that is more tzniusdik. Working with women is bedieved, not lechatchila. It’s not ossur, but if a person wants to go lifnim mishuras hadin, you should support him. מהיות טוב אל תקרא רע

          • “Because it is preferable to work in an environment that is more tzniusdik. Working with women is bedieved, not lechatchila”

            Your ignorance of halacha is profound (as is your sexist atitude about women. Go learn a yiddeshe vert and discover that not only that there is no issur (as you acknowledge) but indeed it would be a big mitzvah for a yiddeshe business to provide an opportunity for these women to advance in their careers and gain experience, assuming they are qualified. If some frumme yid wants to work in a cave where there are no women, goyim, gays or normal yidden from another chassidusl, he can do so, but the minute he expands into a firm covered by the anti discrimination provisions of labor law, he is up the creek.

            • My ignorance? Look who’s talking. I’ll match my knowledge against yours any day.

              A mitzvah? Show me where in Shulchon Oruch, or in any rishon or acharon, it says that this is a mitzvah. Tznius is a mitzvah; being extra careful in tznius is KEDUSHA, and is a mitzvah. Where is this mitzvah of “provide an opportunity for these women to advance in their careers and gain experience” to be found?

              The truth is that you don’t believe in mitzvos at all. You probably think “mitzvah” means “good deed”, and that obeying the labor law is a mitzvah. The whole concept of kedusha, and of not relying on kulos and bedieveds, is completely foreign to you. You probably eat cholov akum and go mixed dancing and swimming, and make fun of those who don’t. That is, if you keep kosher at all.

            • What does drinking chalav akum or mixed swimming have to do with blatant employment discrimination. Denying a woman a job for no reason is clearly not in accordance with daas torah as most of us understand halacha. I’m amazed at how posters can go off on tangents. This Milhouse character would have us believe he is a great talmid chacham by casting aspersions on every other poster. He is also notorious for making up his own psaks and rather bizarre notions of what he deems “kadushah”. In general, the more arrogant and hateful a yid can be, the greater respect he commands with Milhouse and the large his chelek of olam haboh.

            • I make no pretensions to being a great talmid chochom, but I’ll bet anything that I’m a far greater talmid chochom than you. I certainly do not make up my own “psaks”. I don’t write chidushim here; every single thing I write in Torah is solidly based and widely accepted, and if you don’t recognise them that just exposes your own amhoratzus.

              Drinking cholov akum and going mixed swimming are both symptoms of laxity in mitzvos; it means you are a kal, and the next step is that you want to drag everyone down to your level. You have no concept of kedusha at all, and therefore if working together with the opposite sex is muttar bedieved, that’s good enough for you, and you don’t even understand why it’s not good enough for everybody. Opgehitenkeit, kedusha, lifnim mishuras hadin, all mean nothing to you. So don’t pretend to know what “daas torah as most of us understand halacha” is, because you clearly don’t understand halacha at all.

            • C’mon, Millie. Just because this guy has some odd ideas about halacha doesn’t justify your ad hominum attacks. The relevent correlary to Occam’s Razor is “Do not attribute to malice that which can be explained by simple stupidity.” You really have to control that urge to attack.

            • No, I’m pretty sure I’m right here. If we were to find out the identity of commenter #71 and were to have a brief chat with him or her, I’m pretty sure we’d find that I diagnosed the problem correctly. Of course I can’t prove it beyond reasonable doubt, but that’s not the standard of proof here.

            • The mitzvah of tzedaka apparently is not in the selection of mitzvahs you pick and choose to keep. The rambam explains that the highest form of tzedakah is to give someone parnassa and an honest livelihood. instead, you probably think the men should learn and the women should not work but instead scam the government and mosdos for charity they don’t need, but for laziness or refusal to integrate into society while still maintaining their beliefs and practices.
              Be thankful we live in the USA (although I know you are not originally from the USA anyway) where there are equal opportunity laws to protect abuse of the system.
              Probably the only mitzvahs you believe are those that involve milchemes kodesh, like the physical harm you preach on other postings towards your neighbors. Maybe a good mitzvah would be for your neighbors to prevent you from acting on your proclamations of violence and upheaval against either goyim or jews who don’t hold by your shitahs.

            • Huh? What are you talking about? I quoted that very Rambam earlier in the thread. That Rambam is precisely why B&H was doing a huge mitzvah by giving preference to yidden in hiring, which was the subject of the previous lawsuit that they lost. Unfortunately they are no longer able to keep this highest level of tzedakah, giving a yid a job. Now they have no choice but to hire whoever comes through the door, whether a yid or not, and therefore yidden will find it harder than before to get jobs. But how can you quote that Rambam and at the same time think that B&H should obey the antidiscrimination laws? You contradict yourself.

        • i have a question. if any of the men being sued applied for a job in any of the minority- only or women-only companies, would they be allowed to sue for discrimination? i worked for a shomer shabbos company many years ago that hired only shomer-shabbos employees. when they yielded to pressure to hire a few token goyim, they had no end of trouble. i have never yet shopped in b&h, but i hope they are matzliach. it is very nice for a qualified yid to know he has a place to apply for a job without compromising.

      • Would you prefer to be in the “old country” where jews weren’t allowed to own land, were told where they could and couldn’t live and weren’t allowed to work in many occupations, not to mention all the fun of the pograms and the inquisition? It’s fascinating that you seem to dislike the same types of anti-discimination laws and philosophies that have made this a safe and great country for jews.

        • We don’t need anti-discrimination laws, and they have done us far more harm than help. All we need is for the LAW to treat everyone equally, and to leave people alone to do as they please.

    20. I am praying for B&H. It should not happen to them the same thing that happened to 47th st photo. Its very interesting that the best women employees at the CASHIERS dept are doing this to B&H. There are more women working in the cashiers dept than men. They trust the women in the cashiers dept more than the men. Something is wrong with the managers in that dept. They should fire them before its too late.

      • They have an young African American women as a manager in the cashiers dept. They only hire women to work there. They are having a very good time. They have all the rights and are very happy to be part of B&H employees. What else to they want only to make trouble and not to work. When will the managers be changed. The earlier the better. Hire the right people not the cheap ones. In the long run they cost you more.

    21. It’s sad that some frum business feel they are above the law. You can’t discriminate. They paid a huge fine a few years ago. You would think they would have learned. It’s ignorance, thinking they could just ignore the law. I understand their desire to help frum people, and to prefer men – but, you need to follow the law.

    22. The facts:
      B&H has woman & man in all ranks,
      Yes there are jobs that are more suited for woman and so there are jobs that ae more suited for man,

      And B&H accomadates more then any other company in the world!! Races / gender / releigion etc

      They have woman & man in the cleaning departments,
      And they have woman in the upper manamgment departments,

      And I can promise you no one told them its because of religious reasons,
      And so here they wanna get 9 mill.

    23. The other currently works as a cashier. – Did anyone catch that. If she worked for me and sued me while still working i would kick her goyishe tuches out. No querstions asked. God bless America – Home of the crooked lawyers

      • Then you would have to worry about an even bigger lawsuit for retaliation! When someone is sueing you ,all your next actions can be used against you. Firing her would just cause you more problems!

    24. I AM A JEWISH WOMAN who emailed B&H about a potential job a few years ago. i have immense technology background. i contacted them more than once and did not even get a call back. i actually think this suit has merit.

      good luck to these women. B&H should definitely consider itself an EOE = EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER. it certainly is NOT given the ratio of employees right now. SOMETHING NEEDS TO CHANGE.

    25. If the cashier wants more than $9 an hour, she can move to Detroit where the minimum wage is $14 an hour. Did I mention there are no supermarkets or big chain stores in Detroit? Just little Lebanese bodegas.

    26. B&H is a “professional” source – has from day one catered especially to the professional trade and as such has always genuinely believed that a salesman can communicate technical lingo more convincingly than a saleswoman. The “religion” factor was communicated to this cashier in an offhand manner by a fellow employee who had no inkling of the repercussions his casual comment would have. And the cashier ran with it — probably to a more savvy relative or a friend who had collected from the last lawsuit — and thus a let’s-get-rich-quick plot was born. Only in America!

      • It doesn’t matter if they prefer “salesmen” because they think it suits their image, or because they don’t want the heilige salesmen working with women.

        Either way is illegal.

      • It doesn’t matter what misguided and antiquated belief they have. They are breaking the law. Apparently women can be surgeons, ceo’s of fortune 100 companies, and presidents of major universities, along with being salespeoople in the medical and pharmaceutical industries, but they can’t sell a DVD or SLR? That’s shtuss.

        • those who can qualify as surgeons, ceo’s and presidents have no problem buying from b&h and couldn’t care less who they hire, as long as the advice and merchandise are reliable.

    27. let them solve this whole problem by putting a mechitzah down the center of the store and have separate shopping. then the men can sell to the men and the women can sell to the women. and they can have mixed hours for those who insist

    28. I give a lot of credit to B&H for hiring the way they do. For providing a workplace where frum yiddin can earn a living in a decent way, without the challenges many face in other places. Kol Hakovod! And Hashem will repay them tremendously I’m sure.

    29. דברים פרק כח
      וּבַגּוֹיִם הָהֵם לא תַרְגִּיעַ וְלא יִהְיֶה מָנוֹחַ לְכַף רַגְלֶךָ

      This should serve as an “Eye Opener” to the Heimishe crowd. This is a beginning.

      We think that this country is different from all other exiles we were in, Span, Portugal, Germany, etc… were we did well, and then…….

      This law suit is clearly based on jealousy, greed, anti-semitism, and taking away from others money for which they worked hard with blood and sweat, and try to take it away the easy way. And notice the name of the lawyer trying to help to accomplish.

      In every Glous we were in, the end was that what we had was taken away from us, one way or another.

      This is vey serious!!!

      • The law protects all. So you love the law when it protects a yid, but not when it protects a goy. You are definition of a racist.

        As per you and many other, I can have a company and say NO YIDS. OR, YIDS can work here but only cleaning toilets, I guess you would have no problem with that, it is my company

        It is the same laws that protect us that protects them,

        Think before you write

        Many on this board do not know history and US history. There used to be ads in the 1930’s 40’s and maybe 50’s employment ads would say NO JEWS NEED APPLY.

        • If you think yidden and nochrim are the same, then you are the definition of a kofer. And that’s a lot worse than a racist. Nowhere in the Torah does it say not to be a racist. A racist can still be a tzadik gomur; a kofer has no chelek in olam haba and is no better than a nochri. Which I suppose to you is no big deal, because you already think you’re no better than a nochri. So what you think is true – for you.

      • This should be very serious!! In every country where some Jews behaved like arrogant kings as if the world owes them by ignoring laws of lands, it backfired big time. Has there been a single positive story involving Jewish/frum business on VIN this year? All we get is corruption, white collar crimes and now blatant discriminatory hiring violations.
        I’m surprised B&H has survived in the world that they operate in. Most of their income comes from GOYIM, they depend on goyim to survive, so after losing 4 MILLION dollars for racist hiring practices already(as if they are in 1960 Alabama) I would hope B&H learned their lessons. Americans do not tolerate 18th century discriminatory practices. Post # 50 proves that some old and ugly beliefs are alive and well.

      • Dear Sir please excuse me but you are an IDIOT! The law is based on the fact of something called EQUAL OPPORTUNITY. It is shame you dd not go to a school which taught histroy, but I remember the days when the ads read “no jews need apply” or no jews allowed. What is the difference between religous bias and gender bias? NONE! This has nothing to do with anti-semitism, jealousy or greed. It has to do with being fair. Please tell me what would you do if they told you no because of your beard and payous?

    30. This was a good idea for someone who can’t land a job and wants money. Will they go into a department store and find a dress too small on them and sue the company for not making the dress fit them? The lawyers don’t mind because they make at least a third of the final if they win. B and H is open to everyone. These came in ,not to look for a job but to plant a case and make money.
      Let’s go to one of their places and do the same!!
      By the way… this is America today. If someone wants a job give it to them whether they are qualified or not. Once they see they can’t do the job, they’ll just have to leave on their own.

    31. Its nice that they are creating a nice environment where frum people can work, by banning women from working with them, but that only works in a shtetl in poland. This is America and they cannot create this insulated environment in a store in the middle of NYC

      • Well, it seems to have worked so far. If it stops working, so be it. But who knows, maybe it won’t stop working, and so long as it does they deserve a yasher koach.

    32. The government is from the most discriminatory of all employers.All white males have almost no chance at getting a job if they are in competition with any other group so the idea of them judging B+H and telling them who to hire is outrageous.

        • That may be true but America as a whole is more then 70% white so if only 60% percent of their employees are white, discrimination must be in place.Plus many of those whites were hired years ago prior to the current discrimination being put into effect.Thirdly politically incorrect as it may be to say white males frequently are simply more qualified for jobs.On a personal note.From my college cohort not one white male was hired at a government job but many less qualified minorities were.Lastly the government itself almost openly acknowledges preferring minorities (Sontamayor…)so no one can claim it doesn’t discriminate.

          • Actually, the United States is currently 66% white.

            And given that the majority of college students now are women, I find it hard to say that there is a rule that “white males” are more qualified.

            • Part of the reason most college students are women is due to the discrimination men face in obtaining many professional jobs.Women are only 46% of the American work force.Why other then due to discrimination do they have 60% of the federal jobs?

    33. I myself applied at B&H as a camera salesperson, because they had been frantically advertising for salespeople for months, and that was my area of expertise. I was called in for an interview, and offered a full-time job (though I had specified that I was a college student) in data entry, in the office, behind closed doors. At that time, there were NO women working anywhere in the store itself.

      My father-in-law and husband, at different times, both applied to B&H for sales, knowing quite a bit less than I about the respective fields they applied for, and were both offered jobs within mere weeks- the jobs they actually applied for. While I am certainly glad that they are now employed, it just illustrates the gender bias inherent in B&H’s current hiring policies.

      The problem with those who claim “oh, how wonderful to want to provide a tznius work environment…”, etc., etc., etc…this is not a business catering to the frum community- this is THE largest photo-audiovisual business in the country, catering to a majority of professional photographers and the like, in the middle of Manhattan. This is not a kitchen appliances store in Monsey or a grocery store in Williamsburg.

      • Your story doesn’t make too much sense, I have a few friends and relatives male and female working there in all departments.
        This story is a typical every day lawsuit story in a country of suits, it’s a “he said she said story”. no evidence and no basis to those lies.

      • I dont think a “tzinius” working environment is so wonderful, I dont care what their size is. Employers — people — who cannot treat both men and women with respect and give both equal opportunity deserve to be sued. They also may need some psychothreapy. I am very tired of this “if a little discrimination in religion is good, a lot is better” mentality. We should call this garbage the bigotry that it is. In some cases i think this fear of women — thinking of women only as evil temptresses — borders on mental illness.

    34. First of all this is discrimination period. I bet most of the people who are making comments supporting the company are mostly men. discrimination against women was suppose to be settle a long time ago i mean come on the Equal Rights Amendment of women, and who worked in the factories during the war its discrimination and if no one says something about it now, its never gonna change. By the way to the comment before this i know one of the women and they do speak English perfectly just because your not white doesn’t mean you cant speak English. I mean really i can tell why you are siding with the company.

      • Your own grammar and syntax are pathetic. We side with the company because we, too are a minority whose rights should be guaranteed. Those rights include the right to maintain all of our religious stringencies in our own private businesses, as well as to maintain our tradition of using our businesses to build our communities.

        The glory days of the US are over for Yidden. While Rubashkin made many mistakes, the way in which Agri was dismantled should serve as a warning to all of us. You no longer own your own business in the US. The government is the new Mafia, and unlike the Cosa Nostra which takes 10 or 20% and even helps you out a bit, the government sticks its tentacles in your business and does not let go until you cry uncle and are basically kowtowing to their every demand.

        That is why I myself live and do business abroad. Where I am people are happy to be paid an honest day’s pay for an honest day’s work and they know on which side their bread is buttered. In the US, everyone thinks that equality means they have the right to either be the boss or bring the boss down.

        Oh, well, such is history. Yidden are never at home anywhere until Moshiach comes, and America iz nit andr

    35. These 4 punks are taking advantage because B&H settled with the Mexicans 2 years ago! This time they should drag the opposing lawyers thru mud, and make them waste time and strength. Don’t you worry, this will never happen again! Oh, and these four woman should find jobs now!! haha, they might be be able to get a “flipping-burgers” position in Wendy’s for minimum wage!! Too greedy my friends….

    36. In some federal agencies discrimination law suits were filed and instead litigating the litigant was promoted but in many instances not fit for the requirements of the position, poor syntax/grammar and ultimately remained at that level or assigned to a lateral position with the same salary. The assumption that there must be so many of a gender or other group in a particular position is the wrong assumption. In medicine it has not worked out that well.

    37. So it is OK to discriminate against B and H for following their religious beliefs? In any case this garbage of discrimination and political correctness and false multiculturalism is why China and India will walk all over the US sooner or later.

      It is time for Yidden who really want to succeed to start opening businesses and even start kehillos in Asia (as some Syrians and Satmarers have already done). Success there is what will bring the next wave of Torah philanthropy.

      The US won’t be another Nzi Germany, but it will be another Montreal circa 1976, where the most successful Jews had to leave to avoid socialism and ridiculous language laws.

    38. remember how the satmar rebbe had every chassid enroll their child in public school to take over ps buildings. we should all apply for jobs in hispanic and black companies. they will surely discriminate. and then we will sue.


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